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Finding Aid for the Hubert Creekmore Collection



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Creator - Creator
Creekmore, Hubert, 1907-1966
Hubert Creekmore Collection
3.0 Linear feet (6 boxes)
Language of Materials
Collection contains playbills, programs, and correspondence related to the life and work of author, artist, and editor Hubert Creekmore. Items were created 1928-2002.

Preferred Citation

Hubert Creekmore Collection (MUM01790), Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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Biographical Note

Hiram Hubert Creekmore, a native of Water Valley, Mississippi and cousin (by marriage) to Eudora Welty, was a novelist, poet, critic, editor, translator and photographer. Born into a distinguished and affluent Southern family, Creekmore's artistic work is thought to illustrate ideals much different from the conservative Southern values with which he was raised.

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Scope and Content

Collection contains playbills, programs, and correspondence related to the life and work of novelist, poet and critic Hubert Creekmore. Items were created 1928-2002.

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This collection is arranged in five series:

Series I: Professional Correspondence

Series II: Personal Correspondence

Series III: Playbills

Series IV: Music

Series V: Miscellaneous

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Mississippi Libraries March 2013

Access Restrictions

The Hubert Creekmore Collection is open for research.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mary Alice Welty White and Elizabeth Welty Thompson.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Lauren Rogers, 2013. Finding aid created by Kathryn Michaelis, March 2013; updated by Susan Ivey, September 2014.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • correspondence
  • exhibition catalogs
  • programs (documents)

Personal Name(s)

  • Creekmore, Hubert, 1907-1966
  • Welty, Eudora, 1909-2001 -- Friends and associates


  • Authors, American -- 20th century

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Professional Correspondence 

 1.1 1933 

Scope and Content

Includes Herbert J. Seligmann.

 1.2 1939 

 1.3 1943 

Scope and Content

Includes Lehman Engel.

 1.4 1943 

Scope and Content

Includes Lehman Engel.

 1.5 1944 

Scope and Content

Includes John M. Crawford, Lehman Engel.

 1.6 1948 

Scope and Content

Includes Edward Naumburg, Martin S. Allwood.

 1.7 1949 

Scope and Content

Includes Audrey Wood, Howard Hugo.

 1.8 1950 

Scope and Content

Includes Alexander Stoller, James Laughlin.

 1.9 1950 

 1.10 1951 

Scope and Content

Includes David Ignatow, Gerard Previn Meyer, Francis Brown.

 1.11 1951 

Scope and Content

Includes Donald E. Thompson.

 1.12 1951 

Scope and Content

Includes James Laughlin.

 2.1 1952 

Scope and Content

Includes L.R. Lind, Kenneth Rexroth, Charlotte Leonard.

 2.2 1952 

Scope and Content

Includes James Laughlin, W.J. Strachan, Kenneth Rexroth, L.R. Lind.

 2.3 1953 

Scope and Content

Includes David McDowell, Francis Brown

 2.4 1953 

Scope and Content

Includes David McDowell, Bill Smith, L.R. Lind, Theodore M. Purdy, John Schaffner, Robert M. MacGregor, Jean Ennis

 2.5 1953 

Scope and Content

Includes Samuel Yellen, Jean Ennis, Virginia B. Carrick, Vaun Gillmor, Benys Barbrauskas, P Includes Gehring, Stanley Kauffmann

 2.6 1954 

Scope and Content

Includes Thomas G. Bergin, Lehman Engel, Earl Davis

 2.7 1954 

Scope and Content

Includes Robert M. MacGregor, David McDowell, L.R. Lind, Ruth Graves

 2.8 1955 

Scope and Content

Includes L.R. Lind, Gertrude Reynolds, Joan H. Tannehill, Ursula Weise; Lucie E.N. Dobbie, Jean Ennis, Maria Luisa Cisneros, Theodore M. Purdy, Robert M. MacGregor

 2.9 1959 

Scope and Content

Includes Murray McCain

 2.10 1976 

Scope and Content

Includes James Laughlin

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Series II: Personal Correspondence 

 3.1 1936-1939 

 3.2 1943 

 3.3 1943 

 3.4 1944 

 3.5 1944 

 3.6 1944 

 3.7 1944 

 3.8 1944 

 3.9 1948 

 3.10 1950 

 3.11 1951 

 3.12 1952 

 4.1 1952 

 4.2 1952 

 4.3 1953 

 4.4 1954 

 4.5 1956 

 4.6 1957 

 4.7 1958 

 4.8 1959 

 5.1 1960 

 5.2 1961 

 5.3 1962 

 5.4 1963 

 5.5 1963 

 5.6 1965 

 5.7 1965 

 5.8 1966 

 5.9 Undated 

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Series III: Playbills 

 6.1 Undated 

Robinson Jeffers: Medea 

Fordham University Theater. Eugene O’Neill: Lazarus Laughed 

Group Theater. Clifford Odets: Awake and Sing 

Fordham University Theater. Eugene O’Neill: Lazarus Laughed 

55th Street Playhouse. Jean Lenoir: The Depression is Over 

Empire Theater. Elmer Rice: We, The People 

Shubert Theater. Americana 

The Playgoer. W. Somerset Maugham: The Sacred Flame 

Embassy Theater. King Vidor: Hallelujah! 

Astor Theater. Kenyon Nicholson: The Broadway Melody 

The Playhouse. Elmer Rice: Street Scene: A Play in Three Acts 

Woodford Theater. John Wofford: The Snare 

Playbill booklet: Mima 

Longacre Theater. Charles Beahan: Jarnegan 

Gaiety Theater. Berthold Viertel: 4 Devils 

Embassy Theater. Winifred Dunn: Submarine 

John Meehan: Bless You Sister 

Guild Theater. George Bernard Shaw: The Doctor’s Dilemma 

Provincetown Playhouse. Paul Green: In Abraham’s Bosom 

The Playgoer. W. Somerset Maugham: The Sacred Flame 

Criterion Theater. Hope Loring: Wings 

Cameo Theater. S. Dell’Isola: A Russian Melody 

The Playhouse Theater. Frank Keenan: Black Velvet 

Lulu Vollmer: The Shame Woman 

Studebaker Theater. Owen Davis: The Great Gatsby 

Shubert Olympic. Raymond W. Peck: Castles in the Air 

Curran Theater. Guy Bolton: Lady Be Good 

The Metropolitan. W. Somerset Maugham: The Sacred Flame 

The Playgoer. Luther Reed: The Shock Punch 

Samuel Baerwitz: Harry Delmar’s Revels 

Theater Marigny. Moliere: Les Fourberies de Scapin 

 6.2 1868-1925 

Old Rialto Theatre. William A. Brady: The After Dark, 1868 

Lyceum Theater. Kick In, 1923 

Grauman’s Theater. Hal Roach: Dog Days, Our Gang, 1925 

The Metropolitan. Henry King: The Cloud Hopper, 1925 

Orange Grove Theater. Leon Gordon: White Cargo, 1925 

Orpheum Circuit Vaudeville. Tom Barry: His Adorable Wife, 1925 

The Playhouse. F. Tennyson Jesse: Quarantine, 1925 

 6.3 1927 

44th Street Theater. A Night in Spain 

The Theater Masque. Maurine Watkins: Revelry 

The Little Theater. Conrad Westervelt: Romancing ‘round 

Charles Hopkins Theater. A.A. Milne: Revelry 

The Triangle Club. Samuel Carter III: Samarkand 

The University of Colorado Little Theater. A Shakespeare Program 

Shubert Theater. Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse: Oh Kay 

The Yale University of Fine Arts, Department of Drama. Maude Humphrey: The Singing Minute 

The Century Theater. William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

The Booth Theater. John Galsworthy: Escape 

Shubert Theater. Max Marcin: A Hollywood Party 

Shubert Theater. Lulu Vollmer: Trigger 

The Yale University of Fine Arts, Department of Drama. Covington Littleton: Pueblo 

Ziegfeld. Oscar Hammerstein II: Show Boat 

 6.4 1928 (1 of 3) 

Shubert Theater. Eugene O’Neill: Diversion 

Guild Theater. Covington Littleton: Marco Millions 

Guild Theater. Covington Littleton: Marco Millions 

Shubert Theater. Philip Dunning: Broadway 

Cosmopolitan Theater. August Scholz: Der Lebende Leichnam 

The Music Box. Philip Barry: Paris Bound 

Ambassador Theater. Bartlett Cormack: The Racket 

John Golden Theater. Eugene O’Neill: Strange Interlude 

48th Street Theater. Elmer Rice: Cock Robin 

John Golden Theater. Eugene O’Neill: Strange Interlude 

Shubert Theater. W. Somerset Maugham: The Letter 

Woolsey Hall. Maria Jertiza 

The Experimental Theater of Vassar. Anton Chekov: The Marriage Proposal 

Department of Drama at Yale. Katherine Clugston: Finished 

Longacre Theater. Rudolf Lothar: The Command to Love 

 6.5 1928 (2 of 3) 

Henry Miller’s Theater. W. Somerset Maugham: Our Betters 

Royale Theater. Mae West: Diamond Lil 

Earl Carroll’s Wallack Theater. William W. Pratt: Ten Nights in a Barroom 

Civic Repertory Theater. 1927-1928 Season 

Morosco Theater. John G Brandon: Silent House 

B.F. Keith’s Palace Theater. Restitution 

Selwyn Theater. George S, Kaufman: The Royal Family 

Lyric Theater. William Anthony McGuire: The Three Musketeers 

Shubert Theater. Robert Emmet Sherwood: The Road to Rome 

The Bennett School of Liberal and Applied Arts. Gilbert Murray: The Hippolytus of Euripides 

Shubert Theater. Victorian Sardou: Diplomacy 

Department of Drama at the Yale University School of Fine Arts. Henrik Ibsen: Brand 

Shubert Theater. Ferne Molnar: The Play’s the Thing 

 6.6 1928 (3 of 3) 

Martin Beck Theater. Philip Dunning: Night Hostess 

Hammerstein’s Theater. Arthur Hammerstein: Good Boy 

Liberty Theater. Channing Pollack: Mr. Moneypenny 

The Playhouse. Lemist Esler: The Grey Fox 

Longacre Theater. Charles Beahan: Jarnegan 

Comedy Theater. Caroline Francke: Exceedingly Small 

Maxine Elliot’s Theater. Eugene Walter: Jealousy 

Theater Masque. Samson Raphealson: Young Love 

The Cort Theater. Clugston, Catherine: These Days 

The Cort Theater. Townsend Martin: A Most Immortal Lady 

The Selwyn. Noel Coward: This Year of Grace 

The Plymouth Theater. Philip Barry: Holiday 

The Gallo Theater. Laurence Stallings: Rainbow 

 6.7 1928-1929 

Sam H. Harris Theater. Harry Hildreth: Congai, 1928 

Hampden’s Theater. Carleton Hildreth: Cyrano de Bergerac, 1928 

49th Street Theater. Henrik Ibsen: Rainbow, 1928 

Guild Theater. Sil-Vara: Caprice, 1928 

Little Theater. Len D. Hollister: House Unguarded, 1928 

New Playwright’s Theater. John Dos Passos: Airways Inc., 1929 

The Alvin Theater. Robert Nichols: Wings Over Europe, 1929 

The Comedy Theater. Ruth Draper in her Original Character Sketches, 1929 

National Theater. McElbert Moore: Zeppelin, 1929 

Martin Beck Theater. Eugene O’Neill: Dynamo, 1929 

Sam S. Shubert Theater. Impersonations and  Spanish Dances, 1929 

George M. Cohan Theater. Hello Daddy, 1929 

 6.8 1929-1930 

The Bijou. Henrik Ibsen: Dynamo, 1929 

Civic Repertory Theater. J.M. Barrie: Peter Pan, 1929 

Civic Repertory Theater. Gregorio Martinez: The Cradle Song, 1929 

Civic Repertory Theater. Anton Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard, 1929 

Civic Repertory Theater. Anton Chekhov: Three Sisters, 1929 

Civic Repertory Theater. Herman Heijermans: Good Hope, 1929 

Civic Repertory Theater. Leonid Andrev: Katerina, 1929 

Civic Repertory Theater. Anton Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard, 1929 

Comedy Theater. Anton Chekhov: The Seagull, 1929 

Civic Repertory Theater. Lyric Theater: The Black Crook, 1929 

The Eltinge Theater. Lew Leslie: Blackbirds, 1929 

The Morosco. John Drinkwater: Bird in Hand, 1929 

The Music Box. The Little Show, 1929 

Great Northern Theater. Otto Harbach: Nina Rose, 1930 

 6.9 1930-1931 

Erlanger’s Theater. David Ogden Stewart: Fine and Dandy, 1930 

Alvin Theater. Guy Bolton: Girl Crazy, 1930 

Selwyn Theater. Howard Dietz: Three’s a Crowd, 1930 

Belasco Theater. Zoe Akins: The Greeks Had a Word for It, 1931 

Belasco. Alexander Dumas: Camille, 1931 

Hollywood Playhouse. Noel Coward: Private Lives, 1931 

Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Pete Smith: Desert Regatta, 1931 

 6.10 1932 

Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Benjamin Glazer: Mata Hari 

Hollywood Playhouse. Dion Boucicault: The Scamp 

Mayan Theater. Edmund Joseph: Lucky Day 

Erlanger’s Biltmore Theater. Billy Rose: Crazy Quilt 

The Booth Theater. Rose Franklin: Another Language 

San Carlo Opera Company. Selections from Verdi 

46th Street Theater. George S. Kaufman: Of Thee I Sing 

The Booth Theater. Romney Brent: The Mad Hopes 

Town Hall Events 

Julliard School of Music. George Frederic Handel: Xerxes 

The Majestic. Marc Connelly: The Green Pastures 

 6.11 1933 (1 of 2) 

Sam H. Harris Theater. Pigeons and People 

Henry Miller’s Theater. Gilbert Miller: The Late Christopher Bean 

Ethel Barrymore Theater. Gay Divorce 

Martin Beck Theater. Lady Gregory: The Workhouse Ward 

Morosco Theater. C.L Anthony: Autumn Crocus 

Maxine Elliot’s Theater. Dawn Powell: Big Night 

Booth Theater. Styles in Acting 

The Broadhurst Theater. Ben Hecht: 20th Century 

New Amsterdam Theater. Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass 

Theater Masque. Allan Scott: Goodbye Again 

 6.12 1933 (2 of 2) 

Radio City Music Hall 

Boulevard Theater. Benn W. Levy: Springtime for Henry 

The Imperial Theater. Howard Dietz: Flying Colors 

48th Street Theater. Edgar Wallace: Criminal at Large 

Columbia University at Earl Hall. Francis Bosworth: The Fields Beyond 

48th Street Theater. Irving Berlin: The Face the Music 

New Yorker Theater. Uday Shankar: Simkie 

Civic Repertory Theater. Edward Choate: Play Number Two 

St. James Theater. W.S. Gilbert: The Patience or  Bunthorne’s Bride 

Maxine Elliot’s Theater. Dawn Powell: La Sylphide,  I Pagliacci,  Three Little Pigs,  An Orchid to You, and  Elmer the Great 

Majestic Theater. Lew Brown: Strike Me Pink 

Lyric Theater. Vittorio Podrecca: Teatro dei Piccoli 

 6.13 1935 (1 of 2) 

Municipal Auditorium. Col. W de Basil: Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo 

The Center Theater. Moss Hart: The Great Waltz 

Alvin Theater. Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse: Anything Goes 

Longacre Theater. Andre Obey: Noah 

Radio City Music Hall. The Music Hall Grand Organ,  The Music News,  The Music Hall Symphony Orchestra,  The Golden Touch,  El Amor Brujo, and  The Little Colonel 

New Amsterdam Theater. Howard Dietz: Revenge with Music 

Henry Miller’s Theater. Lawrence Riley: Personal Appearance 

 6.14 1935 (2 of 2) 

Radio City Music Hall. Lamar Trotti: Life Begins at 40 

Belasco Theater. Clifford Odets: Awake and Sing! 

The Music Box. Frank Wead: Ceiling Zero 

Radio City Music Hall. Arthur Somers Roche: Star of Midnight 

5th Avenue Playhouse. Paul Morand: Don Quixote 

Martin Beck Theater. John van Druten: Flowers of the Forest 

The Plymouth Theater. Samson Raphaelson: Accent on Youth 

The Morosco Theater. Adelaide Heilbron: Something Gay 

Booth Theater. Edward Chodorov: Kind Lady 

Radio City Music Hall. Ben Hecht: The Scoundrel 

 6.15 1935-1949 

Radio City Music Hall. Liam O’Flaherty: The Informer, 1935 

New York Hippodrome. Madame Butterfly, 1935 

Maxine Elliot’s Theater. Lillian Hellman: The Children’s Hour, 1935 

The Plymouth Theater. Samson Raphaelson: Accent on Youth, 1935 

Radio City Music Hall. Lester Cohen: Break of Hearts, 1935 

Philharmonic Auditorium. Moss Hart: Lady in the Dark, 1943 

The National Theater. L. Bush-Fekete: Embezzled Heaven, 1944 

Real Teatro di Harlo. Giuseppe Verdi: La Traviata, 1944 

Shubert Theater. Tennessee Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire, 1947 

Ethel Barrymore Theater. Tennessee Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire, 1947 

Theatre National de L’Opera. Michel Delines and Louis Laloy: Boris Godounov, 1949 

Theatre Edouard VII. Tennessee Williams: Un’Tramway Nomme Desir (A Streetcar Named Desire), 1949 

 6.16 1950-1954 

The Empire Theater. Carson McCullers: The Member of the Wedding, 1950 

Bailey Auditorium. Giuseppe Verdi: La Traviata, 1950 

Martin Beck Theater. Truman Capote: The Grass Harp, 1952 

Bailey Auditorium. Giacomo Puccini: La Boheme, 1954 

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Series IV: Music Programs 

 6.17 1922-1935 

Goodwyn Institute: St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, 1922 

Lyric Theatre: Sergei Rachmaninoff, 1924 

Wheeler Hall Auditory Sigismond Stojoski, pianist, & Samuel Gardner, Violinist, 1925 

Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah: Organ Recital, 1925 

Transcontinental Concert Tour: Paul Whiteman and his Greater Concert Orchestra, 1927 

Woolsey Hall at the Yale School of Music: Mr. Reginald Werrenrath, baritone, with Mr. Albert Salvi, 1927 

New York at the Fourteenth Symphony Concert: Roxy Symphony Orchestra, 1928 

Woolsey Hall at the Yale School of Music: New Haven Symphony Orchestra, 1928 

Cathedral of St. John the Divine: Easter Services, 1928 

Carnegie Hall Announcements, 1931 

Philharmonic Auditorium: The Philharmonic Orchestra, 1931 

Behymer Artist Courses, 1931 

The Town Hall program, 1932 

Julliard School of Music: The Second Concert of the Graduate School Orchestra, 1933 

Julliard School of Music: Concert of Original Chamber Music Compositions, 1933 

Philharmonic Auditorium: Cecilian Singers, 1934 

Carnegie Hall: Missa Solemnis, 1935 

 6.18 1949-1950 

Theatre Marigny: Ballets de Roland Paris Petit, 1949 

Chapelle du Chateau de Versailles: Saison Musicale D’ete, 1949 

Grand Ballet de Monte-Carlo, 1949 

New Yorker Theater: Wiener Saenger singing Boys of Vienna, 1950 

Fulton Theater: Dance Recital with Harold Kreutzberg and Yvonne, 1950 

Princeton University Chapel: Order of Service, 1950 

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Series V: Miscellaneous 


Catalog: Corcoran Gallery of Art: The 15th Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Oil Paintings undated 

Catalog: Exposition du Centenaire: Gauguin, undated 


Catalog: A Guide-book to Paris, undated 

Catalog: A Historical-Artistical Guide to The Ducal Palace, undated 

Catalog: A Guide-book to Heidelberg, undated 

Catalog: Pianta di Venezia e Lido, undated 


Catalog: Cheyenne Frontier Days, undated 

Catalog: Albany Guide, undated 

Catalog: Two Worlds Monthly, 1926 


Catalog: Prospectus & Retrospectus of the Nonesuch Press 

Catalog: Official Pictures of A Century of Progress Exhibition, 1933 

Catalog: A Century of Progress Exhibition of Prints, 1933 

Catalog: Musee des Beaux-Arts Lucerne: Henri Matisse, 1937 

Catalog: La Galeria de Arte Mexicano, 1941 

Catalog: View, 1942 

Catalog: View, 1944 

Catalog: The Uffizi Gallery Handbook and Itinerary, 1949 


Catalog: Swedish Songs and Ballads, undated 

Catalog: First Editions of Modern Literature and Some Rare Books of Older Vintage, undated 

Scope and Content

Book auction catalog includes Faulkner’s First Book, Hemingway’s First Book, Gide: Corrected Proof, Yeats: Presentation Copies

Clipping: Tennessee Williams article, undated 


Catalog: Pictorial Forrest Lawn, undated 

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