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Finding Aid for the William Morris 78s (MUM00674)

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The William Morris 78s are open for research. Some items may be restricted at the curator's discretion dependant upon condition.

Finding Aid for the William Morris 78s

Descriptive Summary

Title: William Morris 78s
Collector: Morris, William
Physical Extent: 7 boxes (2.9 linear feet)
Repository: University of Mississippi. Department of Archives and Special Collections. University, MS 38677, USA
Identification: MUM00674
Abstract: Blues 78s collected by William Morris

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Collection donated by William Morris.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Greg Johnson, Jonathan Whitmire and Cody Hall, October 2009. Finding aid encoded by Jason Kovari, 15 October 2009.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Subject Terms

Blues (Music)
Songs, English -- United States -- 20th century


78 rpm records

User Information

Prefered Citation

William Morris 78s, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

Access Restrictions

The William Morris 78s are open for research. Some items may be restricted at the curator's discretion dependant upon condition.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user may be liable for copyright infringement.


This collection is arranged alphabetically by artist.

Container List

Folder 1.1 Acuff, Roy (Columbia 20550) Side A: Were You there When They Crucified My Lord ; Side B: Pale Horse and His Rider, The
Folder 1.2 American Quartet (Victor 18224) Side A: If You Ever Get Lonely ; Side B: What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For
Folder 1.3 Arnot, Felix (Victor 18284) Side A: Valse Bleue ; Side B: Marionette
Folder 1.4 Ash, Sam (Okey 4215) Side A: Old Pal Why Don't You Answer Me? ; Side B: I'm in Heaven When I'm in my Mother's Arms
Folder 1.5 Asher, Mrs. William (Victor 17989) Side A: Somebody Cares ; Side B: Nobody Like Jesus
Folder 1.6 Baker, Phil (Emerson 1086) Side A: St. Swithin Blues ; Side B: Just for Today
Folder 1.7 Barnett, Charlie (Bluebird 10453) Side A: Duke's Idea, The ; Side B: Count's Idea, The
Folder 1.8 Barron, Blue (MGM 10346) Side A: Cruising Down the River ; Side B: Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!)
Folder 1.9 Bayes, Nora (Victor 45100) Side A: For Dixie and Uncle Sam ; Side B: Homesickness Blues
Folder 1.10 Bayes, Nora (Columbia 3742) Side A: You Need Someone, Someone Needs You ; Side B: Mammy's Carbon Copy
Folder 1.11 Beaman, Lottie (Paramount 12235) Side A: Regular Man Blues ; Side B: Mama Can't Lose
Folder 1.12 Bennett, Tony (Columbia 39555) Side A: Blue Velvet ; Side B: Solitaire
Folder 1.13 Bernie, Ben (Vocalion 15036) Side A: Isn't She the Sweetest Thing ; Side B: Are You Sorry- Fox Trot
Folder 1.14 Biese, Paul (Columbia 2864) Side A: Just Like the Rose ; Side B: When You're Alone
Folder 1.15 Bigeou, Esther (Okeh 8056) Side A: Gulf Coast Blues, The ; Side B: Outside of That, He's All Right With Me
Folder 1.16 Bigeou, Esther (Okeh 8025) Side A: Stingaree Blues ; Side B: If That's What You Want Here It Is
Folder 1.17 Bigeou, Esther (Okeh 8026) Side A: Memphis Blues, The ; Side B: St. Louis Blues, The
Folder 1.18 Bigeou, Esther (Okeh 8057) Side A: Beale Street Mama ; Side B: I'm Through With You
Folder 1.19 Black Swan Orchestra (Black Swan 2004) Side A: My Mammy ; Side B: Bright Eyes
Folder 1.20 Blue Diamond Dance Orchestra (Okeh 4531) Side A: Ty-Tee ; Side B: Say Persianna Say
Folder 1.21 Bond, Johnny (Columbia 20671) Side A: Tennesse, Kentucky and Alabam' ; Side B: Love Song in 32 Bars
Folder 1.22 Bradfords, Perry (Paramount 12041) Side A: Fade Away Blues ; Side B: Day Break Blues
Folder 1.23 Bragg, Ardell (Paramount 12398) Side A: Pig Meat Blues ; Side B: Cane Break Blues
Folder 1.24 Brigode, Ace (Okeh 40088) Side A: Never Again ; Side B: Don't Mind the Rain
Folder 1.25 Broadway Melody Makers (Paramount 20250) Side A: Cut Yourself A Piece of Cake ; Side B: Papa Better Watch Your Step
Folder 1.26 Bryant, Gladys (Paramount 12031) Side A: Beale Street Mamma ; Side B: Tired O'Waitin' Blues
Folder 1.27 Brymn, Tim (Okeh 8005) Side A: Boll Weevil Blues, The ; Side B: Jazz Me Blues, The
Folder 1.28 Burr, Henry (Victor 17339) Side A: Last Night was the End of the World ; Side B: Take Me to Roseland, My Beautiful Rose
Folder 1.29 Burr, Henry (Columbia 2830) Side A: Just For Me and Mary ; Side B: Among the Whispering Pines
Folder 1.30 Burr, Henry (Victor 18606) Side A: Oh! What a Pal Was Mary ; Side B: Dear Heart
Folder 1.31 Burr, Henry (Victor 18645) Side A: Was There Ever a Pal Like You ; Side B: You're a Million Miles from Nowhere
Folder 1.32 Cadets, The (Modern Hollywood 956) Side A: I Cry ; Side B: Don't Be Angry
Folder 1.33 Campbell and Burr (Columbia 2842) Side A: Where the Lanterns Glow ; Side B: Just Like the Rose
Folder 1.34 Campbell and Burr (Columbia 2843) Side A: All I Have Are Sunny Weather Friends ; Side B: Now I Know
Folder 1.35 Butterfield, Billy (Capitol 134) Side A: My Ideal ; Side B: Without Love
Folder 1.36 Carson, Fiddlin' John (Okeh 40050) Side A: Be Kind To a Man When He Is Down ; Side B: Tom Watson Special
Folder 1.37 Casino Orchestra (Pathe' 020955) Side A: La Paloma ; Side B: La Golondrina
Folder 1.38 Chapman, Jack (Victor 19201) Side A: Dream Daddy ; Side B: Only Girl, The
Folder 2.1 Charles, Milton (Paramount 4006) Side A: Mighty Lak A Rose ; Side B: Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Folder 2.2 Clark, Elsie & De Leath, Vaughn (Okeh 4597) Side A: Oogie - Oogie - Wa - Wa ; Side B: Maybe You Think You're Fooling Baby
Folder 2.3 Colonna, Jerry (Capitol 420) Side A: Cowpasture Polka ; Side B: Saloon
Folder 2.4 Columbia Saxophone Sextette (Columbia A2819) Side A: Weeping Willow Blues ; Side B: Oh! What a Pal was Mary
Folder 2.5 Cook, Sam (Okeh 4846) Side A: Dearest ; Side B: Crying For You
Folder 2.6 Crosby, Bing (Decca 23379) Side A: Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive ; Side B: There's a Fellow Waiting in Pouchkeepsie
Folder 2.7 Crosby, Bing (Decca 2775) Side A: My Isle of Golden Dreams ; Side B: To You, Sweetheart, Aloha
Folder 2.8 Cowboy Copas (King 696) Side A: Tennesee Waltz ; Side B: How Much Do I Owe You
Folder 2.9 Cowboy Copas (King 855) Side A: Heartbroken ; Side B: Blues in the Moonlight [Damaged]
Folder 2.10 Cox, Ida (Paramount 12045) Side A: Bama Bound Blues ; Side B: Lovin' is the Thing I'm Wild About
Folder 2.11 Cox, Ida (Paramount 12044) Side A: Graveyard Dream Blues ; Side B: Weary Way Blues
Folder 2.12 Creamer and Layton (Black Swan 2007) Side A: I'm Wild About Moonshine ; Side B: It's Getting So You Can't Trust Nobody
Folder 2.13 Dupree, Jack and Mr. Bear (King 4812) Side A: Walking the Blues ; Side B: Daybreak Rock
Folder 2.14 Delmore Brothers (King 803) Side A: Goin' Back to the Blue Ridge Mountains ; Side B: Blues Stay Away From Me
Folder 2.15 De Leath, Vaughn (Okeh 4577) Side A: I'm a Dog-Gone Struttin' Fool ; Side B: I'm Just Too Mean To Cry
Folder 2.16 De Leath, Vaughn (Okeh 4588) Side A: Alabamy Mammy ; Side B: Can't Feel Jolly Blues
Folder 2.17 Deiro, Pietro (Victor 17895) Side A: Success Medley ; Side B: Melody Rag
Folder 2.18 Damone, Vic (Mercury 5646) Side A: My Truly, Truly Fair ; Side B: My Life's Desire
Folder 2.19 Dalhart, Vernon (Victor 19427) Side A: Wreck of the Old 97 ; Side B: Prisoner's Song, The
Folder 2.20 Dalhart, Vernon & Steel, John (Victor 18635) Side A: Bye-Lo ; Side B: While Others Are Building Castles in the Air
Folder 2.21 Erdody's Hotel Pennsylvania (Okeh 4368) Side A: All For You ; Side B: Ain't We Got Fun
Folder 2.22 Ferera and Franchini (Okeh 4872) Side A: Kohala March ; Side B: Pua Mohala
Folder 2.23 Feldman, Jos. (Emerson 13249) Side A: Fon Schlechte Chaveirem Zum Electric Chair ; Side B: Die Liebe
Folder 2.24 Fields, Arthur (Paramount 20249) Side A: Louisville Lou ; Side B: Cut Yourself a Piece of Cake
Folder 2.25 Fields, Arthur & Harris, Marion (Victor 18555) Side A: Bring Back Those Wonderful Days ; Side B: Jazz Baby
Folder 2.26 Goldstein, Gus (Emerson 1337) Side A: Mendels Glicken ; Side B: Yente Hot Feint Die Menner
Folder 2.27 Goldstein, Gus (Emerson 13056) Side A: Yente Fregt Die Fier Kashes ; Side B: Mendel Recht Dem Seider
Folder 2.28 Great White Way Orchestra, The (Victor 18964) Side A: To-morrow ; Side B: You Game Me Your Heart
Folder 2.29 Grossman, Irving (Columbia 3138-F) Side A: Levine mit zein Flihender Machine ; Side B: Hurra! Far unzer Held Levine
Folder 2.30 Guitar Slim (Specialty 482) Side A: Well, I Done Got Over It ; Side B: Things That I Used To Do, The
Folder 2.31 Gulick, Betty (Okeh 4811) Side A: Prince Cutey ; Side B: My Mother's Lullaby
Folder 2.32 Harley, Josie (Paramount 12025) Side A: I'm Through With You As I Can Be ; Side B: 2 A.M. Blues
Folder 2.33 Ham Tree Harrington (Vocalion 15026) Side A: Murder in the First Degree ; Side B: Last Go Round [Damaged]
Folder 2.34 Harris, Phil (RCA Victor 20-2471) Side A: That's What I Like About the South ; Side B: Dark Town Poker Club
Folder 2.35 Hawkins, Erskine (Bluebird 10364) Side A: Hot Platter ; Side B: Weddin' Blues
Folder 2.36 Hayman, Joe (Columbia 1863) Side A: Cohen Telephones the Health Department ; Side B: Serenade
Folder 2.37 Hegamin, Lucille (Cameo 270) Side A: Beale St. Mama ; Side B: Aggravatin' Papa
Folder 2.38 Henderson, Rosa (Vocalion 14795) Side A: My Papa Doesn't Two-Time No Time ; Side B: How Come You Do Me Like You Do
Folder 2.39 Henderson's Hot Six (Columbia 3951) Side A: Gulf Coast Blues ; Side B: Midnight Blues
Folder 2.40 Henderson's Novelty Orchestra (Black Swan 2025) Side A: Sweet Lady ; Side B: Gypsy Blues
Folder 3.1 Herman, Woody (Columbia 37885) Side A: Boulevard of Memories ; Side B: Civilization
Folder 3.2 Herman, Woody (MGM 11154) Side A: Blue Flame ; Side B: New Golden Wedding
Folder 3.3 Hitch's Happy Harmonists (Gennett 3066) Side A: Wash Board Blues ; Side B: Bone Yard Shuffle
Folder 3.4 Hoffman, Anna & Jacob Jacobs (Victor 72492) Side A: Der Italiainer ; Side B: Fish Off Shabbis
Folder 3.5 Hopkins, Lightnin' (Gold Star 662) Side A: Jail House Blues ; Side B: T' Model Blues
Folder 3.6 Howard, Eddy (Majestic 1191) Side A: Now is the Hour ; Side B: True
Folder 3.7 Hunter, Ivory Joe (MGM 10578) Side A: I Almost Lost My Mind ; Side B: If I Give You My Love
Folder 3.8 Ink Spots (Decca 24693) Side A: Who Do You Know In Heaven ; Side B: You're Breaking My Heart
Folder 3.9 Jacks, The (RPM 428) Side A: Why Don't You Write Me? ; Side B: My Darling
Folder 3.10 Jackson, Mary (Pathe 032013) Side A: All the Time ; Side B: Who'll Get It When I'm Gone
Folder 3.11 Jacobsen, Sascha (Columbia 2912) Side A: If You Could Care ; Side B: Dardanella
Folder 3.12 Johson, James P. (Okeh 4495) Side A: Keep Off the Grass ; Side B: Carolian Shout
Folder 3.13 Jones, Billy (Paramount 20252) Side A: Oh! Gee, Oh! Gosh, Oh! Golly I'm in Love ; Side B: Hey! You Want Any Codfish?
Folder 3.14 Jones, Billy (Okeh 4576) Side A: She's Mine, All Mine! ; Side B: Babbling Brook
Folder 3.15 Jefferson, Blind Lemon (Paramount 12407) Side A: That Black Snake Moan ; Side B: Stocking Feet Blues
Folder 3.16 Kandel's Orchestra (Victor 78244) Side A: Naches ; Side B: Der Shikerer Moldawan
Folder 3.17 Kaufman, Irving (Emerson 9160) Side A: Chong ; Side B: Ja Da
Folder 3.18 Kay, Dolly (Columbia 39555) Side A: Oh! Sister, Ain't That Hot! ; Side B: My Sweetie Went Away
Folder 3.19 James, Lewis (Okeh 4324) Side A: Do You Ever Think Of Me ; Side B: Iv'e Fallen in Love with the Girl of My Dreams
Folder 3.20 Kelly, Gene (Columbia) Side A: Shoemaker and the Elves, The (part 1) ; Side B: Shoemaker and the Elves, The (part 4)
Folder 3.21 Kelly, Gene (Columbia 37113) Side A: Shoemaker and the Elves, The (part 2) ; Side B: Shoemaker and the Elves, The (part 3)
Folder 3.22 Laine, Frankie (Mercury 5500) Side A: If I Were a Bell ; Side B: Sleepy Ol' River
Folder 3.23 Laine, Frankie (Mercury 5174) Side A: Singing the Blues ; Side B: Thanks For You
Folder 3.24 Laine, Frankie (Mercury 5363) Side A: Cry of the Wild Goose, The ; Side B: Black Lace
Folder 3.25 Laine, Frankie (Mercury 1026) Side A: Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams ; Side B: Black and Blue
Folder 3.26 Lanin Orchestra, The (Okeh 40219) Side A: Some Other Day ; Side B: I Want to See My Tennessee
Folder 3.27 Laurenz, John (Mercury 5172) Side A: Just One More Chance ; Side B: Hair of Gold
Folder 3.28 Lawrence, Elliot (Columbia 37199) Side A: Sympathy ; Side B: Once Upon A Moon
Folder 3.29 Lesslau, Harry (The Electric 1093) Side A: I'm Sitting On Top of the World ; Side B: Lonesomest Girl in Town, The
Folder 3.30 Lewis, Ted (Columbia 2998) Side A: Fair One ; Side B: Gypsy Moon
Folder 3.31 Liston, Virginia (Okeh 8115) Side A: Sally Long Blues ; Side B: You Don't Know My Mind Blues
Folder 3.32 Little Ramblers, The (Columbia 175-D) Side A: Them Ramblin' Blues ; Side B: Arkansas Blues
Folder 3.33 Little Walter (Checker 817) Side A: Roller Coaster ; Side B: I Got to Go
Folder 3.34 Lombardo, Guy (Decca 25397) Side A: St. Louis Blues ; Side B: Memphis Blues
Folder 4.1 Lopez, Vincent (Okeh 4869) Side A: Beside a Babling Brook ; Side B: Blue Hoosier Blues
Folder 4.2 Lopez, Vincent (Okeh 40051) Side A: Maybe (She'll Write Me) ; Side B: One I Love, The
Folder 4.3 Lopez, Vincent (Okeh 4612) Side A: Some Sunny Day ; Side B: Stumbling [Damaged]
Folder 4.4 Louisiana Five (Emerson 1026) Side A: Dixie Blues ; Side B: Thunderbolt
Folder 4.5 Luther, Frank (Decca 918) Side A: Bible Stories for Children ; Side B: Bible Stories for Children part 2
Folder 4.6 Lyric Quartet (Victor 17754) Side A: I Want to Go to Tokio ; Side B: I'm Looking for Some-One's Heart
Folder 4.7 Markels' Orchestra (Okeh 4685) Side A: I'll Be in My Dixie Home Again Tomorrow ; Side B: Truly
Folder 4.8 Markels' Orchestra (Okeh 4626) Side A: Isle of Zorda ; Side B: I'm a Sentimental Dreamer
Folder 4.9 Markels' Orchestra (Okeh 4549) Side A: Lola Lo ; Side B: Doo-Dah Blues
Folder 4.10 Markels' Orchestra (Okeh 4813) Side A: Wild Flower ; Side B: Bambalina
Folder 4.11 Martin, Daisy (Okeh 8027) Side A: Brown Skin ; Side B: If You Don't Want Me
Folder 4.12 Martin, Sara (Okeh 8097) Side A: Blue Gum Blues ; Side B: Slow Down Sweet Papa Mama Catching Up With You
Folder 4.13 Martin, Sara (Okeh 8063) Side A: Cruel Backbitin' Blues ; Side B: If Your Man is Like My Man
Folder 4.14 Martin, Sara & Williams, Clarence (Okeh 8067) Side A: Monkey Man Blues ; Side B: Yodeling Blues
Folder 4.15 Martin, Sara & Bigeou, Esther (Okeh 8065) Side A: Leave My Sweet Daddy Alone ; Side B: Hesitating Blues, The
Folder 4.16 Martin, Sara (Okeh 8060) Side A: Michigan Water Blues ; Side B: Keeps on A-Rainin'
Folder 4.17 Martin, Sara (Okeh 8041) Side A: Sugar Blues ; Side B: Achin' Hearted Blues
Folder 4.18 Maurel, Barbara (Columbia 3607) Side A: Do Dreams Come True? ; Side B: At Eventime [Damaged]
Folder 4.19 Miles, Josie (Ajax 17057) Side A: Freight Train Blues ; Side B: Lovin' Henry Blues
Folder 4.20 Miles, Josie (Black Swan 14121) Side A: Please Don't Tickle Me Babe ; Side B: When You're Crazy Over Daddy
Folder 4.21 Miles, Lizzie (Okeh 8031) Side A: Muscle Shoals Blues ; Side B: She Walked Right Up and Took My Man Away
Folder 4.22 Miles, Lizzie (Okeh 3048) Side A: He Used To Be Your Man But He's My Man Now ; Side B: Sweet Smellin' Mama
Folder 4.23 Miles, Lizzie (Okeh 8049) Side A: Trixie Blues, The ; Side B: 12th Street Rag
Folder 4.24 Miles, Lizzie (Okeh 8032) Side A: State Street Blues ; Side B: Virginia Blues
Folder 4.25 Miller, Glen (His Master's Voice M.H. 17) Side A: It Happened in Sun Valley ; Side B: Kiss Polka, The
Folder 4.26 Mitchell, Guy (Columbia 39415) Side A: My Truly, Truly Fair ; Side B: Who Knows Love
Folder 4.27 Moody, Julia (Black Swan 14122) Side A: Ja Da Blues ; Side B: Cootie Crawl, The
Folder 4.28 Moore, Monette (Paramount 12028) Side A: Come Home Papa Blues ; Side B: I Just Want a Daddy
Folder 4.29 Moore, Monette (Paramount 12046) Side A: Goin' Down to the Levee ; Side B: I'll Go To My Grave with the Blues
Folder 4.30 Waters, Muddy (Chess 1560) Side A: She's So Pretty ; Side B: I'm Your Hoochie Cooche Man
Folder 4.31 Murray, Billy (Victor 17885) Side A: Ballymooney ; Side B: I've Been Floating Down the Old Green River
Folder 4.32 Murray, Billy (Victor 18213) Side A: When You Hear Jackson Moan on His Saxophone ; Side B: Naughty! Naughty! Naughty!
Folder 4.33 Murray, Billy (Victor 18634) Side A: You'd Be Surprised ; Side B: Freckles
Folder 4.34 Murray - Dudley (Victor 16821) Side A: Whistling Coon, The ; Side B: King of Rags, The
Folder 4.35 Norfolk Jazz Quartette (Okeh 8007) Side A: Strut Miss Lizzie ; Side B: My Mammy
Folder 4.36 O'Bryant, Jimmy (Paramount 12246) Side A: Red Hot Mama ; Side B: Drunk Mans Strut
Folder 4.37 O'Kennedy Liam (Okeh 4388) Side A: Held Fast in a Baby's Hands ; Side B: Lassie O'Mine
Folder 4.38 Peerless Quartet (Victor 18494) Side A: For Your Boy and My Boy ; Side B: When You Come Back
Folder 4.39 Peerless Quartet (Victor 17877) Side A: To Lou ; Side B: When You're in Love with Someone Who is not in Love with You [Damaged]
Folder 4.40 Peerless Quartet (Columbia 2888) Side A: We Must Have a Song to Remember ; Side B: Good-Night, Angeline
Folder 5.1 Pirons New Orleans Orchestra (Okeh 40021) Side A: Bouncing Around ; Side B: Kiss Me Sweet
Folder 5.2 Prima, Louis (RCA Victor 20-2609) Side A: Too Fat Polka ; Side B: If I Only Had a Match
Folder 5.3 Pryor's Band, Arthur (Victor Record 4564) Side A: What's the Matter with the Moon Medley March
Folder 5.4 Rainey, Madame "Ma" (Paramount 1608) Side A: Moonshine Blues ; Side B: Southern Blues
Folder 5.5 Rasmussen, Ole (Capitol 1138) Side A: We're Gonna Go Fishin' ; Side B: It Must Be Love
Folder 5.6 Rattay, Howard (Victor 16050) Side A: Traumerei ; Side B: Andante (from Concerto No. 2)
Folder 5.7 Reed, James (Victor 18402) Side A: Sometime You'll Remember ; Side B: Old Virginny Days
Folder 5.8 Rega Dance Orchestra (Okeh 4616) Side A: No Use Crying ; Side B: Do It Again
Folder 5.9 Rega Dance Orchestra (Okeh 4615) Side A: Swanee Bluebird ; Side B: Cairo Moon
Folder 5.10 Rega Dance Orchestra (Okeh 4787) Side A: Red Moon ; Side B: Waltz of Love
Folder 5.11 Romancers, The (Columbia 139-D) Side A: Adoration Waltz ; Side B: Colorado
Folder 5.12 Roseland Dance Orchestra (Domino 3445) Side A: I'll See You in My Dreams ; Side B: My Sweet Annette
Folder 5.13 Rumshinksky's Orchestra (Emerson 13051) Side A: Wer Ich? Yess, Dui ; Side B: Mir Fohren Kein America
Folder 5.14 Samuels, Joseph (Okeh 4370) Side A: Pullman Porter Blues ; Side B: Oh! Boy
Folder 5.15 Samuels, Joseph (Artuelle 020457) Side A: Wigwam ; Side B: Mississippi Shore
Folder 5.16 Samuels, Joseph (Okeh 4477) Side A: I've Got My Habits On ; Side B: Muscle Shoels Blues
Folder 5.17 Shannon Four (Victor 18642) Side A: Now I Know ; Side B: I'll Always Be Waiting for You
Folder 5.18 Silverbush, S. & Wachtel, M. (Columbia 4355) Side A: Charlie the Bookkeeper ; Side B: Shabse Aher Geb
Folder 5.19 Six Brown Brothers (Emerson 1056) Side A: I'll Say She Does ; Side B: Missouri Blues [Damaged]
Folder 5.20 Smith, Bessie (Columbia 14195) Side A: Black Water Blues ; Side B: Preachin' the Blues
Folder 5.21 Smith, Bessie (Columbia 14010-D) Side A: Haunted House Blues ; Side B: Eavesdropper's Blues
Folder 5.22 Smith, Bessie (Columbia A4001) Side A: Jail-House Blues ; Side B: Graveyard Dream Blues
Folder 5.23 Smith, Clara (Columbia 14013-D) Side A: I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down ; Side B: You Don't Know My Mind
Folder 5.24 Smith, Jack (Victor 19914) Side A: What Did I Tell Ya? ; Side B: Some Other Bird Whistled a Tune
Folder 5.25 Smith, Joseph C. (Victor 18629) Side A: I Might Be Your "Once-in-a-While" ; Side B: Patches
Folder 5.26 Smith, Joseph C. (Victor 18541) Side A: Royal Vagabond, The ; Side B: Canary
Folder 5.27 Smith, Joseph C. (Victor 18543) Side A: Dear Old Pal of Mine ; Side B: When You Look in the Heart of a Rose
Folder 5.28 Smith, Mamie (Okeh 4578) Side A: Wabash Blues ; Side B: Doo Dah Blues
Folder 5.29 Smith, Mamie (Okeh 4446) Side A: Down Home Blues ; Side B: Arkansas Blues
Folder 5.30 Smith, Mamie (Okeh 4228) Side A: Mem'ries of You Mammy ; Side B: If You Don't Want Me Blues
Folder 5.31 Smith, Mamie (Okeh 4253) Side A: Lovin' Sam From Alabam ; Side B: Don't Care Blues [Damaged]
Folder 5.32 Smith, Mamie (Okeh 4427) Side A: Mamma Whip! Mamma Spank! ; Side B: I'm Free, Single, Disengaged, Looking for Someone to Love
Folder 5.33 Smith, Mamie (Okeh 4445) Side A: Wang, Wang Blues, The ; Side B: Get Hot
Folder 5.34 Smith, Mamie (Okeh 4658) Side A: Alabama Blues ; Side B: Mamie Smith Blues
Folder 5.35 Smith, Mamie (Okeh 4752) Side A: I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O' This Jelly Roll ; Side B: Don't Mess With Me
Folder 5.36 Smith, Mamie (Okeh 4630) Side A: Lonesome Mama Blues ; Side B: New Orleans
Folder 5.37 Smith, Mamie (Okeh 4351) Side A: Dangerous Blues ; Side B: What Have I Done
Folder 5.38 Smith, Mamie (Okeh 4416) Side A: Daddy, Your Mama is Lonesome for You ; Side B: Sax-o-phoney Blues
Folder 6.1 Rousers, the Rebel (Hoddy Toddy 1001) Side A: Ballad of Archie Who, The ; Side B: The Ballad of Archie Who
Folder 6.2 Spencer, Elizabeth (Victor 18638) Side A: Let the Rest of the World Go By ; Side B: I'm Like a Ship Without a Sail
Folder 6.3 Stanley, Aileen (Okeh 4513) Side A: Weep No More ; Side B: Write and Tell Your Mammy
Folder 6.4 Sterling Trio (Victor 17927) Side A: Georgia Moon ; Side B: Is There Still Room for Me 'Neath the Old Apple Tree
Folder 6.5 Sterling Trio (Victor 18529) Side A: Some Day I'll Make You Glad ; Side B: Singapore
Folder 6.6 Sterling Trio (Victor 18660) Side A: Hiawatha's Melody of Love ; Side B: I'm Always Falling in Love with the Other Fellow's Girl
Folder 6.7 Stewart, Cal (Victor 16227) Side A: Uncle Josh on a Street Car ; Side B: Uncle Josh and Aunt Nancy Visit New York City
Folder 6.8 Stewart Family (4 Star 2S-9) Side A: Deck of Cards/Sinner Read the Bible ; Side B: A Beau (damaged)/Tattler's Wagon
Folder 6.9 Stuart, Billy (Domino 3450) Side A: Sweet Rosie O'Day ; Side B: By the Lakes of Old Killarney
Folder 6.10 Sylvester, Hannah (Paramount 1415) Side A: The Wicked (Dirty) Fives ; Side B: Best Friend Blues
Folder 6.11 Synco Jazz Band (Actuelle 020461) Side A: The Moan ; Side B: Blacksmith Rag
Folder 6.12 Tampa Blue Jazz Band (Okeh 4397) Side A: Dangerous Blues ; Side B: Get Hot
Folder 6.13 Taylor, Eva (Okeh 8073) Side A: Barefoot Blues ; Side B: Do It A Long Time Papa
Folder 6.14 Taylor, Eva (Okeh 8050) Side A: You Can Have My Man ; Side B: Black Bottom Blues, The
Folder 6.15 Thomas, John Charles (Victor 1736) Side A: Lord's Prayer, The ; Side B: Just for Today
Folder 6.16 Turner, Alan (Victor 17446) Side A: Rosary, The ; Side B: Tannhauser-- The Evening Star
Folder 6.17 Turner, Joe (Atlantic 1126) Side A: Ti-Ri-Lee ; Side B: Flip Flop and Fly
Folder 6.18 Ukelele Eddie (The Electric 1086) Side A: Bam Bam Bamy Shore ; Side B: My Sweetie Turned Me Down
Folder 6.19 Van and Schenck (Columbia 3753) Side A: Georgia Cabin Door ; Side B: Kentucky Echoes
Folder 6.20 Van Eps Trio (Victor 18640) Side A: Where the Lanterns Glow ; Side B: Taxi
Folder 6.21 Van Eps Trio (Victor 18640) Side A: Where the Lanterns Glow ; Side B: Taxi
Folder 6.22 Walker, Esther (Victor 18613) Side A: Sahara (We'll Soon Be Dry Like You) ; Side B: Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems to Care)
Folder 6.23 Walker, Esther (Victor 18657) Side A: How Sorry You'll Be (Wait'll You See) ; Side B: He Went in Like a Lion and Came Out Like a Lamb
Folder 6.24 Walker, Esther (Victor 18619) Side A: Blues ; Side B: Sweet Kisses
Folder 6.25 Westphal, Frank (Columbia 3755) Side A: Carry Me Back to My Carolina Home ; Side B: Those Star Spangled Nights in Dixieland
Folder 6.26 Westphal, Frank (Columbia 3786) Side A: Stop Your Kidding ; Side B: Greenwich Witch
Folder 6.27 Whiteman, Paul (Victor 18977) Side A: Sweetheart Lane ; Side B: Yankee Princess, The
Folder 6.28 Williams, Clarence (Okeh 8020) Side A: Pullman Porter Blues ; Side B: If You Don't Believe I Love You, Look What A Fool I've Been
Folder 6.29 Williams, Clarence (Okeh 8029) Side A: Dance They Call The Georgia Hunch, The ; Side B: Nervous Blues
Folder 6.30 Williams, Clarence (Okeh 8267) Side A: Shake That Thing ; Side B: Get It Fixed
Folder 6.31 Williams, Leona (Columbia 3815) Side A: Bring It With You When You Come ; Side B: I'm Goin' Away
Folder 6.32 Williams, Tex (Capitol 4935) Side A: Crocodile Tears ; Side B: Winter Song, The
Folder 6.33 Wilson, Don (Capitol 30080) Side A: Grasshopper and the Ants, The ; Side B: Grasshopper and the Ants, The
Folder 6.34 Wilson, Lena (Paramount 12029) Side A: Deceitful Blues ; Side B: I Don't Let No One Man Worry Me
Folder 6.35 Yerke's Bell Hops (Paramount 20257) Side A: No, No, Nora! ; Side B: Annabelle
Folder 6.36 Young, Margaret (Victor 18666) Side A: Oh! By Jingo! ; Side B: Profiteering Blues
Folder 6.37 Youth Band, International (A Christmas Fantasy ) Side A: Hark, the Heral Angels Sing/The First Noel/We Three Kings/Jingle Bells/Ring, Silver Bells/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/Deck the Halls/Cantique de Noel/Silent Night/Adeste Fidelis ; Side B: Washington Post March/Danny Boy/Grand Entry Swing March/Deep River/Mambo Americano
Folder 6.38 Duchin, Eddie (Columbia 6010) Side A: Kiss Your Hand, Madame ; Side B: You're My Everything; April Showers
Box 7 78 Record Sleeves