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Finding Aid for the Edwin Bennett Ogden Jr. Collection



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Ogden, Edwin Bennett, 1915-2010
Edwin Bennett Ogden Jr. Collection
11.68 Linear feet (21 boxes)
Language of Materials
English; Spanish
Correspondence, newspapers, publications, and political memorabilia from Edwin Bennett Ogden, Jr., businessman and active Republican Party member.

Preferred Citation

Edwin Bennett Ogden Jr. Collection (MUM01792), Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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Biographical Note

Edwin Bennett Ogden, Jr., was born August 26, 1904, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After completing St. Joseph's Catholic High School, Natchez, Mississippi, he joined his family in Havana, Cuba. They had already moved to Cuba in 1922.

His parents were: Edwin Ruthven Bennett Ogden and Mary Curlett Broderick Ogden. His siblings were: James Manning Ogden, Carter Harrison Ogden, and Louisa Mary Ogden.

Ed Ogden joined the family business, Ogden & Company, a merchandise brokerage firm specializing in food products from various countries including Holland, Denmark, Norway, and Spain, in addition to the United States of America. In the 1940's rice became one of the firm's major products. In 1983 a large portion of Ed Ogden's "Rice Papers" were donated and are in Collection #166 at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. The Collection documents his foreign marketing of U. S. Rice.

In 1936, Ogden married Nancy Hamilton Allen of New Orleans, Louisiana. They had four daughters: Nancy Nicholson Ogden, Mary Carter Ogden, Anne Louisa Wilkinson Ogden, and Ellen Allen Ogden.

In 1960, a year after the Cuban Revolution, Ogden and his family moved back to the United States to his family's ancestral roots home of Natchez, Mississippi. At this time, Ogden started Ogden & Company in Natchez, continuing the firm's history as a merchandise brokerage company. Ogden also expanded his interests in cattle farming, land-woodland-wildlife conservation, and politics. As a member of the Republican Party, he frequently participated in local, state, and national campaigns. He was the first Republican elected in Adams County since Reconstruction as a Commissioner of the Adams County Election Commission. Ogden died September 11, 1981, and is buried at the Ogden Family Cemetery on Greenfield Plantation in Natchez, Mississippi.

(Biographical note contributed by members of the Ogden family)

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Scope and Content

Collection contains correspondence, literature, newspapers, pamphlets, books, and Republican party memorabilia. This material covers a broad range of history and information, but focuses on Cuban and American politics with a special emphasis on the Cuban Revolution and its aftermath as well as American politics and the Republican Party. This collection also contains correspondence between Ogden and some famous individuals, mostly politicians.

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Material arranged chronologically according to format

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Mississippi Libraries May 2013

Access Restrictions

The Edwin Bennett Ogden Jr. Collection is open for research.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Joel Gillaspie, Summer 2012. Finding aid created by Kathryn Michaelis, April 2013.

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Related Materials

Separated Materials

One box of material has been removed from this collection due to mold contamination.

Photographs have been removed from the collection for preservation purposes. Please contact Archives and Special Collections at least two days in advance if you wish to use these photographs.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • American Conservative Union
  • Republican Party (Miss.)
  • Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )


  • books
  • correspondence
  • memorabilia
  • newspapers
  • photographs
  • publications

Geographic Name(s)

  • Adams County (Miss.)
  • Cuba -- History -- Revolution, 1959

Personal Name(s)

  • Ogden, Edwin Bennett, 1904-1981


  • Cubans -- United States -- Politics and government -- 20th century

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Collection Inventory

 1.1 Horses, 1951 

 1.2 - 1.6 Horses 

 1.6 - 1.8 Cavalry 

 1.9 Establishing a Cavalry 

 2.1 Loose Materials 

 2.2 - 2.3 Horses 

 2.4 Correspondence 

 2.5 - 2.6 Col. John F. Wall 

 3.1 - 3.2 Cuba/Communism, undated 

 3.3 Cuba/Communism, 1940-1949 

 3.4 Cuba/Communism, 1950-1959 

 3.5 Cuba/Communism, 1960 

 3.6 Cuba/Communism, January-June 1961 

 3.7 Cuba/Communism, July-September 1961 

 3.8 Cuba/Communism, October-December 1961 

 3.9 Cuba/Communism, January-May 1962 

 3.10 Cuba/Communism, June-September 1962 

 3.11 Cuba/Communism, October-December 1962 

 3.12 Cuba/Communism, January-March 1963 

 3.13 Cuba/Communism, April-July 1963 

 3.14 Cuba/Communism, August-December 1963 

 3.15 Cuba/Communism, 1964 

 3.16 Cuba/Communism, 1965 

 3.17 Cuba/Communism, 1966 

 3.18 Cuba/Communism, 1967 

 4.1 Cuba/Communism, January-September 1968 

 4.2 Cuba/Communism, October-December 1968 

Scope and Content

Nixon-Agnew Cuban-American Relations Committee

 4.3 Cuba/Communism, 1969 

 4.4 Cuba/Communism, 1970 

 4.5 Cuba/Communism, 1971 

 4.6 Cuba/Communism, 1972 

 4.7 Cuba/Communism, 1973 

 4.8 Cuba/Communism, 1974 

 4.9 Cuba/Communism, January-June 1975 

 4.10 Cuba/Communism, July-December 1975 

 4.11 Cuba/Communism, 1976 

 4.12 Cuba/Communism, 1977 

 4.13 Cuba/Communism, 1978 

 4.14 Cuba/Communism, 1979 

 4.15 Cuba/Communism, 1980 

 4.16 Cuba/Communism, 1981 

 4.17 Cuba/Communism, 2008 

 5.1 - 5.5 Politics, undated 

 5.6 Politics, 1960 

 5.7 Politics, 1961 

 5.8 Politics, 1962 

 5.9 Politics, 1963 

 5.10 Politics, 1964 

 5.11 Politics, 1965 

 5.12 Politics, 1966 

 5.13 Politics, 1967 

 5.14 Politics, January-July 1968 

 5.15 Politics, August-October 1968 

Scope and Content

Nixon/Agnew campaign, Republican National Convention

 5.16 Politics, November-December 1968 

Scope and Content

Nixon/Agnew campaign, Republican National Convention

 5.17 Politics, January-June 1969 

Scope and Content

Invitation, tickets to Nixon’s inaugural ball

 6.1 Politics, July-December 1969 

 6.2 Politics, 1969 

 6.3 Politics, 1970 

 6.4 Politics, January-October 1971 

 6.5 Politics, November-December 1971 

 6.6 Politics, January-April 1972 

 6.7 Politics, May 1972 

Scope and Content

Gil Carmichael campaign

 6.8 Politics, June-July 1972 

Scope and Content

Gil Carmichael campaign, Thad Cochran campaign

 6.9 Politics, August 1972 

Scope and Content

Gil Carmichael campaign, Thad Cochran campaign, Mississippi Committee to Re-Elect the President

 6.10 Politics, September-October 1972 

Scope and Content

Gil Carmichael campaign, Thad Cochran campaign, Mississippi Committee to Re-Elect the President

 6.11 Politics, November-December 1972 

 7.1 - 7.2 Politics, 1972 

 7.3 Politics, January-June 1973 

 7.4 Politics, July-December 1973 

Scope and Content

Ronald Reagan dinner

 7.5 Politics, 1973 

 7.6 Politics, January-May 1974 

 7.7 Politics, June 1974 

 7.8 Politics, July-December 1974 

 7.9 Politics, 1974 

 7.10 Politics, January-May 1975 

Scope and Content

Gil Carmichael for MS governor, Salute to Ronald Reagan

 7.11 Politics, June-September 1975 

Scope and Content

Gil Carmichael for MS governor

 7.12 Politics, October-December 1975 

Scope and Content

Gil Carmichael for MS governor

 7.13 Politics, 1975 

Scope and Content

Gil Carmichael for MS governor

 7.14 Loose items, 1975 

Scope and Content

“Region X” precinct information, Carmichael campaign binder

 8.1 Politics, January-May 1976 

 8.2 Politics, June-December 1976 

 8.3 Politics, 1976 

 8.4 Politics, 1977 

 8.5 Politics, 1978 

Scope and Content

Jon Hinson campaign, Charles Pickering campaign

 8.6 Politics, January-July 1979 

Scope and Content

Jon Hinson campaign, Leon Bramlett campaign

 8.7 Politics, August-December 1979 

Scope and Content

Jon Hinson, Leon Bramlett campaign, Ronald Reagan campaign

 8.8 Politics, 1979 

Scope and Content

Jon Hinson, Leon Bramlett campaign, Ronald Reagan campaign

 8.9 Politics, January-April 1980 

Scope and Content

Ronald Reagan campaign

 8.10 Politics, May-August 1980 

 8.11 Politics, September-December 1980 

 8.12 Politics, 1981 

 8.13 Land Use Law 

 9.1 Personal correspondence, information pertaining to Ogden & Ogden, undated 

 9.2 Miscellaneous, undated 

 9.3 Miscellaneous, undated 

 9.4 Miscellaneous, 1912 

 9.5 Miscellaneous, 1930-1939 

 9.6 Miscellaneous, 1940-1949 

 9.7 Miscellaneous, 1950-1959 

 9.8 Miscellaneous, 1960 

 9.9 Miscellaneous, January-March 1961 

 9.10 Miscellaneous, April-July 1961 

 9.11 Miscellaneous, August-December 1961 

 9.12 Miscellaneous, January-July 1962 

 9.13 Miscellaneous, August-December 1962 

 10.1 Miscellaneous, January-July 1963 

 10.2 Miscellaneous, August-December 1963 

 10.3 Miscellaneous, January-May 1964 

 10.4 Miscellaneous, June-December 1964 

 10.5 Miscellaneous, 1965 

 10.6 Miscellaneous, 1966 

 10.7 Miscellaneous, 1967 

 10.8 Miscellaneous, 1968 

 10.9 Miscellaneous, 1969 

 10.10 Miscellaneous, 1970 

 10.11 Miscellaneous, 1971 

 10.12 Miscellaneous, 1972 

 10.13 Miscellaneous, 1973 

 10.14 Miscellaneous, 1974 

 10.15 Miscellaneous, 1975 

 10.16 Miscellaneous, 1976 

 10.17 Miscellaneous, 1977 

 10.18 Miscellaneous, 1978 

 10.19 Miscellaneous, 1979 

 10.20 Miscellaneous, 1980 

 10.21 Miscellaneous, 1981 

 10.22 Miscellaneous, 1982 

 10.23 Miscellaneous, 1983 

 10.24 Miscellaneous, 1984 

 11 Bio/VIP/Spanish language 

 11.1 Edwin Bennett Ogden, Jr. Bio 

 11.2 Spiro Agnew 

 11.3 Haley Barbour 

 11.4 George Bush 

 11.5 Thad Cochran 

 11.6 Bob Dole 

 11.7 James Eastland 

 11.8 Gerald Ford 

 11.9 Jesse Helms 

 11.10 Lyndon Johnson 

 11.11 Trent Lott 

 11.12 Richard Nixon 

 11.13 Chung Hee Park 

 11.14 Ron Paul 

 11.15 Ronald Reagan 

 11.16 John Stennis 

 11.17 Strom Thurmond 

 11.18 George Wallace 

 11.19 Spanish language correspondence, 1934-1962 

 11.20 Spanish language correspondence, 1963-1965 

 11.21 Spanish language correspondence, 1966-1982 

 11.22 Spanish language correspondence, undated 

 11.23 Mario Lazo 

 11.24 Assorted Newsletters 

 11.25 Cuban Information Service, 1961 

 11.26 Cuban Information Service, 1962-1963 

 12 Newsletters 

 12.1 America’s Future 

 12.2 The American Club in Miami 

 12.3 Congressional Record 

 12.4 Dialogue on Liberty 

 12.5 The Eagle, 1969-1971 

 12.6 The Eagle, 1972 

 12.7 The Eagle, 1973-1974 

 12.8 The Eagle, 1975 

 12.9 The Eagle, 1976-1979 

 12.10 The Freeman 

 12.11 Human Events, 1960-1975 

 12.12 Información Católica Cubana 

Scope and Content

English-language newsletter

 12.13 Latin American Events 

 12.14 Latin American Report 

 12.15 Life Line Programs, 1960-1970 

 12.16 Mississippi Conservative Challenge, 1968 

 12.17 Pan American Headlines, 1961-1964/1975 

 12.18 The Phyllis Schlafly Report, 1970-1975 

 12.19 The Republican, 1969 

 12.20 The Republican Battle Line, 1968-1976 

 12.21 Republic Congressional Committee Newsletter, 1964-1971 

 12.22 The Right Report, 1975-1977 

 12.23 The Washington Report, 1961-1981 

 12.24 West Watch: Council for InterAmerican Security, 1978-1980 

 12.25 The Manion Forum, 1964, 1970-1978 

 12.26 The American Club in Miami, 1966-1979 

 12.27 Pan American Headlines, 1961-1975 

 Box 13 Loose pamphlets 

Harold Lord Varney, “The Panama Nightmare: What Is Behind It” 

E. E. Cooper, “Cyclonic Storms,” 1930 

The Weekly Review, 1967-1969 

Leonard E. Read, “Miracle of the Market” 

Clarence W. Hall, “The Country that Saved Itself” 

Reed Benson and Robert Lee, “What’s Wrong with the United Nations,” 9 September 1970 

Arleigh A. Burke, “The Hazards of Negotiating with Communists,” October 1968 

John D. Rockefeller IV, “The Rockefellers’” 

Charles H. Keating, Jr., “The Report That Shocked the Nation,” January 1971 

J. D. Ratcliff, “I Am Joe’s Spine,” March 1971 

R. Temple Shelby, “The Ballad of Captain John Smith,” 1957 

Scope and Content

Sheet music

Robert Welch, “On the Line,” 1975 

“The Resurrection and the Christian Life,” 18 April 1865 

J. Edgar Hoover, “The Communist Party Line,” 23 September 1961 

“Report of the Special Study Mission to the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Brazil, and Paraguay,” 1967 

Charles Callan Tansill, “The Panama Canal—It Must Remain American” 

“The Story of a Hoax” 

American Opinion, “One Dozen Candles” 

Ronald Reagan, “Illusion, Delusion, and Boondoggle” 

Jack Kemp, “Remarks of U.S. Congressman…” 16 July 1979 

“America Takes the High Road,” 1969 

“Textbook Evaluation Report” 

Allan C. Brownfeld, “American Freedom: The Next 200 Years," 1976 

“There is a Difference! A Comparison of the Republican and Democratic Parties,” 1962 

“The Candidate’s Wife: A Guide to Finding and Carrying out Your Role in the Campaign” 

“Protocol and Procedures: A Guide to Planning and Executing a Successful Political Event” 

“Know Your Enemy By His Own Words,” 1 May 1965 

The Crusader, October, June 1964 

La Voz del Cauto en el Exilio, 1969 

Scope and Content

Spanish-language newsletter

Rotarios Cubanos Exiliados, December 1972 

Scope and Content

Spanish-language newsletter

“Life Begins Anew: The Cuban Refugee Program,” January 1968 

“United States-Latin American Relations,” 22 January 1930, 31 January 1960, 11 February 1960 

Harold Lord Varney, “Why Are We Losing in Latin America?” 1979 

“The ABM and the Changed Strategic Military Balance: USA v. USSR,” May 1969 

Dr. Billy James Hargis, “The Muzzling of General Walker” 

Clarence Manion, “To The Republic: ‘One Nation Under God’,” 1968 

“Foreign Policy Briefs,” 9 January 1960 

“Senator Goldwater Speaks Out on the Issues,” 1964 

Sucesos para Todos, 17 September 1966 

Scope and Content

Spanish-language newsletter

“A Los Diez Años,” 14 April 1968 

Scope and Content

Spanish-language newsletter

Luis V. Manrara, “Communist Methodology of Conquest,” 27-30 September 1966 

“Cuban Art Center” 

Serafin G. Menocal, “The Lesson the United States Can Learn from Cuba” 

Harold Lord Varney, “Carter’s Plan for Latin America,” 1977 

“Communist Activities in Latin America,” 1967 

Dr. Jorge Garcia Montes, “Address Delivered at Francisco Prieto’s Round Table…” 16 August 1967 

“Communist Threat to the United States Through the Caribbean,” September 1960 

“Can This Happen to the Americas?” 

John B. Amos, “A Prophetic Appraisal of Castro’s Cuba,” 6 October 1960 

Edwin A. Walker, “Censorship and Survival,” 1961 

Juan A. Calvo, “Terror in the Embassy,” December 1965 

Arlene Silberman, “How Good Is Your Child’s School?” March 1971 

“The Reds Are Back in Hollywood!” 1964 

“Intelligence Digest: A Review of World Affairs,” January 1968 

Merrill Sheils, “Why Johnny Can’t Write,” April 1976 

“Professional Manpower: A New Way to Meet the Need” 

Frank A. Capell, “Since FDR: Some Not So Ancient History,” March 1971 

Gary Allen, “The CFR: Conspiracy to Rule the World,” 1969 

Hon. Thomas J. Dodd, “The Fallacy that Castro is Here to Stay,” 2 April 1964 

“The New Plot to Recognize Cuba” 

Philip C. Clarke, “Cuba: Island of Terror,” 1977 

Fidel Castro, “Our Party Reflects Our Country’s Recent History,” October 1965 

“Ronald Reagan and Richard Schweiker vs. Gerald Ford and ???” 

“Repeal Income Taxes…Stop Inflation” 

“It Can Happen Here” 

“Race and Reason: A Report” 

“Evolution and Race: New Evidence” 

Harold Lord Varney, “Dare We End the Cold War” 

“What Can Students Do? To Combat Comunism” 

“Republican v. Democrat: Is There a Difference” 

“The Choice is Up to You!” 

Carleton Putnam, “The Road to Reversal,” 16 February 1962 


Frank Chodorov, Flight to Russia 

“Reasons for Reagan” 

“Gulf brings you the 1964 National Election Returns…” 1964 

Young Republicans, “Platform Highlights,” 1975-1977 

“Our Credo: America’s Future” 

“Textbook Evaluation Reports,” Fall 1975 

“Dear Friend of America’s Future” 

Phyllis Schlafly, “The Seven Deadly Deceptions of Disarmament,” 13 July 1973 

“200 Recommended Social Studies Texts” 

“Anteproyectos Economics,” January 1967 

Scope and Content

Spanish language

Florida Journal of Commerce, July 1969 

The Northwestern Miller, September 1967 

“American Security Council” Invitation 

World, February 1962 

“Cuba’s Children in Exile” 

“Training for Independence: A New Approach to the Problems of Dependency” 

“Former State GOP Chairman Says Reagan Is More Electable,” Human Events, 3 July 1976 

“Reagan: The Republican Who Can Win” 

“Cuba and NATO: The United States’ Role in the Atlantic,” 21 May 1968 

“Repeal the Income Tax” 

“Teddy Bare,” 1971 

“I Am A Republican Because…” 

The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution 

The Review of the NEWS, 20 October 1976 

Great White Fleet passenger list, 1 December 1954 

“Americans Valiant and Glorious, The Flying Tigers," 1945 

“Fallout Protection,” December 1961 

“The Foreign Policy Problems of Great Britain,” 1977 

“Pioneer Woman Statue” 

“Election Laws of Mississippi,” 1 June 1967 

Theodore Draper, “Castro’s Cuba: a Revolution Betrayed,” 27 March 1961 

International Rice Festival program, 1979 

International Rice Festival program, 1980 

“Assignment of Freight Territories,” 1 April 1927 

“Cuba: Ideal Vacation Land,” 1953-1954 

“Seeing Havana” 

Flower Show program, 8 May 1944 

Flower Show program, 16 April 1956 

Fashion Show program, 25 November 1940 

Cuba brochure 

The Woman’s Club of Havana directory, 1946-1947 

The Woman’s Club of Havana directory, 1957-1958 

The Woman’s Club of Havana directory, 1959-1960 

The Times Reader, 1960 

Delta Air lines folder 

The Mothers’ Club of Havana directory, 1959-1960 

Anglo-American Directory of Cuba, 1958-1959 

Woman’s Auxiliary, Holy Trinity Cathedral directory, 1954 

Woman’s Auxiliary, Holy Trinity Cathedral directory, 1956 

Conservative Digest, April 1980 

U.S. News & World Report, 17 May 1965 

U.S. News & World Report, 10 October 1966 

Woman’s Club of Havana “Bulletin,” December 1953 

Woman’s Club of Havana “Bulletin,” March 1955 

“Shall Latin America Go the Way of China?” 

“Books About Louisiana” 

“Louisiana Almanac and Fact Book,” 1962 

American Opinion, “Who’s Kidding Whom? And Why?” 1962 

“The Battle of Liberty Place” 

“Cuba Today” 

Carlos Bringuier, “Oswald: A Castro Agent” 

Harold Lord Varney, “Cuba—The Truth” 

Luis V. Manrara, “Will the Titanic Sink Again?” 

Colonel A. C. Tisdelle, “Wake Up America! Remember Pearl Harbor!” 1959 

“The Crisis of Accountability and its Cure,” 1977 

Province of Havana directory 

Scope and Content

Book fragment

Lista de Socios, 1958 

Scope and Content

Spanish language

Club Roatrio de la Habana directory, 1958-1959 

Scope and Content

Spanish language

Congreso Catolico Nacional 

Scope and Content

Spanish language

Consagracion de la Catedral de la Santisima Trinidad, 30 November 1947 

Scope and Content

Spanish and English language

Exposicion de Flores y Plantas, March 1954 

Scope and Content

Spanish language

Certificado de Immunizaciones 

Scope and Content

Blank certificate, Spanish language

La Misa de Hoy 

Scope and Content

Spanish language


Scope and Content

Spanish language

Impresiones, 1962 

Scope and Content

Spanish language

Impresiones, 1963 

“Mississippi Republican Party” 

“You Can Only Be a Lion in a Free Country,” 1957 

“Antiques Forum” Natchez, Mississippi 

“Natchez on the Mississippi,” 2010 

“Let’s Have a New Party…A New Republican Party,” 1968 

“President Nixon. Now More Than Ever” 

“A Guide for Mississippi Voters” 

“Greater Miami Official Tour Map” 

“Richard Nixon on Bridges to Human Dignity,” 1968 

“A Team for Freedom” 

“Welcome to Washington” 

“Catholics Communism and the Commonweal” 

Dr. Guillermo Alonso Pujol, “The World before a Tomb” 

Edwin Martin, “Communist Subversion in the Western Hemisphere,” March 1963 

“The Campaign Scheduler,” 1974 

David Levy, “The Cause and Cure of Inflation” 

“Peace Symbols” 

Harry Bullis, “What an Executive Should Know About Making Decisions,” 1962 

“The Record” 

Scope and Content

On Richard Nixon

“General Acts of the Regular Legislative Session,” 1972 

“Republican Platform,” 22 August 1972 

“Republican Platform,” 21 August 1972 

Republican Convention phone book, August 1972 

Richard Nixon, “A Call for Cooperation,” September 1970 

“Grand Old Party Fact Book,” December 1971 

“Dr. Ray Lee, The People’s Candidate” 

“Pickering, Republican, Senate,” 1978 

“A Voter Past,” July 1968 

“Liles B. Williams Republican Candidate for Congress” 

“ACU and You!” 

“Civil Rights and Barry Goldwater,” 1964 

“K.O. the Kennedys!” Bill Powe, 1964 

“The Road to Progress” 

Robert Henry Goldsborough 

“The Thinking Man’s Choice…” Nixon 

“A Brief Message from Ronald Reagan” 

John Bergland for Congress 

Nixon, “Toward An Expanded Democracy,” 27 June 1968 

Nixon, “A New Alignment for American Unity,” 16 May 1968 

Barry Goldwater speech, 16 October 1964 

“It’s still a Free Country” 

“Republican Platform,” 14 July 1964 

Republican Convention phone book, 1968 

Republican National Convention, 1968 

“Order of Business” Republican Convention, 5 August 1968 

“Roll of Delegates” Republican Convention, 5 August 1968 

“Tips for Trips” 

“Now, with the foundation laid…” 

Scope and Content

Ronald Reagan, Republican Party in Mississippi

Rules for Primary Election, 3 June 1980 

“Why should you support the Mississippi Republican Party?” 1977 

Republican Convention phone book, August 1976 

“Reagan Can Beat Carter,” 1976 

“Ronald Reagan and Richard Schweiker vs. Gerald Ford and ???” 1976 

“Order of Business” Republican Convention, 16 August 1976 

Republican Platform, 16 August 1976 

“Poll Workers Instructions,” 1974 

“Grass Roots Seminars,” 1974 

Terry Catchpole, “The League of Women Voters: Its Partisan Slip is Showing” 

“The Fallacies of the ERA,” 6 June 1973 

Congressional Voting Record, 1972 

“How Republican National Convention Delegates are Chosen” 

Gil Carmichael campaign flyer 

“A Message…Concerning Ronald Reagan,” 1968 

Ronald Reagan, “A Time for Choosing,” 29 January 1963 

“Nixon’s Big Gamble,” 5 May 1970 

Yale Brozen, “The Voucher System” 

Ferdinand Lundberg, “The Rich and the Super-Rich” 

“How Reagan Will Win,” New Guard, July-August 1976 

Conservative Digest, August 1976 

The Tally Sheet, Spring 1972 

Five issues of First Monday, 1972 

Kappa Alpha Journal, Summer 1980 

The Crescent, Fall 2008 

Columban Mission, March 1972 

¡Libertad o Muerte! 

Scope and Content

History of Cuban Revolution

“Rating of Congress,” American Conservative Union, 1975 

“My Guys”: President Ford’s appointments, 2 February 1976 

Acadiana Profile, October/November 1970 

Scope and Content

Bilingual Spanish/English magazine

 Box 14 Photocopied Newspaper Articles 

 14.1 Holmes Alexander 

 14.2 E. B. Ogden, Jr. 

 14.3 Misc. 

 14.4 U.S. Political 

 14.5 Mississippi Political 

 14.6 - 14.12 Cuba 

 Box 15 Newspaper Articles 

 Box 16 Newspaper Articles 

 Box 17 Oversized Newspapers 

 Box 18 Books 

The Intelligent Conservative’s Reference Manual 

Harry Browne, How You Can Profit From the Coming Devaluation 

Soviet Progress vs. American Enterprise 

Col. Mel Mawrence, You Can Survive the Bomb 

Ernest W. Williams, Jr., ed. The Future of American Transportation 

John Noble, I Was A Slave in Russia 

John Beaty, The Iron Curtain Over 

J. Edgar Hoover, A Study of Communism 

Jack Kemp, An American Renaissance 

James L. Tyson, Target America 

Clarence Manion, The Conservative American 

Stephen Shadegg, Barry Goldwater 

Henry Hazlitt, Will Dollars Save the World? 

Official Program of the Republican National Convention, August 1972 

Republican National Convention, August 1976 

Official Report of the…Thirty-Second Republican National Convention, 1980 

Jules Witcover, Maraton: The Pursuit of the Presidency, 1972-1976 

John A. Stormer, The Death of a Nation 

The Inauguration Story, 1789-1969 

The Memoirs of Richard Nixon 

Gary Allen, Richard Nixon 

John T. Dolan and Greg Fossedal, Reagan: A President Succeeds 

Sally D. Reed, NEA: Propaganda Front of the Radical Left 

James S. Brady, Ronald Reagan: A Man True to his Word 

Senator Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr., When Hell was in Session 

 Box 19 Loose items including political scrapbook, postcards, souvenirs 

 Box 20 Ogden & Ogden/Address Books and Stationery 

 Box 21 Republican Party Memorabilia 

Scope and Content

Bramlett, Carmichael, Cochran, Nixon campaign material, Republican National Convention material