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Finding Aid for the John Sharp Williams Collection (MUM00480)

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The John Sharp Williams Collection is open for research. This collection is stored at an off-site facility. Researchers interested in using this collection must contact Archives and Special Collections at least two business days in advance of their planned visit.

Finding Aid for the John Sharp Williams Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: John Sharp Williams Collection
Dates: 1862-1943 (bulk 1898-1932)
Collector: Osborn, George Coleman, 1904-
Physical Extent: 11 boxes (9 linear feet)
Repository: University of Mississippi. Department of Archives and Special Collections.University, MS 38677, USA
Identification: MUM00480
Location: Library Annex H19
Language of Material: English
Abstract: This collection contains research material accumulated by historian George Coleman Osborn while researching his biographies John Sharp Williams: Planter-Statesman of the Deep South (1943) and James Kimble Vardaman: Southern Commoner (1981). These research files include transcripts of both Williams and Vardaman correspondence; typed excerpts from the Congressional Record and various newspapers; photographs; as well as broadsheets, clippings, and other printed material.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

George Coleman Osborn gave his research materials to University of Mississippi history professor Dr. James Silver, who subsequently donated the collection to the University of Mississippi library sometime prior to 1976.

Processing Information

Ken Nail Jr. wrote the original guide to the John Sharp Williams Collection. The processing date is unknown. In 2008, Ellie Campbell completed a digital version of the content list. Political Papers Archivist Leigh McWhite revised the content list and added the introductory bibliographic fields in 2009, and Digital Initiatives Librarian Jason Kovari encoded the finding aid for online posting.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Subject Terms

Williams, John Sharp, 1854-1932
Vardaman, James Kimble, 1861-1930
Osborn, George Coleman, 1904-
Banks, Robert Webb, 1843-
Legislation -- United States
Political campaigns -- Mississippi
Politicians -- Mississippi
Mississippi -- Politics and government -– 1865-1950
United States. Congress. House
United States. Congress. Senate
United States -– Politics and government -– 19th century
United States -– Politics and government -– 20th century


broadsheet (format)
printed ephemera
clippings (information artifacts)

Biographical Note

George Coleman Osborn

Osborn was born on 15 May 1904 in Learned, Mississippi. He graduated from Mississippi College in 1927 and received his Ph.D. from Indiana University in 1938, where he also completed his master’s thesis "Career of John Sharp Williams in the House of Representatives." Between 1935 and 1941, he taught at Berry College and during this period married Margaret McMillen. Osborn also served on the faculties of the University of Mississippi (1943-1944), Memphis State University (1944-1947), and the University of Florida (1947-1972). In addition to his biographies John Sharp Williams: Planter-Statesman of the Deep South (1943) and James Kimble Vardaman: Southern Commoner (circa 1981), he also published Woodrow Wilson: The Early Years (1968) and The Role of the British Press in the 1976 Presidential Election (1981).

John Sharp Williams

John Sharp Williams represented Mississippi in the U.S. Congress for twenty-nine years. Williams’ grandfather Christopher Harris Williams, a Tennessee Whig, had served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1837 to 1852. Born to Christopher Harris Williams Jr. and Annie Louise Sharp in Memphis on 30 July 1854, Williams became an orphan during the Civil War when his lawyer father died fighting at the Battle of Shiloh (his mother having passed away several years earlier). Williams and his brother moved to Cedar Grove, the 3,000 acre plantation home of their maternal grandfather John Sharp in Yazoo County, Mississippi.

Williams had an extensive and varied education. After attending local schools, he studied at the Kentucky Military Institute, the University of the South, and the University of Virginia. Williams left the latter institution in 1873 as a Phi Beta Kappa member but with no degree since he refused to enroll in anything but liberal arts classes. Abroad, he attended the Universität Heidelberg in Germany and the College of France at Dijon (years later, his studies and travel experience garnered him a reputation in Congress as a European specialist). After returning to the United States, Williams enrolled in law classes at the University of Virginia and read with a Memphis law firm.

Admitted to the bar in March 1877, Williams married Elizabeth Dial Webb of Livingston, Alabama later that year. He returned to Yazoo City in 1878 to practice law and grow cotton at Cedar Grove which eventually grew to 8,000 acres. His family also increased with the birth of seven children.

The Fifth Mississippi District electorate sent Williams, a Democrat, to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1893. With impressive debating skills, he adopted positions for silver coinage (but against Williams Jennings Bryan’s demand for unlimited circulation of that currency); against protective tariffs and the annexation of Hawaii; and for states’ rights. Williams faced his first real electoral challenge after 1903 redistricting forced a campaign against two other incumbents. Victorious, he became the House Minority Leader, a post held until 1908. Williams also served on the Rules Committee and the Ways and Means Committee.

In 1906, he announced that he would run for a Senate seat in 1911 instead of seeking reelection to the House. Therefore in 1909, he returned home to fight a vicious campaign for the post against Mississippi Governor James K. Vardaman. Although Vardaman promised white voters that he would work to rescind the 15th Amendment, Williams won the election. In recognition of his House experience and leadership, Senate Democrats placed the new Mississippi member on both the Finance and Foreign Relations committees. Williams also chaired the Committee to Audit and Control the Contingent Expenses (1913-14), the Committee on the Library (1915-18), and the Committee on the University of the United States (1919-1920).

Williams allied himself with President Woodrow Wilson, supporting the United States’ entry into World War I and lobbying for U.S. membership in the League of Nations. During the latter legislative battle, a bitter feud developed between Williams and Vardaman, who had eventually won Mississippi’s junior senate post and who opposed both the war and the League. Williams actively supported Pat Harrison in the 1918 campaign which removed Vardaman from office.

Disappointed with the Senate’s isolationist majority, Williams decided not to seek reelection in 1922 stating famously that he would "rather be a hound dog and bay at the moon from my Mississippi plantation than remain in the United States Senate." He remained close to home after retirement and died on 27 September 1932. His grave rests in the family plot at Cedar Mound.

James Kimble Vardaman

Born on 26 July 1861 in Jackson County, Texas, James Kimble Vardaman was one of six children by parents William Sylvester and Mollie Fox Vardaman. Originally from Mississippi, the father moved his family back home in 1868, settling in Yalobusha County.

Vardaman moved to Carrollton, Mississippi as a young man to study law at Helm & Somerville. Admitted to the bar in 1882, he opened a practice in the nearby community of Winona where he also edited the local newspaper. In 1884, he married Anna Robinson with whom he had two daughters and a son.

In 1890, Vardaman became editor of the Greenwood Enterprise. The year before, Leflore County had elected him to the Mississippi House of Representatives. The young legislator would hold on to both jobs through 1896. Although defeated in a race for House Speaker in 1892, Vardaman garnered the post in 1894. He also served as a democratic presidential elector in both 1892 and 1898. In 1895, he failed to win the gubernatorial nomination of the state’s Democratic Party. The following year, Vardaman established the Greenwood Commonwealth.

During the Spanish-American War, Vardaman accepted a commission as captain in the 5th U.S. Volunteers. At the end of service in Cuba, he had risen to the rank of major. Despite these military ventures, party leadership at home refused yet again to nominate him for the Governor’s Mansion. Consequently, Vardaman backed the popular primary measure in which voters selected a party’s nominees for all public offices. In 1903, he became the first governor in the state elected after receiving his party’s nomination through a popular primary election.

Since his early newspaper years, Vardaman had espoused a prohibition platform. A "southern progressive,’ he also fought against child labor, supported prison reform, and established the State Insane Asylum as well as the Deaf and Dumb Institute during his two terms in office. However, his racism propelled him to recommend the closing of black public schools and to seek repeal of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

After John Sharp Williams defeated him in a 1907 contest for the U.S. Senate, Vardaman established a weekly newspaper in Jackson called The Issue which he continued to manage until 1911. Defeated in another campaign for a U.S. Senate seat in 1910, he finally succeeded in 1912. During his tenure, the junior senator served as chair of the Committee on Conservation of Natural Resources (1913-1918), the Committee on Expenditures in the Post Office Department (1913-1914), and the Committee on Manufactures (1917-1918). Largely due to his vocal opposition to United States participation in World War I, Pat Harrison defeated his reelection bid in 1918.

Vardaman lost an attempt to return to the Senate in 1922 and thenceforth relocated to Birmingham, Alabama where his two daughters lived. Dying on 25 June 1930, Vardaman returned to Mississippi to lie in state at the capitol before burial in Jackson’s Lakewood Memorial Park.

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains research material accumulated by historian George Coleman Osborn while researching his biographies John Sharp Williams: Planter-Statesman of the Deep South (1943) and James Kimble Vardaman: Southern Commoner (circa 1981). The collection contains mostly transcripts; however, original material is scattered throughout the files as well.

Boxes 1 through 3 contain transcripts of correspondence that George C. Osborne or his agents made while researching John Sharp Williams. At times, these transcripts are merely excerpts. The transcripts make no indication regarding the institution or holder possessing the original letters, although they often contain handwritten research notes by Osborne. In his biography, Osborne remarks that most of his research relied upon the John Sharp Williams Collection at the Library of Congress. Box 2 does include a few original documents which are marked as such on the content list.

Most of the contents in Box 4 are original. Box 4, Folders 3 through 11 hold the correspondence of Robert W. Banks (1843-1919) who owned and edited the Columbus Index and later moved to Meridian to edit the Standard. Banks wrote a Civil War history The Battle of Franklin (1908) and a series of newspaper articles on famous Mississippians in the past. The same box includes the correspondence of his daughter, Lucile Banks in Folders 1 and 2. Related to John Sharp Williams through the Webb family, several of the Banks letters discuss Williams, Vardaman, and Mississippi politics in general. Other subjects include Robert Bank’s book, his series of articles on famous Mississippians, and Confederate veterans. Folder 4 contains a particularly lengthy account of Mississippi’s military recruitment efforts to fill the state’s quota for the Spanish American War. Box 4, Folders 12 through 16 contain a mix of Lucile Banks, Robert W. Banks, and John Sharp Williams correspondence. Box 4, Folder 17 has transcripts of James K. Vardaman correspondence, while Folder 18 contains transcripts of three letters between Williams and Vardaman. Box 4, Folder 19 holds transcripts of material in the Archibald Stinson Coody Collection (possibly from the Coody Papers at the Mississippi Department of Archives & History). Secretary of the Mississippi State Tax Commission from 1918 to 1954, Coody published an excerpt from an intended biography of Vardaman in 1944. Finally, Folder 20 contains the correspondence and notes of George C. Osborn concerning his research on Williams.

Box 5 consists of typed transcripts of excerpts from the Congressional Record. Boxes 6 through 8 hold typed transcripts of excerpts from the New York Times and a variety of Mississippi newspapers on the topics of John Sharp Williams and James Kimble Vardaman. Included among these newspapers are three established and edited by Vardaman: Greenwood Commonwealth, Issue, and Vardaman’s Weekly. Box 9 holds transcripts of Williams’ speeches; typed notes from master’s theses, popular magazines, and publications; typed manuscripts of a series of articles on famous Mississippians by Colonel Robert W. Banks; and miscellaneous notes on both Williams and Vardaman.

Box 10 contains some original correspondence related to Williams, but mostly consists of small publications and other printed materials. Original photographs in the last folder have been removed to separate storage and replaced with photocopies. Box 11 is oversized and holds original broadsheets, clippings, newspapers, and newspaper excerpts which primarily relate to Williams and Vardaman, although some items are about Dr. B.F. Ward and Robert W. Banks.

User Information

Prefered Citation

John Sharp Williams Collection, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

Access Restrictions

The John Sharp Williams Collection is open for research. This collection is stored at an off-site facility. Researchers interested in using this collection must contact Archives and Special Collections at least two business days in advance of their planned visit.

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Related Material

John Sharp Williams Resources at the University of Mississippi

Hagop Bogigian. In Quest of the Soul of Civilization. Washington, DC: H. Bogigian, [circa 1925]. Catalogued: E170.5 B66. This autobiographical book on Armenia, includes a forward by Williams.

Charles William Dabney and John Sharp Williams. Treaty of Peace with Germany and Proposed Constitution for a League of Nations. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1919. Catalogued: D644 D33 1919.

Harris Dickson. An Old-Fashioned Senator: A Story Biography of John Sharp Williams. New York: Frederick A. Stokes, 1925. Catalogued: E664 W675 D4.

Faulkner Small Manuscript. Box 1, Folder 1-8 contains a photocopy of a 1922 letter from Phil Stone to Williams regarding the appointment of William Faulkner as University of Mississippi postmaster. The collection finding aid is available online at The Library of Congress has also made a copy of the letter available online at

Pat Harrison Collection. Contains at least three letters from Williams. A collection finding aid is available online at

Jerry Allen Hendrix. "The Speaking of John Sharp Williams in the League of Nations Debates." M.A. Thesis, Louisiana State University, 1964. Catalogued: E664 W675 H4.

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________________. Trust, and the Tariff in Relation Thereto…Remarks of Hon. John Sharp Williams of Mississippi, in the House of Representatives, January 31, February 4 and 6, 1903. Washington, DC: 1903. Catalogued: HD2795 W53 1903.

________________. The University of Virginia and the Development of Thomas Jefferson’s Ideas: Speech of Hon. John Sharp Williams Delivered at the St. Louis Meeting of the Association of State Universities, June 28, 1904. [Charlottesville, VA: 1904]. Catalogued: LD5673 W5.

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________________ . Lincoln Birthplace Farm at Hodgenville, Ky. Address Delivered on the Occasion of the Acceptance of a Deed of Gift to the Nation by the Lincoln Farm Association, of the Lincoln Birthplace Farm at Hodgenville, Ky., by Hon. John Sharp Williams…September 4, 1916. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1916. Catalogued: E457.32 W72.

James Kimble Vardaman Resources at the University of Mississippi

Bruce R. Barlett. Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party’s Buried Past. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008. Catalogued: JK2316 B37 2008. Includes a chapter on Vardaman.

Roane Fleming Byrnes Collection. Box 42 contains a 1907 Saturday Evening Post article by Harris Dickson on Vardaman. The collection’s finding aid is available online at http://purl.oclc.umarchives/MUM00057/.

Ross A. Collins Collection. Includes a photograph portrait of Vardaman as well as a 1911 Democratic Primary ballot which lists Vardaman as a candidate for the U.S. Senate. The collection’s finding aid is available online at

The Commonwealth. Microfilm of this Greenwood, Mississippi newspaper for which Vardaman served as editor. The library holds issues from 15 April 1897 to 28 December 1921.

Archibald S. Coody. Biographical Sketches of James Kimble Vardaman. Jackson, MS: A.S. Coody, 1922.

________________. The Race Question from "The White Chief: A Story of Life and Times of James K. Vardaman. Vicksburg, MS: Mississippi Printing Co., circa 1944. Catalogued: E185.61 C758.

Susan M. Glisson, ed. The Human Tradition in the Civil Rights Movement. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2006. Includes an essay by Paul R. Beezley entitled "James K. Vardaman: "A Vote for White Supremacy." Catalogued: E185.96 H86 2006.

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Investigation by the Senate of the State of Mississippi of the Charges of Bribery in the Election of a United States Senator. Nashville, TN: Brandon Printing Co., 1910. Catalogued: JK1197 M7 1910. Vardaman lost his senate seat during this election.

The Issue. Microfilm of this Jackson, Mississippi newspaper for which Vardaman served as editor.

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Cal M. Logue. Oratory of Southern Demogogues. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University, 1981. Catalogued: PN4193 P6 O7. Includes a chapter on Vardaman.

Mississippi Periodicals Collection. Box 3 contains a 1965 Mid-South Magazine with an article by William Street on Vardaman. A collection finding aid is available.

George Coleman Osborn. James Kimble Vardaman: A Southern Commoner. Jackson, MS: Hederman Brothers, circa 1981. Catalogued: F341 V37 O8.

Clayton Rand. [Biographies of Southern Men]. Mississippi Power & Light Company, [1936]. Catalogued: F208 R3 1936. Vardaman is included among this collection of biographical pamphlets.

Small Manuscript 98-1. Includes "Private John" Allen Write Open Letter to James K. Vardaman: Offers to Donate $1,500.00 to Charity if Vardaman Will Answer Questions Suggested by the Records (1911). The finding aid is available online at

Lily Thompson Collection. Box 2, Folder 1 contains two issues of Vardaman’s Weekly (5 June 1919 and 12 June 1919). The collection finding aid is available online at

Vardaman’s Attitude Toward President Wilson, the Democratic Administration and the American Government. A Record of Opposition and Obstruction. Jackson, MS: Pat Harrison Central Campaign Committee, [1918]. Catalogued: E766 P3.

Vardaman’s Weekly. Microfilm of the Jackson, Mississippi newspaper for which Vardaman served as editor between 1919 and 1923.

James Kimble Vardaman. Inaugural Address, James K. Vardaman, Tuesday, January 19, 1904. Jackson, MS: Tucker Printing House, 1904. Catalogued: J87 .M72 1904, Jan. 19.

____________________. Biennial Message of Gov. Jas. K. Vardaman to the Legislature of Mississippi, January 3, 1906. Catalogued: J87 M72 1906.

____________________. Woman Suffrage: Speeches of Hon. James K. Vardaman of Mississippi in the Senate of the United States. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1914.

____________________. Free Speech: The Sheet Anchor of Our Liberty. Speech of Hon. James K. Vardaman of Mississippi on Proposed Amendment to the Espionage Law in the Senate of the United States, Saturday, April 6, 1918. Washington, DC: 1918. Catalogued: JC591 V3.

John Sharp Williams Resources at Other Institutions

Alabama Department of Archives and History: Oscar Wilder Underwood Papers and Henry S. Halbert Papers both include Williams correspondence.

Duke University. Patrick Henry Papers and Hamilton B. Holt Papers both include Williams correspondence.

Georgia Historical Society. Elizabeth Eloise Wilkes Papers contain one letter from Williams.

Internet Archives: Address of the Hon. John Sharp Williams (Memphis: Paul & Douglass Co., 1904) at; and Address of the Hon. John Sharp Williams at Dinner of the Committee on Tariff Reform of the Reform Club in the City of New York, June 2d, 1906 (New York: Reform Club Committee on Tariff Reform, 1906) at

Library of Congress: John Sharp Williams Collection (a collection finding aid is available online at; the George Sutherland Papers and the Woodrow Wilson Papers both include Williams correspondence.

Louisiana State University: John Sharp Williams Letters.

Mississippi Department of Archives and History: John Sharp Williams Collection and the Micajah F. Berry Papers (includes Williams correspondence).

Mississippi State University: Randolph-Sherman Papers; the Rice Family Papers; the Hobbs Family Papers; and the Marion Henry Collection.

New Orleans Public Library: Bruns Family Papers include a 1917 letter by Williams.

University of Arkansas: Compton Family Papers include two Williams letters.

University of Michigan’s Bentley Historical Library: Williams correspondence in the Henry Wirt Newkirk Papers, the William Butts Mershon Papers, and the Henry Carter Adams Papers.

University of Pennsylvania: one 1917 letter from Williams to J.G.B. Bulloch.

University of Virginia’s Alderman Library: the Paul B. Barringer Papers include Williams correspondence.

Virginia Historical Society: miscellaneous items related to Williams.

James Kimble Vardaman at Other Institutions

Alabama Department of Archives and History: Oscar Wilder Underwood Papers includes Vardaman correspondence.

Duke University: Armistead T.M. Filler Papers include Vardaman correspondence.

Louisiana State University: oral history interview with Brodie S. Crump discusses Vardaman.

Mississippi Department of Archives and History: James K. Vardaman Papers which consists of scrapbooks, reprints, and manuscripts. Material related to Vardaman appears in several other MDAH collections.

Mississippi State University: Hobbs Family Papers include Vardaman correspondence and a photograph.

University of Southern Mississippi: "An Oral History with Mrs. R.E. Ball" discusses Vardaman.

University of Virginia: John Skelton Williams Papers possess Vardaman correspondence.

"Vardaman’s Weekly": website maintained by James B. Vardaman which has posted historical material online related to James K. Vardaman. Available at

Separated Material

Original photographs are housed in Collection Photographs Box 18, Folders 128 through 134. Since these are stored at an off-site storage facility, two business days advance notice is required to view the original prints.

Curators removed the following publications to catalogued holdings in Special Collections:

W.H. Anderson. The Doctor’s Role in Our Human Economics. Call Number: R727 A63 1926.

The Baptist Record: The Centennial Edition. Jackson: Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, 29 October 1936. Call Number: BX6209 M7 B37 38:44 (1936) .

The Baptist Record. Jackson, MS: Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, 19 November 1936. Call Number: BX6209 M7 B37 38:47 (1936) .

W.F. Bond. Education in Mississippi. [Jackson, MS: State Board of Education, 1928]. Call Number: LA313 A4 M57 1928.

Archibald Stinson Coody. The Race Question from The White Chief: A Story of the Life and Times of James K. Vardaman. Vicksburg: Mississippi Printing Company, 1944. Call Number: E185.61 C758.

B.C. Craft. Oil and Gas Development in Mississippi. American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, 1934. Call Number: HD9567 M7 C73 1934.

Dr. Charles William Dabney. Treaty of Peace with Germany and Proposed Constitution for a League of Nations: An Article by Charles William Dabney; Together With Remarks of Honorable John Sharp Williams of Mississippi in the Senate of the United States: Wednesday, September 24, 1919. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1919. Call Number: D644 D33 1919.

Dorothy Dickins. A Study of Food Habits of People in Two Contrasting Areas of Mississippi. Mississippi Agricultural Experiment Station, 1927. Call Number: GT2853 M7 D53 1927.

Dabney Lipscomb. General Stephen D. Lee: His Life, Character, and Services. Mississippi Historical Society, 1909. Call Number: E467.1 L42 L57 1909.

Mound Bayou Foundation, Incorporated. Organization Charter and By-Laws of the Mound Bayou Foundation, Incorporated, Mound Bayou, Bolivar County, Mississippi. Cleveland. MS: Enterprise, 1937. Call Number: F349 M6 O74 1937.

Dunbar Rowland. Political and Parliamentary Orators and Oratory in Mississippi. Hattiesburg, PA: Harrisburg Publishing Co., [1901]. Call Number: F340 R88.

Dr. B.F. Ward. Neither Hot Nor Cold. [1910]. Call Number: JK1976 W37 1910z.

Dr. B.F. Ward. The Unjust Judge and the Government of One Blood. [Winona, MS: 1910]. Call Number: KF4893 W37 1910z.


Series I. Transcripts of Woodrow Wilson – John Sharp Williams Correspondence
Series II. Transcripts of John Sharp Williams Correspondence
Series III. Miscellaneous Correspondence and Notes
Series IV. James Kimble Vardaman Correspondence
Series V. Transcripts of Congressional Record Congressional Record Excerpts and Osborne Manuscripts
Series VI. Typed Biographical Manuscripts
Series VII. Transcripts of Newspaper Excerpts on John Sharp Williams and James Kimble Vardaman
Series VIII. Transcripts of John Sharp Williams Speeches
Series IX. Transcripts of Miscellaneous Speeches
Series X. Typed Notes on Various Master's Theses
Series XII. Typed Excerpts
Series XII. Typed and Handwritten Notes
Series XIII. Miscellaneous Correspondence and Notes
Series XIV. Poster and Printed Material
Series XV. Miscellaneous
Series XVI. Graphics & Photos
Series XVII. Newspapers, Newspaper Clippings & Broadsheets

Container List

Series I. Transcripts of Woodrow Wilson – John Sharp Williams Correspondence
Folder 1.1 13 June-28 December 1912
Folder 1.2 3 January-31 March 1913
Folder 1.3 5 April-30 June 1913
Folder 1.4 4 July-28 July 1913
Folder 1.5 22 August-30 September 1913
Folder 1.6 2 October-29 October 1913
Folder 1.7 4 November-30 December 1913
Folder 1.8 2 January-24 April 1914
Folder 1.9 11 May-10 November 1914
Folder 1.10 4 January-30 July 1915
Folder 1.11 2 August-31 August 1915
Folder 1.12 18 September-17 December 1915
Folder 1.13 7 January-29 February 1916
Folder 1.14 2 March-24 June 1916
Folder 1.15 2 July-30 November 1916
Folder 1.16 4 December-28 December 1916
Folder 1.17 16 January-27 April 1917
Folder 1.18 4 May-28 July 1917
Folder 1.19 2 August-31 August 1917
Folder 1.20 1 September-17 December 1917
Folder 1.21 7 January-23 March 1918
Folder 1.22 8 April-16 July 1918
Folder 1.23 4 September-24 October 1918
Folder 1.24 21 November-22 December 1918
Folder 2.1 8 January-28 July 1919
Folder 2.2 1 August-8 December 1919
Folder 2.3 6 January-30 July 1920
Folder 2.4 4 August-20 December 1920
Folder 2.5 7 February-25 November 1921
Folder 2.6 6 January-3 June 1922
Folder 2.7 13 January-4 December 1923
Series II. Transcripts of John Sharp Williams Correspondence
Folder 2.8 John W. Abercrombie of Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Dr. H.U. Abernethy of Marks, Mississippi
Sterling N. Acree
Louis J. Alber of Cleveland, Ohio
I.B. Albert of Fort Myers, Florida
Julian P. Alexander of Jackson, Mississippi
W.M. Alexander of Moss Point, Mississippi
John F. Allen of Drumright, Oklahoma
John M. Allen of St. Petersburg, Florida [original document]
W.D. Anderson of Tupelo, Mississippi
J.E. Annis of Chattanooga, Tennessee
Reverend O.P. Armour of Booneville, Mississippi
Henry F. Ashurst (U.S. Senator from Arizona)
Aimaro Asto (Japanese Ambassador – 1917)
Reverend N.G. Augustus of Macon, Mississippi
W.L. Austin (Chief, Bureau of Statistics, Department of Commerce and Labor)
Folder 2.9 Miss Eleanor S. Babendreer of Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Newton D. Baker (U.S. Secretary of War)
Mrs. M.M. Bane of Falls Church, Virginia
James Callaway of Macon Daily Telegraph
John H. Bankhead (U.S. Senator from Alabama)
Folder 2.10 Miss Lucile Banks (John Sharp Williams' cousin)
Robert W. Banks (father of Lucile Banks)
George O. Myers of Jackson, Mississippi
Louise T. Frochlich
Martin J. Wade (U.S. Senator from Iowa)
Folder 2.11 Colonel Robert W. Banks
Miss Lucile Banks
R.J. Barbour of Enterprise, Mississippi
E.H. Bardshaw of Jackson, Mississippi
Dan W. Barnett of Carthage, Mississippi
James P. Barnett
David S. Barry (Senate Sergeant at Arms)
Richard Bartholdt (U.S. Representative from Missouri)
Wallace Bassford
Max C. Baum of New York, New York
Folder 2.12 James A. Becker of Brookhaven, Mississippi
J.W.C. Beckham (U.S. Senator from Kentucky)
R.L. Bedwell of Yazoo City, Mississippi
Mrs. Marine Harrison Bell of Waco, Texas (John Sharp Williams' cousin)
W.C. Benet of Grimshaw, North Carolina
P.M. Bennett of Shipman, Mississippi
L.A. Benoist of Natchez, Mississippi
Joe P. Benson of Canton, Mississippi
W.C. Bercherdt of Austinville, Virginia
J.M. Berlew (secretary to Senator John Sharp Williams)
Miss Lucile Banks
William Bernard of New York, New York
C.R. Berry of Benton, Mississippi
Reverend C.Z. Berryhill of Holly Springs, Mississippi
J.R. Beverly of Lauderdale, Mississippi
A. Bruce Bielaski (Chief, Division of Investigation, Department of Justice)
T.J. Bingham of Newton, Mississippi
Thomas H. Birch (U.S. Minister to Lisbon, Portugal)
Arthur F. Black of Columbus, Ohio
R.C. Blailock, A.E. Dalrymple, H. Boswell, et al. in Amory, Mississippi
Barton Blake of Collier's Weekly
Edward H. Blake of Middleboro, Massachusetts
Mrs. Lizzie McF. Blakemore of Hopkinsville, Kentucky
William R. Craig of New York, New York
George Blumenthal of New York, New York [original document]
Folder 2.13 Temple Bodley of Louisville, Kentucky
Eugene J. Bogen of Greenville, Mississippi
R.A. Bolling of Gallman, Mississippi
Mrs. Susie Meek Bolton of Columbus, Mississippi
William Edgar Borah (U.S. Senator from Idaho)
Dr. William A. Taylor (Chief, Bureau of Plant Industry, Department of Agriculture)
R.F. Bower of Washington, DC
J.E. Bower (Manager of the Majestic Theater in Jackson, Mississippi)
F.T. Bowles
Lee Bowman of Greenwood, Mississippi
Robert Bowman Jr. (on John Sharp Williams' office staff)
Ira Boyd of Troup, Texas
S.B. Boyd of Washington, Indiana
H.R. Boykin of Charleston, South Carolina
Reverend D.P. Bradford of Poplarville, Mississippi
William O. Bradley (U.S. Senator from Kentucky)
Williams Jennings Bryan (U.S. Secretary of State)
F.V. Brahn of Meridian, Mississippi
T.W. Brame of Macon, Mississippi
Frank B. Brandegee (U.S. Senator from Connecticut)
A.P. Brantley of Blackshear, Georgia
W.G. Brantley
Mrs. Gertrude Stafford Brebner of Chicago, Illinois
Mrs. Katherine Roche Bouden of Washington, DC
Earl Brewer (Governor of Mississippi)
J.H. Brinker (Acting Superintendent of Documents)
M.M. Brister of Yazoo City, Mississippi
John W. Broughton of Lorman, Mississippi
D.N. Brown of Olive Branch, Mississippi
S.H. Brown of Buckatunna, Mississippi
T.H. Brown of Buckatunna, Mississippi
N.P. Bryan of Jacksonville, Mississippi
William Jennings Bryan (U.S. Secretary of State)
H.K. Bryson (Commission of Agriculture in Nashville, Tennessee)
Stewart E. Bruce of Los Angeles, California
Folder 2.14 Walter G. Buckley of Amita, Louisiana
Miss Eleanor Buckman of Washington, DC
J.R. Buckwalter of Union, Mississippi
Miss Jeanette Bunkley of Sandersville, Georgia
Hattie E. Burdette of Washington, DC
Albert S. Burleson (Postmaster General)
J.M Burlew (John Sharp Williams' office staff)
John L. Burnett (U.S. Representative from Alabama)
Matthew Burns of Jackson, Mississippi
Robert Burns of Brandon, Mississippi
H.F. Burris of Schurz, Nevada
Mrs. Robert E. Burris of Schurz, Nevada
E.A. Butler of Terry, Mississippi
Captain James S. Butler of Yazoo City, Mississippi
Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler (President of Columbia University)
Thomas S. Butler (U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania)
F.D. Byington
S.M. Byrd of Kosciusko, Mississippi
Folder 2.15 Edward F. Cadley of New York, New York
Augustus J. Cadwalader of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Joe Mitchell Cahpple of National Magazine
Mrs. Lilly Tyler Caldwell of Yazoo City, Mississippi
Mrs. Kate Callaghan of Washington, DC
James Calloway of Macon, Georgia
Roger L. Calvert (John Sharp Williams' office staff)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Calvert
Mrs. Bettie Scanlan Campbell of Bugalusa, Louisiana
R.G. Campbell of Bowling Green, Kentucky
B.F. Cameron of Meridian, Mississippi
C.H. Canby of Chicago, Illinois
Warren A. Candler of Atlanta, Georgia
Joseph G. Cannon (U.S. Representative from Illinois)
R.L. Cannon of Sumner, Mississippi
J.W. Carey, Managing Editor of Sioux City Daily News [original document]
George H. Carter (Clerk, Joint Committee on Printing)
J.P. Carter of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
H. Cassedy of Brookhaven, Mississippi [original document]
T.C. Catchings
Miss Josephine E. Catchings of Washington, DC
C.C. Chaffee Jr. of Sewanee, Tennessee [original document]
D.H. Chamberlain of Cannonsburg, Mississippi
George E. Chamberlain (U.S. Senator from Oregon)
P.C. Chapman of Indianola, Mississippi
W.E. Chapman of Indianola, Mississippi
Chicago Examiner
C.D. Christian of Meridian, Mississippi
Phil Christman of Jackson, Mississippi
Folder 2.16 Moses E. Clapp (U.S. Senator from Minnesota)
Champ Clark (U.S. Representative from Missouri)
Mrs. Charlton M. Clark of Washington, DC
Charlton M. Clark of Washington, DC
J.B. Clark of Nugent, Mississippi
Henry D. Clayton (U.S. District Judge in Montgomery, Alabama)
Reverend W.M. Cleaveland of Joplin, Missouri
R.F. Cochran of Meridian, Mississippi
Bainbridge Colby of Washington, DC
Samuel Colcord of New York, New York
Colonel D.C. Colcork of New Orleans, Louisiana
General D.D. Colcock of New Orleans, Louisiana
J.E. Cole of Baltimore, Maryland
J.W. Collier (U.S. Representative from Mississippi)
A.G. Collins of Battlefield, Mississippi
F.L. Collins of West Point, Mississippi
Columbus Dispatch
David Compton of Gentry, Arkansas
Mrs. Pearl Conerly of Columbus, Mississippi
W.D. Conn of Corinth, Mississippi
Miss Mollie Conners of Oakland Enquirer in Oakland, California
M.W. Connolly of Memphis, Tennessee
Lemeul P. Connor of Natchez, Mississippi
Professor J.M. Consley of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
A.B. Cook of Jackson, Mississippi
D.B. Cooley of Laurel, Mississippi
Calvin Coolidge (letter written in 1919 during Coolidge's term as Governor of Massachusetts)
B.S. Cox of Shubuta, Mississippi
W.M. Cox of Baldwyn, Mississippi
Mrs. Margaret C. Craig of Coolsemee, North Carolina
T.R. Craig of Falkner, Mississippi
J.L. Crawford of Hickory Flat, Mississippi
S.J. Creekmore of DeKalb, Mississippi
George Creel (Committee on Public Information in Washington, DC)
W.L. Cross of New Haven, Connecticut
C.A. Culberson (U.S. Senator from Texas)
W.A. Cullop (U.S. Representative from Indiana)
L.F. Culver of Pascagoula, Mississippi
Homer S. Cummings (Democratic National Committee)
Vance C. McCormick (Chairman of Democratic National Committee)
Albert B. Cummins (U.S. Senator from Iowa)
John T. Cupit of Jackson, Mississippi
Dr. W.S. Currell (President of the University of South Carolina)
Charles Curtis (U.S. Senator from Kansas, U.S. Vice-President)
N.T. Curtis of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
J.W. Cutner of Clarksdale, Mississippi
Folder 2.17 R.H. Dabney of the University of Virginia
R.L. Dabney of Hernando, Mississippi
Harris Dickson of Vicksburg, Mississippi
G.E. Dahistrom of Ackerman, Mississippi
Ernest E. Dallis of Atlanta, Georgia
Horace Daniel of Sarepta, Mississippi
Josephus Daniels (U.S. Secretary of Navy)
Thomas Bon Dapray of Washington, DC
H.M. Daughtery of Columbus, Ohio (Attorney General)
John C. Daves of Baltimore, Maryland
Felix Cordeva Davila (Puerto Rico delegate to the House of Representatives)
Charles Henry Davis (President of National Highways Association)
Mrs. Edwin S. Davis of Macon, Georgia
F.B. Davis (Acting Private Secretary to U.S. Secretary of War)
Hayne Davis of New York, New York
John C. Davis of Baltimore, Maryland
W.J. Davis and Company in Jackson, Mississippi
General Charles G. Dawes of Washington, DC
C.D. Carter (U.S. Representative from Oklahoma)
Charles De Lesseps in Paris, France
Marion De Vries (U.S. Court of Customs Appeals)
William E. Dean of University of Chicago
Professor George H. Denny (President of the University of Alabama)
J.B. Densmore
General Armando Diaz
W.H. Dick of Philipp, Mississippi
Folder 2.18 W.P. Dillingham (U.S. Senator from Vermont)
William C. Dix of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Thomas Dixon of New York, New York
Mrs. Sally Dixon of Vaughans, Mississippi
Dr. E.J. Doering of Chicago, Illinois
G.L. Donald of Magee, Mississippi [original document]
Alfred W. Donegan (U.S. Consul in Zurich, Switzerland)
Dr. F.C. Drane of Liancoch, Pennsylvania
B.F. Duke of Pascagoula, Mississippi
John R. Dunlap of Fort Myers, Florida
Arthur W. Dunn (Western Newspaper Union)
T. Coleman Du Pont (U.S. Senator from Deleware)
H. Garland Dupre (U.S. Representative from Louisiana)
W.J. Dwyer of The Bulletin [original document]
Grandville Dyon of Liberty, Mississippi
John F. Jenkins of Natchez, Mississippi
Folder 2.19 Oliver Eastland of Senatobia, Mississippi
Dr. J. Sidney Easton of Coldwater, Mississippi
H.E. Fitts of Aberdeen, Mississippi
J.S. Eaton of Taylorsville, Mississippi
A.O. Eberhart of St. Paul, Minnesota
Professor W.H. Echols (University of Virginia)
Lieutenant Colonel C.G. Edgar (Signal Corps)
Charles A. Edwards of Washington, DC
General Clarence R. Edwards in Canal Zone
Evan S. Edwards of New York, New York
Charles W. Eliot of Asticou, Maine
C.C. Elliott of San Francisco, California
Henry W. Elliott (U.S. House of Representatives)
Joseph F. Ellis of Birmingham, Alabama
Joseph F. Ellis of Clarksdale, Mississippi
W.W. Ellis Jr. of Capleville, Tennessee
W.A. Everman of Benton, Tennessee
Folder 2.20 George Faison of Camp Stanley, Texas
J.W.T. Falkner (Secretary of State, Mississippi)
Ralph Farrell of Canton, Mississippi
J. Sloat Fassett (U.S. Representative from New York)
Mrs. S.W. Ferguson of Biloxi, Mississippi
E.A. Fitzgerald of Vicksburg, Mississippi
Woodbridge N. Ferris of Big Rapids, Michigan
W.P. Field of Centerville, Mississippi
Reuben Fink of Washington, DC
D.E. Finley of York, South Carolina
First National Bank of Greenwood, Mississippi
Stuyvesant Fish of New York, New York
Robert V. Fleming
William H. Fleming of Augusta, Georgia
Duncan Upshaw Fletcher (U.S. Senator from Florida)
Eugene Fly of the Hattiesburg News in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Hamilton Foley
Joseph W. Folk (Interstate Commerce Commission)
Colonel C.R. Forbes (Director of the U.S. Veterans Bureau)
J.B. Forbes of Detroit, Michigan
Cornelius Ford of Washington, DC
A.K. Forney of Thomson, Georgia
Reverend Norvel Fortinberry of Smithburg, Mississippi
W.J. Fortinberry of Smithburg, Mississippi
Bernard Foster of Vicksburg, Mississippi
G.H. Fountain of New York, New York
Colonel C.W. Fowler of Lyndon, Kentucky
Miss Grace E. Fox of Washington, DC
Mrs. Josephine B. Fox of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
W.C. Fox of New York, New York
Joseph I. France (U.S. Senator from Maryland)
Malcolm A. Franklin (Collector of Port Honolulu, Hawaii)
W.J. Fraser of Springfield, Ohio
A.M. Free (U.S. Representative from California)
Joseph Sherman Frelinghuysen (U.S. Senator from New Jersey)
Nathaniel French of Davenport, Iowa
A.H. Friberg of Meridian, Mississippi
Miss Louise F. Frochlich of Koblenz Rhein, Germany
Folder 2.21 Sidney Gallaher of Booneville, Mississippi
J.H. Gallinger (U.S. Senator from New Hampshire)
D.J. Gantt of Miller's School, Virginia
Mrs. Helen H. Gardener of Washington, DC
A.F. Gardner of Greenwood, Mississippi
Dr. James W. Garner (University of Illinois)
John W. Garnett of Pass Christian, Mississippi
Paul Garrett of Norfolk, Virginia
Lindley M. Garrison (Secretary of War)
Miss Mildred S. Gates of Staunton, Virginia
G.L. George of Jackson, Mississippi
Major George L. Donald of Jackson, Mississippi
J.W. George of Jackson, Mississippi
James W. Gerard of New York, New York
C.A. Gibson of Port Gibson, Mississippi
Harvey D. Gibson of New York, New York
J.A. Gibson of Meridian, Mississippi
Julian J. Gill of Starkville, Mississippi
J.L. Gillespie of Greenwood, Mississippi
Carter Glass (Secretary of Treasury)
Robert Echols Goldsby of Columbia University
Mrs. Maggie Gooch of Nashville, Tennessee
Folder 2.22 John A. Gore of New York, New York [original document]
T.P. Core (U.S. Senator from Oklahoma)
Miss Jessie Gorgas of the University of Alabama
Captain R.H. Gorgas (Office of Judge Advocate General, War Department)
Major General William C. Gorgas (Surgeon General, U.S. Army)
Clarence Page Townsley (U.S. Military Academy Superintendent) [original document]
W.J. Grady of Washington, DC
A.A. Graham of Blue Mountain, Mississippi
Samuel J. Graham (Assistant Attorney General)
S.M. Graham of Gloster, Mississippi
T.B. Graham of Forest, Mississippi
A.P. Graves (British Embassy Attache)
John Temple Graves of Washington, DC
Andrew C. Gray of Wilmington, Delaware [original document]
R.R. Green of Doddsville, Mississippi
Right Reverend William Mercer Green of Jackson, Mississippi
W.S. Green of Colusa, California
T.W. Gregory (Attorney General)
J.B. Gressett of Meridian, Mississippi
Alex J. Guemberber of Natchez, Mississippi
J.A. Gully of Meridian, Mississippi
C.L. Gunn of Bailey, Mississippi
Folder 2.23 H.L. Hachette of Electric Mills, Mississippi
T.P. Hackleman of Albany, Oregon
J.E. Hagin of Macon, Mississippi
Charles D. Haines of Boston, Massachusetts
Lynn Haines of Washington, DC
Mrs. Annie Riley Hale of New York, New York
E. Ham of Washington, DC
Frank Hamilton of Bradford, Pennsylvania
W.I. Hammack, J.J. Sanders, S.W. Bethany, et al. in Scooba, Mississippi
John Hays Hammond of New York, New York
William Handy of Gulfport, Mississippi
P.M. Harding of Vicksburg, Mississippi
Warren G. Harding (U.S. Senator, U.S. President)
William P.G. Harding (Governor Federal Reserve Board)
W.R. Hardy of Laurel, Mississippi
E.P. Harper of Star, Mississippi
Garrard Harris (U.S. Consul in Havana, Cuba)
J.B. Harris (President Mississippi State Bar Association)
M.J. Harris (Director of Bureau of Census)
Brigadier General P.C. Harris (Adjutant General, War Department)
William J. Harris (Federal Trade Commission)
Mrs. E.D. Harrison of Hopewell, Virginia
Francis Burton Harrison of Manila, [Philippine Islands]
H.P. Harrison of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
J.H. Harrison of St. Louis, Missouri
Harry W. Haynes
W.A. Hays of Decatur, Mississippi
W. H. Hays of Greenwood, Mississippi [original document]
Folder 2.24 F.A. Hearn of Oneonta, Alabama
Miss Mary Heath of Port Gibson, Mississippi
Thomas Heflin (U.S. Representative from Alabama)
J.C. Hemphill of Washington, DC
Major Pat Henry of Brandon, Mississippi [original document]
Charles Humphreys of Crystal Springs, Mississippi
R.H. Henry of Jackson, Mississippi
F.A. Herald of Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Myron T. Herrick (U.S. Ambassador in Paris, France)
Marcus D. Herring of Byhalia, Mississippi
Major Andrew J. Herrod of Beauvoir, Mississippi
D.T. Hersley of Wake Forest, North Carolina
George W. Hess (Superintendent, U.S. Botanic Garden)
M.V. Hickman of Heidelberg, Mississippi
Charles P. Higgins (Sergeant at Arms in U.S. Senate)
E.G. Hightower of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
G.L. Donald of Jackson, Mississippi
George H. Hill of Tupelo, Mississippi
W.S. "Shed" Hill (U.S. Representative from Mississippi)
Edward E. Hindman of Jackson, Mississippi
John W. Garrett of Pass Christian, Mississippi
Hirsch, Dent & Landau of Vicksburg, Mississippi
Frank H. Hitchcock (Postmaster General)
G.M. Hitchcock (U.S. Senator from Nebraska)
William Hockman of Red Bank, New Jersey
George S. Hoffman of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
Ben H. Holden of West Jackson, Mississippi
F. Hollbrook
Mrs. A.J. Holloway of Myrtle, Mississippi
Edwin R. Holmes of Yazoo City, Mississippi [original documents]
Folder 2.25 Robert S. Holt of Tacoma, Washington
Mrs. Margaret M. Hood of Jonestown, Mississippi
Berbert Holmes of Yazoo City, Mississippi
John A. Hook of Lexington, Mississippi
Joe J. Hooper of Washington, DC
Herbert Hoover (Food Administrator)
William Horlick Jr. of Racine, Washington
Charles F. Horner (Speaker's Bureau, Democratic National Committee)
Proprietor of the Hotel Rennert in Baltimore, Maryland
David F. Houston (Secretary of Agriculture)
L.O. Howard
Elizabeth P. Howe of Williamsburg, New York
J.E. Harperhn of Assumption, Illinois
Charles Howes of Wiggins, Mississippi
O. Hubbard of West Point, Mississippi
Eugene Hudgins of Brooklyn, New York
Ernest W.J. Hughes of Chicago, Illinois
Cordell Hull (U.S. Representative from Tennessee)
Ben G. Humphreys (U.S. Representative from Mississippi)
Charles Humphries of Crystal Springs, Mississippi
T.S. Humphries
W.E. Humphry
Mrs. Flora C. Huntington of Chattanooga, Tennessee
Henry S. Huntington of New York, New York
Reverend W.H. Huntley of Yazoo City, Mississippi
Edward N. Hurley (Vice Chairman, Federal Trade Commission; U.S. Shipping Board)
R.E. Hurt of Kilmichael, Mississippi
Folder 3.1 John A. Idall of Lovington, Illinois
Fred Island of Washington, DC
Folder 3.2 Jackson Clarion-Ledger
Professor Donald C. Jackson of Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts
Hans A. Jacobsen (Office of Immigrant Inspector, Gulfport, Mississippi)
Ollie M. James (U.S. Senator from Kentucky)
John F. Jenkins of Natchez, Mississippi
William Dunbar Jenkins of Chattanooga, Tennessee
Hiram W. Johnson
R.G. Chomeley Jones
C.S. Joiner of the Columbian Woodmen in Andalusia, Alabama
Richard Lloyd Jones of the Wisconsin State Journal
Sam D. Jones of Winona, Mississippi
David Starr Jordan
Folder 3.3 A. Kalajan of Union Hill, New Jersey
J. Kuhio Kalanianaole (Hawaii Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives)
W.K. Kavanaugh of Little Rock, Arkansas
Mrs. Harriet Keblinger of Maltese Islands
Thomas Keith of Columbus, Mississippi
Professor Charles P. Kemper of Vicksburg, Mississippi
W.B. Kenabrew of Olio, Mississippi
William S. Kenyon (U.S. Senator of Iowa)
John W. Kern (U.S. Senator of Indiana)
Edwin P. Kilroe of New York, New York
Mrs. Mary H. Southworth Kimbrough of Greenwood, Mississippi
J.P. Kinabrew of Olio, Mississippi
Delcevare King of Quincy, Massachusetts
William H. King of Memphis, Tennessee
J.F. Kiro (Adjutant General)
Claude Kitchen
Mrs. Mabel Money Kitchin of Washington, DC
Kiwanis Club of Clarksdale, Mississippi
A.W. Knight (Vice-Chancellor of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee)
J.R. Knowland
P.C. Knox (U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania)
Waldemar Koempffort (editor, Popular Science Monthly)
Xavier A. Kramer of Magnolia, Mississippi
Mrs. J.C. Kyle of Sardia, Mississippi
Folder 3.4 Frank J. Lamar of Buffalo, New York
W.H. Lamar (Solicitor, Post Office Department)
John Lamb of Virginia
Thad B. Lampton (Treasurer, Mississippi Children's Home Society)
Frank L. (Counselor, Department of State)
J.C. Landen of Jackson, Mississippi
J.E. Bowers of Jackson, Mississippi
Charles B. Landis of Wilmington, Delaware
Franklin K. Lane (Secretary of the Interior)
J.B. Langford of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Robert Lansing (Secretary of State)
John Larkin of New York, New York
Reverend Frank H. Lash (Chaplain on U.S.S. Mississippi)
Peter Lawless of Paulding, Mississippi
O.F. Lawrence of Grenada, Mississippi
Folder 3.5 Luke Lea (U.S. Senator)
R.F. Learned of Natchez, Mississippi [original document]
William Hayne Leavell (U.S. Legation, Guatemala, 1915)
Miss Ella B. Lee of Jackson, Mississippi
Mrs. R.C. Lee of Jackson, Mississippi
R.E. Lee of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
General Stephen D. Lee of Columbus, Mississippi
Tobe W. Leidy of Memphis, Tennessee
A.F. Lever of Lexington, South Carolina
F.H. Lewis of Pascagoula, Mississippi
James Hamilton Lewis
Lide & Cheatham in Meridian, Mississippi
Charles P. Light (Secretary of the Alfalfa Club in Washington, DC)
Reverend W.L. Linfield of Newton, Mississippi
Mrs. Edwina F. Lipscomb of Columbus, Mississippi
R.A. Lipscomb of Indianola, Mississippi
Demarest Lloyd of Boston, Massachusetts
J.A. Locke Jr. of Columbus, Mississippi
Henry Cabot Lodge (U.S. Senator from Massachusetts)
C.A. Lofstrom of Crenshaw, Mississippi
Breckenridge Long (Assistant Secretary of State)
William H. Louisell of Leakesville, Mississippi
Folder 3.6 William G. McAdoo (Secretary of the Treasury)
L. McAllister of Hickory, Mississippi
R.W. McAllister of Tupelo, Mississippi
J.W. McAndrews
J.M. McBeath of Meridian, Mississippi
Brigadier General Henry P. McCain (Adjutant General, War Department)
Miss Annie F. McCardle of Washington, DC
Will H. McCargo of Olive Branch, Mississippi
Mrs. Essie F. McCormick of Yazoo City, Mississippi
Mrs. R.C. Lee
Vance C. McCormick (Chairman, Democratic National Committee)
P.J. McCumber (U.S. Senator from North Dakota)
J.C. McNally from Zurich
Josephus Daniels (Secretary of the Navy)
David McDowell of Jackson, Mississippi
James R. McDowell (Mississippi State Bar Association)
Thomas F. Mayo of Columbus, Mississippi
Ben H. McFarland of Aberdeen, Mississippi
John J. McGrain (Sergeant at Arms Office, U.S. Senate)
Mrs. L.A. McGrath of New Orleans, Louisiana
J.W. McGroth of Brookhaven, Mississippi
J.G. McGuire of Yazoo City, Mississippi
Kenneth McKellar of Memphis, Tennessee
William B. McKinley (President, Interparliamentary Union)
Richard C. MacLaurin of Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts
R.L. McLaurin
W.N. McLemore of Union, Mississippi
J.L. McMillen of Carthage, Mississippi
G.F. McMurchy of Vicksburg, Mississippi
J.C. McNally (Vice Consul in Charge of American Consulate in Zurich, Switzerland)
Dr. J.C. McNeil of Gloster, Mississippi
Captain J.S. McNeily of Vicksburg, Mississippi
Miss Claude McQuiston of Chicago, Illinois
J.W. McRaven of Yazoo City, Mississippi
James C. McReynolds (Attorney General)
Folder 3.7 Joseph Madden of Grandville, Michigan
R.V.D. Magoffin at Johns Hopkins University
Mrs. A.J. Mangum of Forest, Mississippi
Miss Edith D. Marsden of New York, New York
J.D. Marshall of Georgetown, Mississippi
Thomas R. Marshall (U.S. Vice President)
Captain E.J. Martin of Meridian, Mississippi
Hugh S. Martin (American Embassy, Petrograd, Russia)
M.D. Martin of Clarksdale, Mississippi
Thomas S. Martin (U.S. Senator from Virginia)
James E. Martine of Plainfield, New Jersey
C.F. Martin
J.W. Matson of Louisiana, Missouri
J.B. Mattingly of Yazoo City, Mississippi
George W. Maxey of Scranton, Pennsylvania
L.P. May of Jackson, Mississippi
John Sharp Williams May of Memphis, Tennessee
F. Franklin Mayer of Columbus, Mississippi
Colonel John P. Mayo (Commissioner of Immigration in New Orleans, Louisiana)
Leila Mechlin in Washington, DC
Samuel S. Mehard in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Andrew W. Mellon (Secretary of the Treasury)
J.W. Melton and others in Lexington, Mississippi
Dr. A.D. Melvin (Chief Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture)
Edwin Thomas Meredith (Secretary of Agriculture)
J.P. Miller
T.M. Miller of New Orleans, Louisiana
W.H. Miller of Clinton, Mississippi
Millsaps Memorial Church in Asylum, Mississippi
El Senor Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores in Caracas, Venezuela
Henry Minor in Macon, Mississippi
Mrs. Addie Waters in Blue Mountain, Mississippi
Miss Henrietta Mitchell in Gulfport, Mississippi
George P. Money of Gulfport, Mississippi
Hernando DeSoto Money of Ocean Springs, Mississippi
George Montgomery of Gulfport, Mississippi
J. Hampton Moore
P.J. Morehead of Winborn, Mississippi
Charles A. Morgan of Washington, DC
D.J. Morrison of Jackson, Mississippi
G. Nash Morton of New York, New York
Thomas Morton of Washington, DC
George H. Moses (U.S. Senator from New Hampshire)
Lem Motlow of Lynchburg, Tennessee
R.E. Murphy of Memphis, Tennessee
Folder 3.8 A.B. Nance of Greenville, Mississippi
Neal and Dodds of Grenville, Mississippi
John F. Neary of Wilmington, Delaware [original document]
John M. Nelson of Baltimore, Maryland
Knute Nelson (U.S. Senator from Minnesota)
S.A. Neville of Meridian, Mississippi
R.L. Fisher of Yazoo City, Mississippi
New York Times
New York World
Francis G. Newlands (U.S. Senator from Nevada)
E.W. Newman of Washington, DC
Newspaper Feature Service
George D. Newton (Income Tax Division, Internal Revenue Service)
James T. Newton (Commissioner of Patents)
Miss Eliza R. Nichalls of Washington, DC
R.B. Nixon
Mrs. Battaile Noble of Benton, Mississippi
Folder 3.9 John M. Olin of Madison, Wisconsin
George W. Oliver of University of Virginia
Gonzaol O'Neill
W.N. Osborn (Commissioner of Internal Revenue)
John F. Osborne of Corinth, Mississippi
Robert L. Owen (U.S. Senator from Oklahoma)
R.R. Owen of Corsicana, Texas
Thomas M. Owen of Montgomery, Alabama
C.S. Page (U.S. Senator from Vermont)
Thomas Nelson Page
A. Mitchell Palmer (U.S. Attorney General)
L. Panaretoff (Bulgarian Minister)
Bertha Sullivan Papazain of Boston, Massachusetts
Mrs. C.W. Parker of Lauderdale, Mississippi
Franklin N. Parker of Emory University
George F. Parker of New York, New York
M.L. Parker of Louin, Mississippi
Walter Parker of New Orleans
J.R. Parkman of Sontag, Mississippi
Berry Partridge of Laurel, Mississippi
W.T. Pate of Jackson, Mississippi
T.C. Patton of Helm, Mississippi
W.H. Patton of Shubuta, Mississippi
A.G. Paxton of Greenville, Mississippi
Folder 3.10 George Foster Peabody of Saratoga, New York
Francis E. Pearson of West End Station, Maine
N.C. Pearson of Laurel, Mississippi
Thomas J. Pence of Washington, DC
Dr. D.F. Pennington of New York, New York
Boies Penrose (U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania)
Bruce Pepper of Deasonville, Mississippi
G.W. Pepper (U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania)
LeRoy Percy of Greenville, Mississippi
W.A. Percy of Greenville, Mississippi
F.W. Perkins (Coast and Geodetic Survey)
General John J. Pershing (Commander of U.S. Expeditionary Forces)
Harry Peyton
Folder 3.11 James D. Phelan (U.S. Senator from California)
Atlee Pomerene (U.S. Senator from Ohio)
Reverend A.A. Phillips of McNeill, Mississippi
Camillus Phillips of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
John S. Phillips of New York, New York
William Phillips (Assistant Secretary of State)
Franklin Pierce of New York, New York
William B. Pierce in Canal Zone
John T. Pierson of Curay, Colorado
W.W. Pigford of Lumberton, Mississippi
Key Pittman (U.S. Senator from Nevada)
Key Pittman, T.T. Walsh, Morris Sheppard, Kenneth McKellar et al. (U.S. Senators)
M.S. Pittman of Aberdeen, South Dakota
Rear Admiral Charles P. Plunkett
Miles Poindexter (U.S. Senator from Washington)
James D. Phelan
D.E. Porter of Oxford, Mississippi
Louis F. Post (Assistant Secretary of Labor)
G.W. Potter (Financial Secretary of the Mississippi Society in Washington, DC)
Warren Potts of Kosciusko, Mississippi
W.H. Powell
George B. Power of Jackson, Mississippi
H.W. Phillips of McNeill, Mississippi
James D. Preston (Superintendent, Senate Press Gallery)
John G. Price (Exalted Ruler Order of Elks)
Theodore H. Price of New York, New York
Miss Nola Priestly of Yazoo City, Mississippi
Miss Annie A. Pryor of Washington, DC
Folder 3.12 Percy E. Quinn (U.S. Representative from Mississippi)
A.W. Quinn and T.H. McCoy of Columbia Lyceum Bureau in Columbia, Mississippi
J.A. Rainey of Waynesboro, Mississippi
J. Shelton Busby of Waynesboro, Mississippi
John A. Ramey of Waynesboro, Mississippi
Mrs. Arthur Ramsey of Washington, DC
Joseph E. Ransdell
C. Frank Reavis (U.S. Representative from Nebraska)
William G. McAdoo (Director General of Railways)
William C. Redfield (Secretary of Commerce)
James A. Reed (U.S. Senator from Missouri)
William J. Stone (U.S. Senator from Missouri)
Robert H. Reed of Meridian, Mississippi
Robert R. Reed of New York, New York
Hamilton E. Reynolds of Stonington, Connecticut
Homer Rhymes of Crystal Springs, Mississippi
Lee Richardson of Raymond, Mississippi
Norval Richardson (U.S. Embassy, Rome, Italy)
Mrs. Fanny J. Ricks of Yazoo City, Mississippi
Franklin L. Riley of University of Mississippi
G.E. Ripley of University of Arkansas
Frank Roberson of Pontotoc, Mississippi
W.W. Robertson of Wesson, Mississippi
Joe T. Robinson
Joe Robinson, Pat Harrison, Owsley Stanley, Key Pittman, Ned Hasley, Finis Garrett, E.S. Broussard, Phil Roach, J.P. Tumulty
L.B. Robinson of Centreville, Mississippi
W.D. Robinson of Pass Christian, Mississippi
Miss Katherine Roche of Washington, DC
Miss Elsa Roth Rock of Washington, DC
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Josephus Daniels (Secretary of the Navy)
Elihu Root (U.S. Senator from New York)
Daniel Roper (Commissioner of Internal Revenue)
John Ross of Charlestown, New Hampshire
Rotary Club of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
L.S. Rowe of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dunbar Rowland of Jackson, Mississippi
Mrs. Dunbar (Eron) Rowland of Jackson, Mississippi
Eugene Rowland of New York, New York
M.A. Ryan of Rosehill, Mississippi
Folder 3.13 A.J. Sabath (U.S. Representative from Illinois)
Signor Guido Sabetta (Charge D'Affaires ad interim for the Royal Italian Embassy in Washington, DC)
St Paul Pioneer Press of St. Paul, Minnesota
H.B. Sanders of Washington, DC
George A. Sanderson (Secretary of the U.S. Senate)
Miss Mattie Sanderson of French Camp, Mississippi
Captain Fred Sullens of Jackson, Mississippi
Willard Saulsbury
P.H. Saunders of New Orleans, Louisiana
T.U. Scanlan of Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Miss Bertha Schaefer of Yazoo City, Mississippi
Theodore W. Schaefer of Kansas City, Missouri
Professor J.G. Schurman of Cornell University
Charles M. Schwab (Director General, Emergency Fleet Corporation)
Dr. James Brown Scott (Secretary of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
Colonel Clint B. Sears
Ellery Sedgwick of Boston, Massachusetts
Carl H. Shaefer (Department of the Navy)
W.P. Shannon of Meridian, Mississippi
H. Clay Sharkey of Jackson, Mississippi
Morris Sheppard (U.S. Senator from Texas)
M. J. Sheridan of New York, New York
Richard Brinkley Sheridan of Chester, Pennsylvania
E.R. Sherman of Columbus, Mississippi
L.Y. Sherman (U.S. Senator from Illinois)
Folder 3.14 Isaac R. Sherman (U.S. Representative from Ohio)
John K. Shields (U.S. Senator from Tennessee)
J.R. Shinault of Oxford, Mississippi
Mrs. L.W. Shive
William H. Short of New York, New York
William J. Showalter (Assistant Editor of National Geographic Magazine)
Byron W. Shrimp
F.M. Simmons (U.S. Senator from North Carolina)
T.W. Simmons
C.P. Simonton of Covington, Tennessee
William L. Simpson of San Antonio, Texas
Mrs. Mary Craig Kimbrough Sinclair of Pasadena, California
Mrs. Upton Sinclair of Gulfport, Mississippi
N.N. Sinnott (U.S. Representative from Oregon)
Thomas Sirnan of Glen Ridge Depot, New Jersey
Harry Hentz of New York, New York
E.T. Barrows of New York, New York
Thomas Upton Sisson (U.S. Representative from Mississippi)
Charles S. Smith et al. of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
D.H. Smith of Hodgenville, Kentucky
Ed Smith (Postmaster's General Office)
Joe E. Ransdell (U.S. Senator from Louisiana)
George Otis Smith (Director of the U.S. Geological Survey)
Hoke Smith (U.S. Senator from Georgia)
Hugh M. Smith (Commissioner of Fisheries)
John Walter Smith (U.S. Senator from Maryland)
L.S. Smith et al. of Kosciusko, Mississippi
Mark A. Smith of Cynthiana, Kentucky
Reed Smoot (U.S. Senator from Utah)
A.V. Snell of Charleston, South Carolina
Norman Sommerville of Toronto, Canada
Miss Anna I. Speights of Bassfield, Mississippi
Thomas Spight of Ripley, Mississippi
Brigadier General George O. Squier (Chief Signal Officer, War Department)
Mrs. Jennie N. Standifer (President, Gulfport Women's Christian Temperance Union)
A. Owsley Stanley (U.S. Senator from Kentucky)
S.C. Stapleton of Laurel, Mississippi
O.G. Stark of St. Louis, Missouri
H.W. Starling of Greenville, Mississippi
Folder 3.15 Mrs. Daisy McLaurin Stevens of Brandon, Mississippi
John A. Stewart of New York, New York
W.B. Stewart (U.S. Senate Finance Committee)
A.C. Stitt of Pass Christian, Mississippi
Walter B. Stokes of Macon, Mississippi
James Stone of Oxford, Mississippi
William J. Stone of Hampton, Virginia
William H. Stout (Secretary, League to Enforce Peace)
Mrs. Mary L. Stovall of Memphis, Tennessee
Miss Sibyl Quinn Stratton of Liberty, Mississippi
Sam H. Stribling of Philadelphia, Mississippi
O.C. Stubblefield of Indianola, Mississippi
P.G. Sudduth (Mayor of Starkville, Mississippi)
Frederick Sullens of Jackson Daily News
Mark Sullivan of Washington, DC
Charles A. Sulzer (delegate from Alaska to the U.S. House of Representatives)
Major General C.P. Summerall (U.S. Army Headquarters Hawaiian Department, 1922)
B.E. Sunny, Superintendent of Documents, Naval Reserve Flying Corps Supervisor
George Sutherland of National Security League
Office of Superintendent of Documents
Supervisor of Naval Reserve Flying Corps
Mrs. B.H. Suttlar of Yazoo City, Mississippi
Francis H. Swan of Boston, Massachusetts
Claude A. Swanson (U.S. Senator from Virginia)
Joseph W. Swayne of Fort Worth, Texas
Mrs. Sally A. Swearingen of Calexico, California
Folder 3.16 William Howard Taft (U.S. President, Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court)
H.G. Talbert of Grenada, Mississippi
J. Fred C. Talbott (U.S. Representative from Maryland)
Mrs. Margaret A. Meek Tarble of Pensacola, Florida
Archibald H. Taylor of Port Chester, New York
John B. Taylor of Auris, Mississippi
M.E. Taylor of Jackson, Mississippi
Marion E. Taylor o Louisville, Kentucky
W.A. Taylor (Chief of Bureau of Plant Industry)
Joseph N. Teal of Portland, Oregon
T.N. Tesy of Tilden, Nebraska
John A. Thomas of Madden, Mississippi
William F. Thomas of Durant, Mississippi
C.F. Thompson of Quitman, Mississippi
Mrs. Estelle M.B. Thompson of Haynesville, Alabama
Paul Thompson of New York, New York
S.A. Thompson of Pascagoula, Mississippi
George Thornton of Selma, Alabama
George A. Thornton of Greenville, Mississippi
A.W. Tobias of Jackson, Mississippi
C.L. Tubb of Aberdeen, Mississippi
Harry St. George Tucker of Lexington, Virginia
T.C. Tucker of San Francisco, California
Tucker Printing House of Jackson, Mississippi
Joseph P. Tumulty (Secretary to U.S. President)
Folder 3.17 J.E. Ullery of Brattleboro, Vermont
Oscar W. Underwood (U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from Alabama)
United Confederate Veterans, Company A in Memphis, Tennessee
J.W. Uppercu of Monsey, New York
Folder 3.18 Mrs. M.F. Van Landingham of West Point, Mississippi
Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr. of New York, New York
W.D. Vandiver (Treasury Department)
W.E. Vaughan of Slate Springs, Mississippi
M. Vaygauny of Berkley, California
W.W. Venable of Meridian, Mississippi
W.P.S. Ventress of Woodville, Mississippi
George S. Vierick of New York, New York
Vir Publishing Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lester David Volk (U.S. Representative from New York)
W.J. Vollor of Vicksburg, Mississippi
E.R. Van Seutter of Jackson, Mississippi
Mrs. Susie Southworth Yerger of Greenwood, Mississippi
A.A. Young of Oxford, Mississippi
J.R. Young of Charleston, South Carolina
Mrs. Clarence H. Williams of Mystic, Connecticut
Young Men's Business Club of Yazoo City, Mississippi
Folder 3.19 Judge Martin J. Wade of Iowa City, Iowa
Mrs. Alice H. Wadsworth of Washington, DC
J.W. Wadsworth (U.S. Representative from New York)
T.L. Wainwright (President, Mississippi Textile Manufacturers Association)
Robert M. Wallace of Alhambra, California
A.F. Walls of DeKalb, Mississippi
T.J. Walsh (U.S. Senator from Montana)
G.W. Walton of Newton, Mississippi
T.S. Ward of Canton, Mississippi
John L. Ware of Jackson, Mississippi
J.E. Warnock of Oak Ridge, Mississippi
Booker T. Washington
A.F. Watkins & H.W. Coovine of Jackson, Mississippi
Watkins and Watkins of Jackson, Mississippi
Walter H. Watkins of Chattanooga, Tennessee
W.V. Watkins of Collins, Mississippi
H.C. Webb of Merigold, Mississippi
John A. Webb of Jackson, Mississippi
John W. Weeks (Secretary of War)
Mrs. A.G. Weems of Meridian, Mississippi
Rolla Wells (Treasurer, Democratic National Committee)
Mrs. Rosa Watkins Wells of Jackson, Mississippi
A.E. Werner (Custodian, U.S. Senate Building)
Ignatius K. Werwinski of South Bend, Indiana
W.W. Wilburn of Lexington, Mississippi
R.H. Wildberger of Clarksdale, Mississippi
Oliver C. Wilkes of Buffalo, New York
Dr. Oscar Wilkinson of Washington, DC
Williams Company, Inc. in Washington, DC
Allison R. Williams of Boston, Massachusetts
Mrs. Betty D. Williams (wife of John Sharp Williams)
Folder 3.20 Cliff Williams of Meridian, Mississippi (brother of John Sharp Williams)
E.G. Williams of McComb City, Mississippi
F.W. Williams of Meridian, Mississippi
John S. Williams Jr. (son of John Sharp Williams)
John Skelton Williams (Comptroller of the Treasury)
Kit Williams (son of John Sharp Williams)
Robert W. Williams (son of John Sharp Williams)
William M. Williams (Commissioner of Internal Revenue)
G.E. Wilson of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
H.B. Wilson of Meridian, Mississippi
Joe P. Wilson of Landon, Mississippi
Mrs. Matilda J. Wilson of Kansas City, Missouri
Riley J. Wilson (U.S. Representative from Louisiana)
William B. Wilson (Secretary of Labor)
Dr. Thomas E. Winecoff of Fairbanks, Alaska
Frank G. Wisner of Laurel, Mississippi
J.O. Wolcott (U.S. Senator from Delaware)
Leonard C. Wood
W.L. Wood of Athens, Georgia
Colonel E.H. Woods of Rosedale, Mississippi
Robert S. Woodward of Carnegie Institute of Washington
Fred Woodward of South Bend, Indiana
Paul Wooten of New Orleans Times Picayune
John D. Works (U.S. Senator from California)
Miss Jennie Worthington of Columbus, Mississippi
C.E. Wright of Vicksburg Herald
Series III. Miscellaneous Correspondence and Notes
Folder 3.21 Typed notes, re: right of expatriation between states.
Handwritten notes, re: prohibition.
Transcript of partial letters [by Williams].
Transcript of letter from "Fred" to Williams ( 22 November 1922).
Newspaper clipping "Henry Clay Sharkey Dies at Glen Allan: Confederate Veteran Was Former Legislator" (13 July 1934) with handwritten notes.
Handwritten notes, re: J.H. Sharp.
Transcript of letters from "Pauline" to [John Sharp Williams].
Transcript of letter from "Allison" to "Papa."
Transcripts of newspaper articles on Williams-Bunkley wedding (1915).
Transcript of letter from "Other Papa" [John Sharp Williams] to "Gladys."
Handwritten transcript of newspaper article on Williams (13 November 1916).
Typed transcripts of newspaper articles, re: Great War.
Transcript of letters from William A. McDonald in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, re: 1922 election campaign.
Original letter regarding preservation of Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello.
Handwritten notes, re: newspaper citations.
Original handwritten letter from "Sam" to "Bob."
Copy typed letter from James H. Neville to F.H. Lewis of Scranton, Mississippi, re: R.W. Banks.
Original handwritten letter from John D. McInnis of Gulfport, Mississippi to Charles Marshall of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, re: R.W. Banks.
Transcript of Chicago Tribune article on Williams (10 January 1922).
Typed letter from Will H. _______ to Williams (8 February 1912).
Transcript of letter from J.M. Burlew, Clerk, to Cowden & Cowden in Amory, Mississippi (13 June 1916), re: Williams.
Transcript of letter from Williams to British Ambassador in Washington, DC (13 November 1919).
Transcript of letter from Williams to "The Holy Army of Martyrs to John Barleycorn" (1 January 1924).
Transcript of cable from "Watson" to U.S. Representative Ben Humphreys (20 July 1913).
Transcript of telegram from H.D. Willis et al. in Manitoc, Wisconsin (2 February 1916).
Transcript of letter from William B. Lockhart et al. to E.T. B_____ (21 January 1916).
Transcript of letter from [Williams] to U.S. Senator Thomas P. Gore (22 May 1915).
Transcript of letter from Auselwold, Senate Clerk, to Williams (18 September 1916).
Transcript of letter from [Williams] to Charles S. Hamlin, Governor of Federal Reserve Board, (28 June 1916).
Transcript of letter from M.W. Connelly of Memphis News-Scimitar to Walter Parker of New Orleans, Louisiana (8 April 1914).
Transcript of letter from F.B. Ufer in Tulsa, Oklahoma to U.S. Senator R.L. Owen (22 December 1916).
Transcript of letter from [Williams] to Brigadier General Henry P. McCain, Adjutant General, (26 June 1917).
Transcript of letter from J.M. Burlew, Senate Clerk, to Charles F. Pace, Senate Clerk (14 November 1917).
Transcript of letter from Plesant C. Webb in Jackson, Mississippi to "Bill" (20 May 1917).
Miss Lucile Banks Correspondence
Folder 4.1 Handwritten notes on various subjects
T.C. Billups of Columbus, Mississippi [original document]
Harris Dickson
C.P. Mooney of Memphis, Tennessee
Fuller Fox (U.S. Representative from Mississippi) [original document]
R.W. Jones of the University of Mississippi [original documents]
C.P. Mooney (managing editor of Memphis Commercial-Appeal)
John F. Frierson of Columbus, Mississippi [original document]
C. Humphries of Jackson, Mississippi [original document]
Albert H. McInnes of Meridian, Mississippi [original document]
Folder 4.2 Pat Sharkey of Glen Allen, Mississippi [original document]
J.H. Sharp of Columbus, Mississippi
J.W. Sharp of Lowndes County, Mississippi
Daisy M.L. Stevens of Brandon, Mississippi
Frederick Sullens of Jackson Daily News
Frederick Thompson [original document]
Mrs. John Sharp Williams ("Cousin Betty") [original documents]
John Sharp Williams (U.S. Senator from Mississippi)
Robert W. Banks Correspondence
Folder 4.3 A-B
M.L. Armistead (Commissioner of Louisiana Department of Conservation) [original document]
Mrs. L.M. Armistead of Greenville, Mississippi [original document]
A.J. Baker of San Angelo, Texas [original document]
E.B. Boyd of Macon, Mississippi [original document]
Dr. Calvin S. Brown [original document]
Folder 4.4 Calhoun-Cavett, E [all original documents]
Emmett R. Calhoun of Birmingham, Alabama
Benjamin Carter of Washington, DC
Emmet D. Cavett of Macon, Mississippi
Folder 4.5 Cavett, J.-F [all original documents]
John C. Cavett of Jackson, Mississippi
C.W. Christian
J.M. Dickinson of War Department
Mrs. N.B. Dozier (chair of Franklin National Park Committee in Franklin, Tennessee)
W. Butler Duncan in New York, New York
Douglas C. Ferris (publisher of Macon Beacon in Macon, Mississippi)
J.I. Ford of Scranton, Mississippi
Malcolm Franklin (member of Mississippi Legislature)
Arthur Fridge (Adjutant General in Mississippi National Guard)
Folder 4.6 G-Hoover [all original documents]
W.C. George of Greenwood, Mississippi
P.S. "Pink"George from Greenwood, Mississippi (son of U.S. Senator J.Z. George)
W.H. Hardy of Pass Christian, Mississippi
A.Y. Harper (U.S. Department of the Interior)
J.J. Henry of Mobile, Alabama
R.H. Henry (president of Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger)
Charles Edward Hooker of Jackson, Mississippi
W.H. Hoover of Gulfport, Mississippi
Folder 4.7 Humphreys-Loeb
D.S. Humphreys of Greenwood, Mississippi [original documents]
Carter J. Johnston of Clinton, Mississippi [original document]
R.C. Lee (U.S. District Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi) [original documents]
Stephen D. Lee of Columbus, Mississippi [original document]
Edwin Loeb of Columbus, Mississippi [original document]
Folder 4.8 Miscellaneous Banks Correspondence [all original documents]
J.C. Longstreet of Jackson, Mississippi
James F. McCool of Kosciusko, Mississippi
L. B. McFarland of Memphis, Tennessee
G. Mason (War Department)
W.C. Meek of Columbus, Mississippi
Miller's Institute of Mobile, Alabama
W.A. Montgomery (member of Board of Trustees of Mississippi State Penitentiary)
C.P. Mooney of Memphis Commercial Appeal
Wiley N. Nash of Starkville, Mississippi
James H. Neville of Gulfport, Mississippi
Thomas M. Owen (Director of Alabama Department of Archives and History)
Folder 4.9 Miscellaneous Banks Correspondence
G.A. Park of Louisville, Kentucky [original document]
T.W. Palmer (President of Alabama Girls Industrial School) [original document]
Dabney Parrish of Macon, Mississippi [original document]
E.P. Peacock of Clarksdale, Mississippi [original document]
W. P. Ratliff of Jackson, Mississippi [original document]
Calvin Perkins of Memphis, Tennessee [original document]
R.W. Jones (first president of Mississippi Industrial Institute and College)
Mrs. Hallie Roberts of Starkville, Mississippi [original documents]
Folder 4.10 Robert W. Banks Correspondence [all original documents]
Richard Pratt of Mobile, Alabama
E.L. Russell of Mobile, Alabama
Clay Sharkey of Jackson, Mississippi
Louise Sharkey of Holly Springs, Mississippi
J.H. Sharp of Lowndes County, Mississippi
Folder 4.11 Robert W. Banks Correspondence [all original documents]
William Henry Sims of Birmingham, Alabama
W.H. Smith of Town Creek, Alabama
H.M. Street of Meridian, Mississippi
E.O. Sykes of Aberdeen, Mississippi
E.T. Sykes of Columbus, Mississippi
Calvin B. Vance of Batesville, Mississippi
John Sharp Williams (U.S. Senator from Mississippi)
T.W. Yates of Laurel, Mississippi
J.P. Young (Judge in Circuit Court of Shelby County, Tennessee)
Miscellaneous Correspondence [all original documents]
Folder 4.12 N.G. Augustus of Macon, Mississippi to John Sharp Williams (11 March 1913, 22 May 1913, 1 September 1913)
Earl Brewer (Governor of Mississippi) to John Sharp Williams (20 March 1913, 25 April 1913, 14 July 1913, 19 November 1913, 3 December 1913)
William Crump (chairman of the Percy Campaign Committee) to Colonel Robert W. Banks (22 February 1911)
J.W. George to Miss Lucile Banks (27 July 1937)
Folder 4.13 Pat Harrison (U.S. Senator from Mississippi) to Miss Lucile Banks (23 September 1919)
Luke Lea (U.S. Senator from Tennessee) to John Sharp Williams (27 October 1913)
Anselm J. McLaurin (Governor of Mississippi) to Colonel Robert W. Banks (17 December 1898)
Hugh O. Martin to John Sharp Williams (30 March 1915)
Handwritten Manuscript. "Mississippi," a poem by Robert W. Banks
H.D. Money (U.S. Senator from Mississippi) to Robert W. Banks (11 January 1910)
Francis Griffith Newlands (U.S. Senator from Nevada) to John Sharp Williams (26 January 1912)
E.F. Noel (Governor of Mississippi) to Colonel Robert W. Banks (9 February 1909, 1 March 1910, 14 June 1911)
Folder 4.14 LeRoy Percy to Miss Lucile Webb Banks (25 June 1898, 10 October 1919)
LeRoy Percy (U.S. Senator from Mississippi) to Colonel Robert W. Banks (23 April 1910, 31 March 1911, 22 May 1914)
LeRoy Percy (U.S. Senator from Mississippi) to John Sharp Williams (20 June 1912)
Will Percy in Greenville, Mississippi to Miss Lucile Webb Banks (15 January 1930)
Dunbar Rowland (Director of the Mississippi Department of Archives & History) to John Sharp Williams (7 February 1913, 3 March 1913)
J.H. Sharp (Mississippi House of Representatives) to Colonel Robert W. Banks (30 March 1900)
J.H. Sharp of Lowndes County, Mississippi to Miss Lucile Webb Banks (17 June 1902)
Folder 4.15 Frederick Sullens (Editor of the Jackson Daily News) to John Sharp Williams (5 January 1913)
Frederick Sullens (Editor of the Jackson Daily News) to Miss Lucile Webb Banks (12 January 1918, 25 June 1918)
Ida M. Tarbell of McClure's Magazine to Colonel Robert W. Banks (12 June 1902)
W.W. Thompson's handwritten copy of letter from James Donely in Camburgh, Tennessee to "Sue" (27 April 1862)
Oscar W. Underwood (U.S. Representative from Alabama) to John Sharp Williams (15 February 1912, 29 May 1912, 30 July 1912, 31 July 1912, 8 August 1912, 20 August 1912)
James Kimble Vardaman to Miss Lucile Banks (12 October 1903, 28 August 1905)
Folder 4.16 E.C. Walthall (U.S. Senator from Mississippi) to Colonel Robert W. Banks (10 May 1895, 6 August 1895, 4 September 1895, 16 September 1895, 27 September 1895, 16 October 1895, 17 January 1896, 3 January 1898, 13 August 1898, 27 December 1898, 31 December 1898)
Frank S. White (U.S. Senator from Alabama) to D.C. Ferris (Editor of the Macon Beacon) (28 July 1914)
John Sharp Williams to Colonel Robert W. Banks (Undated , 20 November 1917)
John Sharp Williams to Hugh S. Martin in Meridian, Mississippi (19 March 1915)
John Sharp Williams to P.M. Harding (15 March 1918)
John Sharp Williams to George C. Osborn of Learned, Mississippi (18 August 1928, 30 August 1928)
John Sharp Williams to Miss Lucile Banks (11 January 1930, 21 June 1930, 5 August 1930, 31 March 1932)
S.A. Witherspoon (U.S. Representative from Mississippi) to John Sharp Williams (7 December 1912)
Series IV. James Kimble Vardaman Correspondence
Transcripts of James Kimble Vardaman Correspondence
Folder 4.17 Frank Andrews (Secretary to the Board of Trade)
Z.B. Broussard of Abbeville, Louisiana
George W. Chamberlain (U.S. Shipping Board)
Hugh Clayton of Ashland, Mississippi
Charles Doherty of Calexico, California
C. Dunn of Greenwood, Mississippi
Dr. L.E. Hall of Tampa, Florida
J.L. Hebron of Leland, Mississippi
Henry Kahn of Summit, Mississippi
George S. Leatherbury of Mobile, Alabama
H.H. Longino
Jim Money of Memphis, Tennessee
S.W. Montgomery
Robert S. Neblett
F.A. Montgomery
S.W. Mullins of Holly Springs, Mississippi
LeRoy Percy (U.S. Senator from Mississippi)
E.A. Rogers
S.A. Neville (President of Meridian Board of Trade)
Jeff Davis (U.S. Senator from Arkansas)
J. Hardy of Ellisville, Mississippi
J.M. Buchanan of Meridian, Mississippi
Walter Sillers of Rosedale, Mississippi
Sidney Story of New Orleans, Louisiana
Mrs. S.H. Stribling of Philadelphia, Mississippi
Hannis Taylor of Washington, DC
J.M. Vardaman of Memphis, Tennessee
John F. Vardaman of Hollywood, California (brother of James K. Vardaman)
James K. Vardaman Jr. of St. Louis, Missouri
Mrs. James K. Vardaman Sr.
Mrs. A.M. Wilbanks of Austin, Texas
Transcripts of Correspondence between James K. Vardaman and John Sharp Williams
Folder 4.18 16 January 1914
27 March 1916
30 March 1916
Transcripts from the Archibald S. Coody Collection (re: James K. Vardaman)
Folder 4.19 Frederick Sullens to Archibald S. Coody (2 February 1909)
W.S. Coody to C.H. Perkins (16 January 1910)
Archibald S. Coody to Jackson Daily News (1 February 1910)
G.C. Nesmith to Jackson Daily News (7 February 1910)
Percy Bell to Archibald S. Coody (6 September 1910)
Archibald S. Coody to J.G. McGuire (28 February 1910)
Archibald S. Coody and G.H. Alford (17 January 1910)
G.C. Nesmith to G.H. Alford (16 January 1910)
W.S. Coody and G.H. Alford (5 January 1910, 4 January 1910)
W.S. Coody and C.H. Perkins (16 January 1910)
Secretary of the Osyka Vardaman Club to H. Vaughan Watkins (20 March 1911, 12 May 1911)
H.V. Watkins (Vardaman Central Campaign Committee) to Archibald S. Coody (11 March 1911, 22 March 1911, 29 March 1911, 6 April 1911, 2 June 1911)
W.H. Brill to Archibald S. Coody (27 July 1911)
Secretary Vardaman Club to W.H. Brill (26 July 1911)
Archibald S. Coody & Bergold to R.M. Kelly (3 May 1911, 29 April 1911)
Archibald S. Coody (Secretary of the Osyka Vardaman Club) to Vardaman Central Campaign Committee (24 July 1911)
H.V. Watkins to Archibald S. Coody (26 July 1911, 12 July 1911, 11 July 1911, 28 June 1911)
Minutes of the Meeting of the Oskya Vardaman Club (22 July 1911)
Archibald S. Coody circular letter (Undated)
Secretary of the Oskya Vardaman Club to Vardaman Central
Campaign Headquarters (26 June 1911) Proceedings of Regular
Meeting of the Oskya Vardaman Club (1 May 1911)
A.S. Coody to T.U. Sisson (1 May 1911)
George Chamberlain to H.V. Watkins (7 August 1918)
Hiram W. Johnson and H.V. Watkins (12 August 1918)
Biographical information on James K. Vardaman
To Archibald S. Coody (Editor of The Issue ) (15 September 1918)
J.E. Dees and George B. Power (6 July 1911)
Times Democrat (25 December 1910)
Archibald S. Coody and E.F. Noel (3 February 1910, 4 February 1910)
L.W. Felder to N.S. Coody (4 February 1910)
George C. Osborn Correspondence, Notes, and Clippings (1937-1943)
Folder 4.20 Anita Stewart Armstrong of Atlanta, Georgia (5 October 1938)
Margaret Crenshaw Bacon of Preston, Mississippi (niece of John Sharp Williams) (12 September 1942)
R.G. Dudley (Registrar of University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee) (4 May 1937, 30 June 1937)
Professor D.H. Finke of Universitäts-Bibliothek Heidelberg (12 October 1937)
William H. Knowles of Pennsylvania, Florida (15 June 1937)
Armistead C. Leigh of Los Angeles, California (17 June 1937)
A.W. Pierce of Sewanee, Tennessee (13 June 1937)
Pauline W. Williams (14 October 1937)
Earl N. Heap Jr. (picture editor of the Washington Evening Star )
Typed manuscript "Cartoons of John Sharp Williams in Washington Evening Star
Clippings of political cartoons "To John Sharp Williams" and "The end of a Political Journey"
Copies of seven political cartoons featuring Williams
Receipt for cartoon copies (11 June 1938)
Reprint. Loren D. Reid, "Private John" Allen: A Humorist in Politics" Journal of Mississippi History Vol. 5, No. 3 (July 1943).
Envelope addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur T. Osborn of Learned, Mississippi from George Osborn in Washington, DC containing six photographs of Turkish atrocities on Armenians.
Separated Material: Only copies of the photographs remain in this folder; originals have been removed to Collection Photographs Box 18, Folder 134
Transcripts of Miscellaneous Correspondence
Folder 4.21 Mary Dinkins to Mrs. S.H. Stribling (16 September 1922)
Charles Fitzgerald to Mrs. M.A. Vardaman (28 August 1903)
B.F. Ward of Winona, Mississippi to Mrs. Dinkins (19 March 1920)
Series V. Transcripts of Congressional Record Congressional Record Excerpts and Osborne Manuscripts
Folder 5.1 1886-1888
5 January 1886 – H.R. 1321 introduced to establish agricultural experiment stations with colleges
6 May 1886 – Rivers and Harbors Appropriations Bill
14 May 1886 – In Committee of the Whole a bill to pay four persons a total of $960 for services rendered House in 45th Congress
29 May 1886 – Tax on oleomargarine in Committee of the Whole
1 June 1886 – Tax on oleo
11 June 1886 – H.R. 8974 Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Appropriations Bill
9 July 1886 – President Cleveland's veto of House bill 2971 granting pension to Francis Dening
17 December 1886 – H.R. 7540 to increase pension of Franklin Sweet
2 February 1887 – H.R. 10659 to prohibit the appointment of Congressional Committees to attend funerals at public expense outside the District of Columbia and also to prohibit the draping of public buildings in mourning except upon the order of the President of the United States
12 February 1887 – H.R. 10396, Diplomatic and Consular Appropriations Bill
15 February 1887 – H.R. 10396, Appropriations for diplomatic and consular service
8 March 1887 – House bill to pay for a road to be built to the national cemetery at Corinth, Mississippi
13 December 1887 – Leave of absence from day to day on account of sickness
28 February 1888 – H.R. 4467, public building at Bar Harbor, Maine
Folder 5.2 1888-1890
15 March 1888 – New York Sun, 10 March 1888. "Washington Buccaneers. Methods of the New Highwaymen of Federal Legislation."
20 March 1888 – H.R. 1539, Adjustment of Accounts of laborers, workmen, and mechanics arising under the 8 hour law
30 March 1888 – Private Calendar bill (S. 809) to pension Betsy Mannsfield
12 May 1888 – (H.R. 9051) to reduce taxation and simplify laws in relation to the collection of revenue
8 August 1888 – Personal Explanation, "Private John" Allen
11 December 1888 – S. 189, Credit and pay to States' Treasuries and District of Columbia all money collected under the direct tax levied by law of 5 August 1861
1 March 1889 – Post Office Frauds
20 January 1890 – H.R. 1015 to provide for town site entries of land in Oklahoma
21 March 1890 – House in Committee of the Whole on State of the Union to discuss annual pension appropriation bill
7 April 1890 – Legislative, Executive, and Judicial appropriation bill and House in Committee of the Whole
22 April 1890 – Legislative, Executive, and Judicial appropriation bill and House in Committee of the Whole
23 April 1890 – President Harrison
24 April 1890 – General appropriation bill under discussion, but Civil Service immediate topic
26 April 1890 – Question of Personal Privilege
20 May 1890 – H.R. 9416, Committee of the Whole House on State of the Union to discuss tariff bill
27 May 1890 – Leave of absence for three days to attend the unveiling of the Lee statue
2 July 1890 – H.R. 11045, Federal Election Bill
20 July 1890 – Silver Purchase Bill
1 October 1890 – Comments, last day of the session
9 December 1890 – Public Building at Madison, Indiana
17 December 1890 – General Appropriations Bill
19 December 1890 – Bill for relief of Sioux Indians
Folder 5.3 1890-1898
9 December 18[--] – Public building at Bar Harbor, Maine
8 March 1896 – (H.R. 8927) Urgent deficiency bill which carried also appropriation of $50,000,000 for national defense
30 April 1896 – Contested Election – Brown vs. Allen
8 June 1896 – District of Columbia appropriations bill, changes of public utilities
10 June 1896 – H.B. 8110 to establish a uniform law on bankruptcy throughout the United States
30 March 1897 – Constitutional Amendment introduced for the popular election of Senators
31 March 1897 – Dingley tariff
9 December 1897 – Pension Appropriations
11 January 1897 – Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Appropriation Bill
28 January 1898 – District of Columbia Appropriation Bill under discussion
22 April 1898 – Contested Election – Case-Patterson vs. Carmack
25 May 1898 – Eulogy of James Z. George
29 June 1898 – H.R. 10686 to increase daily rations of army by the addition of ¼ pound of American cheese
Folder 5.4 1898-1900
8 December 1898 – H.R. 10989, urgent deficiencies appropriations for military and navy
15 December 1898 – H.R. 10157, appropriations for invalids and other pensions
Undated – response of "Private John" Allen to article in Washington Post (February, 1889) – "In John's Town"
25 February 1899 – Eulogy on Congressman W.F. Love
1 March 1899 – Imperialism – H.R. 12203, general deficiency appropriation bill
6 February 1900 – Philippine Annexation Was Not Desirable.
16 February 1900 – General appropriation bill under consideration
15 March 1900 – District of Columbia Appropriations Bill
12 April 1900 – no title
4 May 1900 – H.R. 11212 – a sundry Civil Appropriations Bill
16 May 1900 – District of Columbia appropriation bill
Folder 5.5 1900-1914
14 December 1900 – War Revenue – Beer
February 1901 – Bill to establish a fish hatchery at Tupelo, Mississippi
20 February 1901 – Appropriation for a fish hatchery
24 March 1904 – Remarks on John Sharp Williams
Undated – Hospitalization of sick and disabled soldiers
25 April 1912 – Harvester Trust
28 May 1912 – Military Schedule
22 April 1912 – Campaign Contributions
13 February 1913 – Connecticut River Dam
18 February 1913 – Immigration of Aliens
24 April 1913 – Diplomatic and consular service – patronage
13 August 1913 – (H.R. 7898) Vardaman on urgent deficiency appropriations bill
15 December 1913 – Banking and Currency
13 April 1914 – Petitions presented by Vardaman on Immigration Bill
21 April 1914 – Affairs in Mexico
11 June 1914 – Panama Canal Tolls
2 September 1914 – Lord's Prayer
4 August 1914 – Federal Trade Commission
22 October 1914 – Cotton Export Trade
19 December 1914 – Immigration
Folder 5.6 1915-1918
15 January 1915 – Prohibition in District of Columbia
15 January 1915 – Prohibition
8 January 1916 – The Philippine Islands
20 January 1916 – Seizures of Cotton and Food stuffs by Great Britain
2 March 1916 – Armed Merchant Ships
21 April 1916 – The National Defense
25 July 1916 – The Irish Question
18 December 1916 – Prohibition in the District of Columbia
1 March 1917 – Authenticity of Zimmerman Note
4 April 1917 – In Answer to La Follette
4 April 1917 – Civil War
2 July 1917 – Conservation of Food and Fuel
14 July 1917 – Conservation of Food and Fuel
19 July 1917 – Conservation of Food and Fuel
1 August 1917 – "Nation Wide Prohibition" -- Zone system
6 August 1917 – Conservation of Food – Conference Report
23 August 1917 – War Revenue
7 September 1917 – Compulsory Military Draft
16 January 1918 – "Expulsion of La Follette"
Folder 5.7 1918-1919
22 February 1918 – Fixing Prices – Government Control of Prices
2 March 1918 – Rights of Soldiers
3 March 1918 – Agricultural Appropriations
28 March 1918 – Senator Gallinger's Eighty-First Birthday
24 April 1918 – Reorganization of Executive Department
18 May 1918 – Leave of Absence
20 June 1918 – Revocation of Leave of Absence
20 June 1918 – Salaries of Steamboat Inspectors
1 October 1918 – Woman Sufferage
14 October 1918 – Peace Proposals of the Central Powers
3 December 1918 – In Defense of Wilson in Paris
4 December 1918 – League of Nations
5 December 1918 – Delbert James Haff
5 December 1918 – Old Age Pensions
5 December 1918 – A League of Nations
6 December 1918 – League to Enforce Peace
30 December 1918 – The League of Nations
27 January 1919 – Food Supplies
15 February 1919 – In Answer to Criticism of the American Government
Folder 5.8 1919
17 February 1919 – Rivers and Harbors
1 March 1919 – Railroad Control
5 June 1919 – Treaty of Peace
9 June 1919 – Treaty of Peace
16 June 1919 – League of Nations
18 June 1919 – Agricultural Department Appropriations
1 July 1919 – Sundry Civil War Appropriations – Conference Report
15 July 1919 – Alleged German-Japanese Treaty
12 August 1919 – The League of Nations – Answer to Lodge
15 August 1919 – High Cost of Living – Reed vs. John Sharp Williams
2 September 1919 – Personal Explanation – Alien Property Custodian – Mitchell Palmer
4 September 1919 – Relation of Labor and Capital
4 September 1919 – Disposition of Thrace
11 September 1919 – Treaty of Peace with Germany
Folder 5.9 1919-1920
16 September 1919 – Consistency
26 September 1919 – Treaty
29 September 1919 – League of Nations – In Answer to Borah
18 October 1919 – Near East
30 October 1919 – Coal Strike
10 November 1919 – Treaty of Peace with Germany
18 December 1919 – Railroad Control
Undated – Prohibition
22 January 1920 – Americanization of Aliens
6 February 1920 – Rural Homes
23 February 1920 – Railroad Control-Conference Report
4 March 1920 – Treaty of Peace with Germany
17 March 1920 – Treaty of Peace with Germany
18 March 1920 – League of Nations
24 March 1920 – Boll Weevil
29 May 1920 – Armenian Mandate
Folder 5.10 1920-1921
1 June 1920 – Armenia
1 January 1921 – Inaugural Expenses; Lectures on Thomas Jefferson
8 January 1921 – Atmospheric Nitrogen; Muscle Shoals Graft
17 January 1921 – Hospitalization of Sick and Disabled Soldiers
3 February 1921 – Emergency Tariff
18 April 1921 – Treaty with Columbia
30 April 1921 – Treaty of Peach with Germany
14 May 1921 – Open Executive Seasons
27 May 1921 – Naval Appropriations
31 May 1921 – Naval Appropriations
Folder 5.11 circa 1921 -1922
30 June 1921 – Construction of the term "Rural Post Road"
18 April 1921 – Interstate Highway System
26 September 1921 – Treaty of Peace with Germany
28 September 1921 – Tax Revision
26 October 1921 – Tax Revision – War Taxes
28 October 1921 – Tax Revision – Democracy
7 November 1921 – Adjusted Compensation – taxing controls
22 November 1921 – Michigan Senatorial Election
6 January 1922 – Michigan Senatorial Election
9 January 1922 – The Michigan Senatorial Election
11 January 1922 – Michigan Senatorial Election
15 March 1922 – Four-Power Treaty
6 April 1922 – Additional District Judges
13 May 1922 – Election of Senators
16 May 1922 – The Tariff
Folder 5.12 1922
12 June 1922 – Disturbance of Open-Air Meetings by Airplanes
20 June 1922 – Adjusted Compensation for World War Veterans
23 June 1922 – Two Lectures by Senator Williams
29 August 1922 – Compensation for World War Veterans
Folder 5.13 1922-1923
12 September 1922 – Address by Senator Brandegee
20 September 1922 – Compensation for World War Veterans
22 December 1922 – Bills and Joint Resolution Introduced
27 December 1922 – Naval Appropriations
1 January 1923 – Admission of Armenian Refugees
2 February 1923 – Rural-Credit Facilities
3 February 1923 – Samuel Gompers on Appeal of German Labor Orginizations
20 February 1923 – The Merchant Marine – "Lame Duck Session"
21 February 1923 – Merchant Marine
Series VI. Typed Biographical Manuscripts
Folder 5.14 Typed manuscript of Osborn's John Sharp Williams biography (pages 1-8, 11-19, 22, 26, 28-29, 49-61)
Folder 5.15 Typed manuscript of Osborn's John Sharp Williams biography (pages 62-69, 82-91, 95-120)
Folder 5.16 Typed manuscript of Osborn's John Sharp Williams biography (pages 121-125, 127-149, 151-158, 161-162, 165-173, 175-180, 329-332)
Folder 5.17 Typed manuscript on James Kimble Vardaman entitled "Chapter 5: Men and Measures" (pages 1-24)
Series VII. Transcripts of Newspaper Excerpts on John Sharp Williams and James Kimble Vardaman
Folder 6.1 Canton Enterprise, 1921
Charlotte Daily Observer, 1912
Chattanooga Times, 1932
Christian Science Monitor, 1920
Columbus Dispatch, 1915
Commercial Appeal, 1917-1930
Folder 6.2 Courier Journal, 1915
Daily Bulletin, 1917
Daily Democrat, 1892-1899
Folder 6.3 Daily Democrat
Folder 6.4 Daily Democrat
Folder 6.5 Daily Picayune, 1911-1912
Evening Sun, 1917
Greenwood Commonwealth, 1896-1903
Folder 6.6 Greenwood Commonwealth
Folder 6.7 Greenwood Commonwealth
Folder 6.8 Greenwood Commonwealth, 1900
Hattiesburg American, 1924
Humboldt Standard, 1917
Indianola Times, 1936
Folder 6.9 Jackson Issue 1909-1910
Folder 6.10 Jackson Issue 1908
Folder 6.11 Jackson Issue 1908-1911
Folder 6.12 Jackson Issue 1909-1913
Folder 6.13 Jackson Issue 1910-1911
Folder 6.14 Jackson Issue 1910-1911
Folder 6.15 Jackson Issue 1910-1914
Folder 6.16 Jackson Issue 1910-1915
Folder 6.17 Jackson Issue 1910-1918
Folder 6.18 Jackson Issue 1910-1919
Folder 6.19 Jackson Issue 1910-1917
Folder 6.20 Jackson Issue 1908-1915
Folder 6.21 Jackson Issue 1910-1916
Folder 6.22 Jackson Issue 1913-1914
Folder 6.23 Jackson Issue 1900-1916
Folder 6.24 Jackson Issue 1908-1917
Folder 7.1 Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger, 1892-1929
Folder 7.2 Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger, 1896-1903
Folder 7.3 Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger, 1904-1906
Folder 7.4 Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger, 1906-1910
Folder 7.5 Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger, 1910-1936
Folder 7.6 Jackson Daily News, 1907-1914
Folder 7.7 Jackson Daily News, 1907-1909
Folder 7.8 Jackson Daily News, 1909-1911
Folder 7.9 Jackson Daily News, 1911-1913
Folder 7.10 Jackson Daily News, 1913-1914
Folder 7.11 Jackson Daily News, 1915-1916
Folder 7.12 Jackson Daily News, 1916-1917
Folder 7.13 Jackson Daily News, 1917-1921
Folder 7.14 Jackson Daily News, 1921-1923
Folder 7.15 Jackson Daily News, 1923-1935
Folder 7.16 Kansas City Star, 1923-1932
Kosciusko Herald, 1915
Laurel Leader, 1915
Macon Beacon, 1915
Magnolia Gazette, 1939
Magnolia News, 1915
Memphis Enquirer, 1838
Meridian Star, 1916-1932
Mobile Register, 1917
Montgomery Advertiser, 1915
Morning Telegraph, 1917
New Orleans Item, 1915
New Scimitar, 1917-1923
New York Herald, 1916-1923
New York Sun, 1917
Folder 7.17 New York Times 1893-1917
Folder 7.18 New York Times, 1896-1899
Folder 7.19 New York Times, 1899-1904
Folder 7.20 New York Times, 1904-1908
Folder 8.1 New York Times, 1908-1909
Folder 8.2 New York Times, 1914-1932
Folder 8.3 New York World, 1917
Osyka Herald, 1912
Public Ledger, 1917
Springfield Weekly Republican, 1932
Folder 8.4 The Tifton Gazette, 1919
Times-Democrat, 1912
Times-Picayune, 1917
Vardaman's Weekly, 1919-1920
Folder 8.5 Vardaman's Weekly, 1920
Folder 8.6 Vardaman's Weekly, 1919-1920
Folder 8.7 Vardaman's Weekly, 1919
Folder 8.8 Vardaman's Weekly, 1919-1920
Folder 8.9 Vardaman's Weekly, 1920-1921
Folder 8.10 Vardaman's Weekly, 1921
Folder 8.11 Vardaman's Weekly, 1921
Folder 8.12 Vardaman's Weekly, 1921-1922
Folder 8.13 Vardaman's Weekly, 1922
Folder 8.14 Vardaman's Weekly, 1922
Folder 8.15 Vicksburg Daily Herald, 1912-1917
Washington Herald, 1916
Washington Post, 1912-1930
Weekly Clarion-Ledger, 1907
Wilmington Morning Star, 1912
Winona Times, 1940
Yazoo County Times, 1915-1923
Yazoo Sentinel, 1928
Series VIII. Transcripts of John Sharp Williams Speeches
Folder 9.1 1898-1905
"The University of Virginia and the Development of Thomas Jefferson's Educational Ideas" (Undated)
"Hawaii – Against Annexation: Speech of Honorable John S. Williams, of Mississippi, in the House of Representatives, Wednesday, March 16, 1898"
"Remarks of John Sharp Williams: Presentation of the B.S. Ricks Memorial Library Building, January 1, 1902"
"Address of the Honorable John Sharp Williams to Company 'A' Confederate Veterans at the Lyceum Theater, Memphis, Tennessee. May 31st, 1904"
"Through Governmental Regulation the Right Remedy for Transportation Abuses: Speech of Hon. John Sharp Williams, of Miss., in the House of Representatives, Thursday, Feb. 6, 1905"
Folder 9.2 1906-1919
"Address of the Hon. John Sharp Williams at Dinner of the Committee on Tariff Reform of the Reform Club in the City of New York, June 2nd, 1906"
"Immigration. Speech of Hon. John Sharp Williams, of Mississippi, in the Senate of the United States, Saturday December 19, 1914"
"What is the Only Peace Worth Having?" (address at League to Enforce Peace in Philadelphia, 17 May 1918)
"'Peace Only When Reichstag Asks for Our Terms' Says John S. Williams" (in Philadelphia Ledger, 18 May 1918)
"What is the position of the United States as a Government and as a people upon the international arena right now?" (on Great War in Europe, 1919)
"You ask me what is to be expected out of the present apparent deadlock…" (on League of Nations, in Baltimore Sun)
"You ask me what I think of accepting the League of Nations with the Lodge reservation…" (circa 1919)
Series IX. Transcripts of Miscellaneous Speeches
Folder 9.3 "After the war cloud began to gather I waited four years to see…" by Dr. B.F. Ward (Undated)
"Address of Henry Vaughan Watkins presenting to the Mississippi Hall of Fame, Portrait of Senator James Kimble Vardaman" (17 May 1936)
Series X. Typed Notes on Various Master's Theses
Folder 9.4 Orleane Pepe Bolian. "James K. Vardaman." M.A. Thesis, Tulane University, 1937.
Caroline Cochran. "The Congressional Career of Private John Allen, 1884-1901." M.A. Thesis, Vanderbilt University, 1938.
Wiley Rufus Huddleston. "The Senatorial Campaign and Career of James Kimble Vardaman, Mississippi's 'White Chief.'" M.A. Thesis, Louisiana State University, 1935.
Heber Austin Ladner. "James Kimble Vardaman in Mississippi Politics." Master's Thesis, Duke University, 1938.
Herbert L. McClesky. "The Public Career of John Sharp Williams." M.A. Thesis, University of Mississippi, 1933.
Series XI. Typed Excerpts
Typed Excerpts from Popular Magazines, circa 1911-1937
Folder 9.5 Selig Adler. "The Congressional Election of 1918" South Atlantic Quarterly (October 1937) p. 447-465.
"The American Way" The Nation (15 March 1917), p. 302.
William Jennings Bryan. "The State Department of Foreign Trade" Nation's Business (15 February 1915).
Oscar King Davis. "Where Underwood Stands: An Interview with the Democratic Leader of the House" Outlook (27 September 1911), p. 197-201.
Harris Dickson. "The Vardaman Idea" Saturday Evening Post.
William E. Dodd "The Wilson Ideals: Are They Lost?" New York Times Magazine (27 December 1936).
William C. Edgar. "Triumphant Treason" Bellman (10 March 1917), p. 257-259.
"The Fight against Cannon" Nation17 September 1908), p. 251.
Burton J. Hendricks. "The New Order in Washington," eighth in series "Who Governs the U.S." World's Work (November 1913-April 1914), p. 314-315.
David Jayne Hill. "The President's Attack on the Senate" North American Review (November 1917), p. 603.
Iron City Trades Journal (22 January 1915).
"The Last Senatorial Filibuster" Literary Digest (17 March 1917), p. 691-692.
McGregor. "The Converted Senate" Harper's Weekly (August-December 1913).
Thomas R. Marshall. "Four Years of Democracy – And Four More" Independent (January-March 1917), p. 443-476.
Charles Merz. "The Filibusters – Ten Weeks Later" New Republic (16 June 1917), p. 184-186.
"Organizing the New House" New Republic (3 March 1917), p. 124-126.
"The President and the Senate" Nation (16 July 1914 & 8 March 1917).
"The Progressive Senate" Literary Digest (12 April 1913), p. 818.
"Ratify the Treaty" Outlook (1919).
"The Senate in Special Session" Outlook (21 March 1917), p. 495.
Charles S. Thomas. "The Shackled Senate" North American Review (1915), p. 424-431.
Oswald Garrison Villard. "Obituary" Nation (12 October 1932).
Herbert Plummer. "A Washington Daybook."
"Woman's Cause Halted by Two Men" Literary Digest (12 October 1898), p. 121B.
Typed articles by Colonel Robert W. Banks [Note: dates are not accurate]
Folder 9.6 "Famous Mississippians: Alexander Keith McClung" Commercial Appeal (3 December 1916).
"Famous Mississippians: Henry S. Foote" Commercial Appeal (17 December 1916).
Folder 9.7 "Famous Mississippians: S.S. Prentiss, Part One" Commercial Appeal (21 January 1917)
"Famous Mississippians: S.S. Prentiss, Part 2" Commercial Appeal (28 January 1917)
"Famous Mississippians: S.S. Prentiss, Chapter III" Commercial Appeal (4 February 1917)
Folder 9.8 "Famous Mississippians: S.S. Prentiss, Part Four" Commercial Appeal (11 February 1917)
"Famous Mississippians: S.S. Prentiss, Part V" Commercial Appeal (18 February 1917)
Folder 9.9 "Famous Mississippians: S.S. Prentiss, Part VI" Commercial Appeal (25 February 1917)
"Famous Mississippians: S.S. Prentiss, Part VII" Commercial Appeal (4 March 1917)
Folder 9.10 "Famous Mississippians: S.S. Prentiss, Part VIII" Commercial Appeal (11 March 1917). [includes Part IX]
Folder 9.11 "Famous Mississippians: George Poindexter" Commercial Appeal (15 April 1917)
Folder 9.12 "Famous Mississippians: Robert John Walker" Commercial Appeal (29 April 1917).
Folder 9.13 "Famous Mississippians: Reuben Kemper" Commercial Appeal (8 July 1917).
"Famous Mississippians: Pushmataha" Commercial Appeal (22 July 1917).
Typed Excerpts from Books and Reminiscences
Folder 9.14 Alex Matthews Arnett. Claude Kitchin and the Wilson War Policies. Boston: 1937.
Baker. Woodrow Wilson. 1939.
Lucille Webb Banks. "John Sharp Williams: Mississippi's Most Distinguished Living Statesman Briefly States His Views for Levee Control."
Robert W. Banks "Back to the Farm."
W.V. Barry. " Reminiscences." Nashville, TN: June 1920.
"Dr. B.F. Ward" Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi. Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1891.
Champ Clark. My Quarter Century of American Politics. New York: 1920.
David L. Cohn. God Shakes Creation. New York: 1935.
George Creel. Rebel At Large: Recollections of Fifty Crowded Years. New York: G.P. Putman's Sons, 1947.
Martha Elizabeth Vardaman Crenshaw. Scrapbook. Washington, D.C.: 1948.
Chauncey M. Depew, ed. Library of Oratory. Volume 14. New York: 1902.
Mary Dimkins. Scrapbook of James K. Vardaman.
Folder 9.15 Arthur W. Dunn. From Harrison to Harding: A Personal Narrative Covering a Third of a Century, 1888-1921. New York: 1902.
William Frierson Fulton II. "Family Record and War Reminiscences."
James W. Garner. Reconstruction in Mississippi. New York: 1901.
Marie D. Gorgas & Burton J. Hendrick. William Crawford Gorgas: His Life and Work. New York: 1935.
John Temple Graves. "Vardaman of Mississippi."
P.H. Henry. Editors I have Known Since the Civil War. New Orleans: 1922.
Folder 9.16 G.A. Hobbs. Bilbo, Brewer, and Bribery in Mississippi Politics. 1917.
Folder 9.17 G.A. Hobbs. Bilbo, Brewer, and Bribery in Mississippi Politics. 1917.
Folder 9.18 G.A Hobbs. Bilbo, Brewer, and Bribery in Mississippi Politics. 1917.
Folder 9.19 William H. Holtzclaw. The Black Man's Burden. New York: 1917.
Arthur Palmer Hudson. Humor of the Old Deep South. New York: 1915.
Marshall Hurt. Half a Century with Jackson. Jackson, MS: 1939.
M. Hugh-Jones. Woodrow Wilson and American Liberalism. New York: McMillan Company, 1949.
W.G. McAdoo. Crowded Years.
William F. McCombs. Making Woodrow Wilson President.
Robert McElroy. Grover Cleveland: The Man and the Statesman. New York: 1923.
Dumas, Malone, ed. Dictionary of American Biography. New York: 1936.
Richard L. Neuberger. "Six Martyred Senators Flayed by War Makers Greed" America, 1936.
James E. Palmer Jr., Carter Class, Unconstructed Rebel. Roanoke, VA: 1938.
Francis Butler Simkins. The Tillman Movement in South Carolina. Duke University Press, 1926.
Joseph P. Tumulty. Woodrow Wilson as I Knew Him. New York: 1920.
Watson. As I Knew Them.
Works Progress Administration. History of Montgomery County, Mississippi. Winona, MS: Winona Times, July & April, 1941.
Willard H. Yeager. Effective Speaking for Every Occasion. New York: 1940.
Series XII. Typed and Handwritten Notes
Folder 9.20 Oil Painting of James K. Vardaman – part of story
George H. Ethridge to Mrs. Mary Dimkins, 16 December 1942, excerpt of a letter
Henry Kahn to Mrs. Macey (sic) Dimkins, 29 November 1942, excerpt of a letter
"Williams, Vardaman Once Were Buddies" (29 September 1929), part of a news story
"Governor Vardaman on Negro Lynching," re: notes of an interview with Mrs. Aletha Fairly, 21 August 1941
"James Kimble Vardaman Library," re: notes.
"A Little Light on Vardaman's Caucus 'Bolt,'" re: notes.
Clay Sharkey. "My Estimate of Governors since 1875 to 1918," re: notes from Sharkey papers.
"His Creed."
Senate Resolution on the League of Nations, 18 May 1920 – Notes.
Excerpt of a letter which bears the handwritten title – "Harding at Sea -- 1920 or 1921."
Susan Smith to John Sharp Williams, a letter on war compensation claims.
Copy of an Executive Order – Woodrow Wilson, 10 December 1913.
Vardaman Genealogy – notes.
"Committee to Audit and Control Expenses of the Senate," re: notes.
Confidential memorandum concerning Armenia.
"Washington Office of the Armenian National Union of America," re: note.
Loose Galley Pages
Pages titled – "League of Nations – 24 May 1919, not for use at this time, Senator Knox' argument."
Governor Vardaman – Interview with Will Vardaman.
Folder 9.21 "Boys in Army," re: memorandum
John Sharp Williams' committee assignments in the 64th Congress
List of names and addresses
Notes from "Dr. Benjamin F. Ward's Charge Account book"
List of source material – memorandum
"In Re: the Mississippi Choctaw Indians."
"Memorandum as to Present Status of Identified Full-Blood Mississippi Choctaws."
Notes from scrapbooks 1 and 3
Anonymous tribute to Mississippi
Governor Vardaman's tribute to his mother
Francis Parkinson Keys, "Capital Kaleidoscope."
A typescript list of the members of the American Committee for the Independence of Armenia
"The Vardaman Family," re: anonymous notes.
List of dates and Congresses, 63rd -67th.
Notes concerning a Mississippi presidential primary.
Notes from the R.S. Baker Papers in the Library of Congress
Interview notes:
Dr. George Baskerville,
Mrs. Mary Dimkins
Mrs. Aletha Fairly
Henry M. Frazelle
Senator Carter Glass
Bartender Phil Roach
Dr. Dunbar Rowland
Senator Hubert D. Stephens
Judge Jeff Truly
Joseph P. Tumulty
Senator James E. Watson
John Sharp Williams, 27 October 1928
Library of Congress Reading Room Report
Memoranda on U.S. Senate stationary
Edward W. Sanders – Extension of remarks
Galley sheet, re: Vardaman
Joseph G. Cannon – birthday invitation
"Pertaining to Philippine Bonds Outstanding, Amounting to About $17,000,000 Sold to Investors in This Country With the Moral If Not the Legal Obligation of This Government For Ultimate Payment."
Series XIII. Miscellaneous Correspondence and Notes [original documents]
Folder 10.7 Handwritten letter dated 11 May 1903 from Cary G. Stone in Iuka, Mississippi to Lucile [Banks], re: 2nd Mississippi Regiment flag, Civil War monument, Col. Stone's sword surrendered at Saulsburgy, North Carolina.
Miscellaneous handwritten notes on E.C. Walthall's daughter Courtney Walthall; prospect of Robert Banks running for Walthall's senate seat.
Handwritten letter dated 16 June 1924 from Charles B. Howry in Washington, DC to Lucile Banks, re: Confederate reunion in Memphis.
Handwritten letter dated 16 June 1924 from Charles B. Howry to Lucile Banks, re: thanks for article on veterans.
Handwritten letter dated 5 May 1898 from E.D. C___ to "Bob" [Robert Banks], re: appointment of Banks to U.S. Senate.
Series XIV. Poster and Printed Material
Folder 10.1 Broadside. "Notice – On Wednesday, Oct. 24, 1917, at 1:30 p.m. Hon. John Sharp Williams Will Address the People at the Opera House in Oxford, Miss."
Folder 10.2 Folded Map. Mississippi (Jackson, MS: Mississippi Century of Progress Commission, [1932]).
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Edward C. Walthall, May 26, 1898 – Feb., 25, 1899. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1899. Inscribed: "From library of Col. R.W. Banks, Lucile W. Banks." Note: inlaid newspaper clipping "Edward Cary Walthall: Eulogized in Speech by Hon. Charles Scott at DeKalb Confederate Reunion" Vicksburg Herald (9 September 1906).
Folder 10.3 Dr. Charles William Dabney. Treaty of Peace with Germany and Proposed Constitution for a League of Nations; Together With Remarks of Honorable John Sharp Williams of Mississippi in the Senate of the United States: Wednesday, September 24, 1919. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1919. (2 copies)
Clipping. Walter Davenport, "Brethren and Sisters" Collier's (16 March 1935)
Folder 10.4 Jacob M. Dickinson, "Stories and Reminiscences of Jacob M. Dickinson: Memories of the Old South" Outdoor America, re: Robert Banks.
Broadside. "George Morgan Govan" (Undated).
Folder 10.5 Ellen LeNoir & T. Lynn Smith. Rural Housing in Louisiana (Bulletin No. 290). Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, Agricultural Experiment Stations, 1947.
Folder 10.6 William E. Rappard. The Common Menace of Economic and Military Armaments: Being the Richard Cobden Lecture for 1936. London: Cobden-Sanderson, 1936.
Card. "Pledge to the Flag…Citizen's Creed," re: Mississippi.
Folder 10.8 Pamphlet. Swep J. Taylor. James K. Vardaman: Our Martyred Friend. Jackson, MS: Undated.
Employment Statistics and Conditions (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Bulletin No. 616, Handbook of Labor Statistics: 1936 edition).
Unemployment Insurance and Relief (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Bulletin No. 616, Handbook of Labor Statistics: 1936 edition).
Folder 10.9 Dr. B.F. Ward. Land, Liberty, and Patriotism. Meridian, MS: Tell Farmer, Undated.
Forum on World Peace Through World Trade, Messages and Addresses Delivered: Text of Messages from the President, the Secretary of State, and the Secretary of Commerce and Addresses Delivered at a Forum on World Peace Through World Trade at New York City, January 18, 1938: Printed in the Congressional Record of February 7, 1938. Washington, DC: Washington Branch International Labor Organization, 1938.
Constitution of the International Labor Organization; Together with Documents Effecting Membership of the United States. Washington, DC: Washington Branch International Labor Organization, 1937.
Reprint. Wilfred H. Schoff. The Mississippi River Improvement. Commercial America (October, November, & December 1915).
Series XV. Miscellaneous
Folder 10.10 Newspaper clipping. [title missing], re: William Alexander Percy.
Newspaper clipping. "Senator Bacon: Gives Ringing Indorsement [sic] to the Bimetallic Convention."
Handwritten letter dated 17 October 1895 from E.C. Walthall in Grenada, Mississippi to "Bob" [Robert Banks].
Portion of handwritten letter by Robert W. Banks, re: tribute to E.C. Walthall and John Sharp Williams.
Transcript of newspaper article. "Mr. Walthall Indorsed. Lowndes County Democrats hold a convention. A Fall ticket nominated – "Sword and shield" statements denied by Governor Lowry" Memphis Daily Appeal (31 July 1887).
Edward C. Walthall, Silver Coinage. Speech of Hon. E.C. Walthall, of Mississippi, in the Senate of the United States, Thursday, September 7, 1893. Washington, DC: 1893.
Note: Owned by Robert W. Banks; newspaper clipping inlaid "Hon. E.C. Walthall. Mississippi Senator Addresses a Natchez Audience. A Masterly Exposition of the Money Question – Why All the Democrats Should Vote for Bryan and Sewall" Times-Democrat (6 October 1896).
Carbon typed letter dated 18 February 1951 from Robert B. Ellis, Acting Registrar at the University of Mississippi, to Arthur H. Rice in Washington, DC, re: enclosed letter by John Sharp Williams.
Note: Photostat copy of typed letter dated 18 October 1919 from Williams to A.H. Rice in Starkville, Mississippi, re: University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee.
Negative Photostat of Newspaper Clipping. L.C. Speers, "An Elder Statesman Takes Stock of America: John Sharp Williams Discusses the Presidential Candidates and Advises the Democratic Party to Return to the Doctrines of Thomas Jefferson" New York Times (11 September 1927) p.3.
Series XVI.Graphics & Photos
Separated Material: Original photographs removed to Collection Photographs Box 18, Folders 128-134 ; Photocopies of originals remain in Folder 10.11
Folder 10.11 Printed image. Portrait of Edward C. Walthall.
Printed image. Full-length standing portrait of Edward C. Walthall.
Metal mat for use in newspaper illustrations. Full-length standing portrait of Edward Cary Walthall.
Two photographs bearing the date 2 October 1898 taken at Camp Hamilton, Lexington, Kentucky. Persons shown in the photograph are Colonel Robert W. Banks, W.C. George, and Colonel H.C. Treloar.
Note: The backs of both photographs bear the following stamped name and address: C.W. Carter, Photographer, 55 East Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky.
Photograph of John Sharp Williams, caption reads: "A Distinguished Citizen of the South: John Sharp Williams, Former Senator from Mississippi, Who Recently Celebrated his Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary at the Home in Yazoo County, Which His Grandfather Built and Where His Grandchildren Were Born. (Unglaub Studio)."
Photograph of John Sharp Williams, caption reads: "Senator John Sharp Williams at His Home near Yazoo City."
Printed Photograph, caption reads: "John Sharp Williams, Three Years Old. This daguerreotype now hangs on the same hook beside the mantel where Grandma Sharp placed it nearly seventy years ago."
Printed Photograph, caption reads: "John Sharp Williams, as a student at Heidelberg."
Printed Photograph, caption reads: "A View of the Gable End of the Original House. This shows the queer dormer windows which light the upper rooms and form such narrow little niches within."
Series XVII. Newspapers, Newspaper Clippings & Broadsheets
The Issue
Folder 11.1 7 March 1908
28 November 1908
13 February 1909
16 April 1910
23 April 1910
18 November 1910
15 December 1911
Undated fragment of pages 5-6
Vardaman's Weekly
Folder 11.2 6 November 1919
20 November 1919
18 December 1919
18 March 1920 (pages 3-4 only)
15 April 1920
20 May 1920 (fragment of pages 5-6 only)
3 June 1920
Newspaper Clippings
Folder 11.3 "Captain Banks in Natchez."
"Speed," re: John Sharp Williams.
"Funeral Rites Today for 'Sage of Yazoo'" Memphis Commercial Appeal (29 September 1932), re: John Sharp Williams.
"Cui Bono?" Macon Beacon (12 March 1915), re: ship subsidy bill and James K. Vardaman.
"Vardaman Makes Strenuous Reply: In Answer to Senator Percy's Challenge Pertaining to Investigation of Latter's Election to Senate, Ex-Governor Waxes Warm" Jackson Clarion-Ledger (13 December 1911).
"State Answers Vardaman Bill: Refutes Allegations Contained in Injunction, Asks Damages and Lawyer's Fees – Files Notice of Motion to Dissolve" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (17 December 1911).
"Calls Bill Dishonest: Vardaman Explains Opposition to Ship Purchase Measure" Washington Post (10 January 1915).
"Issue to Be Reorganized" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (19 November 1914), re: James K. Vardaman.
Associated Press, "Arming Merchant Ships Becomes Crucial Debate in Senate Again" Chattanooga Times (5 October 1941), re: repeat of 1914, mention of James K. Vardaman.
"Vardaman Last Rites Are Held in Jackson."
"Editorial Estimates of James K. Vardaman."
"J.K. Vardaman Buried in Lakewood Yesterday."
"As 'White Chief' Lay in State" (1930).
"Dr. Horton Frizzell Dead" Vardaman's Weekly (4 May 1922).
"State Honors Dead Leader: All Mississippi Joins to Do Honor to Vardaman (continued from page 1)" Jackson Daily News.
"Guiteau's Brain."
"Letter from Miss." (April 1879), re: newspaper reporter J.H. Bibb in Winona.
"The Old and New South" Memphis Avalanche (17 April 1887).
"The Autopsy – The Death of the President Was Inevitable," re: President Garfield.
"A Grand Article," re: Dr. B.F. Ward, Old South versus New South.
B.F. Ward, "Oh, what a viper is hate!..."
Banner of Winona Advocate with slogan "Mississippians Should Rule Mississippi" (27 March 1885).
"A Worthy Successor," re: John Sharp Williams and Hubert Stephens.
"A Grand Paper," re: Dr. B.F. Ward on the Old South.
"Farmer Emmett Cavett, who was in town Tuesday…" Macon Beacon (1914).
"Mr. E.D. Cavett" Macon Beacon (12 March 1915), re: candidate for state legislature.
"A Card from Mr. Cavett" Macon Beacon (12 March 1915), re: candidate for state legislature.
"Fair Columbus" Columbus Commercial (30 October 1921), re: C.P.J. Mooney editorial on centennial of Columbus, Mississippi.
T.C. Billups, "An Appreciation," re: Lucile Banks and Robert W. Banks articles in the Memphis Commercial Appeal.
"New Capitol" (21 December 1897).
"Baptists Adopt Doctrinal Statement: Expected to Clarify Atmosphere for the Missionaries, Gambrell on Vardaman" Memphis Commercial Appeal (18 May 1914).
"Was a Great Convention: Mississippi Democrats Make Their Wishes Known" Jackson Clarion-Ledger (16 June 1904), re: John Sharp Williams as delegate at Democratic National Convention.
"Dr. B.F. Ward. Very Sick at His Home in Winona, Miss." Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (21 March 1903).
"John Sharp Speaks" Jackson Daily News (June 1932), re: Williams on 2/3 rule of the Democratic National Convention.
"John Sharp Williams, Ageing Gracefully, is In Love with Humanity" Jackson Clarion-Ledger (13 October 1929).
"Capt. James K. Vardaman Arrives from Oversea," Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (21 December 1918).
"The man who would pervert history…" (10 December 1897).
"A correspondent says, in a note to the editor…" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger, re: Vardaman as governor.
"One Year Old Today" Greenwood Commonwealth (17 December 1897), re: Greenwood Commonwealth.
"No State House" Greenwood Commonwealth (5 June 1897).
"Combine the Two" Greenwood Commonwealth (3 December 1897), re: James K. Vardaman and the Greenwood Commonwealth.
"Government Injunction"Greenwood Commonwealth (30 September 1897).
"A Southern Magazine" Greenwood Commonwealth (25 February 1898), re: James K. Vardaman.
"Not So Bad as Painted. Gov. Vardaman Receives Praise from an Unexpected Source" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (10 March 1904), re: rescue of black man from expected lynching.
"Mississippi Lands" (26 October 1911).
"Are Off for St. Louis. Gov. Vardaman and Staff En Route to World's Fair." Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (12 September 1904).
"Mr. Vardaman for Governor. Formally Announces His Candidacy in Letter" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (27 November 1898).
"The Percy Speech" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (13 December 1911), re: U.S. Senator Leroy Percy.
"R.M. Gates, "Vardaman Wanted Armed Ships Bill Amended – He Denies Fillibustering" Memphis Commercial Appeal.
"[part of title missing]…Pays His Respects to Anonymous Letter Writer and Press Dispatches on the Subject" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (10 October 1904), re: Governor Vardaman.
[title missing, continued from page one], re: antebellum alcohol drinks.
Folder 11.4 "Mourner's Tribute to Sage of Yazoo Is Told in Poetry," re: John Sharp Williams.
David E. Guyton, "A Statesman Passes," re: poem about John Sharp Williams.
David E. Guyton, "Shadows," re: poem about John Sharp Williams.
"Hundreds at Bier of Statesman for Funeral in Yazoo" Jackson Daily News (29 September 1932).
John B. Hudson, "Mississippians Bow Today in Final Tribute at Rites for John Sharp Williams" New Orleans Times-Picayune (29 September 1932).
John B. Hudson, "John Sharp Williams Laid to Rest While Mississippi Mourns Statesman, Son" (30 September 1932).
"He Was a Democrat" Jackson Daily News (2 October 1932), re: John Sharp Williams.
"Son of Former Senator Recalls Many Incidents in Noted Father's Life" Hattiesburg American (29 September 1932), re: interview with Kit Williams.
"Famed Senator's Widow Succumbs: Mrs. John Sharp Williams Dies at Yazoo Home after Long Illness" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (1935).
"Here Is the Test" Jackson Daily News (16 September 1934), re: John Sharp Williams and Hubert Stephens.
"The new ruling out at Millsaps College…" Jackson Daily News (27 April 1933), re: John Sharp Williams and Fred Sullens.
"Sen. Williams Is Unchanged Home Reports. Mississippi Statesman Said to Be Resting Quietly after Series of Falls."
"Noted Statesman Dies Peacefully at Home in Yazoo" Jackson Daily News (28 September 1932), re: John Sharp Williams.
"'John Sharp' Sleeps at Plantation Home" Memphis Commercial Appeal (30 September 1932).
"A Man Remembered" Jackson Daily News (16 April 1934), re: John Sharp Williams.
"Changing Minds" Jackson Daily News (5 July 1935), re: John Sharp Williams.
"Voice of the People," re: John Sharp Williams.
Catherine Key Cavender, "John Sharp Williams," re: poem.
"Sage of Yazoo Is Laid to Rest Where His Mocking Birds Sing" Hattiesburg American (28 September 1932), re: John Sharp Williams.
"'John Sharp' Breaks His Vow: Could Not Remain Silent When Virtues of Red Cross Were Being Extolled" Jackson Clarion-Ledger (15 October 1929).
"Senator Williams Urges Red Cross Enrollment" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (18 October 1931).
"76th Birthday of John Sharp."
"Jackson Artist to Draw Picture of Sen. Williams. Portrait in Oils of Late Great Mississippian to Hang in Washington," re: artist Karl Wolfe.
"Earned His Leisure" (1 August 1929), re: John Sharp Williams.
"John Sharp Williams, LeRoy Percy Portraits Hung in Hall of Fame" Jackson Daily News (10 June 1934).
"John Sharp Williams Will Address Veterans," re: presentation of Jefferson Davis statue to Vicksburg National Military Park.
"John Sharp Williams" Memphis Commercial Appeal (18 April 1934).
"Cedar Grove Is Scene of Deb Affair: Misses Pauline Williams and Elizabeth Holmes Are Honored at Ball Friday" Jackson Daily News (26 November 1934).
"Wedding Will Be Held at Cedar Grove: Miss Williams and Mr. Howie Will Be Married Next Saturday at 8:00" Jackson Daily News (24 March 1935).
"Williams Tells How 'John Sharp' Backed Stephens: Statesman Voted for H.D. Stephens as Successor in U.S. Senate" Jackson Daily News (4 August 1934).
"John Sharp Williams, Every Wish Fulfilled, Now Rests in Grave Upon Plantation."
"A Voice from the Grave," re: John Sharp Williams.
"'The Gentleman of Yazoo' Paid Great Tribute by Press."
"Senator John Sharp Williams Has Gone to His Reward."
"Nation Offering Homage at Bier of Great Leader," re: John Sharp Williams.
"John Sharp Williams."
"Burial Held of Williams; State Mourns" Hattiesburg American (29 September 1932).
"His Reading Was Unfinished," re: John Sharp Williams.
"They Were Not Present," re: candidates for Congress absent at John Sharp Williams funeral.
"He Was a Democrat," re: John Sharp Williams.
"Hundreds at Bier of Statesman for Funeral in Yazoo," re: John Sharp Williams.
"Williams Sleeps in Beloved Yazoo as State Mourns."
"John Sharp Williams (An Editorial)."
Frederick Sullens, "The Last Days of John Sharp Williams."
"Editorial Tributes to John Sharp Williams."
"John Sharp Williams – Sage of Cedar Grove Farm – Dies."
"John Sharp Williams Dies at Yazoo Plantation Home Early Wednesday Morning."
Dennis Murphree, "Beloved Mississippian Is Laid to Rest," re: John Sharp Williams.
"Noted Statesman Dies Peacefully at Home in Yazoo."
Frederick Sullens, "The Mourning of a Friend," re: H. Clay Sharkey on John Sharp Williams.
"John Sharp Williams" (1931), re: address at Jefferson Davis statue dedication in Vicksburg National Military Park.
"Senator Williams Portrait Placed in Hall of Fame" Jackson Daily News (19 March 1934).
Folder 11.5 "[part of title missing] to Vardaman" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (20 August 1903).
"Scores Pay Last Tribute to Vardaman" Jackson Daily News (27 June 1930).
"Vardaman Earning the Kaiser's Iron Cross."
"Jas. K. Vardaman" Memphis Commercial Appeal (27 June 1930).
"A Certain Cure for Hydrophobia."
"Dr. B.F. Ward."
"White Chief Widow Rites Here Friday: Mrs. Vardaman Dies Soon after Husband, Once Political Leader" (15 August 1930).
"Vardaman Will Rest Today in Native Soil."
"J.K. Vardaman Dies in Alabama Hospital" Memphis Commercial Appeal (26 June 1930).
"John Sharp Williams' Story Gives Solons Advice."
"Anderson Provides for Election of Senators," re: election of senators by the people in Mississippi.
Joe Dale, "John Sharp Williams in the Role of Nurse."
"Party or Country?" Hattiesburg American (2 April 1914), re: James K. Vardaman.
Dr. B.F. Ward, "Alone."
"Mississippi Sends Big Delegation" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (3 July 1908), re: Democratic National Convention.
"Hon. Jno. Sharp Williams. Brilliant Career of Eighth District Representative. Many Telegrams from Jackson Congratulating New Minority Leader of the Lower House" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (12 November 1903).
Newspaper clipping fragments.
Folder 11.6 "B.F. Ward, M.D. An Eminent Physician and Writer of Mississippi" (1887).
Bill Arp's Letter. Our Williams' Weekly Budget of Wit and Humor" Atlanta Weekly Constitution (26 April 1887), re: John Sharp Williams.
"The Editor of the Meridian Dispatch Writes of His Impression of Vardaman."
"From the People. Letter from Big Bud" Macon Beacon (23 April 1918), re: women's suffrage, John Sharp Williams, Theodore G. Bilbo.
"Hon. And Mrs. E.D. Cavett Entertain Vets" Macon Beacon (28 August 1914), re: Noxubee Camp of Confederate Veterans.
"The Good Old Days of Long Ago. Capt. Bob Banks Writes Interestingly of the Happy Days of Good Old Gone-by Era" Macon Beacon (1914).
"Second Section Vardaman Case" Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (27 December 1911).
"John Sharp Sends Message to Friends" Jackson Daily News (March 1923).
"Press Convention," re: mentions address by Dr. B.F. Ward.
"The Manhood of the Old South, re: B.F. Ward.
"Our Next Congressman. B.F. Ward, M.D. An Eminent Physician and Writer of Mississippi" (1887).
"[beginning of title missing]. Some Facts about Crime Both North and South. There Was No Politics in the Killing of Postmaster Matthews of Carrollton, Talk from the Shoulder."
B.F. Ward, "Cerebro Spinal Meningitis" (1918).
"Dr. B.F. Ward Used Pen in 1891 to Rap Slur of 'New South' Talk" Winona Times (24 October 1934).
"Hate!" Memphis Commercial Appeal (13 May 1922), re: Vardaman on Woodrow Wilson.
Frederick Sullens, "The Last Days of John Sharp Williams" Jackson Daily News (29 September 1932).
James E. Watson, "As I Knew Them: Watson Recalls 'Hot One' which Split Democrats" Indianapolis Star (19 February 1937), re: John Sharp Williams as Democratic floor leader.
"An Interesting Letter from a Gallant Confederate Soldier" Macon Beacon (8 August 1908), re: letter from R.W. Banks.
"Mr. Quin[n]'s Speech Tuesday Night," re: Percy Quinn's speech in Macon.
"Noxubee Soldier in Hall of Fame. Hon. Emmett Cavett's Portrait Adorns the Walls of the Hall of Fame as Representative of the Private Soldier" Macon Beacon (31 July 1914).
Hilton Butler, "'Pat' Celebrates His 50th Birthday" Memphis Commercial Appeal (30 August 1931), re: U.S. Senator Pat Harrison.
"From Dr. B.F. Ward" Vardaman's Weekly (18 March 1920).
"Admiral Grayson in City Visits Senator Williams: Wilson Aide Lauds Statesman."
"Governor Will Not 'Insist,' Mr. Vardaman Cannot Lead the Water Valley Co." Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (4 June 1898).
Newspaper Excerpts
Folder 11.7 Memphis Commercial Appeal (29 August 1903).
Scope: "Vardaman Will Be Made Mississippi's Next Governor."
Memphis Commercial Appeal (2 August 1931): Photogravure Picture Section.
Scope: Photograph of James K. Vardaman among corn rows.
E.T. Winston, "First Steamer on Mississippi Was Owned by a Roosevelt."
"Forty-Seven Presidential Nominations 1852-1936 as Reported in The New York Times."
Macon Beacon Excerpts
Folder 11.8 15 May 1914.
26 June 1914. Includes: "Vardaman Flocks with Republicans."
10 July 1914. Includes: "Mississippian's Junior Senator," re: James K. Vardaman.
31 July 1914. Includes: "Noxubee in Hall of Fame," re: E.D. Cavett.
11 September 1914. Includes: "How Vardaman Hates Wilson."
9 July 1915. Includes: "Big Bud Tells of the Reunion," re: Confederate reunion.
Greenwood Commonwealth Excerpts
Folder 11.9 16 May 1902.
13 June 1902. Includes: "The Repeal of the Fifteenth Amendment: Speech of the Hon. Bolton Smith to the Mississippi Press Association." (2 copies)
Newspaper Excerpts
Folder 11.10 Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger (7 October 1934).
Ripley Southern Sentinel (3 July 1930). Includes: "Senator Vardaman Dies in Birmingham After Long Illness."
Jackson Daily News (26 June 1930). Includes: "Vardaman Funeral Rites Here Tomorrow."
Campaign Literature in Newsprint
Folder 11.11 Broadsheet. "White's Black Campaign of Desperation," re: Hugh White campaign for Mississippi governor post.
The Record (25 August 1936). Published by Mike Connor's Campaign Committee.
The Truth (18 August 1936). Published by Friends of Pat Harrison in the Interest of His Re-election as United States Senator from Mississippi.
"Shall the People Rule or Shall Huey Long and Paul Johnson Dictate?" (Jackson, MS: Hugh White Campaign Headquarters).
Vardaman Broadsheets
Folder 11.12 "Open Letter from World War Veteran. Disabled Soldier Supports Vardaman for First Time" (Vardaman Central Campaign Committee, 1922).
"Vardaman Reply to Questionaire [sic] of League of Women Voters" (Vardaman Central Campaign Committee, 1922).