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University of Mississippi
Conferences Collection.
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Collection contains pamphlets and miscellaneous material related to conferences held at or sponsored by the University of Mississippi from 1908-2001.
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The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
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Conferences Collection (MUM00544). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

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Collection contains pamphlets and miscellaneous material related to conferences held at or sponsored by the University of Mississippi from 1908-2001.

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University of Mississippi -- History

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Control Number: 95-58

Box 1


a. Classical Association of Mississippi, first meeting, 10-
11 July.

a. Mississippi High School Meet, Athletic and Literary, 9-10 May.

a. Mississippi High School Meet, 8 May.

a. State High School Meet Spring Contests, Literary and Athletic, 7-8 May.

a. State High School Meet Spring Contests, Literary and Athletic, 27-28 April.
b. High School Conference, 21-23 June.

a. State High School Meet Spring Contests, 30 April-1 May.

a. State High School Meet Spring Contests, 29-30 April.

a. State High School Meet Spring Contests, 28-29 April.

a. Hi-Y Older Boys Conference, MS Y. M. C. A., 9-11 October.

a. Hi-Y Older Boys Conference, MS Y. M. C. A., 11-13 October.
b. Progressive Education Association, 11-12 July.

a. State Educational Conference, 16-17 July.
b. Junior College Conference, 6 November.

a. Field Meet of the Mississippi High School Literary and Athletic Association, 20-22 April.

a. Institute of Life Underwriters, 9 May.
b. Mississippi Scholastic Press Association, 5-6 August.
c. Career Conference, 6 May.

a. Summer Band School, 8-19 June.
b. University Curriculum Workshop, 3 June - 11 July.

a. Physical Fitness Institute and Workshop in Defense Courses, 2 June - 27 July.

a. Area Rural Life Conference, 8 June.

a. Southeastern Conference, 11-14 December.

a. Special Education Conference, 2 August.

a. Mathematical Association of America, 8-9 April.
b. Special Education Conference, 1-3 August.

a. General Education of the Mississippi Association of Colleges, 26 July.
b. Annual Education Conference, 26-27 June.

a. Tax Program for Practicing Lawyers, 11-22 August.
b. Mississippi Workshop on Economic Education, 21 July-8 August.
c. Mississippi Society of Certified Public Accountants, 14-15 November.
d. Sixth Annual Education Conference, 24-25 June.
e. Workshop on Economic Education, 21 July-8 August.

a. Mid-South World Trade Institute, 10-11 September.
b. Conferences Scheduled at UM, 8 April and 2 June.
c. Mississippi Orchestra Clinic, 6-7 February.
d. Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Institute, 27 February.
e. Summer Music Camp, 27 June.
f. Mississippi Workshop on Economic Education, 13 July - 1 August.

a. Conference in Estate Planning, 28-29 May.
b. Tennessee- Mississippi Real Estate Appraisal Conference, 10-11 September.
c. South-Central Modern Language Association, 5-6 November.
d. Mississippi Workshop on Economic Education, 13-31 July.
e. Mississippi Congress of Mayors, 11-12 March.

a. Proceedings of the Mississippi Junior-Senior College Conference, 10-11 October.
b. Books and People, A Library Workshop, 1-2 December.
c. Estate Planning Conference, 20-21 May.

a. Estate Planning Conference, 25-26 May.
b. Mississippi Historical Society, 2-3 March.

a. South-Central Renaissance Conference, 12-13 April.
b. Live Oak Writers Conference, 25-27 April.

1958: (Press releases regarding UM Conferences):
a. Mississippi Highway Conference, 20 February.
b. 12th Annual Educational Conference, 12 June.
c. Conference in Elementary Speech, 27 June.
d. Mississippi Conference on Aging, 18 September.
e. Parent-Teacher Leadership Conference, 25 June.

a. City and Regional Planning, September.
b. Southern Humanities Conference, 24-25 April.
c. Mississippi Highway Conference, 28 February.

a. Real Estate Appraisal, 29 February-12 March.
b. Dixie National Baton Twirling Institute, 3-8 July.
c. Conference on Professional Photography, 1-2 February.
d. 14th Annual School Lunch Managers Institute, 20-24 June.
e. Mississippi Future Business Leaders of America, 1-2 April.
f. Mississippi Garden Seminar, 17-18 February.
g. Safety Conference on Explosive and Toxic Hazards, 14-16 April.
h. Conference on Normal and Abnormal Development of the Child's Vision, 17-19 January.

a. Labor Law Seminar, 16 November.
b. Dental Conference on Modern Endodontics, 8-9 August.
c. 5th Annual Meridian Institute on Employer/Employee Partners in Business, 15 September.
d. Mississippi Planning Conference, 6-7 September.
e. Estate Planning in Mississippi, 25-27 October.
f. First Gulf Coast Secretarial Institute, 8 December.
g. Funeral Management Conference, 23-24 October.
h. Broadcasters Sales Management Conference, 18 August.
i. LP Gas Dealers Management Conference, 27-28 August.
j. Scholastic Journalism Clinic for Newspapers, 25 June - 6 July.
k. Scholastic Journalism Clinic for Yearbooks, 6-16 August.

a. Criminal Law Seminar, 4 April.
b. Mississippi Future Business Leaders of America State Convention, 1-2 March.
c. Retail Advertising Clinic, 19 February.
d. Mississippi AOPA 360 Degree Rating Clinic, 6-8 June.
e. Sales Management Conference, 24 August.
f. Management Conference, 10-11 May.
g. Summer Band Camp, 23 June - 5 July.
h. Traffic Court Conference, 18 April.
i. Insurance Seminar, 13-17 May.
j. Mississippi Highway Conference, 14-15 March.
k. Federal Inter-Agency Sedimentation Conference, 28 January - 1 February.
l. General Pharmacy Seminar, 24 April, 9 May, 13 June.
m. Oil and Gas Law Institute, 17-18 May.
n. Automobile Liability Insurance Policy, 5 February.
o. Calendar for Forthcoming Conferences, Institutes, Short Courses and Meetings.
p. Meridian Secretarial Institute, 28 September.
q. Short Course for Sheriffs, 1-6 December.
r. Conference on the Contact Lens, 13-15 January.
s. Mississippi FBLA Convention, 1-2 March.
t. Real Estate Appraisal, 1-12 April.
u. Estate Planning in Mississippi, 14-16 February.
v. Municipal Codes Workshop, 9-10 December.
w. Mid-South Cheerleaders Institute, 28 July - 2 August.
x. Management Institute, 22-23 April.
y. Funeral Management Conference, 24-25 September.
z. School Lunch Management Institute, 17-21 July.
aa. Dental Conference on Pedodontics, 7-8 August.
bb. Gulf Coast Secretarial Institute, 19 October.
cc. Conference on Professional Photography, 3-5 March.
dd. Mississippi Planning Conference, 16-17 September.
ee. Dixie Journal Workshops, 5-10 August and 12-17 August.
ff. Mississippi Secretarial Institute, 27 April.
gg. Young and Beautiful Charm Camp, 13-16 July.
hh. Dixie National Baton Twirling Institute, 7-12 July.

a. Dixie National Baton Twirling Institute, 5-10 July.
b. School Lunch Managers Institute, 15-19 June.
c. Short Courses in Parent-Leadership Training, 22-23 June.
d. Industrial Control Clinic, 9 May.
e. Mississippi Secretarial Institute, 14 March.
f. Mississippi Highway Conference, 27-28 February.
g. Mid-South Cheerleaders Institute, 2-7 August.
h. MSPA High School Press Institute, 10-11 April.
i. Mississippi Manufacturers Association Management Conference, 22-23 May.
j. Real Estate Appraisal, 20 April-2 May.
k. Real Estate Appraisal, 6-18 April.
l. Ole Miss Summer Band Camp, 14-16 June.
m. Conferences at UM, 1964.
n. Sales Seminar, 11-15 May.
o. Contact Lens Conference, 19-21 January.
p. Retail Furniture Management and Sales Seminar, 19-20 February.
q. 1964 Conference on Mississippi's Economic Growth and Prospects, 3 January.
r. Professional Photography, 2-4 February.
s. Mississippi Oil Jobbers Association Management Institute, 23-25 February.
t. Calendar of Forthcoming Conferences, Institutes, Report Courses, and Meetings, 1964.
u. Mississippi Manufacturers Association Management Conference, 22-23 May.

Box 2


a. Athletic Camps, May-June.
b. Southeastern Prosecutors Institute, 23-26 September.
c. Education Conference for Optometrists, 4-7 December.
d. Mississippi Prosecutors Conference Sex Crimes, 17-20 November.
e. Market Segmentation Workshop, 10 November.
f. Workshop on Management by Objectives for Sales Managers, 10 November.
g. Student Council Workshop, 6 October.
h. Vocational Business Education, 5-6 November.
i. Defining the Common Good in Mississippi, 9-10 November.
j. Supervisory Training Seminar, 5-7 October.
k. Urban Affairs Course for the Junior League of Jackson, 15 September, 1976-January 26, 1977.
l. Mississippi Judiciary, 13-16 October.
m. Computer Impact on Society, 27 October.
n. Calendar of Activities, 1976.
o. Yearbook Clinic, 6-9 July.
p. Food Service Managers Institute, 15-18 June, 22-25 June.
q. Half Time and Time-Out Clinic, 27 June - 1 July.
r. Your 1976 Journalism Tour, 9 June - 26 June.
s. Girls Basketball Clinic, 13-16 June.
t. Calendar of Activities, 1976.
u. Mississippi Circuit Court Clerks, 25-27 August.
v. Chancellor's Seminar on Irreconcilable Differences, 20-21 August.
w. Mississippi Chancery Court Clerks, 25-27 August.
x. Pharmaceutical Services Institute, 12-13 August.
y. Seminar on Criminal Law, 15-17 July.
z. City Clerks Tax Assessors and Collectors, 14-15 April.
aa. Industrial Toxicology Symposium, 27-29 April.
bb. A Seminar for Mississippi Trial Judges, 31 March-3 April.
cc. Hypertension for Health Professionals, 22 April.
dd. Mississippi Election Commissioners and Circuit Court Clerks, 13-15 May.
ee. Trial Advocacy Workshop and Conference, 21-24 April.
ff. Boy's Basketball School, 20-25 June.
gg. Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, 25-27 March.

a. Yearbook Clinic, 20-23 July.
b. Half-Time and Time-Out Clinic, 26-30 June.
c. Boys Basketball Schools, 19-24 June and 26 June-1 July.
d. Food Service Management for Nursing Home Administrators, 10 August.
e. Workshop for Foster Parents, 26-27 August.
f. School Food Service Managers, 13-17 June.
g. Mid-South Cheerleaders Institute, 10-15 July.
h. Girls Sports Campus, June-July.
i. Mississippi Justice Court Judges, June.
j. Mississippi Court Reporters, 2-4 June.
k. Innovative Concepts & Techniques in Prosthetic Dentistry, 14-15 September.
l. Emergency Preparedness for Mississippi Nursing Home Administrators, February-March.
m. Television Course in English Composition, 17 January-28 April.
n. 8th Key Conference for Recreators, 2-4 March.
o. Training Seminar for Youth Court Counselors, 18-20 May.
p. Circuit Court Clerks, 3-5 March.
q. Institute for Manpower Planners, 17-21 April.
r. Conference for Professional Photographers, 16-18 January.
s. Mississippi Prosecutors College, 11-14 May.
t. Seminar on Evidence, 2-5 March.
u. City Clerks, Assessors, and Tax Collectors Conference, 13-14 April.
v. Nursing Home Health Record Workshop, 30-31 March.
w. Scholastic Press Institute, 25 March.
x. Calendar of Events, 1977.
y. Mississippi Court Reporters, 6-9 January.
z. Institute for Manpower Planners, 20-24 February.
aa. Industrial Toxicology Symposium, 3-5 May.
bb. 4th Cooperation Conference, 28-29 March.
cc. Seminar on Social Work for Nursing Home Administrators, 9-10 September.
dd. Pharmaceutical Services, 21-22 September.
ee. Genealogy for Everyone . . , 17 September.
ff. Student Council Workshop, 26 October.
gg. Seminar on Copyright Law, 29 November.
hh. Back to Basics in Business, 30 September - 1 October.

a. Pharmaceutical Services, 23-24 August.
b. Career Education Conferences, May-June.
c. Individualized Instruction in the Business Skills, 29-30 September.
d. Mississippi Junior-Senior College Conference, 2-3 October.
e. Student Council Workshop, 1-2 November.
f. Periodontics for the General Practitioner, 13-14 September.
g. Keep Up: a One-Day Conference for Pharmacists, October.
h. City Clerks, Assessors, and Tax Collectors, 13-14 April.
i. 5th Cooperation Conference, Mississippi Junior Colleges and the University of Mississippi, 3-4 April.
j. Workshop for Foster Parents, 7-8 April.
k. Toxic Substances Control Act, 2-4 May.
l. Scholastic Press Institute, 17 March.
m. Grantsmanship, 10 February.
n. 9th Key Conference for Recreators, 8-10 February.
o. Local Government Operations and Personnel, 10 March.
p. Professional Photographers, 26-28 February.
q. Grantsmanship, 21 April.
r. Workshop for Foster Parents, 5-6 May.
s. Communications with the Media and the Public, 31 March.
t. Workshop in Instructional Television, 6-16 June.
u. Summer Newspaper Workshop, 26-29 June.
v. Half-Time and Time-Out Clinic, 25-29 June.
w. School Food Service Managers Institute, 5-9 June.
x. Teachers Environmental Conservation Education Workshop, 10-21 July.
y. Boys Basketball Schools, June.
z. Census Date Users Conference, 3-5 April.
aa. Girls Sports Camp, June.
bb. Mid-South Cheerleaders Institute, July.
cc. Athletic Camps, June.

a. Occlusal Adjustment for General Practitioner Conference, 12-13 September.
b. Finite Elements in Water Resources, 19-23 May.
c. Student Council Workshop, 5-6 November.
d. International Trade Symposium, 4 October.
e. Pharmaceutical Services, 10-11 October.
f. Mississippi Planning and Development Conference, 13-15 November.
g. Southern Graphics Council Conference, 20-22 April.
h. Food Service Managers Institute, 11-15 June.
i. Teachers Environmental Conservation Education Workshop, 9-20 July.
j. Boys Basketball Schools, 10-15 June.
k. Lady Rebels Basketball Camp, 17-22 June.
l. Yearbook Clinic, 18-21 June.
m. Mid-South Cheerleaders Institute, July.
n. 10th Annual Key Conference for Recreators, 7-9 March.
o. Effective Institutional Housekeeping, 15 March.
p. Industrial Research and Development Symposium, 17-19 April.
q. Scholastic Press Institute, 30 March.
r. Patient Rights and Family Relations, 9 May, 16 May.
s. Professional Photographers, 14-16 January.

a. Food Service Managers Institute, 9-13 June.
b. Poetry Workshop and Festival, 19-20 April.
c. Applied Practice Management, 17-18 September.
d. Calendar of Events, 1980.

a. Southeastern College Art Conference, 1-3 October.

a. The Third Barnard-Millington Symposium on Southern Science and Medicine: Images of Nurses in the South, March 22, 1985.

a. Covering the South: A National Symposium on the Media and the Civil Rights Movement, April 3-5, 1987.

a. Public Policy, 3-4 March.

a. Porter L. Fortune Chancellor's Symposium on Southern History: The American South in Comparative Perspective, October 11-13, 1989.

a. Porter L. Fortune, Jr. History Symposium: The Interaction of Black and White Cultures in the Antebellum South, October 3-5, 1990.

a. 17th Chancellor's Symposium in Southern History: W.J. Cash's The Mind of the South After Fifty Years, October 2-3, 1991.

a. SAIR/SCUP Conference: Balancing Effectiveness and Efficiency: A Key Relationship in Planning for the 21st Century, November 2, 1993.
b. Chancellor Porter L. Fortune, Jr., History Symposium: The New Regionalism, October 2-3, 1993.

a. Mississippi Achievement Conference, February 25-26, 1994.

a. Women's Awareness Week, 23-30 March.
b. Scholars Conference, October 19-20, 1995.

a. Young Writer's Workshop.
b. Mississippi Achievement Conference, February 9-10, 1996.
c. Scholars Conference, November 14-15, 1996.
d. The Porter L. Fortune Jr. History Symposium: The South in the Caribbean, October 2-4, 1996.

a. Graduate Conference on Southern History, 21-22 March.

a. University of Mississippi Center for Continuing Legal Education Symposium, "Mississippi Law Update," in Natchez, Mississippi, April 2-4.
b. October 7-9, 1998. "Early Social History of the Southeastern Indians, 1526-1715"/ Porter L. Fortune History Symposium.

a. 28th Annual Mississippi Regional Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, 21-23 March.
b. 1999 Annual Law Alumni Weekend CLE Seminar,9 April.
c. University of Mississippi Center for continuing Legal Education, "Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse," 26 April.
d. Mid-South Conference on Education Law, Sponsored in part by the University of Mississippi Center for Continuing Legal Education, 30 April.
e. University of Mississippi Center for Continuing Legal Education Symposium, "Mississippi Law Update," 14-15 May.
f. Second Annual Mid-South Conference on Health Law, Sponsored in part by the University of Mississippi Center for Continuing Legal Education, 21 May.
g. The University of Mississippi Band Director Workshop, 6-11 June.
h. The Fifth Annual Southern Studies Teachers Institute, "Workshop: Gender in Southern History and Literature," 6-11 June.
i. Workshop for Art Educators, "Reviving the Muse," 6-11 June.
j. 1999 Continuing Legal Education at Trinity College, 5-8 July.
k. "Ole Miss State: A Freshman Experience for Freshmen Entering the University of Mississippi in Fall 1999," July 5-August 6.
l. Croft Summer Teacher Institute, "Building Global Perspectives: Teaching Geography in the K-8 Classroom," 11-16 July.
m. Croft Institute for International Studies, "Summer Workshop on Teaching Modern Foreign Languages," 11-16 July & 18-23 July.
n. "The Role of Ideas in the Civil Rights-Era South." Porter L. Fortune, Jr. History Symposium, September 29-October 1, 1999.

a. University of Mississippi Department of Social Work and the Institute for Continuing Studies, "The Many Facets of Grief, Featuring Dr. David Capuzzi," 18 February.
b. Fifteenth Annual Mississippi Academic Decathlon," 18-19 February.
c. Counselor & Teacher Conference, 30-31 March.
d. The Southern Women's Leadership in Philanthropy Symposium, "Embracing the New Paradigm in Giving for Higher Education," 15-16 June.
e. 2000 Continuing Legal Education at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 3-6, July.
f. 2000 Cambridge Studies Program, Downing College, Cambridge University, 10-14 July.
g. World Congress on Partnership of Industry and Globalization of Engineering Research and Education for 21st Century Agile Universities," 16-19 October.
h. "Discipline Without Stress, Rewards or Punishments" UM Institute for Continuing Studies, Robinsonville, MS, April 11, 2000.
i. "Combining Reading/Writing and the Arts in the Early Years", UM Institute for Continuing Studies, Robinsonville, MS, April 18, 2000.
j. The Sixth Annual Real Estate Transactions Seminar, Center for Continuing Legal Education, Jackson, MS, April 7, 2000.
k. 2000 Mississippi Science and Engineering State Science Fair, Greenville, MS, April 2-3, 2000.
l. 2000 Municipal Attorneys Association Winter CLE Seminar, UM Center for Continuing Legal Education, Jackson, MS, Jan 20, 2000.
m. "Caring for Aging Relatives Effectively: A Workshop for Faculty and Staff," April 25, 2000. University of Mississippi Oxford Campus.
n. "Sustainability of Wetlands and Water Resources," May 23-25, 2000. University of Mississippi Oxford Campus. Also included: "Abstracts for a Conference on Sustainability of Wetlands and Water Resources."
o. "Third Annual Southern Foodways Symposium: Travelin' On: Southern Food En Route, October 20-33, 2000"; "Cornbread Nation: The Newsletter of the Southern Foodways Alliance" (Number 1 -- 2000.
p. "Porter L. Fortune, Jr., History Symposium, A 25th Anniversary Reprise: Slavery in the U.S. South, October 11-13, 2000" [4 programs and 2 folded posters].

a. "The Seventh Annual Southern Writers, Southern Writing Graduate Conference, July 19-July 21, 2001"

a. Second Annual High School Conference, 16-18 June.
b. Mathematical Association of America, 11-12 March.
c. Third Annual Education Conference, 1-2 July.
d. Wage-Hour and Related Problems, 29 April.
e. 4 Outstanding Summer Institutes.

a. Proposed Plan for Operation of Conferences and Institutes, 1954.
b. Memorandum from J. D. Williams to Faculty and Staff regarding Conferences Committee, 1954.