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James H. Meredith SMMSS (MUM00594)



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
James H. Meredith SMMSS
6.0 Linear feet

 12 boxes
Collection contains video cassettes, speeches, scrapbook, correspondence, newspapers, and periodicals related to James Meredith's admittance into the University of Mississippi. Items were created 1962-1998.

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James H. Meredith SMMSS (MUM00594). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

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Scope and Contents Note

Collection contains video cassettes, speeches, scrapbook, correspondence, newspapers, and periodicals related to James Meredith's admittance into the University of Mississippi. Items were created 1962-1998.

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  • Meredith, James


  • University of Mississippi -- History

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

 1.1 Three videocassettes of Meredith speech at University of Mississippi, on "White Supremacy and Black Cooperation." 1979 

 1.2 Speech delivered by Meredith at the 20th Anniversary observance of the Admission of African-Americans to the University of Mississippi. 1982-09-30 

 1.3 Promotional advertisement for Mississippi, by Meredith. 

 1.4 Pamphlet, "James H. Meredith: Available for Speaking Engagements," undated. 

 1.5 Published report, "The University of Mississippi and the Meredith Case." 1962-11-15 

 1.6 Information Bulletin: Published Monthly by the Mississippi Association of Methodist Ministers and Laymen. 1962-11 

 1.7 "The Ole Miss Coloring Book" by D. Ross Thompson (1963). 1963 

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Box 2 

 2.1 Teargas canisters used in disturbance surrounding admission of Meredith to University of Mississippi. 1962 

 2.2 Deputy U.S. Marshal armband used in 1962 riot. 

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Box 3 

 3.1 Elizabeth M. Kerr scrapbooks of clippings re: Meredith enrollment. 1962 

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Box 4 

 4.1 Elizabeth M. Kerr military pass to Oxford and University of Mississippi. 1962-10-15 

 4.2 Miscellaneous notes taken by Kerr re: her observance of disturbance surrounding admission of Meredith, circa 1962. 

 4.3 Two American Civil Liberties Union bulletins, November 1962 and March 1963. 

 4.4 Clippings. 

 4.5 Miscellaneous magazine articles re: Meredith. 

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Box 5- Oversize 

 5.1 Clippings from Elizabeth M. Kerr Collection. 

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Box 6 

 6.1 NBC Correspondent Richard Valeriani's notes regarding the University of Mississippi integration crisis (handwritten and typewritten). 1962 

 6.2 Dan Smoot Report, featuring article, "The Mississippi Tragedy." 1962-10-08 

 6.3 Printed Card with racial epithet. c. 1962 

 6.4 T.L.S. from the Committee of 100 to "Dear Friend." 1962-11-13 

 6.5 "Report Prepared for the Board of Trustees, Institutions of Higher Learning of the State of Mississippi," 14 August 1963, with attached memos from Chancellor J. D. Williams, and broadside with racist cartoon and slogan, with Citizens' Council stamp. 1962-1963 

 6.6 Statement adopted by the Board of Trustees. 1962-10-18 

 6.7 Typescript of letter from Governor Ross Barnett to Henry King Stanford of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 1962-10-25 

 6.8 AHE College and University Bulletin. 1962-12-01 

 6.9 Ole Miss Coloring Book. c. 1962 

 6.10 Reprints of miscellaneous articles re: Meredith. 1962 

 6.11 "Rebel Resistance," broadside. c. 1962 

 6.12 Injunction from Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to Board of Trustees, Institution of Higher Learning, State of Mississippi, re: James Meredith, 14 September 1962, and memorandum from E. R. Jobe, Executive Secretary, Board of Trustees (21 copies). 1962-09-25 

 6.13 Citizens' Press Order form for bumpersticker "Brotherhood by Bayonet." c. 1962 

 6.14 Typescript of excerpt from Standards for Colleges. 1962-11-29 

 6.15 Mimeograph memorandum, Chancellor J. D. Williams to Faculty, 2 pp. 1962-11-28 

 6.16 T.M. "The University and Integration," a speech by J. D. Williams before Commonwealth Club of California. 1963-02-21 

 6.17 Pamphlet, Speech by L. O. Crosby, Jr., President of Crosby Forest Products, Co., Picayune, Mississippi, to Picayune Rotary Club. 1962-01-11 

 6.18 Published booklet, "The Oxford Disaster, Price of Defiance," by Rep. Karl Wiesenburg, Jackson County, Mississippi, reprinted from Pascagoula Chronicle. 1962 

 6.19 Reprint of article "Oxford Victim Tells Story," by Melvin Bruce. 1963 

 6.20 Oxford-University military pass for James B. Coleman, (photocopy). 1962-10-05 

 6.21 University of Mississippi Official Register of news representative on campus (original and photocopy). 1962 

 6.22 Defamatory sign from [University dormitory]. c. 1962 

 6.23 Board of Trustees Resolution to Southern Association of Colleges ad Schools. 1963-11-21 

 6.24 T. D. "Statement from University of Mississippi on Academic Freedom and Faculty Responsibility." 1963-12-02 

 6.25 "Behind the Southern Students' Role in Mississippi" in Campus Supplement: Prepared by the United States National Student Association." 1962-11 

 6.26 "Law Symposium Proceedings: Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Admission of Black Students to the University of Mississippi." 1983-03 

 6.27 Note from James Meredith to Verna J. Boudreau thanking Boudreau for her good wishes. Photocopy only. 1962-11-21 

 6.28 Letter from Pacific School of Religion to James Meredith enclosed with a book sent to Meredith. January 4, 1963. (2005-10) 

 6.29 New York Times book review of "Sons of Mississippi." 2003-03-13 

 6.30 Pacific Stars and Stripes. 1962-10-01 

 6.31 Mary W. Smith military pass to Oxford and University of Mississippi. 1962-10-05 

 6.32 James Meredith's examination book for Pol Sci 305. 1963-01-19 

Access Restrictions


 6.33 Scrapbook with newspaper clippings relates to the University of Mississippi integration. 

 6.34 Promotional material for James H. Meredith's Library Clubs of America. c. 1998 

 6.35 James Howard Meredith to Chancellor Porter Fortune. Re: University Employment. 1982-10-08 

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Box 7 


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Box 8 

 8.1 The Gadfly 1963-03-01 

 8.2 Daily Mississippian (2 copies) 1963-01-08 

 8.3 Oxford Eagle 1962-10-04 

 8.4 Christian Science Monitor 1967-10-06 

 8.5 Manchester College Oak Leaves 1962-10-11 

 8.6 The Campus Conservative 1962-11 

 8.7 Ole Miss Magazine (Meredith Retrospective) 1982 

 8.8 James Meredith's Book On Learning Proper English 1997 

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Box 9 


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Box 10 


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Box 11 

 11.1 Bryn Mawn Alumnae Bulletin, Winter 1963 

 11.2 The View from Eau Claire, Spring 1964, page 23. 

 11.3 Milton Today (Milton College Alumni Magazine) May 1963, p. 9. 

 11.4 U. S. News & World Report (3 copies) 1962-10-15 

 11.5 U. S. News & World Report 1963-01-21 

 11.6 U. S. News & World Report 1962-10-22 

 11.7 Time 1965-01-01 

 11.8 Time 1962-09-21 

 11.9 Time (2 copies) 1962-11-28 

 11.10 Time 1962-10-05 

 11.11 Time (2 copies) 1962-10-12 

 11.12 Time 1962-11-16 

 11.13 Newsweek 1962-10-01 

 11.14 Newsweek 1962-10-08 

 11.15 Newsweek (with the University of Mississippi on cover), (2 copies). 1962-10-15 

 11.16 Newsweek 1962-10-22 

 11.17 Newsweek 1962-11-12 

 11.18 Saturday Review 1963-06-29 

 11.19 Time 1966-06-24 

 11.20 Look (4 copies) 1963-04-09 

 11.21 Look (7 copies) 1962-12-31 

 11.22 The Reporter (2 copies) 1962-11-08 

 11.23 Ebony 1973-05 

 11.24 Saturday Evening Post 1966-08-13 

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Box 12- Clamshell 

 12.1 United States Flag torn during campus disturbance surrounding Meredith enrollment to University of Mississippi. 1962 

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