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Finding aid for the Gary Saretzky Collection.


Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Creator - Photographer
Saretzky, Gary D.
Gary Saretzky Collection
6.0 boxes
General Physical Description
6 boxes (4.71 linear feet)
Collection of blues photographs, newsletters, event flyers, and more from photographer Gary Saretzky.

Preferred Citation

The Gary Saretzky Collection (MUM00776), Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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Biographical Note

Gary D. Saretzky is a photographer, archivist, and educator, born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1946. He holds a BA (1968) and MA (1969) in American History from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He studied photoconservation at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and at the New York State Historical Association. He has worked as the Monmouth County Archivist in New Jersey, taught photography at Mercer County Community College, and coordinated the Rugers Public History Internship Program.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Mississippi Libraries 2019

Access Restrictions

The Gary Saretzky Collection is open for research.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Gary Saretzky.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Keerthi Chandrashekar. Finding aid created by Keerthi Chandrashekar and Greg Johnson.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • black-and-white photographs
  • color photographs
  • newsletters

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

Jeff Jensen and Brandon Santini, 16 June 2012, mum00776_b1_1 

The Buicks, December 2004, mum00776_b1_2 

Bryan Lee, 14 July 2006, mum00776_b1_3 

Steve Guyger and James Harman, 9 August 2007, mum00776_b1_4 

Michael Powers, 14 July 2006, mum00776_b1_5 

Steve Guyger, 18 June 2005, mum00776_b1_6 

Billy Holt, Joe Zook, and Blues Deluxe, 20 June 2015, mum00776_b1_7 

Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown, 4 September 2010, mum00776_b1_8 

Mike Lampe and the Richard Ray Farrell Revue, 13 October 2012, mum00776_b1_9 

Steve Guyger, 23 March 2006, mum00776_b1_10 

Gary Finelli, 15 March 2015, mum00776_b1_11 

Donald Kinsey, 2 August 2014, mum00776_b1_12 

Joe Louis Walker, 26 July 2009, mum00776_b1_13 

Christoffer "Kid" Anderson and Rick Estrin, 17 April 2011, mum00776_b1_14 

Charlie Musselwhite, 8 August 2009, mum00776_b1_15 

Vasti Jackson, 6 August 2011, mum00776_b1_16 

Bernard Allison, 16 June 2012, mum00776_b1_17 

Billy Branch, 8 August 2004, mum00776_b1_18 

April Mae and the June Bugs, 29 November 2014, mum00776_b1_19 

Trudy Lynn, 8 August 2009, mum00776_b1_20 

Box 2 

Mem Shannon, 24 May 2007, mum00776_b2_1 

Tommy Castro and Scot Sutherland, 11 August 2007, mum00776_b2_2 

Lucky Peterson, 6 November 2004, mum00776_b2_3 

Rick Allen, 29 January 2006, mum00776_b2_4 

Mad Dog, 12 July 2007, mum00776_b2_5 

Richard Ray Farrell, 1 December 2006, mum00776_b2_6 

Jimmy Thackery, 10 August 2008, mum00776_b2_7 

Chubby Carrier, 4 July 2006, mum00776_b2_8 

Jason Ricci, 16 July 2005, mum00776_b2_9 

Skyla Burrell and Mark Tomlinson, 20 August 2007, mum00776_b2_10 

Ana Popovic, 29 November 2003, mum00776_b2_11 

Big Time Sarah, 12 August 2017, mum00776_b2_12 

Johnny Never, 4 August 2012, mum00776_b2_13 

Michael Eli, 20 September 2011, mum00776_b2_14 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, 27 October 2006, mum00776_b2_15 

Bnois King, 27 October 2006, mum00776_b2_16 

Robert Cray, 9 August 2014, mum00776_b2_17 

Paul Plumeri and Joe Zook, 18 May 2006, mum00776_b2_18 

Dean Shot, Mikey Junior, and Cold Stone Blues, 14 June 2012, mum00776_b2_19 

Chris Duarte, 27 June 2009, mum00776_b2_20 

Box 3 

Rod Piazza, 12 August 2006, mum00776_b3_1 

Studebaker John, 20 March 2008, mum00776_b3_2 

Ed Wall, 11 August 2012, mum00776_b3_3 

Walter Trout, 21 July 2007, mum00776_b3_4 

Gary Philips, Steve Guyger, and the Excellos, 26 June 2011, mum00776_b3_5 

Jimmy Pritchard, Mikey Junior, and Cold Stone Blues, 9 March 2012, mum00776_b3_6 

Steve Guyger, 12 May 2006, mum00776_b3_7 

Joe Zook and Blues Deluxe, 18 May 2006, mum00776_b3_8 

Tom Trovas and the Buicks, 18 December 2008, mum00776_b3_9 

"Filthy Rich" McPherson, Steve Guyger, and the Excellos, 27 March 2011, mum00776_b3_10 

Mikey Junior and Cold Stone Blues, 23 December 2009, mum00776_b3_11 

J.B. "Jeff" Kline, 30 May 2000, mum00776_b3_12 

Guy Stasik and the buicks, 12 March 2009, mum00776_b3_13 

Dave Orban and Mojo Gypsies, 19 June 2011, mum00776_b3_14 

Georgie Bonds, 1 August 2005, mum00776_b3_15 

J.P. Soars, 16 June 2012, mum00776_b3_16 

Stringbean, 2 February 2014, mum00776_b3_17 

Sue Collins, 15 March 2015, mum00776_b3_18 

Alexis P. Suter, 15 September 2012, mum00776_b3_19 

Deanna Bogart, 8 August 2000, mum00776_b3_20 

Box 4 

Album 1 

Bnois King, 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_1 

Bnois King, 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_2 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_3 

Jimmy Dawkins Band, 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_4 

Nathan Williams, 18 July 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_5 

Nathan Williams, 18 July 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_6 

Nathan Williams, 18 July 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_7 

Nathan Williams, 18 July 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_8 

Unnamed band, 18 July 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_9 

Darrell Nulisch and Texas Heat, 18 July 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_10 

Unnamed group of people, mum00776_b4_a1_11 

Unnamed woman, mum00776_b4_a1_12 

Mark Hummel and Blues Survivors, 18 July 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_13 

Little Jimmy King, July 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_14 

Little Jimmy King, July 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_15 

Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, 18 July 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_16 

Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, 18 July 1992, mum00776_b4_a1_17 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_18 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_19 

Unnamed musician, mum00776_b4_a1_20 

Howard Deere, mum00776_b4_a1_21 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_22 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_23 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_24 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_25 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_26 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_27 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_28 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_29 

Charlie Musselwhite, mum00776_b4_a1_30 

Charlie Musselwhite and Andrew Jr. Boy Jones, mum00776_b4_a1_31 

Charlie Musselwhite and Andrew Jr. Boy Jones, mum00776_b4_a1_32 

Unnamed people, mum00776_b4_a1_33 

Tommy Hill, mum00776_b4_a1_34 

Skeeter Brandon and Hwy 61, mum00776_b4_a1_35 

Mike Griffin, mum00776_b4_a1_36 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a1_37 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a1_38 

Unnamed group, mum00776_b4_a1_39 

Unnamed group, mum00776_b4_a1_40 

Howard Deere, mum00776_b4_a1_41 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_42 

Guitar Shorty, mum00776_b4_a1_43 

Steve Guyger, mum00776_b4_a1_44 

Maria Muldaur, mum00776_b4_a1_45 

Maria Muldaur, mum00776_b4_a1_46 

Unnamed band, mum00776_b4_a1_47 

Chubby Carrier, mum00776_b4_a1_48 

Koko Taylor, mum00776_b4_a1_49 

Unnamed musician, mum00776_b4_a1_50 

Mike Griffin, 31 October 1995, mum00776_b4_a1_51 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, 31 October 1995, mum00776_b4_a1_52 

Bnois King, 31 October 1995, mum00776_b4_a1_53 

Big Dave and The Ultrasonics, 31 October 1995, mum00776_b4_a1_54 

Dave Morris and Kathy Saretzky, 31 October 1995, mum00776_b4_a1_55 

Little Sammy Davis, mum00776_b4_a1_56 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a1_57 

Unnamed man and woman, mum00776_b4_a1_58 

Unnamed men, mum00776_b4_a1_59 

Trudy Lynn, 1996, mum00776_b4_a1_60 

Guitar Shorty, 1996, mum00776_b4_a1_61 

Robert Lockwood, 1996, mum00776_b4_a1_62 

Gary Primich, 16 July 1994, mum00776_b4_a1_63 

Gary Primich, 16 July 1994, mum00776_b4_a1_64 

John Delafose and The Eunice Playboys, 16 July 1994, mum00776_b4_a1_65 

Steven James, 16 July 1994, mum00776_b4_a1_66 

Steven James, 16 July 1994, mum00776_b4_a1_67 

Unnamed man, 16 July 1994, mum00776_b4_a1_68 

Unnamed people, 16 July 1994, mum00776_b4_a1_69 

Album 2 

Vic Foley, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_1 

Vic Foley, mum00776_b4_a2_2 

Mad Dog, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_3 

Paul Geremia, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_4 

Slam Allen, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_5 

Mel Melton, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_6 

Patrick Lynch Jr., 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_7 

Unnamed man and woman, mum00776_b4_a2_8 

Kim Lembo, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_9 

Billy Price, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_10 

W.C. Clark, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_11 

Chris Thomas King, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_12 

Johnny Rawls, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_13 

Cookie McGee, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_14 

Unnamed man and woman, mum00776_b4_a2_15 

Honeyboy Edwards, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_16 

Shemekia Copeland, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_17 

Jimmy Johnson, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_18 

Charlie Musselwhite, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_19 

Felton Crews, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_20 

Unnamed man and woman, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_21 

Hollywood, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_22 

Otis Clay, 199, mum00776_b4_a2_23 

Marvelette, 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_24 

Unnamed man and woman, 23 October 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_25 

Sean Costello and His Jivebombers, mum00776_b4_a2_26 

Unnamed woman, mum00776_b4_a2_27 

Studebaker John and The Hawks, mum00776_b4_a2_28 

Studebaker John and The Hawks, mum00776_b4_a2_29 

Cynthial, mum00776_b4_a2_30 

Unnamed woman, mum00776_b4_a2_31 

Unnamed woman, mum00776_b4_a2_32 

Kim Simmonds and the Savoy Brown, mum00776_b4_a2_33 

Kim Simmonds and the Savoy Brown, mum00776_b4_a2_34 

Natanial Peterson, mum00776_b4_a2_36 

Steve Guyger, mum00776_b4_a2_37 

Bob Klein, December 1999, mum00776_b4_a2_38 

Debbie Davies, March 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_39 

Coco Montoya, March 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_40 

Benny Yee, March 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_41 

Eddie Vann Shaw, April 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_42 

Garry Cogdell, Seth "Zep Harpo" Holzman, and Kid Red and the Rocket, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_43 

Zep Harpo, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_44 

Gary Cogdell, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_45 

Johnny DeFrancesco, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_46 

Jumpin' Johnny Sansone, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_47 

Howard and the White Boys, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_48 

Howard and the White Boys, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_49 

Howard and the White Boys, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_50 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a2_51 

Debbie Davis, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_52 

Debbie Davis and Lil' Ed, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_53 

Debbie Davis, Lil' Ed, and Pamela Rose, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_54 

Ernie Peniston, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_55 

Chicago Rhythm and Blues Kings, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_56 

Chicago Rhythm and Blues Kings, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_57 

Lil' Ed, July 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_58 

Michael Hill, 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_60 

Michael Hill, 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_61 

Michael Hill, 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_62 

Michael Hill, 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_63 

Michael Hill, 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_64 

Michael Hill, 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_65 

E.J. Sharpe and The Professor, November 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_66 

Pete Cummings, November 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_67 

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Phyllis Kubek, 21 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_68 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, 21 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_69 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, 21 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_70 

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King, 21 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_71 

Bnois King, 21 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_72 

Bnois King, 21 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_73 

Bnois King, 21 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_74 

Big Nancy, 21 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a2_75 

Album 3 

Carey Bell, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_1 

Carey Bell, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_2 

Carey Bell, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_3 

Carey Bell, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_4 

Dennis Gruenling and Jump Time!, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_5 

Dennis Gruenling Band, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_6 

Little Ronnie, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_7 

Little Ronnie, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_8 

The Grand Dukes, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_9 

The Grand Dukes, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_10 

Unnamed group of people, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_11 

Unnamed man, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_12 

Unnamed group of people, 28 October 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_13 

Steve Guyger and Joe Zook, December 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_14 

Steve Guyger, December 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_15 

Joe Zook, December 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_16 

Mark Wenner and The Nighthawks, December 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_17 

Pete Kanaras and the Nighthawks, December 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_18 

The Nighthawks and unnamed man, December 2000, mum00776_b4_a3_19 

Michael Hill, 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_20 

Michael Hill, 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_21 

Michael Hill, 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_22 

Lewis Tony and Michael Hill's Blues Mob, 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_23 

Mojo Stu, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_24 

Andy B. and the Voodudes, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_25 

Unnamed man, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_26 

Doraleena "Lady D" Posey and Bluescasters, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_27 

Tim Wagner and the Bluescasters, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_28 

Calvin Johnson and the Bluescasters, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_29 

Harmonica Red, mum00776_b4_a3_30 

Mr. Downchild, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_31 

Mr. Downchild, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_32 

Mr. Downchild, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_33 

Chuck Jackson, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_34 

Chuck Jackson, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_35 

Unnamed group of people, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_36 

Larry Garner, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_37 

Larry Garner, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_38 

Kenny Neal, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_39 

Kenny Neal, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_40 

Kenny Neal, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_41 

Kenny Neal, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_42 

Kenny Neal, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_43 

Kenny Neal, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_44 

Kenny Neal, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_45 

King Eddie, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_46 

Eddie Vaan Shaw, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_47 

Eddie Vaan Shaw, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_48 

Eddie Vaan Shaw, July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_49 

Donald Kinsey and Kinsey Report, 28 July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_50 

Donald Kinsey and Kinsey Report, 28 July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_51 

Ken Kinsey and Kinsey Report, 28 July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_52 

Mighty Sam McClain, 28 July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_53 

Mighty Sam McClain, 28 July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_54 

Bud DiDonato, 28 July 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_55 

Georgie Bonds, October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_56 

Unnamed man and woman, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_57 

Unnamed men, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_58 

Unnamed person, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_59 

Unnamed person, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_60 

Unnamed people, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_61 

Unnamed woman, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_62 

Jim Suhler, October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_63 

Unnamed man, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_64 

Unnamed group of people, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_65 

Unnamed group of people, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_66 

Unnamed group of people, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_67 

Unnamed man and woman, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_68 

Unnamed group of people, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_69 

Unnamed group of people, 27 October 2001, mum00776_b4_a3_70 

Curtis Salgado, mum00776_b4_a3_71 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a3_72 

Eddie Kirkland, mum00776_b4_a3_73 

Eddie Kirkland, mum00776_b4_a3_74 

Bobby Kyle, mum00776_b4_a3_75 

Guitar Shorty, 2 March 2002, mum00776_b4_a3_76 

Guitar Shorty, 2 March 2002, mum00776_b4_a3_77 

Guitar Shorty, 2 March 2002, mum00776_b4_a3_78 

Guitar Shorty, 2 March 2002, mum00776_b4_a3_79 

Mike Griffin, 2002, mum00776_b4_a3_80 

Bob Seffelin, mum00776_b4_a3_81 

Roger Girke and The Funky Twisters, mum00776_b4_a3_82 

Jill West and Blues Attack, mum00776_b4_a3_83 

Jill West, mum00776_b4_a3_84 

Paul Reddick and The Sidemen, mum00776_b4_a3_85 

The Sidemen and unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a3_86 

The Sidemen and unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a3_87 

Little Buster, mum00776_b4_a3_88 

The Nighthawks, mum00776_b4_a3_89 

The Nighthawks and unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a3_90 

Bud DiDonato, mum00776_b4_a3_91 

Alvin Youngblood Hart, mum00776_b4_a3_93 

Album 4 

Southside Slim, August 2002, mum00776_b4_a4_1 

Wild Child Butler, August 2002, mum00776_b4_a4_2 

Skeeter Brandon, August 2002, mum00776_b4_a4_3 

Roy Roberts, mum00776_b4_a4_4 

Priscilla Price, mum00776_b4_a4_5 

Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson, mum00776_b4_a4_6 

Truck, mum00776_b4_a4_7 

Howard Tate, mum00776_b4_a4_8 

Aerial view of crowd, mum00776_b4_a4_9 

Andson Funderburgh and Sam Myers, mum00776_b4_a4_10 

Unnamed group of people, mum00776_b4_a4_11 

Robert Cray, mum00776_b4_a4_12 

Joe Zook and Angelo DiBraccio, 1 August 2002, mum00776_b4_a4_13 

Unnamed woman, 1 August 2002, mum00776_b4_a4_14 

Steve Guyger and Rick Estrin, 1 August 2002, mum00776_b4_a4_15 

Howard and the White Boys, mum00776_b4_a4_16 

Howard and the White boys and unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a4_17 

Musconetcong Blues Festival postcard, 18 August 2002, mum00776_b4_a4_18 

Head of cooked pig in pan, mum00776_b4_a4_19 

Andy Wahlberg, mum00776_b4_a4_20 

Art Tipaldi, mum00776_b4_a4_21 

Richard Johnston, mum00776_b4_a4_22 

Richard Johnston, mum00776_b4_a4_23 

Big Joe, mum00776_b4_a4_24 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a4_25 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a4_26 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a4_27 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a4_28 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a4_29 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a4_30 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a4_31 

Michael Hill, mum00776_b4_a4_32 

Pete Cummings, mum00776_b4_a4_33 

Lonnie Shields, 21 November 2002, mum00776_b4_a4_34 

Junior Watson, 27 April 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_35 

Carey Bell, 27 April 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_36 

Carey Bell, 27 April 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_37 

Carey Bell, 27 April 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_38 

Bill Perry, July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_39 

Bill Perry, July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_40 

Bill Perry, July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_41 

Little Toby Walker, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_42 

Little Toby Walker, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_43 

Little Toby Walker, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_44 

Alligator Zydeco, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_45 

Alligator Zydeco and unnamed woman, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_46 

Alligator Zydeco, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_47 

Bud DiDonato, mum00776_b4_a4_48 

Diane Greco, mum00776_b4_a4_49 

Dona Oxford, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_50 

Pat Ramsey, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_51 

Lil' Dave Thompson and Big Love, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_52 

Lazy Lester, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_53 

Unnamed group of people, mum00776_b4_a4_54 

Melvin Taylor and the Slack Band, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_55 

Melvin Taylor and the Slack Band, 19 July 2003, mum00776_b4_a4_56 

Better off Dead, mum00776_b4_a4_57 

Better off Dead, mum00776_b4_a4_58 

Downchild Blues Band, mum00776_b4_a4_59 

Downchild Blues Band, mum00776_b4_a4_60 

Howard and the White Boys, mum00776_b4_a4_61 

Howard and the White Boys and unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a4_62 

Howard and the White Boys and unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a4_63 

Howard and the White Boys and unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a4_64 

Howard and the White Boys, mum00776_b4_a4_65 

Dave Ciotti, mum00776_b4_a4_66 

Unnamed person, mum00776_b4_a4_67 

Unnamed group of people, mum00776_b4_a4_68 

Unnamed group of people, mum00776_b4_a4_69 

Unnamed women, mum00776_b4_a4_70 

Unnamed woman, mum00776_b4_a4_71 

Tonemakers, mum00776_b4_a4_72 

Tonemakers, mum00776_b4_a4_73 

Mike Lampe, mum00776_b4_a4_74 

Tonemakers, mum00776_b4_a4_75 

Tonemakers, mum00776_b4_a4_76 

Unnamed men, mum00776_b4_a4_77 

Wanama Lewis Band, mum00776_b4_a4_78 

Wanama Lewis Band, mum00776_b4_a4_79 

Wanama Lewis Band, mum00776_b4_a4_80 

Sonny Rhodes, mum00776_b4_a4_81 

Sonny Rhodes, mum00776_b4_a4_82 

Sonny Rhodes, mum00776_b4_a4_83 

Unnamed woman, mum00776_b4_a4_84 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a4_85 

Sonny Rhodes, mum00776_b4_a4_86 

Ana Popovic, mum00776_b4_a4_87 

Ana Popovic, mum00776_b4_a4_88 

Ana Popovic, mum00776_b4_a4_89 

Michael Hill, mum00776_b4_a4_90 

Michael Hill and Ana Popovic, mum00776_b4_a4_91 

Pete Cummings and Ana Popovic, mum00776_b4_a4_92 

Pete Cummings, mum00776_b4_a4_93 

Bill McClellan, mum00776_b4_a4_94 

Ana Popovic, mum00776_b4_a4_95 

Ana Popovic, mum00776_b4_a4_96 

Unnamed men, mum00776_b4_a4_97 

Album 5 

Michael Hill, mum00776_b4_a5_1 

Michael Hill, mum00776_b4_a5_2 

Pete Cummings and Michael Hill's Blues Mob, mum00776_b4_a5_3 

Michael Hill, mum00776_b4_a5_4 

Ana Popovic, 2003, mum00776_b4_a5_5 

Ana Popovic, 2003, mum00776_b4_a5_6 

Ana Popovic, 2003, mum00776_b4_a5_7 

Michael Hill, 2003, mum00776_b4_a5_8 

Y.C. Yetter, mum00776_b4_a5_9 

Steve Guyger, mum00776_b4_a5_10 

Pat Ramsey, April 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_11 

Joe Zook, 1 January 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_12 

Unnamed man,April 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_13 

Pat Ramsey, April 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_14 

Pat Ramsey, April 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_15 

Studebaker John, mum00776_b4_a5_16 

Studebaker John, mum00776_b4_a5_17 

Studebaker John, mum00776_b4_a5_18 

Felton Crews, April 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_19 

Studebaker John, April 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_20 

Studebaker John, April 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_21 

Studebaker John, April 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_22 

Studebaker John, April 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_23 

Tom Cullen, April 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_24 

Felton Crews, April 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_25 

Bnois King, May 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_26 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, May 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_27 

Bnois King, May 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_28 

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Ralph Power, May 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_29 

Bnois King, May 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_30 

Bnois King, May 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_31 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, May 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_32 

Unnamed man and woman, mum00776_b4_a5_33 

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King, May 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_34 

Bnois King, Phyllis Kubek, and Paul Junkinsat, mum00776_b4_a5_35 

Honeyboy Edwards, May 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_36 

Honeyboy Edwards, May 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_37 

Flamin' Harry, June 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_38 

Alan O'Brien and Flamin' Harry's Band, June 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_39 

Flamin' Harry, June 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_40 

Flamin' Harry, June 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_41 

Deborah Coleman, June 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_42 

Deborah Coleman and Hiromasa Suzuki, June 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_43 

Deborah Coleman, June 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_44 

John Puma, 14 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_45 

John Puma and band member, 14 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_46 

Statue playing the harmonica, mum00776_b4_a5_47 

Richard Ray Farrell, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_48 

Nikki Armstrong, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_49 

Nikki Armstrong, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_50 

Mike "MT Pockets" Torres, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_51 

Mike "MT Pockets" Torres, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_52 

Mike "MT Pockets" Torres, Nikki Armstrong, and Whole Lotta Blues, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_53 

Rob Chaseman, Nikki Armstrong, and Whole Lotta Blues, July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_54 

Nikki Armstrong, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_55 

Rob Chaseman and Nikki Armstrong, mum00776_b4_a5_56 

Daryl Davis, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_57 

Juanita Williams and J Street Jumpers, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_58 

Mem shannon and the Membership and bass player, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_59 

Mem Shannon, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_60 

Little Charlie Baty, Rick Estrin, and Little Charlie and the Nightcats, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_61 

Little Charlie Baty, Rick Estrin, and Little Charlie and the Nightcats, 17 July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_62 

Rick Estrin, mum00776_b4_a5_63 

Rick Estrin, mum00776_b4_a5_64 

Little Charlie Baty, July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_65 

Bud DiDonato, July 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_66 

Riverfront Blues Festival Stage, mum00776_b4_a5_67 

Wallace Coleman, mum00776_b4_a5_68 

Magic Slim, mum00776_b4_a5_69 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a5_70 

Kenny Neal, mum00776_b4_a5_71 

Kenny Neal, mum00776_b4_a5_72 

Kenny Neal, mum00776_b4_a5_73 

Kenny Neal, mum00776_b4_a5_74 

Billy Branch and Kenny Neal, mum00776_b4_a5_75 

Billy Branch, mum00776_b4_a5_76 

Billy Branch and Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson, mum00776_b4_a5_77 

Sonny Rhodes, mum00776_b4_a5_78 

Sonny Rhodes, mum00776_b4_a5_79 

Sonny Rhodes, mum00776_b4_a5_80 

Duke Robillard, mum00776_b4_a5_81 

Blluesman Willie, mum00776_b4_a5_82 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a5_83 

Doug James, mum00776_b4_a5_84 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a5_85 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a5_86 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a5_87 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a5_88 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a5_89 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a5_90 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a5_91 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a5_92 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a5_93 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a5_94 

Bobby Rush, mum00776_b4_a5_95 

Bobby Rush, mum00776_b4_a5_96 

Bobby Rush, mum00776_b4_a5_97 

Richard Ray Farrell, 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_98 

Richard Ray Farrell, 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_99 

Johnny A., August 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_100 

Willy Porter, 22 August 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_101 

Joe Zook, mum00776_b4_a5_102 

James Cheadle and Steve Guyger, October 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_103 

Georgie Bonds, October 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_104 

Doris Spears, mum00776_b4_a5_105 

Joe Zook, October 2004, October 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_106 

Blues band, mum00776_b4_a5_107 

Hellhound Blues, mum00776_b4_a5_108 

Unnamed man and woman, mum00776_b4_a5_109 

Unnamed person, mum00776_b4_a5_110 

Jon Paris, mum00776_b4_a5_111 

Sam Gennaro, mum00776_b4_a5_112 

Amy Madden, mum00776_b4_a5_113 

Unnamed woman, mum00776_b4_a5_114 

Unnamed group of people, mum00776_b4_a5_115 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a5_116 

Jon Paris, mum00776_b4_a5_117 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a5_118 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a5_119 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a5_120 

Lil' Ed, mum00776_b4_a5_121 

Kelly Littleton, mum00776_b4_a5_122 

James "Pookie" Young, mum00776_b4_a5_123 

Unnamed person, mum00776_b4_a5_124 

Roger Girke, 6 November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_125 

Roger Girke, 6 November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_126 

Roger Girke and The Funky Twisters, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_127 

Jimmy Pritchard, mum00776_b4_a5_128 

Jimmy Burns, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_129 

Jimmy Burns, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_130 

Jimmy Burns, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_131 

Lucky Peterson Band, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_132 

Lucky Peterson Band, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_133 

Lucky Peterson Band, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_134 

Lucky Peterson Band, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_135 

Lucky Peterson Band, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_136 

Unnamed band member, mum00776_b4_a5_137 

Unnamed band member, mum00776_b4_a5_138 

Coco Montoya, 2 December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_139 

Coco Montoya, 2 December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_140 

Coco Montoya, 2 December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_141 

Coco Montoya, 2 December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_142 

Scott Holt, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_143 

Scott Holt, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_144 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_145 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_146 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_147 

Bnois King, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_148 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_149 

Bnois King, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_150 

Bnois King, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_151 

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_152 

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King, November 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_153 

Chris Beard, December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_154 

Chris Beard, December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_155 

Chris Beard Band, Chris Beard, December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_156 

Chris Beard, December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_157 

Chris Beard, December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_158 

The Buicks, December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_159 

The Buicks, December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_160 

The Buicks, December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_161 

Unnamed women, December 2004, mum00776_b4_a5_162 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, mum00776_b4_a5_163 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, mum00776_b4_a5_164 

Bnois King, mum00776_b4_a5_165 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, mum00776_b4_a5_166 

Bnois King, mum00776_b4_a5_167 

Bnois King, mum00776_b4_a5_168 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, mum00776_b4_a5_169 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a5_170 

Steve Guyger, mum00776_b4_a5_171 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a5_172 

Howard Deere, February 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_173 

Guitar Shorty, February 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_174 

Mikey Junior, February 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_175 

Guitar Shorty Band, February 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_176 

Mikey Junior, February 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_177 

Mikey Junior, February 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_178 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a5_179 

Steve Gomes, 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_180 

Al Snyder, mum00776_b4_a5_181 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a5_182 

Steve Gomes, mum00776_b4_a5_183 

Richard Ray Farrell. mum00776_b4_a5_184 

Richard Ray Farrell and Mikey Junior, 17 June 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_185 

Gary Philips, June 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_186 

Steve Guyger, June 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_187 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a5_188 

Ed Wall, mum00776_b4_a5_189 

Marco Pandolfi, June 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_190 

Steve Guyger and Marco Pandolfi, June 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_191 

Steve Guyger and Marco Pandolfi, June 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_192 

Steve Guyger, June 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_193 

Marco Pandolfi, June 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_194 

Marco Pandolfi, June 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_195 

Steve Guyger and Marco Pandolfi, June 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_196 

Billy Ray Hatley and The Showdogs, July 2005, mum00776_b4_a5_197 

Album 6 

Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a6_1 

Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a6_2 

Roger Girgke and Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a6_3 

Roger Girke, mum00776_b4_a6_4 

Roger Girke, mum00776_b4_a6_5 

Roger Girke, mum00776_b4_a6_6 

John Primer, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_7 

Dan Beaver, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_8 

Dan Beaver, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_9 

John Primer, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_10 

John Primer, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_11 

John Primer, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_12 

Joe Zook, 30 June 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_13 

Joe Zook, 30 June 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_14 

Joe Zook, 30 June 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_15 

Billy Holt, 30 June 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_16 

Billy Holt, 30 June 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_17 

Joe Zook, 30 June 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_18 

Doris Spears, 30 June 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_19 

Tony Buford, 30 June 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_20 

Doris Spears, 30 June 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_21 

Doris Spears, 30 June 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_22 

Richard Ray Farrell, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_23 

Steve Gomes, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_24 

Al Snyder, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_25 

Bryan Lee, July 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_26 

Sister Blue, July 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_27 

Jason Ricci, July 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_28 

Jason Ricci, July 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_29 

Jason Ricci, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_30 

Jason Ricci, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_31 

Chris Beard, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_32 

Chris Beard, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_33 

Chris Beard, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_34 

Chris Beard, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_35 

Roy Carrier and The Night Rockers, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_36 

The Night Rockers, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_37 

The Night Rockers, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_38 

Big Albert and Mikey Junior, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_39 

Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_40 

The Milwaukeeans, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_41 

Guitar Shorty, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_42 

Howard Deere, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_43 

Guitar Shorty, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_44 

Unnamed group of people, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_45 

Ana Popovic, 7 August 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_46 

Ana Popovic, 7 August 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_47 

Ana Popovic, 7 August 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_48 

Fabrice Ach and Ana Popovic, 7 August 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_49 

Fabrice Ach and Ana Popovic, 7 August 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_50 

Dave Orban, mum00776_b4_a6_51 

Dave Orban, mum00776_b4_a6_52 

Jim Quinlan, mum00776_b4_a6_53 

Unnamed women, mum00776_b4_a6_54 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a6_55 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a6_56 

Adam Stranberg, mum00776_b4_a6_57 

Steve Gomes, mum00776_b4_a6_58 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a6_59 

Bill Heit, mum00776_b4_a6_60 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a6_61 

Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a6_62 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a6_63 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a6_64 

Richard Ray Farrell and Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a6_65 

Richard Ray Farrell and Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a6_66 

Mikey Junior, 2005. mum00776_b4_a6_67 

Ron Ungarini, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_68 

Joe Zook, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_69 

Tony Buford, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_70 

Angelo DiBraccio, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_71 

Billy Holt, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_72 

Doris Spears and Joe Zook's Band, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_73 

Richard Ray Farrell, December 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_74 

Larry Ghiorsi, December 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_75 

Unnamed group of people, December 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_76 

Richard Ray Farrell, December 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_77 

Catherine Farrell, December 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_78 

J.B. "Jeff" Kline, December 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_79 

Steve Guyger, Paul Plumeri, and Joe Zook, December 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_80 

Joe Zook, December 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_81 

Steve Guyger, December 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_82 

Paul Plumeri, December 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_83 

Dave Orban, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_84 

Georgie Bonds and Dave Orban, 2005, mum00776_b4_a6_85 

Album 7 

Advertisement and guitar pick for Joe Borghi benefit, mum00776_b4_a7_1 

Painting of Joe Borghi, mum00776_b4_a7_2 

Richard Ray Farrell, January 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_3 

Steve Guyger and Richard Ray Farrell, January 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_4 

Steve Guyger and Richard Ray Farrell, January 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_5 

Richard Ray Farrell, January 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_6 

Richard Ray Farrell, January 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_7 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a7_8 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a7_9 

John Betz, mum00776_b4_a7_10 

Rick Allen and the Upsetters, mum00776_b4_a7_11 

John Kuzma, mum00776_b4_a7_12 

Earth Daddy, mum00776_b4_a7_13 

Unnamed group of people, mum00776_b4_a7_14 

Gypsy Joe, mum00776_b4_a7_15 

Gypsy Joe, mum00776_b4_a7_16 

Hellbound Blues, mum00776_b4_a7_17 

Hellbound Blues, mum00776_b4_a7_18 

Jim Messina and Blues on Fire, mum00776_b4_a7_19 

Unnamed person, mum00776_b4_a7_20 

Members of Barfly, mum00776_b4_a7_21 

Flamin' Harry, mum00776_b4_a7_22 

Flamin' Harry, mum00776_b4_a7_23 

Flamin' Harry, mum00776_b4_a7_24 

Mary Butler, mum00776_b4_a7_25 

Danny DeGennaro, mum00776_b4_a7_26 

Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a7_27 

Big Albert, mum00776_b4_a7_28 

Big Albert and Jimmy Pritchard, mum00776_b4_a7_29 

Adam Stranberg, mum00776_b4_a7_30 

Big Albert, mum00776_b4_a7_31 

Big Albert, mum00776_b4_a7_32 

Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a7_33 

Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a7_34 

Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a7_35 

Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a7_36 

The Buicks, mum00776_b4_a7_37 

The Buicks, mum00776_b4_a7_38 

Mike Reining, mum00776_b4_a7_39 

Jay Laboy, mum00776_b4_a7_40 

Guy Stasik, mum00776_b4_a7_41 

Ron Bogdon, mum00776_b4_a7_42 

Larry Spurrier, mum00776_b4_a7_43 

The Buicks, mum00776_b4_a7_44 

The Buicks, mum00776_b4_a7_45 

Tommy "T", mum00776_b4_a7_46 

Tommy "T", mum00776_b4_a7_47 

Tommy "T", mum00776_b4_a7_48 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a7_49 

Larry Ghiorsi and Joe Truglio, mum00776_b4_a7_50 

Joe Truglio, mum00776_b4_a7_51 

Richard Ray Farrell and Joe Hayborn, January 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_52 

Richard Ray Farrell and Joe Hayborn, January 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_53 

Richard Ray Farrell and Joe Truglio, January 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_54 

Richard Ray Farrell and Joe Truglio, January 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_55 

Richard Ray Farrell and Larry Ghiorsi, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_56 

Richard Ray Farrell and Larry Ghiorsi, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_57 

Richard Ray Farrell, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_58 

Larry Ghiorsi, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_59 

Steve Guyger, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_60 

Steve Guyger, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_61 

Ernie White, mum00776_b4_a7_62 

Ernie White, mum00776_b4_a7_63 

Gary Cogdell and the Complainers, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_64 

Gary Cogdell and the Complainers, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_65 

The Complainers, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_66 

The Complainers, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_67 

Albert Cummings, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_68 

Albert Cummings, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_69 

Albert Cummings, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_70 

Guitar Shorty, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_71 

Guitar Shorty, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_72 

Guitar Shorty, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_73 

Guitar Shorty, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_74 

Guitar Shorty, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_75 

Howard Deere, 4 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_76 

Paul Plumeri, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_77 

Joe D'Angelo, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_78 

Bill Hyatt, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_79 

Paul Plumeri, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_80 

Paul Plumeri, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_81 

Bill Hyatt, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_82 

Paul Plumeri, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_83 

Paul Plumeri, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_84 

Joe D'Angelo, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_85 

Joe D'Angelo, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_86 

Bill Hyatt, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_87 

Paul Plumeri, 2006, mum00776_b4_a7_88 

John Kraws and Judy Kraws, mum00776_b4_a7_89 

Album 8 

Automatic Slim, Rude dog, and Waverly Milor, mum00776_b4_a8_1 

Rude Dog and Waverly Milor, mum00776_b4_a8_2 

Automatic Slim, mum00776_b4_a8_3 

Barry "B-Funk" Turner, mum00776_b4_a8_4 

Barry "B-Funk" Turner, mum00776_b4_a8_5 

Red Adkins, mum00776_b4_a8_6 

Red Adkins, mum00776_b4_a8_7 

Rude Dog, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_8 

Linwood Taylor, mum00776_b4_a8_9 

Larry Dennis, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_10 

Larry Dennis, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_11 

Mark Wenner, mum00776_b4_a8_12 

Mark Wenner, mum00776_b4_a8_13 

Richard Ray Farrell and Mark Wenner, mum00776_b4_a8_14 

Paul Bell, mum00776_b4_a8_15 

Johnny Castle, mum00776_b4_a8_16 

Johnny Castle and Mark Wenner, mum00776_b4_a8_17 

Mark Wenner, mum00776_b4_a8_18 

Pete Ragusa, mum00776_b4_a8_19 

Paul Bell and Mark Wenner, mum00776_b4_a8_20 

Steve Guyger and Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_21 

Steve Guyger and Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_22 

Steve Guyger and Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_23 

Steve Guyger and Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_24 

Steve Guyger and Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_25 

Steve Guyger and Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_26 

Steve Guyger and Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_27 

Steve Guyger and Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_28 

Steve Guyger, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_29 

Steve Guyger, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_30 

Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_31 

Steve Guyger, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_32 

Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_33 

Steve Guyger, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_34 

Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_35 

Steve Guyger, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_36 

Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_37 

Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_38 

Richard Ray Farrell, April 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_39 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a8_40 

Richard Ray Farrell, May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_41 

Larry Ghiorsi, mum00776_b4_a8_42 

Joe Zook, 13 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_43 

Joe Zook, 13 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_44 

Joe Zook, 13 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_45 

Steve Guyger, 12 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_46 

Steve Guyger, 12 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_47 

Dorothy Cardlin and Dave Ciotti, May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_48 

Steve Guyger, May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_49 

Jeremy Girard and Mike Girard Jr., May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_50 

Dorothy Cardlin and Lou, mum00776_b4_a8_51 

Unnamed woman, mum00776_b4_a8_52 

Advertisement for Bucks County Blues Society, 7 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_53 

Little Charlie Baty, 7 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_54 

Little Charlie Baty, 7 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_55 

Little Charlie Baty, 7 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_56 

Rick Estrin, May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_57 

Jason Ricci, May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_58 

Paul Plumeri, May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_59 

Paul Plumeri, May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_60 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a8_61 

Paul Plumeri, May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_62 

Paul Plumeri, May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_63 

Joe D'Angelo, mum00776_b4_a8_64 

Paul Plumeri, mum00776_b4_a8_65 

Joe Zook, mum00776_b4_a8_66 

Joe Zook, May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_67 

Billy Holt, mum00776_b4_a8_68 

Billy Holt, mum00776_b4_a8_69 

Ernie White, May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_70 

Tom Reock, mum00776_b4_a8_71 

John Bushnell, mum00776_b4_a8_72 

John Bushnell, mum00776_b4_a8_73 

Ernie White and Joe Zook, 19 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_74 

Paul Plumeri and Joe Zook, 19 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_75 

Paul Plumeri and Joe Zook, 19 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_76 

Paul Plumeri and Joe Zook, 19 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_77 

John Bushnell, mum00776_b4_a8_78 

John Bushnell and Ernie White, mum00776_b4_a8_79 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_80 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_81 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_82 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_83 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_84 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_85 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_86 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_87 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_88 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_89 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_90 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_91 

Ana Popovic, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_92 

Ana Popovic and drummer, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_93 

Ana Popovic and drummer, 21 May 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_94 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a8_95 

Advertisement for Sue Foley, 23 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_96 

Sue Foley, 23 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_97 

Sue Foley, 26 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a8_98 

Album 9 

Skyla Burrell, 15 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_1 

Mark Tomlinson, 15 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_2 

Lil' Ronnie and the Grand Dukes, 15 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_3 

Lil' Ronnie and Bobby "Love" Fromm, 15 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_4 

Richard Ray Farrell and Lil' Ronnie, 15 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_5 

Michael Powers, 15 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_6 

Michael Powers, July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_7 

"King Arthur" Canady, July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_8 

Bryan Lee, July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_9 

Bryan Lee, July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_10 

Chubby Carrier, July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_11 

Chubby Carrier, July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_12 

Unnamed woman, 15 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_13 

Big James Montgomery, 15 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_14 

Big James Montgomery, 15 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_15 

Bob Stroger, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_16 

Billy Flynn, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_17 

Unnamed band members, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_18 

Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_19 

Pat Brown and Mel Waiters, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_20 

Mel Waiters, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_21 

Jimmy Dawkins, 27 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_22 

Little Freddie King, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_23 

Joe Louis Walker, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_24 

Unnamed man, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_25 

Ruth Foster, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_26 

Diunna Greenleaf, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_27 

James Cotton and Mojo Buford, 27 July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_28 

James Cotton and Mojo Buford, July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_29 

Hubert Sumlin, July 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_30 

Hubert Sumlin, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_31 

Aerial view of the stage, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_32 

Michael Powers, mum00776_b4_a9_33 

Michael Powers, mum00776_b4_a9_34 

Drummer for Michael Powers, mum00776_b4_a9_35 

Unnamed band member, mum00776_b4_a9_36 

Phil Guy, mum00776_b4_a9_37 

Phil Guy, mum00776_b4_a9_38 

Unnamed band member, mum00776_b4_a9_39 

Unnamed band member, mum00776_b4_a9_40 

Phil Guy, mum00776_b4_a9_41 

Unnamed band members, mum00776_b4_a9_42 

Tomato Can, mum00776_b4_a9_43 

Tomato Can, mum00776_b4_a9_44 

Johnny Duke, mum00776_b4_a9_45 

Johnny Duke and the Aces, mum00776_b4_a9_46 

Joe Louis Walker, mum00776_b4_a9_47 

Unnamed band member, mum00776_b4_a9_48 

Joe Louis Walker, mum00776_b4_a9_49 

Joe Louis Walker, mum00776_b4_a9_50 

Joe Louis Walker, mum00776_b4_a9_51 

Joe Louis Walker, mum00776_b4_a9_52 

Linwood Taylor, mum00776_b4_a9_53 

Linwood Taylor, mum00776_b4_a9_54 

Rod Piazza, mum00776_b4_a9_55 

Rod Piazza, mum00776_b4_a9_56 

Rod Piazza, mum00776_b4_a9_57 

Rod Piazza, mum00776_b4_a9_58 

Johnny Winter, mum00776_b4_a9_59 

Johnny Winter, mum00776_b4_a9_60 

Johnny Winter, mum00776_b4_a9_61 

Irving St. Blues Band, mum00776_b4_a9_62 

Irving St. Blues Band, mum00776_b4_a9_63 

Big Albert, Steve Guyger, and Richard Ray Farrell, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_64 

Richard Ray Farrell and drummer, 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_65 

Guitar Shorty, 3 March 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_66 

Ken Robinson, 18 August 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_67 

"Filty Rich" MacPherson, 18 August 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_68 

Smokin' Joe Kubek, 27 October 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_69 

Bnois King, 27 October 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_70 

Derek Trucks, 25 October 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_71 

Studebaker John, 19 October 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_72 

Ken Robinson, 2 November 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_73 

Ken Robinson, 2 November 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_74 

Steve Guyger and Gary Phillips, 2 November 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_75 

Steve Guyger and Gary Phillips, 2 November 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_76 

Unnamed group of people, 1 December 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_77 

Richard Ray Farrell, 1 December 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_78 

Steve Guyger, 28 December 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_79 

Steve Guyger, 1 December 2006, mum00776_b4_a9_80 

Scott Brudahl and Kathy Brudahl, 20 April 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_81 

Skyla Burrell and Mark Tomlinson, 20 April 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_82 

Lil' Ed, 20 April 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_83 

Dave Holtzman, 30 May 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_84 

Ken Robinson, 30 May 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_85 

Mem Shannon, 24 May 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_86 

Little Charlie Baty, October 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_87 

Little Charlie adn the Nightcats and Drummer, October 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_88 

Rick Estrin, October 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_89 

Joe Zook, October 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_90 

Billy Holt, October 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_91 

Valori Steel, November 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_92 

Valori Steel, November 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_93 

Don Butler, November 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_94 

Joe Becton, November 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_95 

Guy Stasik and the Buicks, December 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_96 

Tommy Trovas and the Buicks, December 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_97 

Mike Reining and the Buicks, December 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_98 

Guy Stasik and the Buicks, December 2007, mum00776_b4_a9_99 

Album 10 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a10_1 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a10_2 

Dave Orban, mum00776_b4_a10_3 

Dave Orban, mum00776_b4_a10_4 

James Harman, mum00776_b4_a10_5 

Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a10_6 

James Fast, mum00776_b4_a10_7 

James Day, mum00776_b4_a10_8 

Steve Guyger and James Harman, mum00776_b4_a10_9 

Dave Orban, mum00776_b4_a10_10 

Tom Cullen, mum00776_b4_a10_11 

Johnny Neal, mum00776_b4_a10_12 

Larry Garner, mum00776_b4_a10_13 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a10_14 

Larru Garmer. mum00776_b4_a10_15 

Deb Callahan, mum00776_b4_a10_16 

Blue Cat Blues Band, mum00776_b4_a10_17 

Big Time Sarah, mum00776_b4_a10_18 

Big Time Sarah, mum00776_b4_a10_19 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a10_20 

Wayne Baker Brooks, mum00776_b4_a10_21 

Wayne Baker Brooks, mum00776_b4_a10_22 

Johnny Duke, mum00776_b4_a10_23 

Dave Orban, mum00776_b4_a10_24 

James Day, mum00776_b4_a10_25 

James Harman, mum00776_b4_a10_26 

Gary Allegretto, mum00776_b4_a10_27 

Roger Girke, mum00776_b4_a10_28 

Duwayne Burnside, mum00776_b4_a10_29 

Duwayne Burnside, mum00776_b4_a10_30 

Duwayne Burnside, mum00776_b4_a10_31 

Tommy Castro, mum00776_b4_a10_32 

Ticket to 25th Annual R&B picnic, 21 July 2007, mum00776_b4_a10_33 

Richard Ray Farrell, 21 July 2007, mum00776_b4_a10_34 

Steve Guyger, 21 July 2007, mum00776_b4_a10_35 

Melanie Mason, 21 July 2007, mum00776_b4_a10_36 

Melanie Mason, 21 July 2007, mum00776_b4_a10_37 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a10_38 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a10_39 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a10_40 

Alvin Jett, mum00776_b4_a10_41 

Alvin Jett, mum00776_b4_a10_42 

Alvin Jett, mum00776_b4_a10_43 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a10_44 

Alvin Jett, mum00776_b4_a10_45 

Alvin Jett, mum00776_b4_a10_46 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a10_47 

Billy Price, mum00776_b4_a10_48 

Billy Price, mum00776_b4_a10_49 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a10_50 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a10_51 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a10_52 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a10_53 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a10_54 

Walter Trout, mum00776_b4_a10_55 

Joe Borghi and the Buicks, mum00776_b4_a10_56 

Tommy Trovas and the Buicks, mum00776_b4_a10_57 

Guy Stasik and the Buicks, mum00776_b4_a10_58 

Valori Steel, mum00776_b4_a10_59 

Howard and the White Boys, mum00776_b4_a10_60 

Richard Ray Farrell, Jimmy Pritchard, and Adam Stranburg, mum00776_b4_a10_61 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a10_62 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a10_63 

Mad Dog, mum00776_b4_a10_64 

Joe Zook, mum00776_b4_a10_65 

Angelo DiBraccio, mum00776_b4_a10_66 

Steve Guyger, mum00776_b4_a10_67 

Steve Guyger, mum00776_b4_a10_68 

Mikey Junior, mum00776_b4_a10_69 

Big Albert, mum00776_b4_a10_70 

Gina Sicilia, mum00776_b4_a10_71 

Studebaker John, mum00776_b4_a10_72 

Studebaker John, mum00776_b4_a10_73 

Unnamed man, mum00776_b4_a10_74 

Eddie Clearwater, mum00776_b4_a10_75 

Richard Ray Farrell, mum00776_b4_a10_76 

Box 5 

Folder 1 

Gaye Adegbalola and Roddy Barnes publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_1 

Gaye Adegbalola publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_2 

Scott Anderson publicitiy photo, mum00776_b5_f1_3 

"Baby" Jason and the Spankers publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_4 

Lucy Bonilla publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_5 

Blues Night Out publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_6 

Steve Bassett publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_7 

Texas Johnny Brown and the Quality Blues Band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_8 

Blues Express publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_9 

Roosevelt Dean publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_10 

Big Dave and the Ultrasonics publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_11 

Chico Banks publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_12 

The Bone Shakers publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_13 

The Buicks publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_14 

Michael Burks publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_15 

Vince Converse publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_16 

Crossharp Sharp's Blues Review publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_17 

Crossharp Sharp's Blues Review publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_18 

Rick Estrin and the Nightcats publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_19 

The Gales Brothers publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_20 

Tino Gonzales publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_21 

Dennis Gruenling and Jump Time publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_22 

Guitar Shorty publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_23 

Shemekia Copeland publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_24 

Shemekia Copeland publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_25 

Jimmy Dillon publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_26 

Joy Goodnow publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_27 

Gotham City Swing publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_28 

Gina Fox publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_29 

Choirboys publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_30 

Sandy Carroll publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_31 

David Coppa publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_32 

Carissia and Company publicity photo,mum00776_b5_f1_33 

Ted Cash publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_34 

Elliot and the Untouchables publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_35 

Paul deLay Band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_36 

Mike Dugan and the Survival Band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_37 

Detroit Women publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_38 

Eric Culberson publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_39 

The Elmer Lee Thomas Blues Revue publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_40 

The Christoper Dean Band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_41 

Spencer Bohren publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_42 

Sonny Jr. and Code Blue publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_43 

Vince Converse publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_44 

Cadillac Moon publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_45 

Dick Curless publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_46 

[Da] Bluez publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_47 

Detroit Women publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_48 

Gravy publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_49 

Burton Gaar publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f1_50 

Folder 2 

Herd of Blues publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_1 

Harmonious Wall publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_2 

Hurry Down Sunshine publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_3 

Inner City Blues Band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_4 

The Hoax publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_5 

Michael "Hawkeye" Herman publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_6 

Juliet publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_7 

Juliet publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_8 

The Jelly Rollers publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_9 

Don Golfen's Jump Time ft. James Ford publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_10 

Ron Hacker and the Hacksaws publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_11 

Corey Harris publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_12 

Corey Harris and Henry Butler publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_13 

Ernie Hawkins publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_14 

Shane Henry publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_15 

Michael "Hawkeye" Herman publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_16 

Michael Hill's Blues Mob publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_17 

Michael Hill's Blues Mob publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_18 

Michael Hill's Blues Mob publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_19 

Catfish Hodge Band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_20 

Michael Holloway publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_21 

The Holmes Brothers publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_22 

John Lee Hooker publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_23 

Eric Hughes Band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_24 

Long John Hunter publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_25 

Lone Star Shootout publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_26 

Long John Hunter publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_27 

The Jelly Rollers publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_28 

Jimmy Johnson publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_29 

Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_30 

The Juke Jumpers publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_31 

Keb' Mo' publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_32 

Keb' Mo' publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_33 

B.B. King publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_34 

Chris Thomas King publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_35 

The Kinsey Report publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_36 

Billy Hector publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_37 

David Hole publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_38 

David Hole publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_39 

The Hounds publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_40 

King God and the Blues Sharks publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_41 

Catfish Keith publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_42 

The Dave Keller Blues Band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_43 

KC Blues Band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f2_44 

Folder 3 

The Moonlighters publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_1 

Memphis Sheiks publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_2 

Memphis Gold publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_3 

Mystery Train publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_4 

Jas Mathus publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_5 

Little Joe Blue publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_6 

Harvey Mitchell Blues Band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_7 

Paul Mark and the Van Dorens publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_8 

Ace Moreland publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_9 

Elam McKnight and Keith Carter publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_10 

Zola Moon publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_11 

The Midnight Creepers publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_12 

Butch Mudbone publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_13 

Muleman publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_14 

Sammy Mayfield publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_15 

Dave MacKenzie publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_16 

Mary Lou and the Untouchables publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_17 

Eric Lindell publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_18 

Lenny and the Soulsenders publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_19 

Little Sister and the Bad Intentions publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_20 

Son Lewis publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_21 

Son Lewis publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_22 

Lenny G publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_23 

Toby Lightman publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_24 

The Loved Ones publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_25 

Karen Lawrence of Blue by Nature publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_26 

The Low Road publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_27 

Nate Myers publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_28 

Kitty Mayo publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_29 

Butch Mudbone publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_30 

Butch Mudbone publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_31 

Kim Lembo publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_32 

Sleepy Labeef publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_33 

Sleepy Labeef in "The Exotic Ones" publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_34 

Tough Luck ft. Lips Lackowitz publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_35 

Sam Lay publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_36 

Lil Joe Blue publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_37 

Li'l Ronnie and the Grand Dukes publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_38 

Li'l Ronnie and the Grand Dukes publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_39 

Little Toby Walker and The Rocket publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_40 

Big Joe Maher publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_41 

Marla BB publicity photo,mum00776_b5_f3_42 

Marla BB publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_43 

Mississippi Heat publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_44 

Mike Morgan and The Crawl publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_45 

Mike Morgan and The Crawl publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_46 

Matt Guitar Murphy publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_47 

Charlie Musselwhite publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_48 

Mr. Blue publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f3_49 

Folder 4 

Matt O'Ree and the Blues Hounds publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_1 

Josh Smith and the Rhino Cats publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_2 

Dave Steffen publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_3 

Rick Serfas and the Soul Providers ft. Jesse Yawn publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_4 

Slo Leak publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_5 

Christine Santelli publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_6 

Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_7 

Storyville publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_8 

Ernie Williams and the Wildcats publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_9 

Ratso publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_10 

Dave Pike publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_11 

Duke Tumatoe publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_12 

Duke Tumatoe and the Power Trio publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_13 

Rhett Tyler publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_14 

Taxi Chain publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_15 

Toni Lynn Washington publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_16 

Hans Olson publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_17 

Kelly Joe Phelps publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_18 

Benjie Porecki publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_19 

The Road Rockets publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_20 

Storyville publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_21 

Martin Simpson publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_22 

Les Sampou publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_23 

Josh Smith publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_24 

Storyville publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_25 

James Solberg publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_26 

Dave Steffan Band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_27 

The Shadows publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_28 

Shawn Pittman publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_29 

Celinda Pink publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_30 

John Penny publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_31 

Michael Roach publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_32 

Roomful of Blues publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_33 

Calvin Owens publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_34 

Tim Ryan publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_35 

Terrell publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_36 

Terrell publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_37 

Chris Vincent publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_38 

The Paladins publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_39 

James Peterson publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_40 

Queen Sylvia Embry publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_41 

Ann Rabson publicity photo,mum00776_b5_f4_42 

Bonnie Raitt and John Lee Hooker publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_43 

Kid Ramos publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_44 

Pat Ramsey and the Blues Disciples publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_45 

Paul Reddick and The Sidemen publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_46 

Jason Ricci and New Blood publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_47 

Jimmy Rip publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_48 

Duke Robillard publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_49 

Duke Robillard and the Pleasure Kings publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_50 

Curtis Salgado publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_51 

William Hart Strecker publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_52 

Sugar Ray and the Blue Tones publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_53 

Koko Taylor publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_54 

Otis Taylor publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_55 

The Uptown Rhythm Kings publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_56 

The Uptown Rhythm Kings publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_57 

Joe Louis Walker publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_58 

Joe Louis Walker publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_59 

Johnny Winter publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_60 

The Young Werewolves publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f4_61 

Folder 5 

Unnamed blues band publicity photo, mum00776_b5_f5_1 

Box 6 

Folder 1: Bucks County Blues Society Newsletters 

Scope and Content

1992-1997, 1999-2017

Folder 2: Ticket Stubs 

Halloween R&B Spectacular, 29 October 1994 

Halloween R&B Spectacular, 23 October 1993 

Half of ticket, 7 May 2006 

19th Annual Halloween R&B Spectacular, 26 October 1996 

Hymn for Her/April Mae & the June Bugs, 12 June 2015 

Folder 3: Postcards/Flyers 

AJ's Sports Bar/Nite Club, 2002-2008 

Bucks County Blues Society, 1994-2016 

McStew's Irish Sports Bar, 2008-2010 

Diamond State Blues Society 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006 

Fundraiser for "Big Mike" Morales, 2011 

Splatter Concerts at the Ukranian American Cultural Center, 2009 

Bluesnite Presents: Chris Cain 

Maggie's Place Restaurant and Bar, January-April 2005 

Folder 4: Festival Flyers & Programs 

Pennsylvania Blues Festival 

Riverfront Blues Festival, 2004, 2006-2008, 2010-2014 

Pocono Mountain Blues Festival, 1992, 1995, 1997-1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007 

Jack's Mountain Blues Festival, 2014 

The River Roots Music and Art Festival, 2016 

Third Annual Delaware River Bluesfest Pamphlet, 2009 

Third Annual Delaware River Bluesfest, 2009 

East Meets West Festival, 2009 

Mardi Gras Hurricane Relief Jam, 2005 

4th Annual Musconetcong Blues Festival, 2002 

1st Annual Spring Mountain Blues Festival, 2001 

Big Boulder National Music Festivals, 2001 

Kenny's Blues Festival, 2014 

Roadhouse Blues Festival, 2017 

Delaware River Bluesfest 

Hidden River Blues Festival, 2015 

Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise, 2003 

6th Annual Phoenixville Blues Festival, 2015 

Stockton Blues Festival lineup, 2008 

The Original Blues Festival Guide, 2004 

21st Annual Alonzo's Memorial Picnic, 2017 

Folder 5: Misc. Flyers, Catalogs, Advertisements 

Bucks County Blues Society 16th Annual R&B Picnic 1998 Schedule Mock Up 

Bucks County Blues Society 16th Annual R&B Picnic 1998 Program (?) 

Advertisement for Mike Morgan & The Crawl 

Advertisement for Long John Hunter 

Musichead 'Zine February, 2001 

Rounder Records Group Mail Order Catalog, Issue No. 6 

The Blues Audience, August 1998, Issue No. 82 

Evidence Music Mail Order Catalog, 1999 

Evidence Music Mail Order Catalog 

Blues Net, July-September 2001, Issue No. 56 

Blues at the Foundation, Winter 2002 

Promotional Excerpt from The Blues: A Musicial Journey companion book 

Blues Net, April-June 2001, Issue No. 55 

Program from The Marshall Tucker Band, Searchin' for a Rainbow, May 2010 

Blues Connection, December 1995, Vol. 3, Issue No. 2 

Blues Connection, June 1997, Vol. 4, Issue No. 8 

Blues Connection, November 1995, Vol. 3, Issue No. 1 

Philadelphia Blues Machine, Summer 1995 

Philadelphia Blues Machine, Fall 1996 

Philadelphia Blues Machine, Spring 1992 

Blind Pig Records Catalog, 2004 

Mikey Jr. Live Show, Puck Live 

Kelsey Theater 2013-2014 Season Guide 

Mikey Jr. Winter/Spring Schedule, 2011 

The Philadelphia Blues Machine Subscription Ad 

Scoville Blues Band Advertisement, 2010 

The Blue Cat Blues Band 

Dennis Gruenling 

Guitarbeque, 2004 

Trenton Museum Society, 2004 

Delmark Records order form 

Living Blues Ad for Satan and Adam, 1992 

Outta Sights & Sounds Ad for Don Henry and Satan and Adam 

Monmouth County Library Lecture Series: On the Life and Times of Duke Ellington, 1995 

Alligator Records Folder Containing Coco Montoya Ad 

Trenton Museum Society, Doris Spears, 2005 

Trenton City Museum, Joe Zook and Paul Plumeri, 2005 

Bucks County Community College Danny DeGennaro Award, 2015 

Blues Women 

U.S. Map of the Blues and R&B 

List of Howlin' Wolf songs from a catalog(?) 

"Greatful Dead Experiences & Stories" Flyer 

Folder 7: Emails/Correspondence 

From Paul Schopp, August 2004 

From Mike Mashon, September 1996 

Folder 6: Photographs 

Matt O'Ree & The Blues Hounds 

Mississippi Heat 

Memphis Sheiks 

Folders 8: Articles & Clippings 

Interview with Mark Naftalin, 1995 

"Guitar Shorty Goes Wild", 2001 

"Landmarks of Chicago Blues and Gospel", 1995 

"Music from the Streets", 1992 

"Blind Boy Fuller: East coast Piedmont Style", 1994 

Skyland Blues News, Winter 1997 

"For guitarist Joe Zook . . .", 2014 

Law & Order Briefs, 2012 

"Go Digital", 2007 

Obituary for James Thompson Bell, 2014 

"The Turntables that Transform Vinyl" 

"Flame rekindled at Candle Light in Trenton", 2006 

"A day of hot blues", 1992 

Folder 9: Gary Saretzy: A Retrospective 

Exhibit Catalog for Rider University Art Gallery