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Below is a list of Selected Archives & Special Collections Forms and Policies. For further information please contact archivesdept@olemiss.edu or 662.915.1595.

Special Collections Pandemic Policies

  • Special Collections is open by appointment only, Monday-Friday. Reservations are required for either two 9am to noon slots or two 1pm to 4pm slots.
  • Only two individuals at a time may conduct research in the department’s reading room. The department also continues to offer virtual reference services.
  • Researchers must participate in a reference interview in advance of the visit with an archivist to determine if a visit is necessary or if online materials will suffice or the amount involved is small enough that scans can be provided. If an on-site visit is required, the archivist will advise the researcher on the most relevant collection material, schedule the appointment, and obtain from the researcher a list of all material they would like to review in order that these boxes or cataloged items can be pulled prior to the visit. Contact archivesdept@olemiss.edu to schedule the reference interview or submit research queries.
  • Per University policy, all patrons and employees will be required to properly wear masks and maintain proper social distancing while inside Special Collections.
  • Requested material will be pulled prior to the researcher’s arrival and placed on a cart at a designated seat and table.
  • Once a researcher has completed their review of requested material, the boxes and cataloged material are placed in quarantine for 3 days. This step may cause access delays if more than one individual seeks to use the same material.
  • If the researcher has not finished their examination of requested material, they can reserve another slot. However, that date may be delayed if reservations are full or another researcher has already requested those identical items in a forthcoming scheduled visit.
  • The large-scale exhibit “Space: Exploring the Final Frontier” is open to visitors by appointment only. Hours are Monday through Friday between 9am and noon or 1pm and 4pm. No more than two visitors may occupy the exhibit space at one time. Per University policy, masks must be worn at all times and social distancing maintained. Visitors should also refrain from touching the display cases. Contact archivesdept@olemiss.edu for reservations.

Plans are subject to change due to the current nature of our times. More information will be posted on our website as these services become available.

General Special Collections

Modern Political Archives

For more information about policies and procedures for visual requests please contact archivesdept@olemiss.edu.


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