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Finding aid for the Mrs. R.E. (Beulah May D'Olive) Price Collection



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Price, Beulah May D'Olive, 1902-1997
Mrs. R.E. (Beulah May D'Olive) Price Collection
Date [inclusive]
General Physical Description note
3 boxes (approx. 3 linear feet)

Prefered Citation

Mrs. R.E. (Beulah May D'Olive) Price Collection, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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Biographical Note

Beulah May D'Olive Price was a Corinth, Mississippi based historian.

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Scope and Content Note

Collection contains correspondence, magazines, a manuscript, and miscellaneous documents related to the life of Mrs. R.E. Price. Topics include various aspects of the history of Corinth and Alcorn County, Miss.; Mississippi history, folklore, and silkculture; and Corinth physican James Marcus Taylor (1826-1895)

Collection includes various Civil War era documents, including a handwritten manuscript by Susan P. Gaston discussing Civil War activity in Corinth and Alcorn County, Mississippi. Also includes clippings from the Daily Corinthian from 1971-1972 relating to the history of the Civil War in Corinth as well as various non-Mississippi publications, some of which discuss the 1962 integration of the University.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Mississippi Libraries 

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The Mrs. R.E. (Beulah May D'Olive) Price Collection is open for research.

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No further additions are expected to this collection.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mrs. R.E. (Beulah May D'Olive) Price, Corinth, Mississippi, 1973.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Archives & Special Collections staff. Finding aid originally posted by Chatham Ewing; encoded by Jason Kovari, 2010.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • clippings (information artifacts)
  • correspondence
  • deeds
  • manuscripts (document genre)

Geographic Name(s)

  • Alcorn County (Miss.)
  • Corinth (Miss.) -- History
  • United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865

Personal Name(s)

  • Taylor, James Marcus, 1826-1895


  • College integration -- Mississippi -- Oxford
  • Physicians -- Mississippi -- Corinth
  • Sericulture -- Mississippi

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Collection Inventory

1.1 Handwritten copy of a diploma confered by Corona College, Corinth, Mississippi, June 20, 1859 

1.2 November 21, 1949, Roscoe Turner to Mrs. R.E. Price 

1.3 Souvenir Program, Corinth, Mississippi Centennial, May 16-22, 1954 

1.4 Colonel Roscoe Turner, Knight-Errant of the Air, booklet by Roy Rutherford, November 1949 

1.5 Souvenir Program, Corinth, Mississippi, Corinth-Crossroads of the Confederacy, a Music Drama Undated 

1.6 Bulletin, "College Hill Presbyterian Church", October 26, 1969 

General note

Mentions Rev. Leroy B. Gaston on back

1.7 June 21, 1949, William L. Sharp to Mrs. R.E. Price 

General note

Includes handwritten geneological notes on Rev. L.B. Gaston, Mrs. Gaston, and their two chldren William T. Gaston and L.E. Gaston

1.8 April 11, 1960, Clair Shepard to Mrs. R.E. Price 

1.9 Typed geneological biography of Mathew Amos Miller 

1.10 January 9, 1973, William F. Geeslin to Mrs. R.E. Price, railroad robbery in Mississippi 

1.11 Mississippi R.N. [1970?] Mrs. R.E. Price article, "Nurses at Corinth in 1862", page 9 

1.12 Alumnus, Fall 1965, "The Ace From A &M." On Charles R. D'Olive Price, brother of Mrs. R.E. Price 

1.13 Land deed, typed copy, December 19, 1855, Houston Mitchel to L.B. Gaston 

1.14 January 5, 1932, Annie Boggs to Mrs. R.E. Price 

1.15 Newspaper illustration from the New York Herald, June 28, 1862. Article on back 

1.16 January 9, 1969, Renato Campi to Mrs R.E. Price regarding the statue of Col. W.C. Falkner 

1.17 February 15, 1969, Pattie Miller Porter to the Corinth Historical Society 

1.18 August 18, 1961, Francis H. Smith to Mrs. R.E. Price 

1.19 January 7, 1959, Andrew Brown to Mrs. Weaver 

General note

Includes typed antislavery tract from Tupelo

1.20 Roscoe Turner to Mrs. R.E. Price 

1.21 Brochure, Corinth: An Urban National Battlefield Park, 1962 

1.22 Manuscript, Reminiscences of the [Civil] War, by Mrs. Susan P. Gaston, ca. 1870s 

1.23 Typed article, "The Story of Corona College" by May Price 

1.24 The Lincoln Herald, Summer 1962, p. 85 Corona College reference 

1.25 Esquire, "Memoirs of an Ace, Lt. Charles D'Olive" August 1964 

1.26 October 16, 1965, Mrs. Price to Mrs. C. Moffit Moore 

1.27 Newspaper clipping (from the Corinthian[?]), based on a  New York Herald article of June 30, 1862, typescript (See folder 16) 

1.28 December 11, 1931, R.E. Henry to Mrs. R.E. Price 

1.29 Yazoo Yankee, July 20, 1863. Copy from the Wisconsin State Archives 

2.1 Posters commemorating the Thompson Trophy race winners, 1929-1939 Roscoe Turner three time winner, 1934, 1938, 1939 (Eleven posters) 

2.2 New York Times Magazine, Juen 22, 1947, "Back to Corinth, Mississippi", p. 13 

2.3 Daily Corinthian, May 16, 1954, centennial edition 

2.4 Daily Corinthian, April 20, 1973, "Crossroads Jubilee 1973" 

2.5 Daily Journal, Tupelo, Mississippi. Undated 

2.6 Daily Journal, Tupelo, Mississippi. Undated 

2.7 Daily Journal, Tupelo, Mississippi. Undated 

2.8 Daily Journal, Tupelo, Mississippi. Undated 

2.9 Daily Journal, Tupelo, Mississippi. Undated 

2.10 Daily Journal, April 1968, Tupelo, Mississippi 

2.11 Daily Journal, 1970, Tupelo, Mississippi. Undated 

2.12 Daily Journal, Tupelo, Mississippi. Undated 

2.13 Daily Journal, Tupelo, Mississippi. Undated 

2.14 Daily Journal, Tupelo, Mississippi. Undated 

2.15 Daily Journal, Tupelo, Mississippi. Centennial edition 

2.16 The Iuka Vidette, July 4, 1957. Centennial edition 

2.17 The Iuka Vidette, July 4, 1957. Centennial edition 

2.18 The Iuka Vidette, July 4, 1957. Centennial edition 

2.19 The Iuka Vidette, July 4, 1957. Centennial edition 

2.20 Banner Independent, June 1961 

2.21 Banner Independent, June 1961 

2.22 Banner Independent, June 8, 1961 

2.23 London Times Literary Suppliment, September 17, 1954 

2.24 Daily Corinthian, May 6, 1954. Centennial edition 

2.25 Daily Corinthian, May 16, 1954 

2.26 Daily Corinthian, May 16, 1954 

2.27 Daily Corinthian, May 16, 1954 

2.28 Daily Corinthian, May 16, 1954 

2.29 Daily Corinthian, May 16, 1954 

2.30 Mississippi Today, February 13, 1972 

2.31 Mississippi Today, June 11, 1972 

2.32 Mississippi Today, June 18, 1972 

2.33 Mississippi Today, June 25, 1972 

2.34 Mississippi Today July 2, 1972 

2.35 Saturday Evening Post, November 10, 1962. "James Meredith and integration at the University of Mississippi" 

2.36 The Civil War Battles of Corinth and Shiloh, booklet 

3.1 1921 Soil Survey of Alcorn County, Mississippi (copy) 

3.2 1921 Alcorn County, Mississippi, Soil Survey Map (copy) 

3.3 August 31, 1960, Fred Doche to Mrs. R.E. Price, Corinth, Mississippi, Silk Culture 

3.4 October 13, 1960, Oliver Shipley to Mrs. R.E. Price, Corinth, Mississippi, Silk Culture 

3.5 November 15, 1960, Lucille Peacock to Mrs. R.E. Price 

General note

Includes typed copy of an article on Mississippi silk culture

3.6 January 3, 1961, Oliver Shipley to Mrs. R.E. Price, U.S.D.A. Silk Culture Research 

3.7 February 15, 1961, T.E. Ratcliffe to Mrs. R.E. Price, Corinth, Mississippi, Silk Culture 

3.8 March 2, 1961, Oliver Shipley to Mrs. R.E. Price, U.S. Silk Culture History 

3.9 June 28, 1971, R.B. Henderson to Mrs. R.E. Price, Silk Culture, Holly Springs, Mississippi History 

3.10 April, 1882. American Silk Journal "Silk Culture Notes". 

3.11 U.S.D.A. Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture, 1881-1882, "Silk Culture" (copy) 

3.12 December 8, 1861, Dr. James Marcus Taylor to his wife, Mary (copy) 

3.13 December 9, 1861, Dr. James Marcus Taylor to his wife, Mary (copy) 

3.14 [January] 18, 1868, Dr. James Marcus Taylor to his wife, Mary (copy) 

3.15June-November, 1862, Dr. James Marcus Taylor, list of Provisions taken by the Union Army 

3.16 March 31, 1888, Privilege Tax License for Dr. James Marcus Taylor 

3.17 December 19-20, 1861, Dr. James Marcus Taylor to his wife, Mary (copy) 

3.18 Article January 1975, Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association "Dr. Thomas Dudley Isom: Member First Mississippi State Board of Health". vol. 15, no. 1 

3.19 Article April 26, 1974, The Chronicle of the Horse "Old Fed Changes His Politics". 

General note

See also Folder 3.22 for the original source for the article

3.20 Lafayette County, Mississippi, Will Books Index, 1843-1897 (copy) 

3.21 List 

3.22 Handwritten Index of Articles by Mrs. R.E. Price in the Journal of Mississippi History and the Folklore Register. Articles by Mrs. R.E. Price in the Mississippi Folklore Register 

3.23 Summer 1969, "The Custom of Using Portrait Statues as Gravestones" 

3.24 Winter, 1969, "The Custom of Using Portrait Statues and Other Portrait Likenesses at Graves" 

3.25 Summer, 1970, "More on Gravestone Customs" 

3.26 Fall, 1970, "The Dog-Trot Log Cabin: A Development in American Folk Architecture" 

3.27 Spring, 1971, "The Legendary Panther of the Forks of the Hatchie" 

3.28 Summer, 1971, "Yorkshire Corn Dollies" 

3.29 Winter, 1971, "Angels Over Milan, Tennessee: A Legend" 

3.30 Spring, 1972, "The Legend of the Whiskey Bottle Gravestone" 

3.31 Fall, 1972, "Riving Shingles in Alcorn County [Mississippi]" 

3.32 Spring, 1973, "The Custom of Providing Shelter for Graves" 

3.33 Summer, 1973, "Some Methods of Making Communion Breads" 

3.34 Fall, 1974, "Brickmaking in Corinth, Mississippi" Articles by Mrs. R.E. Price in the Daily Corinthian, Corinth, Mississippi 

3.35 Undated. Abandoned Towns, "A Vanished Village: White Sulphur Springs, Mississippi" 

3.36 October 7, 1971, "Old Corinth Medical History Found" 

3.37 November 5, 1971, "Harness Racing Once Big Corinth Attraction" 

3.38 December 15, 1971, "Big Fire Racked Corinth Opera House" 

3.39 December 22, 1971, "Griffins Keep 24-Hour Watch on Fillmore Street" 

3.40 January 1, 1972, "Strict Quarantien Saved Corinth" About an 1878 epidemic 

3.41 January 10, 1972, "Library Once Stood in Old 5th" Alcorn County National Youth Administration depression era library 

3.42 January 19, 1972, "Artisan, Physician Built Memories" St. Paul"s Episcopal Church, Corinth, Mississippi 

3.43 January 25, 1972, "Half of Population Killed by Epidemic" 1878 epidemic in Holly Springs, Mississippi 

3.44 January 31, 1972, "Tall Tales Roll Along With Old Hatchie River" 

3.45 February 2, 1972, "Old Salem Was a Mule That Beat the Best Pacers" 

3.46 February 10, 1972, "Here is One Place That Has Gone to Dogs" Coon hounds, hunting 

3.47 February 23, 1972, "Scottish Father Made Cherished Violin Handed Down to Purvis" 

3.48 February 29, 1972, "Black Annie" Laid to Rest At Parchman" 

3.49 March 14, 1972, "Kimmons Home Being Restored" 

3.50 March 28, 1972, "Dear Me, It Was a Hunt Worth Remembering" 

3.51 March 31, 1972, "The Night Old Salem Swam Hatchie" (copy) 

3.52 April 27, 1972, "Part of Corinth"s History Goes With Old Hotel Razing" 

3.53 May 2, 1972, "Corinth, 20 Minutes For Breakfast and Prayers" 

3.54 May 16, 1972, "Prized Corner Full of Confederate Generals" 

3.55 May 17, 1972, "Mysterious Face Draws If in Tourists" Deals with Carrolton, Alabama, supernatural 

3.56 May 31, 1972, "Communion Bread Baking Almost Lost Art" 

3.57 June 1, 1972, "Volcanic Evidence Found on Pine Mountain" Alcorn, County, Mississippi-Volcanism 

3.58 July 4, 1972, "Sheltered Graves Make Local Graveyard Unique" 

3.59 July 27, 1972, "Old Salem the Mule Took On All Challengers" 

3.60 August 3, 1972, "Old Troope"s Voice Rang Clear on His Last Hunt" Hunting, coon-dogs 

3.61 August 11, 1972, "She Gets Her First Look at a Live Horese Race" 

3.62 August 24, 1972, "Old "Bran" Dance on Hatchie Recalled" 

3.63 September 4, 1972, "Cabins Flourish at Neshoba Fair" 

3.64 September 14, 1972, "Iuka Battle Was A Blood Bath On Both Sides" 

3.65 October 4, 1972, "Corporal"s Sex Learned When She Gave Birth" 

3.66 November 8, 1972, "Early Days at Pickwick 

3.67 November 16, 1972, "Horse Brands Found in Old Tishimingo Records" 

3.68 December 19, 1972, "Christmas Day Dear Hunt As Natural As Kissing Sweetheart Under Mistletoe" 

3.69 December 21, 1972, "Smith"s Home Housed Shiloh"s Wounded" 

3.70 January 25, 1973, "Jailhouse Blues: They"ve Been Around 101 Years" 


3.71 January 31, 1973, "Jacinto Was First Called Cincinnati" 


3.72 March 28, 1973, "Remembering--Boys, Beagles, Cottontail Rabbits" 

3.73 April 4, 1973, "Planning for the Town of Farmington Began 136 Years Ago" 

3.74 August 29, 1973, "Park Sign Here is One of a Kind" Mississippi, Depression, Civilian Conservation Corps 

3.75 February 18, 1976, "Riding the Stage Coaches Through Rienzi, Jacinto, Ripley" Articles by Mrs. R.E. Price in the Chronicle of the Horse 

3.76 August 25, 1972, "How Does A Hound Know" fragment, copy 

3.77 October 27, 1972, "When Old Salem Came to Texas" Copy 

3.78 December 15, 1972, "Pacolet Horses in the Old Natchez District" Copy 

3.79 January 5, 1973, "Hound Follows 15 Year Old Trail" Copy 

3.80 January 12, 1973, "Mississippi Indian Horse Brand" Copy 

3.81 October 3, 1962, Manchester (England) Guardian Weekly, "Headlines of the Week, James Meredith and integration at the University of Mississippi 

3.82 October 4, 1962, Manchester (England) Guardian Weekly, "Mississippi's Long Night, James Meredith and integration at the University of MIssissippi 

3.83 October 18, 1962, Manchester (England) Guardian Weekly, "The not-so-mythical town of Jefferson, Miss." (Copy) 

3.84 March, 1973, Episcopal Church News, [Revrend Jackson C.] "Biggers to Receive Love Box Offering" Copy 

3.85 Civil War, Corinth, Mississippi. The 41st Ohio Infantry (Copy)