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Sterling Plumpp Collection



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
5.0 Linear feet (12 boxes)
Language of Materials
Collection contains typed and handwritten manuscripts, poems, notebooks, prose and reviews, galleys, correspondence, journals and magazines, and several cataloged books related to the life and work of Sterling Plumpp. Items were created 1962-1986.

Preferred Citation

Sterling Plumpp Collection (MUM00368), Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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Scope and Contents Note

Collection contains typed and handwritten manuscripts, poems, notebooks, prose and reviews, galleys, correspondence, journals and magazines, and several cataloged books related to the life and work of Sterling Plumpp. Items were created 1962-1986.

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Material arranged according to format.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Mississippi Libraries 2005

Revision Description

Finding aid created in 2005 September 23 by Chatham Ewing. Updated 2015 by Susan Ivey.

Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement.


No further additions are expected to this collection


Donated by Sterling Plumpp in 1983.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • Poetry


  • African American artists - Mississippi
  • American poetry -- 21st century -- Periodicals

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Collection Inventory

Box 1: Manuscripts from 3 Ring Binder 

Folder 1: "A" 

Folder 2: "B" 

Folder 3: "C" 

Folder 4: "D" 

Folder 5: "E" 

Folder 6: "F" 

Folder 7: "G-H" 

Folder 8: "I" 

Folder 9: "J-K" 

Folder 10: "L" 

Folder 11: "M" 

Folder 12: "N" 

Folder 13: "O-P" 

Folder 14: "Q-R-S" 

Folder 15: "S" 

Folder 16: "T" 

Folder 17: "U" 

Folder 18: "W" 

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Box 2: Loose-leaf Poems 

Folder 1: "A-B" 

Folder 2: "C-D-E" 

Folder 3: "F-G-H" 

Folder 4: "I-L" 

Folder 5: "M-P" 

Folder 6: "Q-T" 

Folder 7: "U-Z" 

Folder 8: Untitled early loose poetry drafts 

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Box 3: Notebooks 

Folder 1: Five Examination Books containing poems 

Folder 2: Brown Notebook "National" 

Folder 3: Blue Notebook "Pen Rite" 

Folder 4: Brown stenographers notebook "Sterling Top Speed" 

Folder 5: Green notebook "Montag's Blue Horse" 

Folder 6: Yellow legal pad 

Folder 7: Brown notebook "Three Pockets" 

Folder 8: White notebook "Mohawk" 

Folder 9: Yellow legal pad 

Folder 10: Red notebook "Roosevelt University" 

Folder 11: Yellow notebook "1,2,3" 

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Box 4: Notebooks 

Folder 1: Orange notebook kept while on jury duty in the fall of 1976 

Folder 4-2: Denim notebook 

Folder 3: Green notebook 

Folder 4: Green notebook "Eye-Ease" 

Folder 5: Pink notebook "Dri-point Steno" 

Folder 6: Yellow stenographer notebook "Penway" 

Folder 7: Brown notebook "Progress" 

Folder 8: Blue notebook "Penworthy Quality" 

Folder 9: Brown notebook "Handy-Comp Extra Value" 

Folder 10: Green Note pad 

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Box 5: Prose and Reviews 

Folder 1: "And They Called Whitey" 

Scope and Content

[class paper for Psychology 394 with professor's annotations; 13 pp.].

Folder 2: "Biography" 

Folder 3: "The Biography of Two Dreams" 

Folder 4: "The Black Aesthetics" 

Scope and Content

handwritten corrections; 1 page.

Folder 5: "Black Changes" 

Folder 6: "Black Children and Survival Education" 

Folder 7: "Black Exposure." 

Folder 8: "Black Rituals: As an Attache Case for Cultural Philosophy" 

Folder 9: Blues as a way Black People View and Evaluate Life 

Folder 10: "The Creative Writer: Black Style" 

Folder 11: "...crisis. Dr. King had a solution that the majority..." 

Folder 12: "Dear Malcolm, I know it's now too late..." 

Folder 13: "Giant Steps" 

Folder 14: "Goldmine at My Fingertips" 

Folder 15: "Growth to Black Art" 

Folder 16: "I Challenge Black Artists to be as Adept" 

Folder 17: "I have reached a very Uncertain Path" 

Folder 18: "Intimations of a Late Confession" 

Folder 19: "The Love of Man" 

Folder 20: "Lucille Patterson is a sister of the sail ..." 

Folder 21: "The moment culture becomes entangled into ideological debate ..." 

Folder 22: "The Most Revolutionary Thing that 'White Christians' Could Do Is Become Christian ..." 

Folder 23: "Notes on Another Day" 

Scope and Content

Carbon copy, handwritten corrections included

Folder 24: "Notes on Black Art" 

Folder 25: "OBAC Writer's Workshop" 

Folder 26: "On Life" 

Folder 27: "Pan-African Education and Black Survival" 

Folder 28: "Rise of the Bad Nigger Image" 

Folder 29: "Sculpture of Our Desire" 

Scope and Content

handwritten corrections; signed

Folder 30: "Search for a Pan-African Vision/Plan" 

Folder 31: "Some Ideas of Where We Are at And on the School" 

Folder 32: "Southern Roots & The Art of Dumas" 

Folder 33: "A Step Beyond Rapping" 

Scope and Content

handwritten corrections; signed

Folder 34: "Toward the Development of Conceptual Frameworks and Methodological Models for Teaching the Creative Arts" 

Folder 35: "Understanding the Past as a Guide to Controlling the Future" 

Folder 36: "A very grave crisis exists now in the Black Community . ." 

Folder 37: untitled 

Folder 38: Review of American Hunger by Richard Wright 

Scope and Content

handwritten corrections; pink paper notes attached

Folder 39: Review of Behold Mama Flowers! by Mongane Wally Serote 

Folder 40: Review of Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon 

Folder 41: Review of Bound to Violence by Yambo Ouologuem 

Folder 42: Review of Brotha A to Sistuh Z 

Folder 43: Review of Cathedral in the Ghetto and Other Poems by Octave Lilly 

Folder 44: Review of China Poems by Dennis Brutus 

Folder 45: Review of The Choice: The Issue of Black Survival in America by Samuel F. Yette 

Scope and Content

handwritten corrections; signed

Folder 46: Review of The Courageous and the Proud by Samuel Vance 

Folder 47: Review of Fly to Allah by Marvin X 

Folder 48: Review of Garvey/Lumumba/Malcolm: Black Nationalist-Separatists by Shawna Maglangbayan 

Folder 49: Review of The Gospel Sound by Columbia Records 

Folder 50: Review of Hopes Tied Up in Promises by Julius Eric Thompson 

Folder 51: Review of A LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) Bibliography by Theodore Hudson 

Scope and Content

handwritten corrections; signed

Folder 52: Review of Look at the People by Bernie Casey 

Folder 53: Review of Manifesto for a Black Revolutionary Party by James Boggs 

Folder 54: Review of Racial Democracy in Brazil by Abdias Do Nascimento 

Folder 55: Review of Sweetblood Call: The Blues Purity of Louisiana Red 

Folder 56: Review of Time on the Cross by Robert William Fogel and Stanley Engerman 

Folder 57: Review of Vodoo/Love Magic by Angela Jackson 

Folder 58: Review of We a Bad People by Sonia Sanchez 

Folder 59: Review of Windy Place by Henry Blakely 

Folder 60: Fragments of reviews and articles 

Folder 61: Short Fiction 

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Box 6: Manuscripts and Galleys 

Folders 1-3: Black Rituals 

Folders 4-5: Clinton 

Folder 6: From the Mouth 

Folders 7-10: The Mojo Hands Call 

Folders 11-12: The Only Road I Know 

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Box 7: Manuscripts and Galleys 

Folder 1: "Short Songs" 

Folder 2-6: "Somehow We Survive" 

Folder 7-8: Steps to Break the Circle 

Folder 9: The Story Always Untold 

Folder 10: Without Any Steeple, Poems 

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Box 8: Journals 

Folder 1: Afrodiaspora 

Folder 2: American Book Review 

Folder 3: Another Chicago Magazine 1982 

Folder 4: Black American Literature Forum 1980-1981 

Folder 5: Black Expressions, Volume 2 Number 1. 

Folder 6: Black Press Review, Volume 2 Number 4. 1983 

Folder 7: The Black Scholar 1978-1981 

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Box 9: Journals 

Folders 1-5: Black World 1970-1976 

Folder 6: Callaloo 1978 

Folder 7: Chicago History Winter 1977-1978 

Folder 8: Ecos A Latino Journal of People's Culture and Literature 1982 

Folder 9: Jam Sessions June 1990 

Folder 10: Kuumba News October 1974 

Folder 11: Negro Digest October 1968 

Folder 12: Negro Story November 1944 

Folder 13: Nommo: The Journal of the OBAC Writers' Workshop Fall 1969; Winter 1975 

Folder 14: Poetry-North Review 

Folder 15: South and West 1980 

Folder 16: Southern Black Cultural Newsletter 1980 

Folder 17: Troubadore Press News Notes 1980 

Folder 18: U of I Chicagoan 1990 

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Box 10: Correspondence 

Folder 1: 1962 

Folder 2: 1963 

Folder 3: 1964 

Folder 4: 1965 

Folder 5: 1966 

Folder 6: 1967 

Folder 7: 1968 

Folder 8: 1969 

Folder 9: 1970 

Folder 10: 1971 

Folder 11: 1972 

Folder 12: 1973 

Folder 13: 1974 

Folder 14: 1975 

Folder 15: 1976 

Folder 16: 1977 

Folder 17: 1978 

Folder 18: 1979 

Folder 19: 1980 

Folder 20: 1981 

Folder 21: 1982 

Folder 22: 1983 

Folder 23: 1984 

Folder 24: 1985-1986 

Folder 26: no date 

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Box 11: VIP Correspondence and Manuscripts 

Folder 1: Steve Austin Correspondence 

Folder 2: Steve Austin Manuscripts 

Folder 3: Arna Bontemps Correspondence 

Folder 4: Gwendolyn Brooks Correspondence 

Folder 5: Dennis Brutus Correspondence 

Folder 6: Jim Cunningham Correspondence 

Folder 7: Jim Cunningham Manuscripts 

Folder 8: Hoyt W. Fuller Correspondence 

Folder 9: Stephany Fuller Correspondence and Manuscripts 

Folder 10: Ronnie Hartfield Correspondence and Manuscript 

Folder 11: Amelia House Correspondence 

Folder 12: Willie Kgositsile Correspondence 

Folder 13: Mike Maihack Correspondence and Manuscripts 

Folder 14: Louise Meriwether Correspondence 

Folder 15: Toni Morrison Correspondence 

Folder 16: Flavia Plumpp Correspondence 

Folder 17: Dudley Randall Correspondence 

Folder 18: Mongane Serote Correspondence 

Folder 19: Sandra Stewart Correspondence 

Folder 20: Other Authors' Manuscript 

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Box 12: Miscellaneous 

Folder 1: Academic Material 

Folder 2: Call for Papers and Poetry 

Folder 3: Conference and Workshop materials 

Folder 4: Events 

Folder 5: Newsletters and Press Releases 

Folder 6: Newpaper Clippings 

Folder 7: Royalty Reports 

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Catalogued Books in Special Collections from the Sterling D. Plumpp Collection: 

Stephany Inua Alameen, Loveflame (Chicago: 1981). Inscribed: "To Sterling --/A ,dynamite poet!/Love,/Stephany/June '81." 

Ahmed Alhamisi, Holy Ghosts (Detriot: Broadside Press, 1972). 

Hassa Ali, We Got to Be Liberators (1969). 

Paula Gunn Allen, A Cannon Between My Knees (New York: Strawberry Press, 1981). Inscribed: "To Sterling Plumpp/Best/Paula Gunn Allen" 

Samuel Allen, Paul Vesey's Ledger (London: Paul Breman, 1975). 

Johari Amini, An African Frame of Reference (Chicago: Institute of Positive Education, 1972). 

Johari Amini (Jewel C. Latimore), A Folk Fabel (For My People) (Chicago: Third World Press, 1969). 

Johari M. Amini (Jewel Latimore), A Hip Tale in the Death Style (Detroit: Broadside No., 59, Broadside Series, 1972). Inscribed: "for Sterling/in nation love/--johari" 

Johari Amini (Jewel C. Latimore), Let's Go Some Where (Chicago: Third World Press, 1970). Inscribed: "for my brother Sterling/in unity & black love/Johari." 

Mignon Holland Anderson, Mostly Womenfolk and a Man or Two: A Collection (Chicago: Third World Press, 1976). Inscribed: "January 17, 1977/To Sterling Plumpp,/Best wishes in all of the writing/you have to do; and my appreciation/to you for the words you have already/set down -- Sincerely,/Mignon H. Anderson/Mignon." 

Louis Armstrong, Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans (NY: Prentice Hall, Inc., 1964). 

Kofi Awoonor, Night of My Blood (NY: Anchor Books, 1971). Inscribed: "For Brother Sterling/with much power/Kofi." 

Kofi Awooner, This Earth, My Brother...An Allegorical Tale of Africa (Garden City, NY: Anchor Books, 1972). Inscribed: "Best Wishes/Sterling/Right On!/Kofi Awooner." 

Houston A. Baker, Jr. The Journey Back: Issues in Black Literature and Criticism (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1980). 

James Baldwin, "Blues for Mister Charlie" Playbill: The Magazine for Theatregoers 1 (May 1964). 

James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time (New York: Dial Press, 1963). 

Toni Cade Bambara, Gorilla, My Love (NY: Random House, 1972). Inscribed: "Black Blessings/Brother Sterling,/Sorry didn't get a chance/to put my eyes on you, Bro/Be Well,/Toni B/ 4/28/81." 

Toni Cade Bambara, The Salt Eaters (NY: Random House, 1980). Inscribed: "Sterling, I hope you enjoy this/as much as I enjoyed finishing it/Be Grand,/Toni B/ 4/28/81." 

Imamu Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones), Jello (Chicago: Third World Press, 1970). 

Imamu Amiri Baraka, Reggae or Not! (NY: Contact II Publications, 1981). 

Selected Poetry of Amiri Baraka/LeRoi Jones (New York: William Morrow & Company, 1979). Inscribed: "For Sterling Plumpp/____ & ____/Amiri Baraka/1980." 

George Barlow, Gumbo (NY: Doubleday, 1981). Inscribed: "14 May 82/For Bro Sterling,/in a biding kinship --/George B." 

C. Lindsay Barrett (Eseoghene), The Conflicting Eye (London: Paul Bremon, 1973). 

Hal Bennett, The Black Wine (NY: Doubleday, 1968). 

Black Americans Stay Out of South Africa (Bronx, NY: Black Concern, n.d.). 

Black Orpheus: A Journal of African and Afro-American Literature No. 11. 

Henry Blakely, Windy Place (Detriot: Broadside Press, 1974). Inscribed: For Sterling who senses/epic and vast movement/in a familiar [illegible]/Henry/1975." 

Arna Bontemps, The Harlem Renaissance Remembered (New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1972). 

Arna Bontemps, Personals (London: Paul Breman, 1973). 

Carole Brewer, I Run Because... (Chicago: Kara-Juals Publications, 1975). Inscribed: "To/Sterling/A great poet/and friend. Thanks for/helping me to start a brand/new life./Keep on pushing and/'Hand In There'/Peace.Joy.Love/Carole Brewer/ 8/22/75." 

Gwendolyn Brooks, ed. Fourth Annual Poet Laureate Awards 1973 (Detroit: Harlo Press, 1973). Inscribed by Warren Foulks: "To Brother/Sterling/Best of teacher/and of friends/Thanks/Warren." 

Gwendolyn Brooks, Riot (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1970). Signed. 

Cecil Brown, The Life and Loves of Mr. Jiveass Nigger (NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1969). 

Frank London Brown, The Myth Maker (Chicago: Path Press, 1969). 

Frank London Brown, Trumbull Park (Chicago: Henry Regnery Company, 1959). Inscribed: "Sincerely/ Frank London Brown." 

H. Rap Brown, Die Nigger Die! (New York: Dial Press, 1969). 

Patricia L. Brown, Don L. Lee, and Francis Ward, eds. To Gwen with Love: An Anthology Dedicated to Gwendolyn Brooks (Chicago: Johnson Publishing Company, 1971). 

Dennis Brutus, Poems from Algiers (Austin, TX: African and Afro-American Research Institute, 1972). Inscribed: "Falvia,/ Sincerely, Dennis./ 3-21-75." 

F.J. Bryant, Songs from Ragged Streets (NY: Greenfield Review Press, 1974). 

Margaret T.G. Burroughs, What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black? (Chicago: M.A.A.H. Press, 1969). Inscribed: "For Sterling/Plump--/Margaret Burroughs/ 2/20/81." 

Margaret T. Burroughs. "Why Have the Youth of Today Not Heart About This Man" (n.p., n.d.). Inscribed: "To Sterling/with best wishes/Margaret/Burroughs/2-20-81." 

Jan Carew, The History-Maker (n.d.). Signed. 

Jan Carew, Sea Drums in My Blood: Poems (Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago: New Voices, 1981). Inscribed: "For Sterling a brother/and a poet who makes/words sing for the/Revolution/Jan Carew." 

Lorna Dee Cervantes, Emplumada (Pittsburg: University of Pittsburg Press, 1981). Inscribed: "For Sterling,/In spirit, Lorna Dee/Cervantes." 

Chicago Public Library, Cook County Corrections Project, Poetry by the Residents of the Cook County Department of Corrections at the Jail House of Corrections Women's Correctional Center (N.p., 1975). 

Robert Chrisman, Children of Empire (Sausolito, CA: Black Scholar Press, 1981). Inscribed: "Hey Sterling/my friendship & best/wishes/Robert/Chrisman." 

Sandra Cisneros, Bad Boys (San Jose, CA: Mango Publications, 1980). Inscribed: "For Sterling,/always always/with admiration,/love/Best,/Sandra/ 5-15-81 Chgo." 

LeRoy Clarke, Taste of Endless Fruit: Love Poems and Drawings (New York: 1974). Inscribed: "For Sterling.../--so let us praise/dem women../from beginning to end../praise them../See or hear from you/soon../LeRoy '74" 

Charlie Cobb, African Notebook: Views on Returning "Home" (Chicago: Institute of Positive Education, 1972). 

Charlie Cobb, Everywhere Is Yours (Chicago: Third World Press, 1971). 

Charlie Cobb, The Hippodrome (Chicago: Swallow Press, 1973). Inscribed: "All best wishes --/Cyrus Colter." 

Charlie Cobb, Night Studies (Chicago: Swallow Press, 1979). 

Charlie Cobb, The River of Eros (Chicago: Swallow Press, 1972). 

Jayne Cortez, Firespitter (New York: Bola Press, 1982). Inscribed: "to the Firespitter/from Chicago/in friendship/in poetry/in the spirit of/the struggle/Jayne/Cortez/ 2/28/82" 

J. Vern Cromartie, Red Sun Songs (Oakland, CA: Inner Visions Press, 1981). Inscribed: "To Sterling,/A Master poet,/From Vern/P.S. Remember 'Stein'/Jazzoetry Lives" 

Cumbaya: The Journal of the OBAC Writers Workshop Vol. 2 (Spring/Summer 1981). 

William Waring Cuney, Storefront Church (London: Paul Breman, 1973). 

James Cunningham, Blues for Dreamers (Chicago: Free Black Press, 1968). 2 copies. 

Margaret Danner and Dudley Randall, Poem Counterpoem (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1966). 

Archie L. Darrough, A Special Part of Me (c.1977). Inscribed: "To:/A Brother who has/it together./More power and/unity./Bro. Plumpp/From/Archie L. Darrough." 

Tom Dent, Magnolia Street (Tom Dent, 1976). Inscribed: "For Sterling Plumpp/with best wishes/Tom Dent/1976." 

Alfred Diggs, Black Children, Black and Beautiful (1969). Inscribed: "To Brother/Plumpp." 

Alfred Diggs, Naturally Black (1968). Signed. 

Owen Dodson, The Confession Stone: Song Cycles (London: Paul Breman, 1971). 

St. Clair Drake, The Redemption of Africa and Black Religion (Chicago: Third World Press, 1970). Inscribed: "To Brother Sterling/Plumpp/evoking memories/of Roosevelt in/days gone by;/it has been a/pleasure to touch/bases and to listen/to his wisdom and/to gain some inspiration/from him--/St. Clair Drake/July 1982/All the best!" 

Ebon, Revolution (Chicago: Third World Press, 1968). 

Eseoghene [Lindsay Barrett], The Conflicting Eye (London: Paul Breman, 1973). 

Josephine P. Evans, Love Whispers Shouts (1973). 

Mari Evans, Nightstar 1973-1978 (Los Angeles: Center for Afro-American Studies, 1981). Inscribed: "Sterling--/Especially for you--/Love,/Mari/ 10/81." 

Ronald Fair, Excerpts (London: Paul Breman, 1975). 

Ronald L. Fair, Rufus (Stuttgart: Peter Schlack Verlag, 1977). Signed. 

Sidney Finkelstein, Jazz: A People's Music (New York: Citadel Press, 1948). Signed. 

Foresight Vol. 1, Nos. 5 & 6 (December 1969). 

Foresight Vol. 2, No. 1 (January 1970). 

Leon Forrest, The Bloodworth Orphans (New York: Random House, 1977). Inscribed: "--Best Wishes, Leon Forrest." 

Leon Forrest, There Is a Tree More Ancient Than Eden (NY: Random House, 1973). Inscribed: "To Sterling Plumpp:/My you find affirmation/in my novel./Best wishes,/Leon Forrest/June 6, 1973." 

Joseph Franklin, African: A Photographic Essay on Black Women of Ghana & Nigeria (Sebastopol, CA: G.R. Wallingford Books, 1977). 

Freedom Has No Price: An Anthology of Poems, Festival of the Revolution, March 1-13, Grenada, 1980 (Lakes Folly, B'Town: Modern Printing & Graphics, Ltd.). Inscribed: "To Sterling Plumpp --/That your poetry may/reflect the true dignity/and aspirations of/the human being --/especially the oppressed masses/of humanity./Longlive revolutionary poetry/[illegible]/Feb. 1981" 

Hoyt W. Fuller, Journey to Africa (Chicago: Third World Press, 1971). 

Hoyt W. Fuller, The Turning of the Wheel (Chicago: Institute of Positive Education, 1972). 

Addison Gayle, Jr., The Politics of Revolution (Chicago: Institute of Positive Education, 1972). 

Nikki Giovanni, Black Feeling Black Talk (1968). 

Nikki Giovanni, ed. Night Comes Softly: Anthology of Black Female Voices (N.p., 1970). 

Arthur J. Graham, The Last Shine (San Diego, CA: Black Book Production, 1969). 

Sam Greenlee, Ammunition!: Poetry and Other Raps (London: Bogle-L'Ouverture Publications Ltd, 1975). Inscribed: "For Sterling,/who is too busy/bein Black, to/be talking bout/it----/Right on!/Sam Greenlee." 

Sam Greenlee, Baghdad Blues (Bantam, 1976). Inscribed: "For Brother Sterling,/Write on!/Sam Greenlee/25 Aug 77." 

Sam Greenlee, The Spook Who Sat by the Door (NY: Richard W. Baron, 1969). Inscribed: "For Sterling,/We ain't 'gon overcome, we/'gon prevail!/Best Wishes,/Sam Greenlee/29 Oct 69" 

Vincent Harding, There Is a River: The Black Struggle for Freedom in America (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1981). Inscribed: "For Brother Sterling/With great appreciation/for your own rich contributions/to the movement/of our people/toward freedom./Go right on/Yours,/Vincent H./ 3-13-82" 

Michael S. Harper, History Is Your Own Heartbeat (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1972). 

Joy Harjo, What Moon Drove Me To This? (New York: I. Reed Books, 1979). Inscribed: "May 82/Sacramento/For Sterling Plumpp/whose work/I've admired/for a long/time/in strength/in beauty/Joy Harjo." 

Peter Harris, Six Soft Sketches of a Man: Poems for New Men (Baltimore: LifeSigns Books, 1979). Inscribed: "To Plump/Peter Harris/ 5/14/82." 

Odie Hawkins, Ghetto Sketches (Los Angeles: Holloway House, 1972). 

Jerry Herman, And Death Won't Come: 3 Short Stories (East St. Louis, IL: Black River Writers, 1975). 

Chester Himes, Lonely Crusade (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1947). 

Moss [Humphrey], As Much As I Am: A Collection of Poems (Capricorn House West, 1973). Inscribed: "for Sterling --/Always believe in/Love/Always believe in Life/'Moss'/4-76/Sacramento, Calif." 

William Hunt, Oceans and Corridors of Orpheus (Chicago: Elpenor Books, 1979). 

Introducing . . Marxism and Black Liberation: A New Theoretical Journal (Chicago: People's College, 1980). 

Keith Jefferson, The Hyena Reader (East St. Louis, IL: Black River Writers, 1975). Inscribed: "To Bro. Plumpp/like Redmond, Curtis Lyle,/Quincy Troupe and myself (it seems)/you speak with that/f real FOLK KNOWLEDGE/that only being birthed/on the Middle of the Madness/can bring./in the Light,/Keith/April, 76." 

Joyce Jones, Mary McTaggert, and Maria Mootry, The Otherwise Room: A Poetry Anthology (Poetry Factory Press, 1981). 

LeRoi Jones, Black Art (Newark, NJ: Jihad Productions, 1967). 

Greta Anne Kalla, "Imaru Baraka's Drama: A Scenario for an American Jihad" (M.A. Thesis; University of Illinois; 1972). Inscribed: "Sterling -- I did not go/into detail on Kawaido since/it really needs another thesis --/once again I thank you for/your help and your/encouragment --/Greta/ 6/8/72" 

Bob Kaufman, Solitudes Crowded with Loneliness (New York: New Directions Books, 1965). 

Maurice Kenny, North: Poems of Home (Marvin,SD: Blue Cloud Quarterly, 1977). Inscribed: "5/14/82 /At Cal State/Sterling--/For your marvelous/labors and warmth/[illegible]/Maurice." 

Keorapetse Kgositsile, The Present Is a Dangerous Place to Live (Chicago: Third World Press, 1974). Inscribed: "For Fal,/ Even in this/ Dangerous present/ We try to sing our song/ Love/ Keorapetse." 

James C. Kilgore, A Black Bicentennial (East St. Louis, IL: Black River Writers, 1976). 

James C. Kilgore, Until I Met You (Beachwood, OH: Sharaqua Publishing Company, 1978). Signed. 

Oliver LaGrone, Footfalls: Poetry from America's Becoming (Detriot: Darel Press, 1949). 

Oliver LaGrone, They Speak of Dawns: A Duo-Poem Written for The Centennial Year of the Emancipation Proclamation: 1863, in 1963 (1970). 

Jewel C. Latimore, Black Essence (Chicago: Third World Press, 1968). 

Jewel C. Latimore, Images in Black (Chicago: Third World Press, 1969). 

Don L. Lee, Don't Cry, Scream (Detriot: Broadside Press, 1973). 

Don L. Lee, Dynamite Voices I: Black Poets of the 1960's (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1971). Inscribed: "To my brother & fellow worker/writer -- / love & blackness/donll/ 5/71." 

Don L. Lee, Think Black! (1967). Inscribed: "To My Brother,/Toward Blackness & other/colors dark./In Black Unity,/Don L. Lee." 

Don L. Lee, We Walk the Way of the New World (Detroit: Broadside Press, 1970). Inscribed: "To brother Sterling: / fellow poet/ & wordmasteer -- keep on/keeping on -- we need u & ur words,/Remember y are what u reflect./in blackness & love/yr brother/don l. l/ 7/70 /P.S. Africa for African people." 

Octave Lilly, Jr., Cathedral in the Ghetto (New York: Vantage Press, 1970). 

John Lovell, Jr., Black Song: The Forge and the Flame (New York: MacMillan Company, 1972). Signed. 

Leonard Lucas, Run, don't cry (Chicago: 1973). Inscribed: "I, enthusiastically sign this/book in love, peace and progress/to Brother Plumpp a Real/---Down---Home---Man/from Leonard Lucas,/the people's Poet/ 3/18/75." 

K. Curtis Lyle, Drunk on God & From Out of Nowhere (Los Angeles: VPC Press1975). Inscribed: "For Sterling Plumpp --/I have waited for/out meeting & it is /As beautiful as I had thought--/your brother ---/Curtis." 

Hollis R. Lynch, Edward Wilmot Blyden: Pan-Negro Patriot 1832-1912 (London: Oxford University Press, 1967). Inscribed: "for Sterling Plumpp/--A Keen Student of African/& Afro-American History & Culture/With Very Best Wishes/Hollis R. Lynch/6 November 1967." 

Peter Magubane and Walter Rosenblum, South Africa -- South Bronx (New York: Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, 1981). 

Haki R. Mahdubuti (Don L. Lee), Book of Life (Chicago: Institute of Positive Education, 1978). 

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