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Finding Aid for the Emmett Holt Goodman 78s (MUM00660)

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The Emmett Holt Goodman 78s are open for research. Some items may be restricted at the curator's discretion dependant upon condition.

Finding Aid for the Emmett Holt Goodman 78s

Descriptive Summary

Title: Emmett Holt Goodman 78s
Collector: Goodman, Emmett Holt
Physical Extent: 3 boxes (1.25 linear feet)
Repository: University of Mississippi. Department of Archives and Special Collections. University, MS 38677, USA
Identification: MUM00660
Abstract: Collection of 78s owned by Emmett H. Goodman

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Donated by Emmett H. Goodman.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Greg Johnson, Jonathan Whitmire and Cody Hall, October 2009. Finding aid encoded by Jason Kovari, 15 October 2009.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Subject Terms

Blues (Music)
Songs, English -- United States -- 20th century


78 rpm records

User Information

Prefered Citation

Emmett Holt Goodman 78s, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

Access Restrictions

The Emmett Holt Goodman 78s are open for research. Some items may be restricted at the curator's discretion dependant upon condition.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user may be liable for copyright infringement.


This collection is arranged alphabetically by Side A artist.

Container List

Folder 1.1 5 Red Caps, The (Joe Davis 7133) Side A: I'm To Blame ; Side B: Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Nite (2 copies)
Folder 1.2 Big Bill [Broonzy] (Okeh 06031) Side A: Lonesome Road Blues ; Side B: My Gal is Gone
Folder 1.3 Big Maceo (RCA Victor 20-2028) Side A: Maceo's 32-20 ; Side B: Texas Stomp
Folder 1.4 Brown, Pete (Decca 8613) Side A: Unlucky Woman ; Side B: Mound Bayou
Folder 1.5 Brown, Pete (Decca 8625) Side A: Cannon Ball, The ; Side B: Gonna Buy Me A Telephone
Folder 1.6 Brown, Roy (De-luxe 3301) Side A: Butcher Pete (Part 1) ; Side B: Butcher Pete (Part 2)
Folder 1.7 Bumble Bee Slim (Decca 7054) Side A: Let's Pitch A Boogie Woogie ; Side B: Farewell Mistreater Blues
Folder 1.8 Bumble Bee Slim (Decca 7239) Side A: Santa Claus Bring Me A New Woman ; Side B: Christmas And No Santa Claus
Folder 1.9 Cats 'N Jammer Three (Mercury 2003) Side A: I Cover The Water-Front ; Side B: Jockey Blues [Vocals by Bill Samuels]
Folder 1.10 Clark, James (Columbia 36948) Side A: Love Me Or Let Me Be ; Side B: Get Ready To Meet Your Man
Folder 1.11 Clayton, Doctor (Bluebird 34-0702) Side A: Honey Stealin' Blues ; Side B: On The Killin' Floor
Folder 1.12 Clayton, Doctor (RCA Victor 20-1995) Side A: I Need My Baby ; Side B: Hold That Train, Conductor
Folder 1.13 Coleman Brothers (Decca 8662) Side A: His Eye Is On The Sparrow ; Side B: Low Down The Chariot
Folder 1.14 Coleman Brothers (Decca 8673) Side A: Get Away, Mr. Satan, Get Away ; Side B: Raise A Rukus Tonight
Folder 1.15 Crudup, Arthur "Big Boy" (RCA Victor 34-0746) Side A: I'm In The Mood ; Side B: She's Gone (2 copies)
Folder 1.16 Crudup, Arthur "Big Boy" (Bluebird 34-0725) Side A: Rock Me Mamma ; Side B: Who's Been Foolin' You (2 copies)
Folder 1.17 Crudup, Arthur "Big Boy" (RCA Victor 20-2509) Side A: My Mama Don't Allow Me ; Side B: Standing At My Window
Folder 1.18 Crudup, Arthur "Big Boy" (RCA Victor 20-2105) Side A: I Want My Lovin' ; Side B: You Got To Reap
Folder 1.19 Darnell, Larry (Regal 3310) Side A: Don't Go, Don't Go ; Side B: That Old Feeling
Folder 1.20 Davis, Walter (Bluebird B-8833) Side A: New "Come Back Baby" ; Side B: I'll Be Back After While
Folder 1.21 Dixon, Floyd (Aladdin 3075) Side A: Telephone Blues ; Side B: Real Lovin' Mama
Folder 1.22 Dr. Clayton's Buddy (RCA Victor 20-3085) Side A: Broke And Hungry ; Side B: Across The Hall Blues [Sunnyland Slim]
Folder 1.23 Drifters, The (Atlantic 1048) Side A: The Bells of St. Mary's ; Side B: White Christmas
Folder 1.24 Dupree, Champion Jack (Joe Davis 5100) Side A: She Make Good Jelly ; Side B: Rum Cola Blues
Folder 1.25 Easter, Monte (Sterling SR103) Side A: Aint'Cha Glad ; Side B: Empty Bed Blues
Folder 1.26 Easter, Monte (Sterling SR104) Side A: She Knows What To Do ; Side B: Monte's Blues
Folder 1.27 Five Scamps, The (Columbia 30168) Side A: Fishing Song, The ; Side B: Good Lover Blues
Folder 1.28 Four Southern Singers, The (Bluebird B-8392) Side A: Careless Love ; Side B: Old Man Harlem
Folder 1.29 Fuller, Blind Boy (Melotone 7-12-66) Side A: Throw Your Yas Yas Back In Jail ; Side B: Death Alley
Folder 1.30 Fuller, Blind Boy (Okeh 05476) Side A: Step It Up And Go ; Side B: Little Woman You're So Sweet
Folder 1.31 Gant, Pvt. Cecile (Gilt-Edge 505) Side A: Grass Is Getting Greener, The ; Side B: Syncopated Boogie
Folder 1.32 Gant, Pvt. Cecile (Gilt-Edge 508) Side A: Sooner Or Later ; Side B: Lost Baby Blues
Folder 1.33 Gant, Pvt. Cecile (National 9003) Side A: I Wonder ; Side B: Gone At Dawn
Folder 1.34 Gillum, Jazz (RCA Victor 34-0747) Side A: Keep On Sailing ; Side B: Fast Woman Blues
Folder 1.35 Gillum, Jazz (Bluebird 34-0730) Side A: Five Feet Four ; Side B: Go Back To The Country
Folder 1.36 Gillum, Jazz (RCA Victor 20-1974) Side A: Reckless Rider Blues ; Side B: Look On Yonder Wall
Folder 1.37 Gillum, Jazz (Bluebird B-9042) Side A: I'm Gonna Leave You On The Outskirts Of Town ; Side B: Woke Up Cold In Hand
Folder 1.38 Gillum, Jazz (Bluebird 34-0709) Side A: Deep Water Blues ; Side B: I Couldn't Help It [chipped edge]
Folder 1.39 Gillum, Jazz (RCA Victor 20-2405) Side A: You Got To Run Me Down ; Side B: I'm Gonna Train My Baby
Folder 1.40 Gillum, Jazz (Bluebird B-9004) Side A: You Drink Too Much Whiskey ; Side B: Down South Blues
Folder 2.1 Gordon, Jimmie (Queen 4150) Side A: Rock That Boogie ; Side B: It Ain't Like That No More
Folder 2.2 Gordon, Jimmie (Decca 7865) Side A: Beer Drinking Woman ; Side B: Lookin' For The Blues
Folder 2.3 Haywood, Frank (Exclusive 203) Side A: Please Believe Me ; Side B: So Glad
Folder 2.4 Honey Dripper, The (Decca 7796) Side A: She's In My Blood ; Side B: Knock Me Out
Folder 2.5 Jackson, Bull Moose (King 4181) Side A: I Love You Yes I Do ; Side B: Sneaky Pete
Folder 2.6 Jackson, Bull Moose (King 4373) Side A: Time Alone Will Tell ; Side B: Sometimes I Wonder
Folder 2.7 Johnson, Buddy (Decca 11000) Side A: Fine Brown Frame ; Side B: They All Say I'm The Biggest Fool
Folder 2.8 Johnson, Buddy (Decca 8599) Side A: Toodle-Oodle-Oo ; Side B: I'm Stepping Out
Folder 2.9 Johnson, Buddy (Decca 8555) Side A: New Please Mr. Johnson ; Side B: In There
Folder 2.10 Johnson, Buddy (Decca 8632) Side A: Stand Back And Smile ; Side B: Baby Don't You Cry
Folder 2.11 Johnson, Buddy (Decca 48088) Side A: I Don't Care Who Knows ; Side B: You Had Better Change Your Ways
Folder 2.12 Johnson, Buddy (Decca 24596) Side A: Someone So Sweet As You ; Side B: Pullamo
Folder 2.13 Johnson, Buddy (Decca 48060) Side A: Serves Me Right ; Side B: You Can't Tell Who's Lovin' Who
Folder 2.14 Jones, Buddy (Decca 5967) Side A: Gonna Change My Business All Around ; Side B: Mean Hangover Blues
Folder 2.15 Jones, Curtis (Bluebird B-8455) Side A: Sugar Bowl Blues ; Side B: Solid Jive
Folder 2.16 Jones, Curtis (Okeh 05744) Side A: Blue And Lonesome ; Side B: Bosom Friend Blues
Folder 2.17 Jubalaires, The (Decca 18782) Side A: Get Together With The Lord ; Side B: I Know
Folder 2.18 Keyes, Laurence "88" (Chicago 107) Side A: Throw It Out Of Your Mind ; Side B: Up To Date Blues
Folder 2.19 King, Nora Lee (Decca 7870) Side A: Love Me ; Side B: Yump Da Da Da
Folder 2.20 Knight, Marie (Decca 48092) Side A: Gospel Train ; Side B: Behold His Face
Folder 2.21 Larue, Jack (Aladdin 134) Side A: Baby I'm Gone ; Side B: Oh! Baby Blues
Folder 2.22 Lee, Julia (Capitol 320) Side A: Julia's Blues ; Side B: When A Woman Loves A Man
Folder 2.23 Lee, Julia (Capitol 308) Side A: Lies ; Side B: Gotta Gimme Watcha Got
Folder 2.24 Lewis, Lennie (Queen 4133) Side A: Blue Flame ; Side B: Mean, Bad And Evil Blues
Folder 2.25 Liggins, Jimmy (Specialty 362) Side A: Answer To Tear Drop Blues ; Side B: That Song Is Gone
Folder 2.26 McClennan, Tommy (Bluebird B-8689) Side A: Katy Mae Blues ; Side B: Love With A Feeling
Folder 2.27 McClennan, Tommy (Bluebird 34-0716) Side A: I Love My Baby ; Side B: Shake It Up And Go
Folder 2.28 McClennan, Tommy (Bluebird B-8373) Side A: Whiskey Head Woman ; Side B: Bottle It Up And Go
Folder 2.29 McNeeley, Big Jay (Savoy 685) Side A: Deacon's Hop, the ; Side B: Artie's Jump (2 copies)
Folder 2.30 McShann, Jay (Philo P108) Side A: Confessing The Blues ; Side B: Walking
Folder 2.31 Memphis Jimmy (RCA Victor 34-0748) Side A: Drifting ; Side B: Tampa Red. I Can't Get Along With You (2 copies)
Folder 2.32 Memphis Minnie (Columbia 87579) Side A: Fish Man Blues ; Side B: Lean Meat Won't Fry
Folder 2.33 Memphis Minnie (Okeh 6733) Side A: When You Love Me ; Side B: Love Come And Go
Folder 2.34 Memphis Minnie (Okeh 06288) Side A: Me And My Chauffeur Blues ; Side B: Can't Afford To Lose My Man
Folder 2.35 Memphis Minnie (Okeh 06624) Side A: I'm Not A Bad Gal ; Side B: It Was You Baby
Folder 2.36 Milburn, Amos (Aladdin 206) Side A: Train Time Blues ; Side B: Bye-Bye-Boogie
Folder 2.37 Mitchell, Billy (Blue 122) Side A: New Woodpecker Song, The ; Side B: Adam Got His First Piece
Folder 2.38 Mitchell, Billy (Blue 101) Side A: Song of the Woodpecker ; Side B: Ice Man!
Folder 2.39 Moore, Johnny (Philo P112) Side A: Drifting Blues ; Side B: Groovy
Folder 2.40 Mullican, Moon (King 578) Side A: New Pretty Blonde ; Side B: When A Soldier Knocks And Finds Nobody Home
Folder 3.1 Petway, Robert (Bluebird B-8756) Side A: Sleepy Woman Blues ; Side B: Don't Go Down, Baby
Folder 3.2 Phillip, Lloyd (Decca 7860) Side A: Sally Long ; Side B: Boggy Bottom Blues
Folder 3.3 Robinson, Sugar "Chile" (Capitol) Side A: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer ; Side B: Christmas Boogie
Folder 3.4 Samuels, Bill (Mercury 8021) Side A: Surrender Dear ; Side B: My Bicycle Tillie
Folder 3.5 St. Louis Jimmy (Bluebird 34-0727) Side A: Strange Woman ; Side B: One More Break
Folder 3.6 St. Louis Jimmy (Bluebird 34-0718) Side A: Back On My Feet Again ; Side B: Nothing But Blues
Folder 3.7 Scott, Mabel (Exclusive 75x) Side A: Every Little Doggie Has Its Day ; Side B: Boogie Woogie Santa Clause
Folder 3.8 Sleepy Joe (Savoy 753) Side A: Amen Blues ; Side B: Mama Mama Blues
Folder 3.9 Smith, Tab (Decca 8661) Side A: You Lovely You ; Side B: I'll Live True To You
Folder 3.10 Sykes, Roosevelt (Bluebird 34-0729) Side A: Honeysuckle Rose ; Side B: Jiving The Jive
Folder 3.11 Smith, Jimmy (Decca 8591) Side A: Big Chump Blues ; Side B: I Ain't Got Nobody To Love
Folder 3.12 Tampa Red (RCA Victor 20-2249) Side A: Play Proof Woman ; Side B: Please Be Careful (2 copies)
Folder 3.13 Tampa Red (Bluebird B-8475) Side A: The Way To Get The Low-Down ; Side B: You Say We're Through
Folder 3.14 Tampa Red (RCA Victor 22-0071) Side A: It's Too Late Now ; Side B: Please Try To See It My Way
Folder 3.15 Tampa Red (RCA Victor 22-0057) Side A: I'll Find My Way ; Side B: That's Her Own Business
Folder 3.16 Taylor, Yak (Decca 7855) Side A: Whip It To A Jelly ; Side B: Chicago Bound Blues
Folder 3.17 Temple, Johnny (Queen 4151) Side A: Yum Yum Yum ; Side B: I Believe I'll Go Downtown Again
Folder 3.18 Terry, Sonny (Capitol Americana 40043) Side A: Leavin' Blues ; Side B: Worried Man Blues
Folder 3.19 Three Blazers, The (Philo P111) Side A: Blazer's Boogie ; Side B: Baby, Don't You Cry
Folder 3.20 Three Dynamites (Columbia 38110) Side A: Jumpin' To The Boogie ; Side B: Dig These Dynamites
Folder 3.21 Thomas, Lillette (Sterling 101) Side A: Variety Boogie ; Side B: That's What Happened To Me (2 copies)
Folder 3.22 Thomas, Lillette (Sterling SR 100) Side A: Blues For My Daddy ; Side B: Lillette's Boogie
Folder 3.23 Tolbert, Skeets (Decca 8641) Side A: Hey Man! Hey Man! ; Side B: C.O.D.
Folder 3.24 Tolbert, Skeets (Decca 8528) Side A: Hit That Jive Jack ; Side B: Jumpin' Like Mad
Folder 3.25 Vinson, Eddie "Mr. Cleanhead" (Mercury 2031) Side A: Juice Head Baby ; Side B: Mr. Cleanhead Steps Out
Folder 3.26 Vinson, Eddie "Mr. Cleanhead" (Mercury 8023) Side A: Cleanhead Blues ; Side B: When A Woman Loves
Folder 3.27 Watson, Deek (Manor 1170) Side A: Bow-Wow-Wow ; Side B: At Our Fireplace
Folder 3.28 Wheatstraw, Peetie (Decca 7837) Side A: I Don't Feel Sleepy ; Side B: My Little Bit
Folder 3.29 Wheatstraw, Peetie (Decca 7129) Side A: Santa Claus Blues ; Side B: Lonesome Lonesome Blues
Folder 3.30 White, Beverly (Beacon 111) Side A: Don't Stop Now! ; Side B: My Baby Comes First With Me
Folder 3.31 White, Georgia (Decca 48006) Side A: Alley Boogie ; Side B: I Just Want Your Stingaree
Folder 3.32 Williamson, Sonny Boy (Bluebird B-8580) Side A: I Been Dealing With The Devil ; Side B: War Time Blues
Folder 3.33 Williamson, Sonny Boy (Bluebird 34-0744) Side A: Sonny Boy's Jump ; Side B: Elevator Woman (2 copies)
Folder 3.34 Williamson, Sonny Boy (RCA Victor 20-3047) Side A: Rub A Dub ; Side B: Stop Breaking Down
Folder 3.35 Williamson, Sonny Boy (Bluebird 34-0722) Side A: Win The War Blues ; Side B: Check Up On My Baby [chipped edge]
Folder 3.36 Williamson, Sonny Boy (RCA Victor 20-1875) Side A: You're An Old Lady ; Side B: Early In The Morning
Folder 3.37 Williamson, Sonny Boy (RCA Victor 20-2184) Side A: Hoodo Hoodo ; Side B: Sonny Boy's Cold Chills
Folder 3.38 Williamson, Sonny Boy (Bluebird 34-0736) Side A: Miss Stella Brown ; Side B: Desperado Woman
Folder 3.39 Williamson, Sonny Boy (Decca 8513) Side A: I Want A Little Girl ; Side B: One Little Date With You
Folder 3.40 X-Rays, The (Savoy 681) Side A: I'll Always Be In Love With You ; Side B: Teddy's Dream
Folder 3.41 Yancey, Jimmie (Vocalion 05464) Side A: I Received A Letter ; Side B: East St. Louis Blues