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Tennessee Williams Small Manuscripts Collection



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Tennessee Williams SMMSS
3.5 Linear feet 5 boxes + 1 oversize box
Collection contains postcards, programs, playscripts, correspondence, galleys and pressbooks related to the work of Tennessee Williams. Items were created 1932-2005.

Preferred Citation

Tennessee Williams SMMSS (MUM00482). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

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Scope and Contents Note

Collection contains postcards, programs, playscripts, correspondence, galleys and pressbooks related to the work of Tennessee Williams. Items were created 1932-2005.

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Administrative Information

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University of Mississippi Libraries 2005

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Processing Information

Processed by University of Mississippi Department Special Collections Staff . EAD encoded finding-aid begun September 2005.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1: Letter size 

Folder 1: Postcard & Schedule of Events/Registration Form for Third Annual Tennessee Williams Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi, 12-14 October 1995 (95-101) 

Folder 2: Program from Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, 1992 (00-168). 

Folder 3: Mimeograph playscript. "Orpheus Descending" (no date). 130 pages. 

Folder 4: Typed, original manuscript of playscript. "Orpheus Descending" (no date). Handwritten annotations. 140 pages. 

Folder 5: Mimeograph playscript. "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (no date). 82 pages including 9 pages of revision. Handwritten annotations. Note: Audrey Wood's copy. 

Folder 6: Mimeograph playscript. "Out Cry" (revised 1972). 69 pages. 

Folder 7: Mimeograph playscript. "Period of Adjustment" (revised August 1960). 117 pages. With published script from Dramatists Play Service, Inc., 1961 (Control # 90-60). 

Folder 8: Mimeograph playscript. "Confessional, or Small Craft Warnings"(circa 1971-72). Handwritten annotations. 49 pages. Control # 91-119). 

Folder 9: Program from Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center performance of "Camino Real," 1969. 

Folder 10: Miscellaneous correspondence about "Battle of Angels": 

Carbon TL. March 24, 1940. Warren P. Munsell, [Business Manager of The Theatre Guild], to Tennessee Williams. 

Carbon TL. April 12, 1940. Warren P. Munsell to Tennessee Williams. 

August 8, 1940. Gertrude Priester, Acting Treasurer of The Dramatists' Guild to The Theatre Guild. 

November 14, 1940. Warren P. Munsell to Colin McPhee of New York, NY. 

Contract. November 27, 1940. Warren P. Munsell to Margaret Webster. 

Contract. December 13, 1940. [Norman L. Chalfin and A. Jones S____] to The Theatre Guild. 

January 7, 1941. John J. Spencer, Licensing Divison of the city of Boston to A.G. Munro, General Manager of Shubert Theatres in Boston. 

Contract. February 5, 1941. Warren P. Munsell to Audrey Wood of New York, NY. 

February 6, 1941. Gertrude Priester to The Theatre Guild. 

February 11, 1941. Audrey Wood, of Liebling-Wood, Inc., to Warren P. Munsell. 

Carbon TL. February 17, 1941. Warren P. Munsell to Audrey Wood. 

"Cast of Battle of Angels 2 weeks in Boston beginning December 29, 1940." 

Folder 11: Promotional Advertisement/Order Form for Tennessee Williams: A Tribute, Ed. Jac Tharpe. No date. (Control # 00-197). 

Folder 12: "Tennessee Williams and Mississippi," remarks delivered on the occasion of the issuance of the Tennessee Williams stamp in Clarksdale, MS on 13 October, 1995 by Kenneth Holditch. 

Folder 13: Program from Clarksdale Community Theater Production of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,' 12-15 October, 1995. 

Folder 14: Invitation to New Directions Cocktail Party in honor of Tennessee Williams and his forthcoming collection of short stories Eight Mortal Ladies Possessed. June 4, 1974. Washington, D.C. Note: Signed by Williams. 

Folder 15: Tennessee Williams Commemorative Stamp Collection. October 1995. 

Folder 16: Program for "Orpheus Descending" (University Theatre Production [University of Mississippi], no date). 

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Box 2: Legal size 

Folder 1: Typed manuscript. "Miss Martha and Her Luggage," (no date) with handwritten notations. 4 pages. Restricted Use -- see Archivist. 

Folder 2: Incidental music from "The Rose Tattoo," 1950 (Control # 91-87). 

Folder 3: Mimeograph script. "The Fugitive Kind" (undated). 45 pages. (Control # 86-18). 

Folder 4: Pamphlet. "Tennessee Williams Festival, October 14-16 Clarksdale, Mississippi" (1993). 4 copies. 

Folder 5: Program. "The Seventh Annual Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival. New Orleans, March 26, 27, 28, 1993." 

Folder 6: Playbill. "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (Morosco Theatre; NY; May 1955). 

Folder 7: Program. World Premiere of "Creve Coeur" at the 1978 Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC. 

Folder 8: Postcard. Tennessee Williams by Rachel Romero (1983). 

Folder 9: Xerox copy. "Tennessee Williams and the Legends of St Sebastian" by Brian Parker in University of Toronto Quarterly (Summer 2000). 

Folder 10: Pamphlet. "11th Annual Mississippi Delta Tennessee Williams Festival""(Clarksdale, MS: 2003). 

Folder 11: Pamphlet. "The Seventh Annual Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival" (New Orleans, LA: 1993). 

Folder 12: Photocopies of newspaper articles: 

"Present Indicative" in Times Literary Supplement (November 14, 1958): 652. Re: "Orpheus Descending." 

"Keeping in Character" in Times Literary Supplement (January 13, 1961): 23. Re: "Sweet Bird of Youth." 

"Tennessee Williams' True Legacy: Recently Revealed Works Headed to Stage, Print" by David Patrick Stearns in USA Today (no date): 1D & 2D. 

"Dramatic Themes" in Times Literary Supplement (February 10, 1956): 82. Re: "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." 

Folder 13: Souvenir Book. "Cheryl Crawford presents 'The Rose Tattoo'" (New York: no date). 

Folder 14: Brochure. "Tennessee Williams Tribute & Tour of Historic Homes", September 9-12, 2004, Columbus, Mississippi. 

Loose because in box or bound: Typed playscript. "Battle of Angels" (stamped "Nov 26 1940"). Handwritten annotations. 160 pages. In blue folder and housed in a box. 

Bound, mimeograph film script. "Baby Doll" (no date) with handwritten annotations. 121 pages. 

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Box 3: Oversize 

Folder 1: Uncorrected galley page proofs A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur. New Directions. Sent by New Directions editor Peggy Fox to Tennessee Willaims' agent Mitch Douglas. In Ms. Fox's attached card (14 Dec. 1979) to Mitch Douglas she asks for a quick decision and return on the galleys. There are some editorial annotations on the galleys. 

Folder 2: Lobby Card. "A Streetcar Named Desire." Number 6. 

Folder 3: Discover the Delta (October 1995). Special edition featuring the Tennessee Williams Festival in Clarksdale, MS. 

Folder 4: Pressbook. "The Fugitive Kind" (United Artists, 1960). 3 copies. Call number: PS3545 I5365 O716. 

Folder 5: Pressbook. "The Night of the Iguana" (M-G-M, no date). 2 copies. Call number: PS 3545 I5365 N53. 

Folder 6: Pressbook. "Summer and Smoke" (Paramount, 1961). Call number: PS3545 I5365 S856. 

Folder 7: Pressbook. "Period of Adjustment" (M-G-M, 1962). Call number: PS 3545 I5365 P45. 

Folder 8: Pressbook. "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone" (Warner Bros., 1961). Call number: PS3545 I5365 R58. 

Folder 9: "Tennessee Williams Remembered" by R.C. Wood in Magnolia Gazette (1 April 2004): B1. 

Folder 10: Pressbook. "Last of the Mobile Hot-Shots" (Warmer Bros., 1970). Call number: PS 3545 .I5365 S4212 1970. 

Folder 11: Movie poster half sheet. “Period of Adjustment” (1962). 

Folder 12: Poster. “The Glass Menagerie,” re: advertising the motion picture edition of the book by New Directions Press. 

Loose: Bound, galley proofs of the film script. "Baby Doll" (New Directions, 1956). 108 printed pages. Contains handwritten annotations. 

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Box 4: Clamshell 

Tennessee Williams 1932 University of Missouri Yearbook Savitar. Call number: PS3545 I5365 N67 1932. Donated by Tim Miller of Flatsigned Books. 

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Box 5: Clamshell 

Typed playscript ("First Typing"). "Southern Cross, or Night of the Iguana" (1960). 137 pages with variations in pagination. Author's Note: "This first typed draft is meant only for those engaged in the Coconut Grove tryout. It contains textual omissions, over-laps, and repetitions which will be indicated..." 

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Box 6: Clamshell 

Mimeograph playscript. "Night of the Iguana" (June 1960) with handwritten annotations. 121 pages including 3 handwritten pages. Restricted use -- see Archivist for permission. 

Mimeograph playscript. "Night of the Iguana" (January 15, 1962) with handwritten annotations. 130 pages. 

See also: Mimeograph film script. "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone" (revised November 28, 1960) with handwritten annotations. 199 pages. Note: Vivian Leigh's copy. Call number: PS 3545 I5365 R52 1960. 

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On display in Special Collections: 

Framed Item #203. Movie poster “The Fugitive Kind” (1960). 

Framed Item #205. Movie poster “Sweet Birds of Youth” (1962). 

Framed Item #355. Movie poster “Summer and Smoke”; 3-sheet (1961). 

Framed Item #359. Movie poster “Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone” (1961). 

Framed Item #497. Movie poster “Night of the Iguana.” 

Framed Item #511. Movie poster “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” 

Framed Item #499. Movie poster “Baby Doll” (three sheet). 

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Special Collections Map Case Drawer 13 

Two movie posters for “This Property Is Condemned”: one American 1966 poster with “Admittance Restricted to Persons 18 Years of Age or Older” sticker; one Australian poster. 

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Special Collections Map Case Drawer 6 

Tennessee Williams movie posters: “Summer and Smoke” (1961) and “Period of Adjustment” (1962). 

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