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Curtis Wilkie Collection



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Curtis Wilkie Collection
Date [inclusive]
14.5 Linear feet 29 boxes
Material Specific Details note
Correspondence, Newspaper, Publications, Manuscripts, Micro-cassette tapes.
Correspondence, newspapers, magazines, publications, tapes, research, and drafts of books gathered by Curtis Wilkie during his career.

Preferred Citation

Curtis Wilkie Collection(mum00477), Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

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Biographical Note

Curtis Wilkie was born in Greenville, Mississippi in 1940. He attended the University of Mississippi, where he studied journalism. Wilkie graduated in 1963 and went on to follow a distinguished career in journalism. Wilkie began working at the Clarksdale Press Register, where he covered the ongoing Civil Rights movement. After being awarded a Congressional Fellowship from the American Political Science Association, Wilkie went to work on Capitol Hill. In 1975, he joined the staff at the Boston Globe, where he stayed until he retired in 2000. At the Globe, Wilkie covered some of the most significant moments of the twentieth century, including the conflicts in Israel, Beirut, Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, and the First Gulf War. Wilkie also provided extensive coverage of presidential elections—particularly the Clinton campaign. He is also the author of notable books including Arkansas Mischief: The Birth of a National Scandal, Dixie: A Personal Odyssey Through Events That Shaped the Modern South, and The Fall of the House of Zeus: The Rise and Ruin of America’s Most Powerful Trial Lawyer. Currently, Wilkie serves as a visiting professor of journalism at the University of Mississippi.

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Scope and Contents Note

Collection includes extensive material related to Curtis Wilke’s journalistic career at the Boston Globe, as well as research, early drafts, and manuscripts for his publications Arkansas Mischief and Dixie.

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Folder level order preserved from donation, contents organized chronologically according to format.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Mississippi Libraries 2005

Revision Description

 Reprocessed by Jennifer Ford. Finding aid updated by Susan Ivey. 2014

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Donated in increments.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Amy Fluker, Summer 2013. Finding Aid encoded by Amy Fluker, Summer 2013.

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Related Materials

Separated Materials

Photographs removed to Collection Photographs Box 39, Folder 30-37, for preservation purposes.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • correspondence
  • manuscripts
  • microcassettes
  • newspapers
  • publications

Geographic Name(s)

  • Southern States


  • Journalism

Personal Name(s)

  • Wilkie, Curtis


  • Political campaigns
  • Whitewater Inquiry, 1993-2000

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

Folder 1: Miscellaneous school assignments. 1960s 

Folder 2: Miscellaneous articles and writing assignments. 1960s 

Folder 3: Short stories, UM creative writing class. 1961 

Folder 4: University of Mississippi riot. 1962 

Scope and Content

Letter and map detailing the riot.

Folder 5: Rotary fellow—Switzerland visit. 1967 

Folder 6: Tax question. 1991 

Access Restrictions

This folder is restricted.

Folder 7: Miscellaneous news items. 2002 

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Box 2 

2 scrapbooks with articles from Clarksdale Press Register 1963-1969 

Scope and Content

Images removed to CPB39: African American boy at pond (F30); 12 images, Goldwater visit and UM football (F31)

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Box 3: Boston Globe Research. 

Folder 1: White House pool reports. 1976-1980 

Folder 2: Unidentified news clippings. 1976-1980 

Folder 3: Miscellaneous undated. 1977 

Folder 4: Miscellaneous. January-June 1977 

Folder 5: Miscellaneous. July-December 1977 

Folder 6: Miscellaneous. January-July 1978 

Folder 7: Miscellaneous. August-Dec 1978 

Folder 8: Miscellaneous undated. 1979 

Folder 9: Miscellaneous. January-June 1979 

Folder 10: Refugees. July 1979 

Folder 11: Miscellaneous. July-December 1979 

Folder 12: Miscellaneous. January-July 1980 

Folder 13: Democratic Convention. August 1980 

Folder 14: Miscellaneous. August-Dec 1980 

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Box 4: Boston Globe Research. 1993-1994 

Folder 1: Savannah, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. 

Folder 2: Galatoires. 

Folder 3: Capital punishment in Mississippi. 

Folder 4: Carter v. State Department. 

Folder 5: Freedom Summer. 

Folder 6: Crawfish. 

Folder 7: Edwin Edwards, gambling in Louisiana 

Folder 8: Minor League Baseball. 

Folder 9: Wedowee. 

Folder 10: Paul Hill. 

Folder 11: Cuban Missile Crisis. 

Folder 12: Key West. 

Folder 13: Jimmy Carter obituary. 

Folder 14: Issaquena County. 

Folder 15: Fear of flying. 

Folder 16: Barney Frank. 

Folder 17: Killings in New Orleans. 

Folder 18: Bush Brothers. 

Folder 19: Armadillos. 

Folder 20: Lewis Nobles case. 

Folder 21: Mississippi flogging. 

Folder 22: Crime in the Quarter. 

Folder 23: Crowds in the Quarter. 

Folder 24: On Dixie. 

Folder 25: Race in Memphis. 

Folder 26: Lost Cause. 

Folder 27: Pecans. 

Folder 28: School prayer. 

Folder 29: Elvis “Last Train”. 

Folder 30: Poverty. 

Folder 31: Yellow Dog Democrats. 

Folder 32: Book review, All’s Fair. 

Folder 33: Albrizio. 

Folder 34: GOP in South. 

Folder 35: Steve McNair. 

Folder 36: Huey Long. 

Folder 37: Race in Mississippi. 

Folder 38: Disney goes to Manassas. 

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Box 5: Boston Globe Research. 1993-1994 

Folder 1: Miscellaneous. 

Folder 2: Idaho. 

Folder 3: Las Vegas. 

Folder 4: Clinton and the Troopers. 

Folder 5: Oxford, Mississippi ministers. 

Folder 6: Perot. 

Folder 7: Clinton’s first year. 

Folder 8: John F. Kennedy. 

Folder 9: Somalia. 

Folder 10: Hubert Humphrey. 

Folder 11: Boston Red Sox. 

Folder 12: Hutchison Case. 

Folder 13: Nebraska. 

Folder 14: New Orleans GOP. 

Folder 15: Landrieu election controversy. 

Loose items—four research notebooks. 

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Box 6: Boston Globe Research. 1994-1995 

Folder 1: Sovereignty commission. 

Folder 2: Black district, Dallas. 

Folder 3: Louisiana governor’s race. 

Folder 4: Downtown Memphis. 

Folder 5: Tobacco executives/Johnston. 

Folder 6: St. Patrick’s Day. 

Folder 7: Playboy at Ole Miss. 

Folder 8: Oxford Writers. 

Folder 9: Baseball. 

Folder 10: Barrett. 

Folder 11: Dallas curfew. 

Folder 12: Tennessee Williams. 

Folder 13: Elvis and Faulkner. 

Folder 14: Capital punishment in Tennessee. 

Folder 15: Steamboat. 

Folder 16: Mosquitos and termites. 

Folder 17: Auction. 

Folder 18: Myrlie Evers. 

Scope and Content

Image removed to CPB39; Myrlie Evers (F32)

Folder 19: Atlanta rent gouging. 

Folder 20: Jazz funeral. 

Folder 21: Redneck Riviera. 

Folder 22: School bond issues. 

Folder 23: Clinton obituary. 

Folder 24: “Speak now against the day”. 

Folder 25: Serial killers. 

Folder 26: Willie Morris, My Dog Skip. 

Folder 27: New Orleans flood. 

Folder 28: Nashville sit-ins. 

Folder 29: Kerry Kling. 

Folder 30: Chain gangs. 

Folder 31: Oklahoma City bombing. 

Folder 32: Gambling. 

Folder 33: Galatoire’s line. 

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Box 7: Boston Globe Research. 1996 

Folder 1: Miscellaneous. 

Folder 2: Clinton in South. 

Folder 3: Chicago. 

Folder 4: Iowa caucus campaign. 

Folder 5: Louisiana caucus campaign. 

Folder 6: Primary colors. 

Folder 7: Southern primaries campaign. 

Folder 8: New Hampshire primary campaign. 

Folder 9: Iowa. 

Folder 10: South Carolina. 

Folder 11: North Carolina senate race. 

Folder 12: Campaign 1996. 

Folder 13: Pat Buchanan. 

Folder 14: Phil Gramm. 

Folder 15: New York-Illinois primary campaign. 

Folder 16: Crack in the country. 

Folder 17: MDC Report. 

Folder 18: Stuart Stevens. 

Folder 19: Lamar Alexander. 

Folder 20: Debates. 

Folder 21: Georgia. 

Folder 22: Pennsylvania. 

Folder 23: Washington. 

Folder 24: Oregon. 

Folder 25: Elvis. 

Folder 26: Clinton in New Orleans. 

Folder 27: San Diego Republican Convention. 

Folder 28: Clinton. 

Folder 29: Strom Thurmond. 

Folder 30: American Cookie v. Newt Gingrich. 

Folder 31: Fight in Florida. 

Folder 32: New York primary. 

Folder 33: Redistricting. 

Folder 34: Louisiana caucus struggle. 

Folder 35: Ohio. 

Folder 36: South. 

Folder 37: Senate races. 

Loose items—three research notebooks. 

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Box 8: Boston Globe Research. 1997 

Folder 1: New Old South. 

Folder 2: Memphis. 

Folder 3: John McCain. 

Folder 4: Bill Minor. 

Folder 5: Clinton Library. 

Folder 6: James McDougal. 

Folder 7: Coleman Young. 

Folder 8: Rising Tide. 

Folder 9: Michael Griffin. 

Folder 10: Shintech. 

Folder 11: Southern Cross. 

Folder 12: Faulkner Celebration. 

Folder 13: Power in the Blood. 

Folder 14: New Orleans cemeteries. 

Folder 15: Mary Landrieu update. 

Folder 16: Atlanta. 

Folder 17: Charles Frazier. 

Folder 18: Super Bowl. 1997 

Folder 19: Ann Rice. 

Folder 20: Richard Jewell. 

Folder 21: Habitat/Millard Fuller. 

Folder 22: James Meredith. 

Folder 23: Wellstone trip. 

Folder 24: Oxford, Mississippi. 

Folder 25: Sugar Cane. 

Folder 26: Faulkner Festival. 

Folder 27: Kennedy school program. 

Folder 28: Tom Daschle. 

Folder 29: Royko appreciation. 

Folder 30: Beverly Harvard. 

Folder 31: Freaknik. 

Folder 32: Georgia campaign case. 

Folder 33: Chicago Bears fight. 

Folder 34: Carter reunion. 

Scope and Content

Includes signed letter from Jimmy Carter.

Folder 35: Southern growth policy. 

Folder 36: Slavery apology. 

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Box 9: Boston Globe Research. 1998-1999 

Folder 1: Jeb Bush. 

Folder 2: Kudzu. 

Scope and Content

Images removed to CPB39; 2 publicity shots from “Kudzu” (F33)

Folder 3: Citadel. 

Folder 4: Carter and Arafat. 

Folder 5: James Farmer. 

Folder 6: Gulf Coast scam. 

Folder 7: AFT. 

Folder 8: Boll Weevil. 

Folder 9: NEA. 

Folder 10: Clarence Thomas. 

Folder 11: Robert Stone. 

Folder 12: Alabama governor race. 

Folder 13: James Earl Ray’s funeral. 

Folder 14: SCLC Event. 

Folder 15: The Fugitive. 

Folder 16: Voting. 

Folder 17: Edwin Edwards case. 

Folder 18: Last Babylon. 

Folder 19: Neshoba. 

Folder 20: Louisiana corruption. 

Folder 21: Degas. 

Folder 22: Sulphur murder case. 

Folder 23: Gambling. 

Folder 24: Barthelme case. 

Folder 25: Pontalba Legacy. 

Folder 26: Ron Ridenhour. 

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Box 10: Boston Globe Research. 1998-1999 

Folder 1: Georgia Special Election. 

Folder 2: Jimmy Swaggart. 

Folder 3: Bush inauguration. 

Folder 4: Voodoo funeral. 

Folder 5: David Duke. 

Folder 6: John McCain. 

Folder 7: Independent booksellers. 

Folder 8: 1998 Southern race. 

Folder 9: Southern Jews. 

Scope and Content

Images removed to CPB39; 2 slides from Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience (F34)

Folder 10: Jimmy Carter on aging. 

Folder 11: ADL speech. 22 October 1998 

Folder 12: Bob Livingston. 

Folder 13: George Robertson, Whistleblower. 

Folder 14: NuSouth. 

Folder 15: Clinton in New Orleans. 

Folder 16: 1998 election. 

Folder 17: Edwin Edwards/Eddie DeBartolo. 

Folder 18: Republican governor's conference. 

Folder 19: Many Thousands Gone. 

Folder 20: God of the Rodeo. 

Folder 21: Hurricane Georges. 

Folder 22: Birmingham conference. 

Folder 23: George Bush/Texas governor’s race. 

Folder 24: Mark Bailey. 

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Box 11: Clinton Campaign. 1992 

Folder 1: Russel Banks. 

Folder 2: George Bush. 

Scope and Content

Image removed from CPB39; image of woman near water (F35)

Folder 3: Amin Gemavel. 

Folder 4: Ross Perot. 

Folder 5: Governor Ann Richards. 

Folder 6: John Silber. 

Folder 7: PaulTsongas. Undated. 

Folder 8: Paul Tsongas. 1991-1992 

Folder 9: Clinton, early life. 

Folder 10: Clinton and the Draft. 

Folder 11: New Hampshire. 

Folder 12: Clinton press. 

Loose items—thirteen research notebooks 

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Box 12: Arkansas Mischief Research 

Scope and Content

Images removed to CPB39; misc. photos relating to Arkansas Mischief (F36)

Folder 1: Court Transcript, U.S. v. James McDougal. 7 May 1996 

Folder 2: Court Transcript, U.S. v. James McDougal. 8 May 1996 

Folder 3: Court Transcript, U.S. v. James McDougal. 9 May 1996 

Folder 4: Court Transcript, U.S. v. James McDougal. 5 June 1996 

Folder 5: U.S. v. James McDougal, depositions/testimony. 

Folder 6: James McDougal Interviews. July 1997 

Folder 7: James McDougal Interviews. August 1997 

Folder 8: James McDougal Interviews. September 1997-January 1998 

Folder 9: Arkansas Mischief—Miscellaneous Research. 

Folder 10: Arkansas Mischief—Miscellaneous Articles. 

Folder 11: Summary of Arkansas Mischief, Newsweek. 

Folder 12: Arkansas Mischief book tour press. 

Folder 13: Arkansas Mischief book reviews. 

Folder 14: Arkansas Mischief press. 

Folder 15: Arkansas Mischief miscellaneous correspondence. 

Folder 16: Arkansas Mischief notes. 

Folder 17: James McDougal’s death. 

Folder 18: James McDougal death conspiracy. 1998 

Loose items—eleven research notebooks. 

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Box 13: Thirty-one microcassette tapes. 

Access Restrictions

Box 13 is currently closed.

Scope and Content

Interviews with James McDougal.

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Box 14: Arkansas Mischief Drafts. 

Folder 1: Arkansas Mischief, first draft. Chapters 1-8. October 1997 

Folder 2: Arkansas Mischief, first draft. Chapters 9-17. October 1997 

Folder 3: Arkansas Mischief, draft. Chapters 1-8. 30 March 1998 

Folder 4: Arkansas Mischief, draft. Chapters 9-17. 30 March 1998 

Folder 5: Arkansas Mischief, index. 1 April 1998 

Folder 6: Arkansas Mischief, Henry Holt & Co., proof. Pages 1-169. 23 April 1998 

Folder 7: Arkansas Mischief, Henry Holt & Co., proof. Pages 170-end. 23 April 1998 

Folder 8: Arkansas Mischief, Henry Holt & Co., proof. Pages 1-169. 5 August 1998 

Folder 9: Arkansas Mischief, Henry Holt & Co., proof. Pages 170-320. 5 August 1998 

Folder 10: “James McDougal’s Book” outline. 

Folder 11: Arkansas Mischief prologue. 

Folder 12: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 1. 

Folder 13: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 2. 

Folder 14: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 3. 

Folder 15: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 4. 

Folder 16: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 5. 

Folder 17: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 6. 

Folder 18: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 7. 

Folder 19: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 8. 

Folder 20: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 9. 

Folder 21: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 10. 

Folder 22: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 11. 

Folder 23: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 12. 

Folder 24: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 13. 

Folder 25: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 14. 

Folder 26: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 15. 

Folder 27:Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 16. 

Folder 28: Arkansas Mischief. Chapter 17. 

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Box 15: Arkansas Mischief Drafts. 

Folder 1: Jim McDougal’s Story (Arkansas Mischief). Chapters 1-8. 

Folder 2: Jim McDougal’s Story (Arkansas Mischief). Chapters 9-17. 

Folder 3: Arkansas Mischief, incomplete draft. Pages 10-212. 

Folder 4: Arkansas Mischief, incomplete draft. Pages 213-407. 

Folder 5: Arkansas Mischief draft. Chapters 1-8. 

Folder 6: Arkansas Mischief draft. Chapters 9-17. 

Folder 7: Arkansas Mischief draft. Chapters 1-8. 

Folder 8: Arkansas Mischief draft. Chapters 9-16. 

Folder 9: Arkansas Mischief fragment. 

Folder 10: Arkansas Mischief book jacket text. 

Loose items—two Arkansas Mischief drafts. 

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Box 16: Book Projects. 

Folder 1: Poison in the Well proposal. 

Folder 2: Poison in the Well, introduction. 

Folder 3: Poison in the Well, Chapter 1. 

Folder 4: Poison in the Well, Chapter 2. 

Folder 5: Poison in the Well, Chapter 3. 

Folder 6: Poison in the Well, Clinton. 

Folder 7: Poison in the Well, "Shouting Heads" 

Folder 8: Poison in the Well, Research. 

Folder 9: Dixie, Dunlap nomination. 

Folder 10: Dixie, paperback. 

Folder 11: Dixie, miscellaneous. 

Scope and Content

Images removed to CPB39; 14 copies of illustrations/images for Dixie (F37)

Loose items—research notebook, six Dixie manuscripts. 

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Box 17: Magazine articles. 

Miscellaneous loose magazine articles. 

The Delta Review. September-October 1965, November 1967 and June 1968  

George. December 1997, June 1998, and November 1999  

The New Republic. 25 May 1974 and 18-25 July 1983  

Newsweek. 23 March 1998 

Quill. January 1977. 

Television International. January-February 1977. 

Wilson Quarterly. Autumn 2001 

WJR. October 1982 and August 1986  

The Boston Quarterly. September 1979-September 1997 

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Box 18: Original Clippings. 

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Box 19: Original Clippings. 

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