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Finding Aid for the Lily Thompson Collection (MUM00446)

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Descriptive Summary
Mrs. DuAine Morgan of Yazoo City, Mississippi donated the collection to the University of Mississippi circa 1958.
Lily Thompson Collection
Inclusive Dates:
1897-1938, undated
The Lily Thompson Collection possesses material related to the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association and the Equity League of Jackson, Mississippi.  Thompson held various offices in both organizations.  The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, minutes, publications, broadsides, clippings, memorabilia, and a scrapbook.
3 boxes (3 linear feet)
Repository :
The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
University Archives
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
(662) 915-7408
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Lily Wilkinson Thompson Collection, Archives & Special Collections, University of Mississippi

Biographical Note
Created in 1897, the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association elected Nellie Nugent Somerville as president, Belle Kearney as vice president, and Lily Wilkinson Thompson as corresponding secretary.  Thompson, along with other members, prepared and distributed the organization's literature and articles provided to state newspapers. As superintendent of press work, she stated "Original articles are of immense value.  Mississippi people are interested in what Mississippi men and women think on the question, rather than what is being done elsewhere."  In 1912, the organization elected Thompson president. 
Thompson also held several officer positions in the Equity League of Jackson, a local woman suffrage organization.

Box 1 contains correspondence addressed to Thompson; public relations material including form letters, manuscripts, broadsides, and publications; and ledgers containing minutes of the Jackson Equity League.  Box 2 holds publications and clippings, and Box 3 contains oversized material including publications, broadsides, clippings, and a scrapbook.

Use Restriction
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Related materials
Related materials in Special Collections include the following:
Ballots for Both: Thirteenth Annual Convention, Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1917).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 B35 1917.
League of Women Voters (Mississippi Division) Collection.
Webb, R.A.  Man and Woman: Address Delivered Belhaven Christian Workers' School, Jackson, Mississippi, June 1913 by Rev. R.A. Webb, D.D. of Louisville Seminary (Jackson, MS: Tucker Printing House, 1913).  Call Number: JF853 W4.
Related materials in the J.D. Williams Main Library include the following:
The Woman Voter (Clarksdale, Mississippi).  3 August 1922 -- 4 April 1924.  Location: Microfilm.

Separated Material
Several publications from the collection were catalogued and added to the Special Collections stacks:
Constitution and By-Laws of the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1898).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 C6 1898.
Constitution and By-Laws of the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1912).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 C6 1912.
Eighth Annual Report, Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1912).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 M57 8th (1912).
Fifth Annul Report of the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1909).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 M57 5th (1909).
Fourth Annual Report of the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1908).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 M57 4th (1908).
Minutes of the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1898).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 M57 [2nd] (1898).
Minutes of the Ninth Annual Convention, Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1913).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 M57 (1913).
Minutes of the Second Annual Convention of the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association, (1899).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 M57 [3rd] (1899).
Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association, 7th Annual Session (1911).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 M57 7th (1911).
Program for the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1912).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 P76 1912.
Report of the Organization of the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1897).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 M57 [1st] (1897).
Second Quarterly Report, Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1912).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 M577 2nd qtr 1912/13.
Sixth Annual Report of the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1910).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 M57 6th (1910).
Somerville, Nellie Nugent.  Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association: Address of President (1912).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 S66 1912.
Third Quarterly Report, Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association (1912-1913).  Call Number: JK1911 M7 M577 3rd qtr 1912/13.
Vardaman, James K.  Woman Suffrage: Speeches of Hon. James K. Vardaman of Mississippi in the Senate of the United States March 5 and 19, 1914 (Washington, DC: 1914).
The following volumes were catalogued and added to the Main Library stacks:
Catt, Carrie Chapman.  The World Movement for Woman Suffrage 1904 to 1911 (London: International Woman Suffrage Alliance, 1911).  Call Number: JF851 C38 1911.
Lagerlof, Selma.  Home and State (Woman Suffrage Party, n.d.).  Call Number: HQ1423 L334.

Collection History
Source of Collection
Special Collections acquired the collection circa 1979..
Processing Information
Leigh McWhite completed a revised finding aid for the collection.

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Box and Folder Listing
1898-1927, undated.
Inventory of collection. undated. 6 pages.
Letter from Dorothy Oldham to Mrs. DuAine Morgan. 9 May 1958. 1 page.
Re: University of Mississippi acquisition of collection.
Letter from Mary [Carole Branch ____ford] to Thompson. 2 April 1909. 1 page.
Re: thanks for compiling information on Mississippi women; handwritten notation [by Thompson]..
"Votes for Women" postcard addressed to Mrs. C.H. Thompson in New Orleans, Lousiana. undated.
"Votes for Women" postcard addressed to Mrs. Lily W. Thompson in New Orleans, Louisiana. postmarked 1 April 1905.
Woman's Suffrage postcard to President William Howard Taft from "Jackson Woman Suffragists". undated.
Letter from Belle Kearney to "My Dear Friend". 22 April 1898. 4 pages.
Re: Kearney's meeting with Mississippi Governor Anselm McLaurin, women's suffrage, women's representation on the boards of trustees for Mississippi Industrial Institute & College, travel schedule.
Form letter to newspaper editors. undated. 1 page.
Re: publication of articles on contributions and sketches of Mississippi women, woman suffrage.
Broadside of open letter from Carrie Chapman Catt, President of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, & Marion Bankston Trotter, President of the Mississippi Suffrage Association, to "The Suffragists of Mississippi". 14 May 1918. 1 page.
Re: campaign to influence congressional suffrage vote.
Letter from President William Howard Taft to Thompson. 2 November 1909. 1 page, envelope.
Re: thanks for flowers sent by Jackson Woman Suffrage Club during visit to Jackson, Mississippi.
Pamphlet "Senator Belle Kearney: Lecturer, Writer, Stateswoman". Circa 1927.
Re: biographical information, endorsements, lecture titles, press comments.
Pamphlet "Senator Belle Kearney". Circa 1925.
Re: biographical information, lecture titles, endorsements.
Broadside "Senator Belle Kearney: Author -- Traveler -- Lecturer -- Politician". undated. 1 page.
Re: lecture announcement.
Broadside "Women as Trustees of Educational and Eleemosynary Institutions" (Greenville, MS: Times Print). 1915. 1 page.
Handwritten manuscript "What Mississippi Women Want". undated. 5 pages.
Re: probation officers for juvenile offenders, factory inspectors, boards of eleemosynary institutions, education.
Broadside "The Annie C. Peyton Memorial". undated. 1 page.
Re: Mississippi Industrial Institute and College.
Pamphlet "The Bible on Equal Suffrage" by H. Walter Featherstun. undated.
Note: "Written for the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association".
Pamphlet "How Mississippi Women Work for the Ballot" by Nellie Nugent Somerville (Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association). undated.
Typed manuscript "Woman's Suffrage" by Mary Scott of Clarksdale, Mississippi. undated. 6 pages.
Typed manuscript, Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association Statement of Purpose. undated. 5 pages.
Re: history and policies.
Handwritten draft of article for the Jackson Daily News. undated. 7 pages.
Re: Phoebe Cousins' opposition to woman suffrage.
Handwritten essay. Undated. 11 pages.
Re: the stance of state newspapers on woman suffrage.
Typed drafts of articles published in the Jackson Daily News. 1920. 6 pages.
Re: woman suffrage.
Handwritten note. Undated. 1 page.
Re: Lily Thompson's contribution to a book on woman suffrage.
Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association Letterhead. undated. 1 page.
Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association Letterhead. Undated. 1 page.
Handbill "Votes for Women" with Lincoln quote. Undated.
Mississippi State Fair Ribbon. 1928.
National American Woman Suffrage Association Ribbon. 1903.
Equity League Minutes. December 1911 -- October 1914. handwritten ledger.
Re: woman suffrage organization in Jackson, Mississippi.
Equity League Minutes. November 1914 -- September 1915. handwritten ledger.
Equity League Minutes. October 1915 -- October 1916. handwritten ledger.
The Woman Citizen. 16 June 1917.
The Woman Citizen. 22 December 1917.
The Woman Citizen. 29 December 1917.
The Woman Citizen. 5 January 1918.
The Woman Citizen. 20 July 1918.
The Woman Citizen. 27 July 1918.
The Woman Citizen. 3 August 1918.
The Woman Citizen. 5 October 1918.
The Woman Citizen. 17 May 1919.
The Woman Citizen. 9 August 1919.
The Woman Citizen. 30 October 1920.
The Woman Citizen. 6 November 1920.
Vardaman's Weekly (Jackson, Mississippi). 12 June 1919.
Re: cover story "Woman Suffrage".
Vardaman's Weekly (Jackson, Mississippi). 5 June 1919.
Note: editorial comment on woman suffrage on page 6.
The Woman's Journal. 13 May 1911.
The Woman's Journal. 21 September 1907.
Woman's Journal and Suffrage News. 27 February 1915.
The Woman's Journal. 20 May 1911.
Greene County Herald (Leakesville, Mississippi). 20 September 1907.
Note: page 2 contains an essay by Lily Thompson entitled "Does the Mississippi Woman Deserve Citizenship".
Jackson Daily News. 8 January 1920.
Note: "Suffrage Subject Awakens Interest" in "Seen and Heard Under the Dome" column, p. 5.
Jackson Daily Clarion Ledger. 7 January 1920.
Note: "Rhode Island Ratifies Suffrage," p. 1; "Kentucky Ratifies," p. 2.
Jackson Daily Clarion Ledger. 14 January 1920.
Note: "Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, Mr. Attorney General Palmer," p. 1, re: Mississippi ratification of suffrage amendment; "Henry Watterson Speaks Against Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Woman Bible," p. 3; "Opposed to the Amendment," p. 8.
Jackson Daily Clarion Ledger. 20 July 1919.
Note: "After all their blow and bluster getting their Antony-negro-woman-suffrage amendment adopted…," p. 4.
Jackson Daily News. 5 December 1919.
Note: "Suffragists Organize for Decisive Front," p. 5.
Jackson Daily News. 20 January 1919.
Note: "The Fight for Suffrage" by Lily Wilkinson Thompson, p. 4.
Jackson Daily News. 30 September 1918.
Note: "President Wilson Asks Passage at Once of the Suffrage Resolution: Votes for Women Aid to Victory," pp. 1 & 6.
Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger. 28 July 1912.
Note: "Popular Chautanquan for Woman Suffrage".
Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger. undated.
Note: "A Vain Expectation," re: suffrage amendment to Mississippi constitution.
Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger. 17 February 1920.
Note: "Reject the Susan B. Anthony Amendment -- Save Your State Control of Suffrage," p. 1; "Cleans up Susan Today," p. 4.
Jackson Daily News. 3 February 1920.
Note: "Suffrage Bill Is Defeated in Senate," pp. 1-2.
Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger. 3 February 1920.
Note: "A Good Bill to Kill: The Woman's Primary Election Bill Which Comes Up in Senate To-day," p.1.
Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger. 6 February 1920.
Note: "Primary Suffrage Bill Is Finally Killed in Senate," p. 6.
Jackson Daily News. 22 January 1920.
Note: "The expected happened.  Our esteemed morning contemporary assumes unto itself the whole credit for defeating the Federal Suffrage amendment…," p. 4; "The suffrage leaders say that when some of those men…," p. 4; "Suffrage Leaders Feeling Cheerful," p. 5.
Jackson Daily News. 10 January 1920.
Note: "Will the Legislature Ratify" by Belle Kearney, p. 3.
Jackson Daily News. 20 January 1920.
Jackson Daily News. 30 March 1920.
Note: "Woman Suffrage Today Ratified by Repentant Senate," p. 1; "Anthony Amendment Ratified," p. 2.
Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger. 11 March 1920.
Note: "West Virginia Joins Suffragettes," p. 1.
Jackson Daily Clarion-Ledger. 14 March 1920.
Note: "Suffragists Playing with Legislators," p. 4.
Jackson Daily News. 8 August 1920.
Note: "'Vote YES!' They Urge Tennessee Solons," pp. 1-2.
1909-1938, undated.
Scrapbook. 1900-1926. Contains newspaper clippings, ephemera.
Re: woman suffrage & Lily W. Thompson.
Progress (Official Organ of the National American Woman Suffrage Association). January 1909, March 1909, February 1910, June 1910.
Broadside "Does the Mississippi Woman Deserve Citizenship?" by Lily Wilkinson Thompson. Undated.
Clippings. .
Courier-Journal. 30 October 1938.
Note: "These Board Wives Were Bored," sec. 2, p. 2.
Jackson Daily News. 22 January 1922.
Note: "Suffrage for Women" by Lily Wilkinson Thompson," p. 6.
"Suffrage for Women: Lily W. Thompson Issues Address". Undated.
"The Fight for Suffrage by Women of Mississippi" by Belle Kearney. Undated.
Note:  Annotation "This was re-published from Jackson News May 14, 1914.".
Yazoo City Herald. 17 July 1936.
Note: "The Fight for Suffrage by Women of Mississippi" by Belle Kearney.
Jackson Daily News. 1931.
Jackson Daily News. 10 February 1912.
Note: "Suffrage for Women" by Lily Wilkinson Thompson.
Jackson Daily News. 8 February 1929.
Note: "Miss Thompson and Mr. Shamel Marry in in Galloway Church Thursday Evening," p 4.
Jackson Daily News. 28 July 1929.
"In the House". Undated.
Re: Address of Kate Gordon to women in the Mississippi House of Representatives; sponsored by Belle Kearney & Lily Wilkinson Thompson.
clipping fragment. Undated.
Re: woman suffrage & prohibition in Mississippi.
Program "Unveiling Exercises of the Monument to the Women of the Confederacy of Mississippi" (Jackson, MS: Tucker Printing House). Undated. 2 copies.
Pamphlet "To the Agents of the Reliance Life Insurance Company". 26 December 1910.
Note: discussion of applicants secured by C.H. & S.B. Thompson in Rockfort and Georgetown, Mississippi.
Cover of Time. 3 January 1938.
Re: "Man and Wife of the Year".