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Finding Aid for the Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative Collection (MUM01696)

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The Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative Collection is open for research.

Finding Aid for the Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative Collection
Dates: 1982-2006
Collector: Edge, John T.
Physical Extent: 5 boxes
Repository: University of Mississippi. Department of Archives and Special Collections. University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Identification: MUM01696
Language of Material: English
Abstract: Collection of flyers, notes, correspondence, newspaper articles, and plans for the Civil Rights Monument on the campus of the University of Mississippi.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Gift of John T. Edge.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Stephanie McKnight. Finding aid encoded by Jason Kovari, 4 May 2009.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Subject Terms

Meredith, James, 1933-
University of Mississippi -- History
College integration -- Mississippi -- Oxford -- History
Civil rights -- Mississippi -- Oxford -- History
Civil rights -- Mississippi -- History -- 20th century


clippings (information artifacts)
fliers (printed matter)
site plans

Scope and Content Note

5 boxes of materials relating to the planning behind the creation of a civil rights monument on the University of Mississippi campus.

User Information

Prefered Citation

Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative Collection, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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The Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative Collection is open for research.

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Separated Material

2 photographs have been removed to cold storage.


This collection is arranged in 3 series.

Series I. Miscellaneous
Series II. Correspondence
Series III. Publications

Container List

Series I. Miscellaneous
1.1 Donations
1.2 John T. Edge Notes
1.3 Addresses
1.4 Press Releases
1.5 Rebel Student Union Organization
1.6 20th Anniversary Committee on the Admission of Black Students
1.7 Fliers
1.8 Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning
1.9 Civil Rights Memorial Timeline: Highlights
1.10 Civil Rights Monument Meetings
1.11 Civil Rights Monument Dedication; 1 October 2006
1.12 Photographs
1.13 11th Mississippi Infantry Memorial Committee
1.14 Mississippi Maps
1.15 Associated Student Body Government Handbook: University of Mississippi 1995-1996
1.16 Open Doors Celebration Background Materials
2 Binder containing the artist Meredith Bergmann’s Proposal for Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative
2.1 Prospectus and Project Description for the Civil Rights Monument
2.2 Design Consulting and Licensing Agreement
2.3 The Civil Rights Commemoration Foundation
2.4 Pamphlets
2.5 James H. Meredith Campaign for Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi
2.6 Miscellaneous
2.7 Empty Folders
2.8 Empty Envelopes
Series II. Correspondence
3.1 Correspondence: February 1982
TLS. 4 February 1982. "Porter L. Fortune, Jr., Chancellor" to "Dr. Lucius Williams, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs". (2pp.)
Scope: James Meredith Anniversary Committee.
TLS. 8 February 1982. "Burnis R. Morris" to "Mr. Ed Meek".
Scope: Media coverage of the 20th anniversary of Meredith’s enrollment.
3.2 Correspondence: December 1995
TLS. 6 December 1995. "Thomas J. Reardon, Associate Dean of Students" to "Dr. Donald Cole, Ms. Valeria Harmon, Dr. Joanne Hawks etc.".
Scope: Black History Month Committee Meeting.
3.3 Correspondence: January 1996
AM. 8 January 1996. "Jennifer Bryon Owen" to "John T. Edge".
Scope: States that she has sent him a copy of an article in the AP.
3.4 Correspondence: February 1996
TL. 1 February 1996. "John T. Edge" to "Dr. Robert Khayat".
Scope: Assures Dr. Khayat that he will inform him of the actions taken on the civil rights memorial.
TLS. 9 February 1996. "Dan Landis" to "Bruce Williams, Win Jordan, James Payne, Deborah Love, Arlene Schrade, and Phil Cooker". (2pp.)
Scope: Equal Opportunity Research and Training Center, Includes letter Landis received from Chancellor Khayat regarding fund proposals for the Center.
TLS. 12 February 1996. "Bill" (William Ferris) to "Gerard" (Gerard Blanchot). (2pp.)
Scope: Thanks Gerard for presenting him with the Officier in the Order of Arts and Letters Award; discusses placing a memorial on the campus for the French journalist who was killed during Meredith’s enrollment; includes attached note with address.
TLS. 16 February 1996. "Robert C. Khayat" to "John" (John T. Edge).
Scope: States that the University supports John’s project and that they should start the bidding.
3.5 Correspondence: March 1996
ACS. 18 March 1996. "Colby" (Colby H. Kullman) to "John T." (John T. Edge). (3pp.)
Scope: States that the CRCF is a great idea and makes a donation, attached are two copies of the correspondence between Chancellor Khayat and John T. Edge from 16 February 1996.
3.6 Correspondence: April 1996
TLS. 1 April 1996. "Leroy Wadlington" to "The Civil Rights Commemoration Fund". (5pp.)
Scope: Contains signatures supporting the Civil Rights Commemoration Project.
TLS. 4 April 1996. "Ari Frede" to "John" (John T. Edge). (2pp.)
Scope: Asks about hiring an advisor, talks about budget and site of monument.
TDS. 16 April 1996. "Bill" (Bill Ferris) to "John".
Scope: Tells John to contact an alumni supporter.
3.7 Correspondence: June 1996
TL. 4 June 1996. "The Civil Rights Commemoration Foundation" to "Chancellor Robert Khayat". (3pp.) (2 copies)
Scope: Requests financial support from administration, outlines the founding and vision of the CRCF.
TL. 4 June 1996. "The Civil Rights Commemoration Foundation" to "Chancellor Robert Khayat" ; copy of previous letter (3pp.)
3.8 Correspondence: September 1996
TDS. 19 September 1996. "Kieran Walsh Taylor" to "John T. Edge".
Scope: Asks him to add a new member to the outreach committee.
3.9 Correspondence: October 1996
TDS. 15 October 1996. "Charles Alexander" to "John T.". (2pp.)
Scope: Describes what it would take to have ‘heavyweights’ included in the support for the monument including Oprah and Morgan Freeman.
TLS. 16 October 1996. "Lyn Kartiganer" to "John T. Edge".
Scope: Art selection process for the CRCF.
3.10 Correspondence: November 1996
AL. [18 November 1996]. "Anonymous" to "Civil Rights Commemoration Foundation".
Scope: States that the commemoration is a great idea, wishes them luck in fundraising.
3.11 Correspondence: December 1996
TLS. 16 December 1996. "Constance Slaughter-Harvey" to "To Whom It May Concern" (Center for Study of Southern Culture).
Scope: Research on black politicians and Civil Rights Activists.
TLS. 20 December 1996. "Bill" (William Ferris) to "Ms. Slaughter-Harvey". (2pp.)
Scope: Thanks her for letter on researching black politicians and Civil Rights activists, asks if there is anything that he or other faculty members could do to help.
ACS. 21 December 1996. "Larry Johnson" to "John T.".
Scope: Christmas card, wishing him luck with CRCF.
3.12 Correspondence: January 1997
TDS. 7 January 1997. "Susan Glisson" to"" (John T. Edge). (2pp.)
Scope: Gathering people for a roundtable discussion.
TDS. 27 January 1997. "Charley Beth Dye" to "John T.".
Scope: Asks about a meeting time.
3.13 Correspondence: February 1997
TLS. 4 February 1997. "Bill" (William Ferris) to "John" (John Currence).
Scope: Asks if City Grocery would sponsor a dinner with Ms. Evers-Williams.
TL. 5 February 1997. "Anonymous" to "Dear Chancellor Khayat".
Scope: Asks Chancellor to help with donations.
TDS. 10 February 1997. "Larry Bush" to "John T.".
Scope: William Winter’s address, asks about other donors.
TDS. 10 February 1997. "Charlene E. Dye" to "John T.".
Scope: People to invite to Ms. Evers-Williams’ speech.
TLS. 11 February 1997. "Charles Reagan Wilson" to "Teresa Parker and John T. Edge".
Scope: Regrets that they cannot fund Graduate study at the University of New York.
TL. 12 February 1997. "John T. Edge" to "Dear Chancellor Khayat". (2pp.)
Scope: Thanks for support, needs more help in fundraising, talks of media coverage.
TD. 24 February 1997. "Thomas J. Reardon" to "Ms. Barbara Rosen, Mr. Matt Brothers, Ms. Linda Spargo, etc.". (3pp.)
Scope: Myrlie Evers-Williams’ Itinerary.
C. [25 February 1997] . "Congressman Roger Wicker" to "Civil Rights Commemoration Foundation".
Scope: Contribution.
C. [28 February 1997] . "Anonymous" to "Civil Rights Commemoration Foundation".
Scope: Contribution.
ALS. 28 February 1997. "Betty and Don Newbut" to "Sarah and John".
Scope: Wishing them good luck on project.
3.14 Correspondence: March 1997
TL. 10 March 1997. "John T. Edge" to "Dear Ms. Evers-Williams". (2pp.)
Scope: Thanks her for her speech at the University of Mississippi, asks for support in building monument.
3.15 Correspondence: September 1997
TDS. 11 September 1997. "Bill" (Bill Ferris) to "Dear Linda". (2pp.)
Scope: Thanks her for writing to President Clinton.
TDS. 13 September 1997. "Ted Smith" to "John T.".
Scope: Thanks him for his leadership, looks forward to future meetings.
3.16 Correspondence: October 1997
TDS. 6 October 1997. "Cynthia Ann Maxey" to "John T. Edge".
Scope: Mississippi Congressional addresses.
TDS. 10 October 1997. "John T. Edge" to "Chancellor Robert Khayat". (11pp.)
Scope: Updating Chancellor on CRCF.
TDS. 13 October 1997. "Charles Alexander" to "John T.". (2pp.)
Scope: Says that letter to Khayat looks OK.
TDS. 26 October 1997. "Charles Alexander" to "John T.".
Scope: Believes that Khayat is withholding support due to controversy over symbol.
TDS. 30 October 1997. "Gerald W. Walton" to "Dr. Don L. Frugé". (3pp.)
Scope: Background of Civil Rights Commemoration Activities.
TDS. 30 October 1997. "Gerald W. Walton" to "Dr. Don L. Frugé". (3pp.)
Scope: Background on Civil Rights Commemoration Activities.
3.17 Correspondence: November 1997
TL. 17 November 1997. "John T. Edge, President CRCF" to "NEA Review Committee".
Scope: Updates on efforts to erect monument.
TDS. 21 November 1997. "P. D. Fyke" to "The Civil Rights Commemoration Foundation". (2pp.)
Scope: Gives thoughts of Civil Rights Monument, wishes students working on the project good luck.
TDS. 21 November 1997. "P. D. Fyke" to "The Civil Rights Commemoration Foundation". (4pp.) (2 copies of previous letter)
3.18 Correspondence: December 1997
TDS. 5 December 1997. "Tina Hahn" to "John". (2pp.)
Scope: Meeting with the Chancellor.
TDS. 7 December 1997. "john t" (John T. Edge) to "tina" (Tina Hahn). (2pp.)
Scope: Understands that she has little control over matter, thanks her for her time.
"Tina Hahn" to "johnt@dixie-net.comz". 8 December 1997. (2pp.)
Scope: Says that there is no need to apologize, waiting on the Chancellor’s reply.
3.19 Correspondence: February 1998
TDS. 23 February 1998. "Michaela" (Michaela Denise King) to "Caroline Herring".
Scope: States that Ray Mabus is interested in helping.
TDS. 26 February 1998. "john t" to "hello all". (2pp.)
Scope: Working on establishing a board, press release.
3.20 Correspondence: March 1998
TDS. 1 March 1998. "susan" (Susan M. Glisson) to "hi all"
Scope: Says she has talked to Gov. Winter.
TDS. 4 March 1998. "Shawn L. Clark" to "Susan Glisson"
Scope: Says they should meet during the Black Alumni Reunion.
3.21 Correspondence: June 1998
TDS. 3 June 1998. "Gloria Kellum" to "".
Scope: Says John Johnson will help with writing the proposal.
3.22 Correspondence: November 1998
TDS. 23 November 1998. "Gloria" (Gloria Kellum) to "John".
Scope: Enquires about Civil Rights Commemoration Proposal.
3.23 Correspondence: February 1999
TDS. 1 February 1999. "pdfyke" (Americana Financial Services) to "Susan" (Susan Glisson).
Scope: Hopes that Chancellor has responded positively to Gov Winter’s letter.
TDS. 23 February 1999. "L. Lesley Beeman, Jr." to"".
Scope: Work on the Civil Rights Memorial Competition Project, volunteers to help.
3.24 Correspondence: March 1999
TDS. 29 March 1999. "L. Lesley Beeman, Jr." to "Dear John T."
Scope: Ideas to speed up competition, thoughts on Civil Rights monument at the University.
3.25 Correspondence: April 1999
TDS. 4 April 1999. "Lesley Beeman" to"". (2pp.)
Scope: When he will be available.
TDS. 7 April 1999. "L. Lesley Beeman, Jr." to "John T.".
Scope: Hectic schedule.
TDS. 30 April 1999. "Ann Abadie" to "John T.".
Scope: Wants to know status of Civil Rights project.
3.26 Correspondence: May 1999
TDS. 5 May 1999. "Ann" (Ann Abadie) to "John T".
Scope: Asks about funds.
3.27 Correspondence: June 1999
TDS. 4 June 1999. "L. Lesley Beeman, Jr." to "John T. Edge".
Scope: Checking on project.
TDS. 15 June 1999. "susan glisson" to "".
Scope: Budget period ending.
TDS. 17 June 1999. "Shawn L. Clark" to "John T. Edge". (2pp.)
Scope: Asks for updates on project.
TDS. 26 June 1999. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "".
Scope: Budget and Fundraising.
TLS. 30 June 1999. "Ronald F. Borne" to "Whom it May Concern".
Scope: Request that Susan Glisson serve as project director.
3.28 Correspondence: July 1999
TDS. 13 July 1999. "Susan Glisson" to "John T. Edge". (4pp.)
Scope: Meeting about Budget.
3.29 Correspondence: August 1999
TDS. 2 August 1999. "Gloria" (Gloria Kellum) to ";;".
Scope: Correct time for meeting.
TDS. 5 August 1999. "Joe" (Joe Ellis) to "John T Edge".
Scope: Asks about photographs.
TDS. 17 August 1999. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to ";".
Scope: Corrections for CRCF proposal.
3.30 Correspondence: September 1999
TDS. 13 September 1999. "Richard Dellheim" to "John".
Scope: Gratitude for hospitality, information on memorial.
3.31 Correspondence: February 2000
TDS. 2 February 2000. "Elaine" (Elaine Bond) to "John" (John T Edge). (2pp.)
Scope: Re. Drafting a proposal.
3.32 Correspondence: March 2000
TDS. 31 March 2000. "Charles" (Charles C. Alexander) to "John T" (John T Edge).
Scope: Money to the project, needs more information.
3.33 Correspondence: April 2000
TDS. 1 April 2000. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "hey y’all".
Scope: Change of office.
TDS. 6 April 2000. "Lyn Kartiganer" to "".
Scope: Notes on budget and prospectus.
TDS. 25 April 2000. "Aimee" (Aimee Schmidt) to "John T.".
Scope: Passing along information about finding artists.
TDS. 26 April 2000. "Penny" (Penny Weaver) to "John" (John T Edge).
Scope: Information on cost.
TDS. 30 April 2000. "Brian" (Brian J. Reithel) to "Susan" (Susan Glisson).
Scope: Changes in Graduate funding, money for CRCF project.
3.34 Correspondence: May 2000
TDS. 5 May 2000. "Lyn Kartiganer" to "John T. Edge". (4pp.)
Scope: Civil Rights Commemorative Artwork, Prospectus.
TDS. 9 May 2000. "Tom Howorth" to "John T." (John T. Edge).
Scope: Attached file.
3.35 Correspondence: June 2000
TDS. 1 June 2000. "Harry Fyke" to "John" (John T. Edge).
Scope: Email address of P.D. Fyke.
3.36 Correspondence: July 2000
TDS. 11 July 2000. "pd" (PD Fyke) to "John T." (John T. Edge).
Scope: Asks him to keep UM graduate artist John Davis on list of entries, tells him to visit.
TDS. 28 July 2000. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "". (2pp.)
Scope: Grant proposal in attached file.
3.37 Correspondence: September 2000
TDS. 1 September 2000. "Donna" (Donna Patton) to "Susan and John T".
Scope: Location of monument.
3.38 Correspondence: October 2000
TDS. 8 October 2000. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "hey y’all".
Scope: Updates on CRCF and prospectus.
3.39 Correspondence: January 2001
TLS. 17 January 2001. "Gerald W. Walton" to "Dear Mr. Burson".
Scope: States that the campus needs a Civil Rights memorial.
TDS. 22 January 2001. "Vanessa Lank Bliss" to "Susan and John T." (Susan Glisson, John T Edge). (2pp.)
Scope: Narrative Project Description, grants.
3.40 Correspondence: February 2001
TDS. 5 February 2001. "Amy" (Amy Lorton) to "John T.".
Scope: Writing a story, setting up a meeting.
3.41 Correspondence: March 2001
TDS. 20 March 2001. "Vanessa" (Vanessa Lank Bliss) to "John T" (John T. Edge).
Scope: Notes from meeting.
TDS. 20 March 2001. "Vanessa" (Vanessa Lank Bliss) to "John T Edge". (2pp.)
Scope: Money allocation, fundraising.
TDS. 22 March 2001. "Tina" (Tina Hahn) to "John".
Scope: Ideas about announcement of Civil Rights Memorial.
TDS. 23 March 2001. "Tina" (Tina Hahn) to "John" (John T Edge). (2pp.)
Scope: Chancellor cannot make announcement at book conference.
TDS. 28 March 2001. "susan" to anonymous.
Scope: Talent show, unveiling date.
3.42 Correspondence: April 2001
TDS. 16 April 2001. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Gloria Kellum, Jeff Alford, Brian Reithel, Susan Glisson, John T Edge and Vanessa Bliss". (5pp.)
Scope: Prospectus and art selection process.
TDS. 16 April 2001. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Gloria Kellum, Jeff Alford, Brian Reithel, Susan Glisson, John T Edge and Vanessa Bliss". (4pp.)
Scope: Revised Prospectus.
TDS. 27 April 2001. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Hi y’all" (Vanessa Bliss, Susan Glisson and John T Edge). (2pp.)
Scope: Preparations for upcoming meeting.
3.43 Correspondence: May 2001
TDS. 10 May 2001. "Kathleen Wells" to "Mr. Edge".
Scope: Donations.
TDS. 15 May 2001. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Vanessa, Susan, and John T." (Vanessa Bliss, Susan Glisson and John T. Edge).
Scope: Ideas from meeting.
TDS. 25 May 2001. "pd" (PD Fyke) to "John T".
Scope: Artist recommendation, lack of public policy statement against racial discrimination in Mississippi.
3.44 Correspondence: June 2001
TDS. 27 June 2001. "Vanessa Bliss" to ",,". (3pp.)
Scope: Forwarded message concerning budget.
3.45 Correspondence: July 2001
TDS. 2 July 2001. "Amy Lorton" to "John T Edge". (3pp.)
Scope: Copy of press release.
TDS. 7 July 2001. "Lyn" to "Vanessa, Susan and John T". (2pp.)
Scope: Wants artists to come to campus.
TDS. 11 July 2001. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Dear John T, Vanessa, and Susan" (John T Edge, Vanessa Bliss and Susan Glisson). (2pp.)
Scope: Frustration over lack of media interest, things that need to be done.
3.46 Correspondence: August 2001
TDS. 9 August 2001. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Gloria Kellum, Susan Glisson, John T Edge and Vanessa Bliss". (2pp.)
Scope: Revised budget.
TDS. 14 August 2001. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Susan Glisson, John T Edge and Vanessa Bliss." (2pp.)
Scope: Thoughts on presentation and speaker.
TDS. 15 August 2001. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to ",, Gloria Kellum". (2pp.)
Scope: Disbursement schedule for artists.
TDS. 21 August 2001. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to ",,". (2pp.)
Scope: Recounts meeting with Gloria.
TDS. 21 August 2001. "Vanessa" to "Hey everyone".
Scope: Project schedule.
TDS. 27 August 2001. "susan glisson" to "hi all".
Scope: Civil Rights memorial fundraising committee.
3.47 Correspondence: September 2001
TDS. 3 September 2001. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Hi y’all" (Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative: Susan Glisson, John T Edge).
Scope: Slide show, scheduling meetings.
TDS. 6 September 2001. "Susan Glisson" to ",". (2pp.)
Scope: Publicity.
TDS. 11 September 2001. "Barb" (Barbara Lago) to "All". (2pp.)
Scope: ABC’s Nightline visiting campus.
TDS. 20 September 2001. "Gerald W. Walton" to "Committee Planning Civil Rights Memorial Fund-Raising Effort". (2pp.)
Scope: Meeting notes, writing to faculty and staff.
TLS. 21 September 2001. "Elbert R. Hilliard" to "Dear Dr. Khayat". (6pp.)
Scope: Fundraising, copy of Memorandum of Agreement signed by Robert Khayat.
3.48 Correspondence: October 2001
TDS. 10 October 2001. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "hi y’all". (2pp.)
Scope: Minutes from CRCI meeting.
TDS. 17 October 2001. "MB" (Mary Beth Lasseter) to ",".
Scope: Benefit show in the grove.
TDS. 19 October 2001. "Matt Hickey" to "John" (John T Edge). (3pp.)
Scope: Finding a band.
TDS. 25 October 2001. "Gerald Walton" to ",, etc.". (2pp.)
Scope: Things he has done in preparation for next meeting.
TDS. 26 October 2001. "Charles Alexander" to "Gerald Walton,,, etc.". (2pp.)
Scope: States the monument should not focus solely on Meredith.
3.49 Correspondence: November 2001
TDS. 27 November 2001. "Susan Glisson" to "".
Scope: Information on MDAH meeting.
TDS. 28 November 2001. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "hey y’all". (2pp.)
Scope: Information from meetings.
3.50 Correspondence: December 2001
TDS. 6December 2001. "Mama Patsy" (Patsy Brumfield) to "John T Edge".
Scope: Black History Month.
TDS. 6 December 2001. "Vanessa" (Vanessa Bliss) to "Hi Theresa". (2pp.)
Scope: Upcoming schedule.
TDS. 6 December 2001. "Vanessa Bliss" to "Hey y’all" (Susan Glisson, Mary Beth Lasseter, John T and Lyn). (4pp.)
Scope: Schedule and tasks to be completed.
TDS. 7 December 2001. "Susan Glisson" to "".
Scope: Updates and upcoming events.
TDS. 12 December 2001. "patsy" (Patsy Brumfield) to "". (3pp.)
Scope: Commemoration calendar.
TDS. 14 December 2001. "Vanessa Bliss" to "Dear Ms. Oakley".
Scope: Invitation to events with jurors.
TDS. 14 December 2001. "Vanessa Bliss" to "John T Edge, Susan Glisson, Mary Beth Lasseter and Lyn". (4pp.)
Scope: Things to do.
TDS. 15 December 2001. "Susan Glisson" to "". (2pp.)
Scope: Possibility of hiring someone.
TDS. 17 December 2001. "Mary Beth Lasseter" to "hi y’all".
Scope: Travel arrangements for jurors, power point presentation.
TDS. 18 December 2001. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "MaryBeth Lasseter, Susan Glisson and John T Edge".
Scope: New juror found.
TDS. 18 December 2001. "Jennifer Jones" to "John".
Scope: Asks about upcoming meeting.
TDS. 19 December 2001. "Lyn Kartiganer" to "Susan Glisson, John T Edge, and Mary Beth Lasseter". (2pp.)
Scope: Jury contract and funds.
4.1 Correspondence: January 2002
TDS. 2 January 2002. "Gerald" (Gerald Walton) to "Bill".
Scope: Copy of letter sent to Faculty and Staff asking for funds.
TDS. 2 January 2002. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "John T Edge". (2pp.)
Scope: Meeting minutes.
TDS. . 7 January 2002. "Mary Lasseter" to "Hello all". (2pp.)
Scope: Schedule and meeting minutes.
TDS. 17 January 2002. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "".
Scope: Planning, five finalists.
TDS. 21 January 2002. "Lyn Kartiganer" to "Mary Beth Lasseter, Susan Glisson and John T Edge". (2pp.)
Scope: Notes on CRCI.
TDS. 24 January 2002. "Mary Beth Lasseter" to "Hi all". (2pp.)
Scope: Schedule of visiting artists.
TDS. 30 January 2002. "Gerald Walton" to ",,, etc.".
Scope: Copy of letter sent to faculty and staff.
TDS. 30 January 2002. "GWW" (Gerald Walton) to ",, etc.". (2pp.)
Scope: Pledge card for Civil Rights memorial.
4.2 Correspondence: February 2002
TDS. 4 February 2002. "Mary Beth Lasseter" to "john t". (2pp.)
Scope: Addresses of artists.
TDS. 8 February 2002. "Gloria" (Gloria Kellum) to "Susan and John T".
Scope: Memorial to French journalist.
TDS. 18 February 2002. "Dennis" (Dennis Oppenheim) to "Dear John".
Scope: Need plans for site.
TDS. 22 February 2002. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Hi Y’all" (Mary Beth Lasseter, Susan Glisson and John T Edge).
Scope: Travel plans of artists and jurors.
4.3 Correspondence: March 2002
TDS. 4 March 2002. "Susan Glisson" to "".
Scope: Addresses.
TDS. 20 March 2002. "mb" (Mary Beth Lasseter) to ",,". (2pp.)
Scope: Letter to artists, preparations for artists’ arrival.
TDS. 28 March 2002. "Lee Ann Cooper" to "Hi John".
Scope: Account balance.
TLS. March 2002. [Iby Albriton, Kappa Delta] to "Dear Mr. Edge".
Scope: Fraternity and Sorority fundraising.
4.4 Correspondence: April 2002
TDS. 5 April 2002. "Gloria" (Gloria Kellum) to "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer). (2pp.)
Scope: Answers to questions about Civil Rights project.
TDS. 7 April 2002. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Gloria Kellum". (2pp.)
Scope: Schedule for May 4, questions about University’s contributions.
TDS. 7 April 2002. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Mary Beth Lasseter, Susan Glisson, John T Edge".
Scope: Forwarded letter from Deborah Oakley, schedule.
TDS. 11 April 2002. "Susan Glisson" to "John T Edge". (2pp.)
Scope: Budget for May 4 weekend and winning artist commission.
TDS. 16 April 2002. "Gloria" (Gloria Kellum) to "John T. and Susan".
Scope: Receiving donation from Greeks.
TDS. 16 April 2002. "Mary Beth Lasseter" to "Dear Amy".
Scope: Presentations.
TDS. 16 April 2002. "Lyn Kartiganer" to "Hi Susan" (Susan Glisson). (3pp.)
Scope: Civil Rights Commemorative Initiative artwork proposal agreement.
TDS. 23 April 2002. "Mary Beth Lasseter" to "John T Edge, Susan Glisson, Lyn Kartiganer". (2pp.)
Scope: Daily schedule and artists’ presentations.
TDS. 24 April 2002. "Mary Beth Lasseter" to "Dr. Kellum" (Gloria Kellum).
Scope: Donation from Greeks, finances.
TDS. 25 April 2002. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Hi John T" (John T Edge).
Scope: Suggested that Chancellor not play role in final art selection, worries about artists taking legal actions if process not followed, lists reasons why Chancellor should not have the final word.
TDS. 25 April 2002. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Hi John T" (John T Edge).
Scope: Copy of previous letter.
TDS. 26 April 2002. "Lyn Kartiganer" to "Good luck, John T and Susan". (2pp.)
Scope: Payment schedule, calendar of events.
TDS. 26 April 2002. "Lori L. Cameron" to "John".
Scope: Recounts memories of Will Campbell and Elbert Jean.
TDS. 30 April 2002. "prb" (Patsy Brumfield) to "John T Edge". (3pp.)
Scope: Schedule for revealing chosen artist.
TDS. 30 April 2002. "Susan Glisson" to "John T Edge, Lyn Kartiganer". (3pp.)
Scope: Questions about when to announce winning artist.
4.5 Correspondence: May 2002
TLS. 2 May 2002. "Charles E. Noyes" to "Dear Mr. Edge".
Scope: Donation, thoughts about memorial, recalls riot.
TLS. 3 May 2002. "C.E. Noyes" to "Dear Mr. Edge".
Scope: Suggestions for fundraising.
TDS. 3 May 2002. "Gloria" to "Gerald Walton".
Scope: List of potential donors.
TL. 6 May 2002. "CRCI Selection Panel" to "Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative".
Scope: Artist recommendation.
TDS. 6 May 2002. "Vivian B Hobbs" to "".
Scope: Photo copy files.
TDS. 6 May 2002. "Rene" (Rene Paul Barilleaux) to "John".
Scope: Gratitude.
TDS. [9 May 2002]. [L. Lesley Beeman] to "Dear John T.".
Scope: Expresses discontent toward chosen artwork.
TDS. 9 May 2002. "L. Lesley Beeman" to ", john t".
Scope: States that he is sending letter concerning memorial to several newspapers and magazines.
TDS. 10 May 2002. "Mary Lasseter" to "John T Edge, Susan Glisson, Lyn Kartiganer".
Scope: Describes giving tours to school children of the artists’ designs.
TDS. 11 May 2002. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Susan Glisson, John T Edge, Mary Beth Lasseter". (2pp.)
Scope: Draft of jurors’ statement, letter from someone involved in University of Texas Tower memorial.
TDS. 17 May 2002. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Susan Glisson, John T Edge". (3pp.)
Scope: Example of a budget.
TDS. 17 May 2002. "Lyn Kartiganer" to "John T Edge, Susan Glisson".
Scope: Budget documents, copy of letter from Annette Carlozzi.
TLS. 23 May 2002. "Marcus and Fatu Akinlana" to "Dear John, Mary Beth, Lyn and Susan".
Scope: Thanks CRCI for choosing Marcus as a finalist.
TDS. 23 May 2002. "Gloria" (Gloria Kellum) to "Susan and John T".
Scope: List of potential donors.
TDS. 24 May 2002. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "He Y’all" (Susan Glisson, John T Edge, Mary Beth Lasseter). (5pp.)
Scope: Meeting date, budget, copy of artwork commission agreement.
TDS. 24 May 2002. "andy" (Andy Harper) to "John T Edge".
Scope: Link to webpage displaying five choices for monument.
ANS. 31 May 2002. "Gloria Kellum, Brian Reithel" to "Carolyn E. Staton". (3pp.)
Scope: Interoffice Memorandum about Civil Rights memorial art project, attached copy of letter "CRCI Selection Panel" to "Civil Rights Commemoration Initiative", dated 6 May 2002, Terry Adkins Bio.
4.6 Correspondence: June 2002
TDS. 3 June 2002. "Brian" (Brian Reithel) to "John T. and Susan".
Scope: Account balance and expenditures.
TDS. 4 June 2002. "Mary Beth" (Mary Beth Lasseter) to "John T". (3pp.)
Scope: Remaining payments to artists.
TDS. 4 June 2002. "MB" (Mary Lasseter) to "".
Scope: Attached file containing quote from 4/30/02 Daily Mississippian.
4.7 Correspondence: July 2002
TDS. 9 July 2002. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "Terry Adkins". (2pp.)
Scope: Clarification on wording of monument, memorial has been approved by both committees and Chancellor.
TDS. 18 July 2002. "Susan Glisson" to "".
Scope: Memorial design accepted by college board.
TDS. 18 July 2002. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "".
Scope: Attached file of memorial photo.
TDS. 18 July 2002. "" to "". (2pp.)
Scope: Copy of press release.
TDS. 19 July 2002. "Frank D. Alley" to "Dear Dr. Khayat".
Scope: Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning approval of monument, funds available.
TLS. 28 July 2002. "L. Lesley Beeman, Jr." to "Dear Mr. Adkins". (6pp.)
Scope: Attached is letter dated 25 July stating Beeman’s concerns and email correspondence between Beeman and Adkins, concerns about meaning of monument.
TDS. 30 July 2002. "susan glisson" to "mr. anderson" (Bill Anderson).
Scope: Updates on approval of monument.
TDS. 30 July 2002. "susan glisson" to "John T Edge". (3pp.)
Scope: Describes receiving correspondence between Beeman and Adkins. Is very upset with Beeman’s actions.
4.8 Correspondence: August 2002
TDS. 2 August 2002. "susan glisson" to "". (2pp.)
Scope: Copy of letter sent to Terry Adkins regarding Beeman.
TDS. 22August 2002. "John T Edge" to "Dear Deborah" (Deborah Oakley). (2pp.)
Scope: Reassures Oakley that Beeman had opportunity to voice his opinion to jurors.
TDS. 28 August 2002. "Susan Glisson" to "hey y’all". (2pp.)
Scope: Draft of Civil Rights memorial design.
4.9 Correspondence: September 2002
TDS. 4 September 2002. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "John T Edge, Lyn Kartiganer". (2pp.)
Scope: Need to send contract.
TDS. 4 September 2002. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "John T Edge, Lyn Kartiganer". (2pp.)
Scope: Need to send contract.
TDS. 6 September 2002. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Susan Glisson, John T Edge, Gloria Kellum, Mary Beth Lasseter".
Scope: CRCI Bureau of Buildings contract, dedication ideas.
TDS. 9 September 2002. "Lyn Kartiganer" to "Deborah Oakley". (2pp.)
Scope: Terry Adkins’ contract.
TDS. 11 September 2002. "Susan Glisson" to "Lyn Kartiganer,". (2pp.)
Scope: Contract, Bureau of Buildings.
TDS. 11 September 2002. "John T Edge" to "susan glisson, Lyn Kartiganer,". (3pp.)
Scope: Concerns of Adkins, contract.
TDS. 16 September 2002. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to ",".
Scope: Dedication planning list.
TDS. 18 September 2002. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "hey lee ann".
Scope: Transfer of funds.
4.10 Correspondence: October 2002
TDS. 2 October 2002. "Lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer) to "Gloria and Jeff" (Gloria Kellum and Jeff Alford).
Scope: Concerned that Adkins is not mentioned in media.
TDS. 3 October 2002. "John T" to "Dear Terry and Susan" (Terry Adkins, Susan Glisson).
Scope: Moving forward with artwork.
TDS. 3 October 2002. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "lyn" (Lyn Kartiganer). (3pp.)
Scope: Concerns of artist, press coverage, trying to involve James Meredith in ceremonies.
TDS. 3 October 2002. "Terry Adkins" to "John T Edge".
Scope: Artwork.
TDS. 7 October 2002. "terry" (Terry Adkins) to "john t".
Scope: Artwork.
TDS. 8 October 2002. "Annette" (Annette Carlozzi) to "Hey John T" (John T Edge).
Scope: Advise about artist commission.
TDS. 8 October 2002. "John T" to "Terry".
Scope: Fills like progress is being made.
TDS. 10 October 2002. "terry" (Terry Adkins) to "john t".
Scope: Frustrations toward Chancellor.
TDS. 15 October 2002. "terry" (Terry Adkins) to "john t".
Scope: Artist fee, moving things forward.
TDS. 18 October 2002. "Gloria" (Gloria Kellum) to "John T Edge". (2pp.)
Scope: Artist payment.
TDS. 21 October 2002. "terry" (Terry Adkins) to "johnt".
Scope: Frustrations about wanting to start project.
TDS. 22 October 2002. "terry" (Terry Adkins) to "john t".
Scope: Wants to know about progress.
TDS. 23 October 2002. "terry" (Terry Adkins) to "John t". (2pp.)
Scope: Contract, frustrations with slow process.
TDS. 23 October 2002. "terry" (Terry Adkins) to "John t". (3pp.)
Scope: Contract, upcoming visit to Oxford.
4.11 Correspondence: December 2002
TDS. 18 December 2002. "susan glisson" to "".
Scope: Good news about funding.
TDS. 19 December 2002. "susan glisson" to "".
Scope: Describes package from Terry.
4.12 Correspondence: January 2003
TDS. 15 January 2003. "terry" (Terry Adkins) to "dear john". (2pp.)
Scope: Artwork designs.
TDS. 23 January 2003. "WMAJr" (Bill Anderson) to "Susan Glisson". (2pp.)
Scope: Discusses drawings.
TDS. 23 January 2003. "Terry Adkins" to "john".
Scope: Forwarded letter from Nathaniel Hadley concerning monument design.
TDS. 28 January 2003. "Amy" (Amy Evans) to "Hola".
Scope: Listserve information.
4.13 Correspondence: February 2003
TDS. 27 February 2003. "WMAJr" (Bill Anderson) to "".
Scope: Sending plans to Eley Associates/Architects.
4.14 Correspondence: March 2003
TDS. 11 March 2003. "WMAJr" (Bill Anderson) to "".
Scope: Forwarded letter from Eley Associates to Terry concerning construction.
4.15 Correspondence: May 2003
TDS. 28 May 2003. "susan" to "terry" (Terry Adkins). (2pp.)
Scope: Contacting Chancellor, estimated cost of doors on monument.
TDS. 29 May 2003. "Debbie Binkley" to ", etc.".
Scope: Alpha List of Applicants.
TDS. 29 May 2003. "susan" to "hey terry" (Terry Adkins).
Scope: Construction budget, keeping doors on monument closed.
4.16 Correspondence: June 2003
TDS. 5 June 5, 003. "Debbie Binkley" to ",, etc.".
Scope: Candidate Responses.
TDS. 9 June 2003. "" to "".
Scope: Clarifying dates, budget.
TDS. 10 June 2003. "susan glisson" to "".
Scope: Concerns about bells on monument.
TDS. 13 June 2003. "" to "". (2pp.)
Scope: Concerned about decisions made by Lyceum.
4.17 Correspondence: July 2003
TDS. 9 July 2003. "susan" to "".
Scope: Fundraising.
TDS. 31 July 2003. "s. guest" (Sandra Guest) to "Lee Ann".
Scope: Gifts to Civil Rights Memorial.
TDS. 31 July 2003. "Dr. Susan M. Glisson" to "".
Scope: Potential change to phrase on monument.
4.18 Correspondence: September 2003
TDS. 18 September 2003. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "johnt".
Scope: Database.
TDS. 29 September 2003. "me" (Susan Glisson) to "".
Scope: Language change in document.
4.19 Correspondence: April 2004
TDS. 27 April 2004. "" to "JT".
Scope: Upset that monument is stalled.
4.20 Correspondence: June 2004
TDS. 3 June 2004. "Dr. Susan M. Glisson" to "Bill Anderson".
Scope: Funds.
4.21 Correspondence: September 2004
TDS. 23 September 2004. " on behalf of susan glisson" to "".
Scope: Attached document entitled What in the world?
4.22 Correspondence: October 2004
TDS. 2 October 2004. "Susan" to "Hi Ms. Randle". (2pp.)
Scope: One year extension of project.
TDS. 16 October 2004. "" to "".
Scope: Seeking artist’s approval to modify monument.
TDS. 20 October 2004. "susan glisson" to "". (2pp.)
Scope: Greek fundraising.
4.23 Correspondence: December 2004
TDS. 3 December 2004. "Susan Glisson, John T Edge" to "Dear Terry Adkins".
Scope: Ask for new design to stay within budget, deadline.
4.24 Correspondence: January 2005
TDS. 30 January 2005. "" to "".
Scope: Changes in artwork, seeking donations.
4.25 Correspondence: March 2005
TDS. 3 March 2005. "Peter" (Peter K. Frost) to "JT" (John T Edge). (2pp.)
Scope: Dinner Fundraiser venues.
TDS. 9 March 2005. "Peter" (Peter K. Frost) to "Susan and John T".
Scope: City Grocery Letter, fundraising.
TDS. 16 March 2005. "WMAJr" (Bill Anderson) to "Chancellor Khayat".
Scope: Civil Rights Monument plans.
TDS. 17 March 2005. "susan" to "".
Scope: Update, possible new funds.
4.26 Correspondence: April 2005
TDS. 28 April 2005. "John T" to "Susan". (2pp.)
Scope: Fundraising.
TDS. 28 April 2005. "WMAJr" (Bill Anderson) to "susan glisson".
Scope: Plans for meeting with Chancellor.
4.27 Correspondence: May 2005
TDS. 11 May 2005. "Shirley Stuart" to "John T Edge".
Scope: Meeting with Chancellor Khayat.
4.28 Correspondence: June 2005
TDS. 30 June 2005. "susan" to "john t".
Scope: Conflicting opinions between Chancellor and Terry Adkins.
4.29 Correspondence: July 2005
TDS. 5 July 2005. "Dr. Susan M. Glisson" to "".
Scope: Revision process.
TDS. 15 July 2005. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "terry" (Terry Adkins). (3pp.)
Scope: Plans to return to Oxford.
TDS. 28 July 2005. "" to "".
Scope: Draft of compromise.
TDS. 29 July 2005. "susan" (Susan Glisson) to "".
Scope: Reducing monument size.
TDS. 29 July 2005. "JT" (John T Edge) to "". (2pp.)
Scope: Revisions to draft of compromise.
4.30 August 2005
TLS. 6 August 2005. "John T Edge" to "Dear Chancellor Khayat". (3pp.)
Scope: Disagreements with Chancellor.
TDS. 8 August 2005. "" to "John T Edge". (2pp.)
Scope: Changes to draft of compromise.
TDS. 10 August 2005. "Susan" (Susan Glisson) to "Hi All". (2pp.)
Scope: Minutes and Recommendations of CRCI meeting on 28 July 2005.
4.31 September 2005
TDS. 7 September 2005. "Gloria" to "Terry Adkins, Don Cole, John T. Edge, Jim Eley, Susan Glisson, Lee Tyner".
Scope: Update on monument from Chancellor.
TDS. 13 September 2005. "Dr. Susan M. Glisson" to "".
Scope: Document attached of Civil Rights Memorial timeline.
TDS. 19 September 2005. "Mary Beth Lasseter" to "".
Scope: CRCI PowerPoint.
TDS. 22 September 2005. "Barbara Nielson, Instructor Hotel Restaurant Management Technology" to "Mary Beth Lasseter". (4pp.)
Scope: Cheryl Washington essay for symposium.
4.32 Correspondence: October 2005
ANS. 4 October 2005. "Robert C. Khayat" to "John T. Edge, Program Coordinator, Southern Foodways Alliance".
Scope: Appreciation, fond new architect.
TLS. 4 October 2005. "Robert C. Khayat" to "Dear Leroy" (Rev. Leroy Wadlington), etc. (18 pp.) (16 copies of letter)
Scope: Chancellor expressing gratitude and moving on with a different architect.
TDS. 5 October 2005. "susan glisson" to "Victoria".
Scope: Corrections on article, the problem in placing too much power in one person.
TDS. October 2005. "Linda" (Linda Peal) to "Susan and John T.".
Scope: Feelings of pain at the waste of their work and administration’s decision.
TDS. 5 October 2005. "Bryan Doyle" to "John T".
Scope: Apologizes for inaccuracies in Daily Mississippian, says that he will write article allowing people to know what happened.
TDS. 6 October 2005. "John T Edge" to "Friends".
Scope: Attached document containing letter to Khayat.
TDS. 7 October 2005. "" to "".
Scope: Link to Clarion Ledger article.
TDS. 10 October 2005. "" to "John Egerton;".
Scope: Accusations directed toward her, letter from Will D. Campbell expressing discontent with Chancellor.
TDS. 10 October 2005. "Peter" (Peter K. Frost) to "JT".
Scope: Mentions letter in DM, ready to help.
TLS. 10 October 2005. "Robert C. Khayat" to "Dear John T.". (2pp.)
Scope: Restates his concerns, disappointment.
TDS. 11 October 2005. "Beth Ann Fennelly" to "Hi ole pal".
Scope: Upset about decisions made by ‘petty folks’.
TDS. 12 October 2005. "Mary Hartwell Howorth" to "".
Scope: Contact information.
TDS. 12 October 2005. "Rene" (Rene P. Barilleaux) to "John" (John T Edge). (3pp.)
Scope: Forwarded article in Clarion Ledger concerning Chancellor’s decision.
TDS. 26 October 2005. "" to "".
Scope: Outcry engulfs campus memorial, link to Atlanta Journal article.
TDS. 26 October 2005. "susan glisson" to "John T Edge". (2pp.)
Scope: Forwarded letter from former student concerning Chancellor’s decision.
TDS. 27 October 2005. "Terry Adkins" to "John T".
Scope: Attached TheNewReign.doc
TDS. 27 October 2005. "David Epstein" to "Dear Mr. Edge".
Scope: Reporter writing article about memorial.
TDS. 28 October 2005. "David" (David Epstein) to "".
Scope: Link to article.
TDS. 29 October 2005. "Terry" (Terry Adkins) to "John t".
Scope: Publishing letter in the DM.
TDS. 29 October 2005. "Terry Adkins" to "John t".
Scope: Correction to letter.
4.33 Correspondence: November 2005
TL. 3 November 2005. "Robert C. Khayat" to "Dear Don" (Dr. Donald J. Summers). (3pp.)
Scope: Permission to use donation toward new monument, copy of new monument proposal.
TDS. 4 November 2005. "susan glisson" to "".
Scope: Link to article in the Clarion Ledger.
TLS. 11 November 2005. "Larry S. Bush" to "Dear Robert" (Chancellor Robert C. Khayat).
Scope: Would like original donation returned to him, can no longer trust the Chancellor.
TDS. 16 November 2005. "Terry Adkins" to "".
Scope: Letter he received from Chancellor Khayat.
TDS. 16 November 2005. "Terry Adkins" to "".
Scope: Copy of previous letter
4.34 Correspondence: December 2005
TDS. 6 December 2005. "Dr. Susan M. Glisson" to "".
Scope: Forwarded letter from Andy James with exerts from letter received from Chancellor.
TDS. 6 December 2005. "Dr. Susan M. Glisson" to "".
Scope: Copy of previous letter
TDS. 14 December 2005. "WMAJr" (Bill Anderson) to "Susan Glisson; John T. Edge".
Scope: Civil Rights memorial bids.
4.35 Correspondence: January 2006
TDS. 20 January 2006. "Terry" (Terry Adkins) to "Susan and John T".
Scope: Memorial controversy article.
4.36 Correspondence: June 2006
TDS. 30 June 2006. "Dr. Susan M. Glisson" to "". (3pp.)
Scope: Copy of letter written by Dr. Charles Eagles concerning article in DM.
4.37 Correspondence: October 2006
TDS. 3 October 2006. "" to ";".
Scope: Copy of letter sent to Chancellor about Civil Rights memorial program.
TDS. 4 October 2006. "Don" (Donald Cole) to "Susan & John T".
Scope: Gratitude.
4.38 Correspondence: Undated
ALS. Undated. "Gloria D. Kellum" to (Mr. John T. Edge).
Scope: Sends photographs of dedication, gratitude, photograph removed.
TDS. Undated. "johne" to "Compatriots".
Scope: Copy of letter by Will D. Campbell.
TDS. Undated. "John T" to (Not Stated).
Scope: Fundraising.
TLS. Undated. "John T Edge" to "Sara Pegues".
Scope: Expenses for Lower Mississippi Development project.
TL. Undated. "" to "Dear Editor". (2pp.)
Scope: Symbols associated with University of Mississippi.
TL. Undated. "Civil Rights Commemoration Foundation" to "Dear Fraternity President".
Scope: Help with handing out fliers.
TL. Undated. (Not Stated) to "John T".
Scope: Presenters.
TLS. Undated. "mary beth" to "John T".
Scope: Plans for meeting.
ALS. Undated. "R" [illegible] to "Dear John T.".
Scope: Possible donor, gratitude.
TLS. Undated. "Vanessa" to "Hi".
Scope: Fundraising.
TLS. Undated. "Vanessa" to "Hi John T".
Scope: Notes on meeting
Series III. Publications
5.1 The Daily Mississippian 1996-2004
5.2 The Daily Mississippian 2005
5.3 The Daily Mississippian 2006
5.4 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
5.5 Sun-Herald, Biloxi, Mississippi
5.6 The Clarion-Ledger
5.7 Daily Journal
5.8 Commercial Appeal
5.9 Mississippi Department of Archives and History
5.10 Times Leader
5.11 Inside Higher Ed News
5.12 Inside Ole Miss
5.13 The New York Times
5.14 Mississippi Folklife
5.15 The University of Mississippi Art First
5.16 The Southern Register
5.17 The Commercial Appeal
5.18 Oxford Town
5.19 The New Yorker
5.20 The Oxford Eagle
5.21 Southern Growth Policies Board 1995-1996 Annual Report
5.22 Newspaper Articles