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Finding aid for the Southern Women Legislators Collection


Access Restriction

This collection is stored at an off-site facility. Researchers interested in using this collection must contact Archives and Special Collections at least two business days in advance of their planned visit.

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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Ellis, Carolyn, 1950-
Hawks, Joanne V. ;
Southern Women Legislators Collection
Date [inclusive]
1900s (bulk 1980-1998)
General Physical Description note
16 boxes (29 linear feet)
Modern Political Archives
This collection contains information on women in southern state legislatures (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia) gathered by Joanne V. Hawks and Carolyn Ellis. The records include secondary biographical information, newspaper clippings, political ephemera, completed questionnaires, correspondence, and oral interviews on cassette tapes with occasional transcripts.

Prefered Citation

Southern Women Legislators Collection, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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Biographical Note

Joanne V. Hawks served as the last Dean of Women at the University of Mississippi between 1972 and 1981 and became the first director of the university's Sarah Isom Center for Women (1981 through 1998). Carolyn Ellis was an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Mississippi Law School at the time this collection was compiled. As Carolyn Ellis Staton, she became Provost of the university in 1999. Hawks & Ellis received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to study the role of women in southern state legislatures. They coauthored or individually wrote several articles describing the results of their analyses.

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Scope and Content Note

The files of the Southern Women Legislators Collection are grouped first by state and then organized alphabetically by the name of individual legislators. Most state files also possess several files containing general information. The files of individual legislators contain secondary biographical information, newspaper clippings, political ephemera, completed questionnaires, and correspondence.

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  1. Series I. Alabama
  2. Series II. Arkansas
  3. Series III. Florida
  4. Series IV. Georgia
  5. Series V. Louisiana
  6. Series VI. Mississippi
  7. Series VII. South Carolina & Tennessee
  8. Series VIII. Texas
  9. Series IX. North Carolina
  10. Series X. Virginia
  11. Series XI. Cassette Tapes of Oral Interviews

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Mississippi Libraries 

Access Restrictions

The Southern Women Legislators Collection is open for research. This collection is stored at an off-site facility. Researchers interested in using this collection must contact Archives and Special Collections at least two business days in advance of their planned visit.

For preservation reasons, access to the cassette tapes stored in boxes 15 and 16 is restricted. Researchers may access their digital counterparts in the Southern Women Legislators Digital Collection at Please note that although descriptions for all of the collection’s recordings are available to anyone on the internet, copyright concerns dictate that researchers may only access the recordings via onsite computer terminals in the J.D. Williams Library.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user may be liable for copyright infringement.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Acquisition Information

Joanne V. Hawks & Carolyn Ellis donated the Southern Women Legislators Collection in 1998.

Processing Information

Lisa Speer processed the collection soon after receipt. Political Papers Archivist Leigh McWhite revised the finding aid in 2008 and again in July 2009. Jason Kovari encoded the online finding aid, 16 July 2009.

In 2010-2011, a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services enabled the archive to preserve and digitize all the recordings in the Southern Women Legislators Collection. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed as part of this project do not necessarily represent those of the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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Related Materials

Resources at the University of Mississippi

Sarah Isom Center Collection contains files related to the NEH grant that funded the research conducted by Hawks and Ellis, as well as other files on women in politics. Finding aid available at:

League of Women Voters (Mississippi Division) Collection holds the archives for the Mississippi Division as well as many local state chapters. Finding aid available at:

Lily Thompson Collection contains the papers of Mississippi suffragist Lily Thompson, which includes correspondence and other documents related to the Mississippi Woman Suffrage Association, Belle Kearney, and Nellie Nugent Somerville. Finding aid available at:

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Controlled Access Headings


  • audiocassettes
  • born digital audio
  • clippings (information artifacts)
  • correspondence
  • ephemera
  • interviews

Geographic Name(s)

  • Southern States -- Politics and Government


  • Women in politics -- Southern States
  • Women legislators -- Alabama
  • Women legislators -- Arkansas
  • Women legislators -- Florida
  • Women legislators -- Georgia
  • Women legislators -- Louisiana
  • Women legislators -- Mississippi
  • Women legislators -- North Carolina
  • Women legislators -- South Carolina
  • Women legislators -- Tennessee
  • Women legislators -- Texas
  • Women legislators -- Virginia
  • Women politicians -- Southern States

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Mary Caroline Ellis & Joanne V. Hawks, "Ladies in the Gentleman's Club: South Carolina Women Legislators, 1928-1984" Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association (1986), pp. 17-32.________________________________, "Creating a Different Pattern: Florida's Women Legislators, 1928-1986"  Florida Historical Quarterly Vol. 66 No. 1 (1987), pp. 68-83. Joanne V. Hawks, M. Carolyn Ellis, & J. Byron Morris, "Women in the Mississippi Legislature (1924-1981)"  Journal of Mississippi History Vol. 43 No. 4 (November 1981), pp. 266-293. Joanne V. Hawks, "Like Mother, Like Daughter: Nellie Nugent Somerville and Lucy Somerville Howorth"  Journal of Mississippi History Vol. 45 No. 2 (1983), pp. 116-128. ______________, "A Select Few: Alabama's Women Legislators, 1922-1983"  Alabama Review Vol. 38 No. 3 (1985), pp. 175-201. ______________, "A Challenge to Racism and Sexism: Black Women in Southern Legislatures, 1965-1986"  Sage: A Scholarly Journal on Black Women Vol. 5 No. 2 (1988), pp. 20-23. ______________, "Stepping out of the Shadows into Politics: Women in the Alabama Legislature, 1922-1990" in  Stepping out of the Shadows: Alabama Women, 1819-1990 edited by Mary Martha Thomas (Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1995), pp. 154-175.

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Collection Inventory

BOX 1 

Series I. Alabama 

Folder 1-1. General information on Alabama’s women legislators 

Folder 1-2. Clippings 

Folder 1-3. Ann Bedsole 

Folder 1-4. Kylie Terry Berryman 

Folder 1-5. June Bugg 

Folder 1-6. Clara Stone Collins 

Folder 1-7. Pat Davis 

Folder 1-8. Sundra Escott 

Folder 1-9. Jane Gullatt 

Folder 1-10. Yvonne Kennedy 

Folder 1-11. Beth Marietta 

Folder 1-12. Bobbie Will Greene McDowell 

Folder 1-13. Sybil Pool 

Folder 1-14. Marilyn Quarles 

Folder 1-15. Lois Rockhold 

Folder 1-16. Martha Jo Smith 

Folder 1-17. Frances Strong 

Folder 1-18. Louphenia Thomas 

Folder 1-19. Jarushia Thornton 

Folder 1-20. Shelby Dean Ward 

Folder 1-21. Hattie Hooker Wilkins 

Folder 1-22. Retha Deal Wynot 

Folder 1-23. Mary S. Zoghby 

Series II. Arkansas 

Folder 1-24. General information on Arkansas Women Legislators 

Folder 1-25. Clippings 

Folder 1-26. Dorothy M. Allen 

Folder 1-27. Nancy Crain Balton 

Folder 1-28. Irma Hunter Brown 

Folder 1-29. Maude R. Brown 

Folder 1-30. Helen May Buchanan 

Folder 1-31. Gloria Burford Cabe 

Folder 1-32. Charlie Cole Chafin 

Folder 1-33. Erle Rutherford Chambers 

Folder 1-34. Ethel Cole Cunningham 

Folder 1-35. Mattie Hackett 

Folder 1-36. Peggy Long Hartness 

Folder 1-37. Frances R. M. J. Hunt 

Folder 1-38. Ella B. Hurst 

Folder 1-39. Myra Lee Jones 

Folder 1-40. Bernice Kizer 

Folder 1-41. Doris McCastlain 

Folder 1-42. Florence McGraw McRaven 

Folder 1-43. Shirley T. Meacham 

Folder 1-44. Dove Toland Mulkey 

Folder 1-45. Wanda L. Northcutt 

Folder 1-46. Willie Oates 

Folder 1-47. Gladys Oglesby 

Folder 1-48. Judy Petty 

Folder 1-49. Carolyn Pollan 

Folder 1-50. Lera Jeanne Rowlette 

Folder 1-51. Charlotte T. Schexnayder 

Folder 1-52. Vada M. Sheid 

Folder 1-53. Elizabeth H. Thompson 

Folder 1-54. Mary B. Wigstrand 

Folder 1-55. Alene Word 

Series III. Florida 

Folder 1-56. General information on Florida Women Legislators 

Folder 1-57. Florida Clippings 

Folder 1-58. Information on the Equal Rights Amendment in the Florida Legislature 

Folder 1-59. Patricia Bailey 

Folder 1-60. Mary Lou Baker 

Folder 1-61. Maxine E. Baker 

Folder 1-62. Virginia Bass 

Folder 1-63. Elaine Bloom 

Folder 1-64. Corrine Brown 

Folder 1-65. Beverly B. Burnsod 

Folder 1-66. Fran Carlton 

Folder 1-67. Betty Castor 

Folder 1-68. Gwen Sawyer Cherry 

Folder 1-69. Karen Coolman 

Folder 1-70. Linola Cox 

Folder 1-71. Helen Gordon Davis 

Folder 1-72. Betty Easley 

Folder 1-73. Marilyn B. Evans-Jones 

Folder 1-74. Mary Figg 

Folder 1-75. Roberta Fox 

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BOX 2 

Series III. Florida (continued) 

Folder 2-1. Pat Collier Frank 

Folder 2-2. Edna Giles Fuller 

Folder 2-3. Arnhilda Gonzalez-Quevedo 

Folder 2-4. Elaine Gordon 

Folder 2-5. Mary R. Grizzle 

Folder 2-6. Carol Hanson 

Folder 2-7. Nancy O. Harrington 

Folder 2-8. Mary Ellen Hawkins 

Folder 2-9. Frances Loving Irvine 

Folder 2-10. Toni Jennigns 

Folder 2-11. Beth Johnson 

Folder 2-12. Elizabeth Johnson 

Folder 2-13. Anne MacKenzie 

Folder 2-14. Mary Ann McKenzie 

Folder 2-15. Jeanne Malchon 

Folder 2-16. Gwen Margolis 

Folder 2-17. Carrie Meek 

Folder 2-18. Betty Metcalf 

Folder 2-19. Mary Patton 

Folder 2-20. Edna Pearce 

Folder 2-21. Jane W. Robinson 

Folder 2-22. Irma Rochlin 

Folder 2-23. Ileana Ros 

Folder 2-24. Virginia L. Rosen 

Folder 2-25. Dorothy Eaton Sample 

Folder 2-26. Deborah Sanderson 

Folder 2-27. Dixie Sansom 

Folder 2-28. Peggy Simone 

Folder 2-29. Mary L. Singleton 

Folder 2-30. Karen Thurman 

Folder 2-31. Eleanor Weinstock 

Folder 2-32. Lori Wilson 

Folder 2-33. Florida Articles 

Series IV. Georgia 

Folder 2-34. General information on Georgia Legislators 

Folder 2-35. Peggy Childs’ article, “Women in the Georgia Legislature” 

Folder 2-36. Betty Aaron 

Folder 2-37. Alveda King Beal 

Folder 2-38. Irish Blitch 

Folder 2-39. Anne Carter Calhoun 

Folder 2-40. Tassie Kelly Cannon 

Folder 2-41. Henrietta Canty 

Folder 2-42. Peggy Childs 

Folder 2-43. Betty Clark 

Folder 2-44. Alice Walker Coffin 

Folder 2-45. Barbara Couch 

Folder 2-46. Helen Coxon 

Folder 2-47. Leila Pittman Crowe 

Folder 2-48. Bev Engram 

Folder 2-49. Dorothy Felton 

Folder 2-50. Cynthia Fuller 

Folder 2-51. Mary Jane Galer 

Folder 2-52. Mildred Glover 

Folder 2-53. Ophelia Guerry 

Folder 2-54. Grace Hamilton 

Folder 2-55. Janice Horton 

Folder 2-56. Diane Harvey Johnson 

Folder 2-57. Jeanette Jamieson 

Folder 2-58. Suzi Johnson 

Folder 2-59. Bessie Kempton 

Folder 2-60. Betty Lowe 

Folder 2-61. Helen Douglas Mankin 

Folder 2-62. Love Alexander McDuffie 

Folder 2-63. Janet Merritt 

Folder 2-64. Susie Tillman Moore 

Folder 2-65. Anne Mueller 

Folder 2-66. Viola Ross Napier 

Folder 2-67. Suzanne Link Odom 

Folder 2-68. Lillian Parkman 

Folder 2-69. Rebecca Rainey 

Folder 2-70. Eleanor Richardson 

Folder 2-71. Helen Bomar Selman 

Folder 2-72. Virginia Shapard 

Folder 2-73. Georganna Sinkfield 

Folder 2-74. Earleen Sizemore 

Folder 2-75. Cathey Steinberg 

Folder 2-76. Nellie M. Stocks 

Folder 2-77. Mable Thomas 

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BOX 3 

Series IV. Georgia (continued) 

Folder 3-1. Lottie Watkins 

Folder 3-2. Betty Jo Williams 

Folder 3-3. Mary Young 

Folder 3-4. Georgia Legislators; Bills introduced 

Folder 3-5. Georgia Blue Books 

Series V. Louisiana 

Folder 3-6. Louisiana Legislature 

Folder 3-7. Mrs. Bland Bruns 

Folder 3-8. Diane Elizabeth Bajoie 

Folder 3-9. Evelyn K. Blackmon 

Folder 3-10. Kathleen Blanco 

Folder 3-11. Mrs. E. D. Gleason 

Folder 3-12. Doris Holland 

Folder 3-13. Louise B. Johnson 

Folder 3-14. Mrs. John S. Lewis, Jr. 

Folder 3-15. Mary Landrieu 

Folder 3-16. Grace Laperouse 

Folder 3-17. Margaret Lowenthal 

Folder 3-18. Beatrice H. Moore 

Folder 3-19. Mrs. Richard S. Parrott 

Folder 3-20. Irene Jordan Sevier 

Folder 3-21. Virginia Shehee 

Folder 3-22. Dorothy M. Taylor 

Folder 3-23. Mrs. C. W. Thompson 

Folder 3-24. Lillian Walker 

Folder 3-25. Louise B. Johnson, Women of the Louisiana Legislature 

Folder 3-26. Lindig, Path from the Parlor 

Series VI. Mississippi 

Folder 3-27. General information on Mississippi Legislature 

Folder 3-28. General information on Mississippi legislature 

Folder 3-29. Mildred Alexander 

Folder 3-30. Margaret Allen 

Folder 3-31. Anne Barclift 

Folder 3-32. Georgia Bennett 

Folder 3-33. Barbara Blackmon 

Folder 3-34. Annie Bonds 

Folder 3-35. Norma Bourdeaux 

Folder 3-36. Mabel Bruce 

Folder 3-37. Pauline Clark 

Folder 3-38. Tillie Clark 

Folder 3-39. Alyce Clark 

Folder 3-40. Kay Cobb 

Folder 3-41. Linda F. Coleman 

Folder 3-42. Willie Mae Dunaway 

Folder 3-43. Orene Farese 

Folder 3-44. Thelma Farr 

Folder 3-45. Frances Fredericks 

Folder 3-46. Madge Quin Fugler 

Folder 3-47. Evelyn Gandy 

Folder 3-48. Mary Lou Godbold 

Folder 3-49. Mrs. W. Fletcher Gore 

Folder 3-50. Otelia Hammond 

Folder 3-51. Ella Duke Harris 

Folder 3-52. Lucy Howorth 

Folder 3-53. Belle Kearney 

Folder 3-54. Betty Jane Long 

Folder 3-55. Zilpha Mansell 

Folder 3-56. Rita Martinson 

Folder 3-57. Helen Jacobs McDade 

Folder 3-58. Mary Magruder McGehee 

Folder 3-59. Jean Muirhead 

Folder 3-60. Mildred Jeffries Nail 

Folder 3-61. Kathleen O’Fallon 

Folder 3-62. Alice Snider Phillips 

Folder 3-63. Amy Tuck Powell 

Folder 3-64. Zelma Wells Price 

Folder 3-65. Jesse Reese 

Folder 3-66. Minnie Lou Robinson 

Folder 3-67. Frances Savage 

Folder 3-68. Eloise Scott 

Folder 3-69. Miriam Q. Simmons 

Folder 3-70. Gladys Slayden 

Folder 3-71. Wilma Sledge 

Folder 3-72. Nellie Nugent Somerville 

Folder 3-73. Pearl High Stansell 

Folder 3-74. Louise Steadman 

Folder 3-75. Mary Ann Stevens 

Folder 3-76. Margaret Tate 

Folder 3-77. Mary Frances Terry 

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BOX 4 

Series VI. Mississippi (continued) 

Folder 4-1. Mildred Topp 

Folder 4-2. Mynelle Vaiden 

Folder 4-3. Berta Lee White 

Folder 4-4. Martha Carole White 

Folder 4-5. Neita McCargo Winn 

Folder 4-6. Ellen Woodward 

Folder 4-7. Barbara Yancy 

Folder 4-8. Paper on women in Mississippi legislature 

Series VII. South Carolina 

Folder 4-9. Jenel Baskins 

Folder 4-10. Jewel Baskins 

Folder 4-11. Virginia Crocker 

Folder 4-12. Sylvia K. Dreyfus 

Folder 4-13. Lois Eargie 

Folder 4-14. Mary Ellis 

Folder 4-15. Martha Fitzgerald 

Folder 4-16. Carolyn E. Frederick 

Folder 4-17. Juanita Goggins 

Folder 4-18. Virginia Gourdin 

Folder 4-19. Jean Harris 

Folder 4-20. Joyce C. Hearn 

Folder 4-21. Harriet Johnson 

Folder 4-22. Harriet Keyserling 

Folder 4-23. Thomasine Mason 

Folder 4-24. Emma Jane McDermott 

Folder 4-25. Jean Meyers 

Folder 4-26. Mary Miles 

Folder 4-27. Donna Moss 

Folder 4-28. Denny Neilson 

Folder 4-29. Elizabeth Patterson 

Folder 4-30. Irene K. Rudnick 

Folder 4-31. Norma Russell 

Folder 4-32. Sherry Shealy 

Folder 4-33. Sara Shelton 

Folder 4-34. Nell Smith 

Folder 4-35. Ferdinan Stevenson 

Folder 4-36. Jean Toal 

Folder 4-37. Ruby Wesson 

Folder 4-38. Juanita White 

Folder 4-39. Ruth Williams 

Folder 4-40. South Carolina House & Senate Journals 

Series VIII. Tennessee 

Folder 4-41. Tennessee Legislature 

Folder 4-42. Tommye Agee 

Folder 4-43. Mary Anderson 

Folder 4-44. Sharon Bell 

Folder 4-45. Dorothy Brown 

Folder 4-46. Wilma Brown 

Folder 4-47. Stephanie Chivers 

Folder 4-48. Sandra Clark 

Folder 4-49. Anne M. Davis 

Folder 4-50. Betty Davis 

Folder 4-51. Lois DeBerry 

Folder 4-52. Frances Doyle 

Folder 4-53. Shirley Duer 

Folder 4-54. Gwen Fleming 

Folder 4-55. Sarah Ruth Frazier 

Folder 4-56. Pamela Gaia 

Folder 4-57. Marion Griffin 

Folder 4-58. Joyce C. Hassell 

Folder 4-59. Mabel Hughes 

Folder 4-60. Mildred Lashlee 

Folder 4-61. Lizzie Lee Miller 

Folder 4-62. Ruth C. Montgomery 

Folder 4-63. Dana Elizabeth Moore 

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BOX 5 

Series VIII. Tennessee (continued) 

Folder 5-1. Anna O'Brien 

Folder 5-2. Ruth O'Dell 

Folder 5-3. Maria Peroules 

Folder 5-4. Ruth Robinson 

Folder 5-5. Lillian Scott 

Folder 5-6. Mary Merrill Shadon 

Folder 5-7. Katherine Shook 

Folder 5-8. Joan Strong 

Folder 5-9. Maude Tucker Taylor 

Folder 5-10. Brenda Kaye Turner 

Folder 5-11. Karen R. Williams 

Folder 5-12. Ann Lee Worley 

Series VIX. Texas 

Folder 5-13. Texas Women Legislators 

Folder 5-14. Texas Legislature 

Folder 5-15. Betty Andujar 

Folder 5-16. Myra Banfield 

Folder 5-17. Anita Blair 

Folder 5-18. Mary Jane Bode 

Folder 5-19. Lanell Cofer 

Folder 5-20. Neveille H. Colson 

Folder 5-21. Anne Cooper 

Folder 5-22. Debra Danburg 

Folder 5-23. Wilhelmina Delco 

Folder 5-24. Betty Denton 

Folder 5-25. Virginia Duff 

Folder 5-26. Frances Fernthold 

Folder 5-27. Florence Fenley 

Folder 5-28. Ray Files Still 

Folder 5-29. Enerstine Glossbrenner 

Folder 5-30. Margaret Harris Gordon 

Folder 5-31. Lena Guerrero 

Folder 5-32. Dorothy Gillis Gurley 

Folder 5-33. Sue Hairgrove 

Folder 5-34. Persis Henderson 

Folder 5-35. Anita Hill 

Fodler 5-36. Patricia Hill 

Folder 5-37. Sarah T. Hughes 

Folder 5-38. Kay Bailey Hutchinson 

Folder 5-39. Maud Isaacks 

Folder 5-40. Eddie Bernice Johnson 

Folder 5-41. Barbara Jordan 

Folder 5-42. Cyndi Taylor Krier 

Folder 5-43. Susan Gurley McBee 

Folder 5-44. Nancy McDonald 

Folder 5-45. Jan McKenna 

Folder 5-46. Chris Miller 

Folder 5-47. Helen Moore 

Folder 5-48. Margie Neel 

Folder 5-49. Mary Polk 

Folder 5-50. Irma Rangel 

Folder 5-51. Phyllis Robinson 

Folder 5-52. Mrs. Lee J. Roundtree 

Folder 5-53. Gywn Clarkson Shea 

Folder 5-54. Lacy Stewart 

Folder 5-55. Mrs. N.R. Strong 

Folder 5-56. Elizabeth Suiter 

Folder 5-57. Lou Nelle Sutton 

Folder 5-58. Senfronia Thompson 

Folder 5-59. Sarah Weddington 

Folder. 5-50. Edith E. Wilmans 

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BOX 6 

Series VX. North Carolina 

Folder 6-1. North Carolina Legislature 

Folder 6-2. Julia M. Alexander 

Folder 6-3. Anne E. Bagnal 

Folder 6-4. Anne Barnes 

Folder 6-5. Marilyn R. Bissell 

Folder 6-6. Louisa Brennon 

Folder 6-7. Mary F. Brumby 

Folder 6-8. Dorothy R. Burnley 

Folder 6-9. Nancy Chase 

Folder 6-10. Betsy Lane Cochrane 

Folder 6-11. Marie W. Colton 

Folder 6-12. Elinor C. Cook 

Folder 6-13. Ruth E. Cook 

Folder 6-14. Lillian M. Cover 

Folder 6-15. Jennie G.E. Craven 

Folder 6-16. Rachel lD. Davis 

Folder 6-17. Ann Q. Duncan 

Folder 6-18. Ruth M. Easterling 

Folder 6-19. Susan G. Ervin 

Folder 6-20. Theresa H. Esposito 

Folder 6-21. Martha W. Evans 

Folder 6-22. Jeannie C. Fenner 

Folder 6-23. Sue R. Ferguson 

Folder 6-24. Thelma Fisher 

Folder 6-25. Tressie P. Fletcher 

Folder 6-26. Jo Graham Foster 

Folder 6-27. Katherine Anne Hagen-Sebo 

Folder 6-28. Charlotte A. Gardner 

Folder 6-29. Rachel G. Gray 

Folder 6-30. Pat O. Griffin 

Folder 6-31. Iona T. Hargett 

Folder 6-32. Margaret B. Hayden 

Folder 6-33. Bertha Holt 

Folder 6-34. Dorothy R. Huffman 

Folder 6-35. Wanda Hunt 

Folder 6-36. Wilda H. Hurst 

Folder 6-37. Effie Griffith Hutchins 

Folder 6-38. Mary Jarrell 

Folder 6-39. Nancy H. Jones 

Folder 6-40. Margaret P. Keesee 

Folder 6-41. Annie B. Kennedy 

Folder 6-42. Edith L. Lutz 

Folder 6-43. Helen Rhyne Marvin 

Folder 6-44. Carolyn W. Mathis 

Folder 6-45. Lillie M. Mebane 

Folder 6-46. Gertrude D. McKee 

Folder 6-47. Carrie L. McLean 

Folder 6-48. Mary C. Nesbitt 

Folder 6-49. Geraldine Nielson 

Folder 6-50. Mary H. Odom 

Folder 6-51. Mary N. Pegg 

Folder 6-52. Caredwin T. Phelps 

Folder 6-53. Janet W. Pickler 

Folder 6-54. Frances C. Ramsey 

Folder 6-55. Grace T. Rodendogh 

Folder 5-56. Frances E. Setzer 

Folder 6-57. Mary P. Seymour 

Fodler 6-58. Margaret Stamey 

Folder 6-59. Exum C. Stanford 

Folder 6-60. Patricia D. Stanford 

Folder 6-61. Lura S. Tally 

Folder 6-62. Margaret Tennille 

Folder 6-63. Betty D. Thomas 

Folder 6-64. Frances F. Tomlin 

Folder 6-65. Lois S. Walker 

Folder 6-66. Alfreda Webb 

Folder 6-67. Elizabeth A. Wilkie 

Folder 6-68. Myrtle E. Wiseman 

Folder 6-69. Betty Wiser 

Folder 6-70. Wilma Woodard 

Series XI. General 

Folder 6-71. Timeline 

Folder 6-72. Women Legislators 

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Series X. Virginia 


General information on Virginia legislature 


Inez McGraw Baker 


Sallie C. Cook Booker 


Vinnie Caldwell 


Gwendolyn F. Cody 


Shirley F. Cooper 


Sarah Lee Fain 


Marion Gibbs Galland 


Charlotte Caldwell Giesein 


Evelyn Momsen Hailey 


Edythe Colton Harrison 


Elise Brookfield Heinz 


Helen Ruth Henderson 


Helen Timmons Henderson 


Joan Shepherd Jones 


Gladys Brown Keating 


Mary Aydelotte Marshall 


Yvonne B. Miller 


Joan H. Munford 


Dorothy S. McDiarmid 


Phoebe Orebaugh 


Bonnie Lineweaver Paul 


Eva F. Scott 


Eleanor Parker Sheppard 


Julie L. Smith 


Nora A. Squyres 


Kathryn Haesler Stone 


Mary Sue Terry 


Marian A. VanLandingham 


Vivian E. Watts 


Emma Lee White 


General information on Virginia Legislature 


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Series XI. Cassette Tapes of Oral Interviews 

General note

For preservation reasons, access to the cassette tapes stored in boxes 15 and 16 is restricted. Researchers may access their digital counterparts in the Southern Women Legislators Digital Collection at Please note that although descriptions for all of the collection’s recordings are available to anyone on the internet, copyright concerns dictate that researchers may only access the recordings via onsite computer terminals in the J.D. Williams Library.


Cassette 1. Side A: Mary Jane Bode of Texas (19 March 1986). Side B: Bode interview continued. 


Cassette 2. Side A: Senator Eddie Bernice Johnson (11 May 1987). Side B: Representative Senfronia Thompson of Texas (11 May 1987). 

Cassette 3. Side A: Mary Zoghby of Alabama (8 August 1983). Side B: Zoghby interview continued. 

Cassette 4: Side A: Representative Irma Rangel of Texas (12 May 1987). 

Cassette 5. Side A: Marilyn Bissell of North Carolina (13 November 1986). Side B: Bissell interview continued. 

Cassette 6. Side A: Representative Irma Hunter Brown of Arkansas (22 February 1985). Side B: Brown interview continued. 

Cassette 7. Side A: Representative Peggy Long Hartness of Arkansas (21 February 1985). 

Cassette 8. Side A: Carolyn E. Frederick of South Carolina (29 January 1983). Side B: Frederick interview continued. 

Cassette 9. Side A: Carolyn Frederick interview continued. Side B: Frederick interview continued. 

Cassette 10. Side A: Mary A. Anderson of Tennessee (7 May 1985). Side B: Anderson interview continued. 

Cassette 11. Side A: Joyce Hearn of South Carolina (27 January 1983). 

Cassette 12. Side A: Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas (18 March 1986). 

Cassette 13. Side A: Mary Marshall of Virginia (11 February 1987). Side B: Marshall interview continued with comments by Shirley Taft, state president of the League of Women Voters. 

Cassette 14. Side A: Irene Rudnick of South Carolina (27 January 1983). Side B: Rudnick interview continued. 

Cassette 15. Side A: Jean Toal of South Carolina (27 January 1983). Side B: Toal interview continued. 

Cassette 16. Side A: Margaret Keesee Forrester of North Carolina (12 June 1985). Side B: Keesee Forrester interview continued. 

Cassette 17. Side A: Dr. Yvonne Kennedy of Alabama (9 August 1983). 

Cassette 18. Side A: Representative Ernestine Glossbrenner of Texas (11 May 1987). Side B: Representative Wilhelmina Delco of Texas (12 May 1987). 

Cassette 19. Side A: Ann Bedsole of Alabama (8 August 1983). Side B: Bedsole interview continued. 

Cassette 20. Side A: Representative Shelby Dean Ward of Alabama (13 November 1983). 

Cassette 21. Side A: Sarah Weddington of Texas (26 March 1986). 

Cassette 22. Side A: Representative Shirley Duer of Tennessee (7 May 1985). 

Cassette 23. Side A: Senator Helen Marvin of North Carolina (10 June 1985). Side B: Marvin interview continued. 

Cassette 24. Side A: Senator Anna Belle Clement O’Brien of Tennessee (7 May 1985). 

Cassette 25. Side A: Representative Elaine Gordon of Florida (6 May 1986). Side B: Gordon interview continued. 

Cassette 26. Side A: Representative Jo Graham Foster of North Carolina (12 June 1985). 

Cassette 27. Side A: Senator Betty Andujar of Texas (17 March 1986). 

Cassette 28. Side A: Senator Carrie Meek of Florida (6 May 1986). 

Cassette 29. Side A: Representative Ruth C. Montgomery of Tennessee (7 May 1985). Side B: Dorothy L. Brown of Tennessee (7 May 1985). 

Cassette 30. Side A: Representative Cathey Steinberg of Georgia (8 August 1984). Side B: Steinberg interview continued. 

Cassette 31. Side A: Sundra Escott of Alabama (4 August 1983). Side B: Escott interview continued. 

Cassette 32. Side A: Representative Helen Gordon Davis of Florida (7 May 1986). Side B: Davis interview continued. 

Cassette 33. Side A: Representative Betty Easley of Florida (7 May 1986). Side B: Beth Johnson of Florida (7 May 1987). 

Cassette 34. Side A: Senator Toni Jennings of Florida (7 May 1986). 

Cassette 35. Side A: Louphenia Thomas of Alabama (4 August 1983). Side B: Jere Thornton of Alabama (4 August 1983). 

Cassette 36. Side A: Allen Morris, Clerk of the Florida House (7 May 1986). 


Cassette 37. Side A: Jane Robinson of Florida (8 May 1986). Side B: Robinson interview continued. 


Cassette 38. Side A: Representative Anita Hill of Texas (17 March 1986). 

Cassette 39. Side A: Nancy Chase of North Carolina (13 June 1985). Side B: Chase interview continued. 

Cassette 40. Side A: Louise Brennan of North Carolina (14 November 1986). Side B: Brennan interview continued. 

Cassette 41. Side A: Eleanor Sheppard of Virginia (10 February 1987). Side B: Gladys Keating of Virginia (11 February 1987). 

Cassette 42. Side A: Betsy Cochrane of North Carolina (12 June 1985). Side B: Representative Bertha Holt of North Carolina (12 June 1985). See also Cassette 44. 

Cassette 43. Side A: Elizabeth Patterson of South Carolina (27 January 1983). 

Cassette 44. Side A: Representative Annie B. Kennedy of North Carolina (11 June 1985). Side B: Bertha Holt interview continued from Cassette 42. 

Cassette 45. Side A: Representative Betty Jo Williams of Georgia (8 August 1984). Side B: Representative Barbara Couch of Georgia (9 August 1984). See also Cassette 46. 

Cassette 46. Side A: Barbara Couch interview continued from Cassette 35. 

Cassette 47. Side A: Representative Betty J. Clark of Georgia (7 August 1984). Side B: Clark interview continued. 

Cassette 48. Side A: Eleanor Richardson of Georgia (7 August 1984). 

Cassette 49. Side A: Senator Wilma Woodard of North Carolina (12 June 1985). 

Cassette 50. Side A: Representative Grace Hamilton of Georgia (8 August 1984). Side B: Hamilton interview continued. 

Cassette 51. Side A: Representative Debra Danbury of Texas (14 November 1985). Side B: Danbury interview continued. 

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