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Finding aid for the Newspapers (Bound)



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
University of Mississippi
Newspapers (Bound)
Date [inclusive]
General Physical Description note
178 volumes (approximately 70 linear feet)
General Special Collections
The collection contains bound volumes of newspapers, chiefly from Mississippi.

Preferred Citation

Newspapers (Bound), Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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Scope and Content Note

The collection contains bound volumes of different newspapers from across the state of Mississippi. Also included are two volumes of The World newspaper, published in New York.

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All volumes of each newspaper that exist in the collection are not necessarily listed together. Check the entire finding aid to ensure that you have located all desired volumes.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Mississippi Libraries 24 July 2012

Access Restrictions

The Newspapers (Bound) are open for research.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Archives and Special Collections staff. Original finding aid created by Chatham Ewing, 2005. Finding aid revised by Kathryn Michaelis, July 2012.

Alternative Formats

Some of the newspapers in this collection may be available on microfilm. To check availability, please search for newspaper titles in the Library Catalog.

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Related Materials

Resources at the University of Mississippi

Newspapers (Boxed), J.D. Williams Library, Archives and Special Collections

Many newspapers are available on microfilm or in electronic format. Please check the Library Catalog for availability.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • newspapers


  • Newspapers -- Mississippi
  • Newspapers -- New York

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Collection Inventory

v.1 The People's Press, Hernando, 15 February 1866-6 February 1868 

v.2 The Hernando Press, Hernando, 11 February 1869-23 January 1873 

v.3 The Phenix, Hernando, 7 December 1841-1 April 1843 

v.4 The Phenix, Hernando, 8 April 1841-6 April 1844 

v.5 The Phenix, Hernando, 18 January 1844-1 April 1845 

v.6 The Comet, Jackson, 11 January 1879-25 December 1880 

v.7 The Daily Mississippi Pilot, Jackson, 30 December 1874-1 August 1875 

v.8 The Daily Times, Jackson, 16 July 1875-30 June 1876 

v.9 Jackson Daily News, Jackson, 20-22 January 1952 

v.10 Mississippi Daily Pilot, Jackson, 1874-1875 

v.11 The Weekly Clarion, Jackson, 8 August 1872-21 November 1877 

v.12 The Weekly Mississippi Pilot, Jackson, 20 July 1872-24 June 1876 

v.13 Mississippi Free Trader, Natchez, 1852 

v.14 Mississippi Free Trader, Natchez, 1853 

v.15 Mississippi Free Trader, Natchez, 30 July 1839-30 December 1841 

v.16 Natchez Daily Free Trader, Natchez, 2 February 1858-30 July 1859 

v.17 Lafayette County News, June 1959-July 1961 

v.18 The World, New York, January-March 1865 

v.19 The World, New York, July-September 1861 

v.20 The Oxford Eagle, Oxford, 4 January 1945-25 December 1947 

v.21 The Oxford Eagle, Oxford, 5 January-28 December 1961 

v.22 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1887 

v.23 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1888-1889 

v.24 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1890-1891 

v.25 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1889-1890 

v.26 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1891-1892 

v.27 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1893-1894 

v.28 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1894-1895 

v.29 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1895-1896 

v.30 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1896-1897 

v.31 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1897-1898 

v.32 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1898-1899 

v.33 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1899-1900 

v.34 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1900-1901 

v.35 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1904-1905 

v.36 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1905-1906 

v.37 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1906-1907 

v.38 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1907-1908 

v.39 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1908-1909 

v.40 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1909-1910 

v.41 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1910-1911 

v.42 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1912-1913 

v.43 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1913-1914 

v.44 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1914-1915 

v.45 The Oxford Eagle, Oxford, 1954-1955 

v.46 The Oxford Eagle, Oxford, 1956-1957 

v.47 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1915-1916 

v.48 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1916-1917 

v.49 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1917-1918 

v.50 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1918-1919 

v.51 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1919-1920 

v.52 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1920-1921 

v.53 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1921-1922 

v.54 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1922-1923 

v.55 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1923-1924 

v.56 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1924-1925 

v.57 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1925-1926 

v.58 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1926-1927 

v.59 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1927-1928 

v.60 Southern Reporter, Sardis, 1928-1929 

v.61 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1929-October 1930 

v.62 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1931-September 1932 

v.63 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1932-September 1933 

v.64 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1933-September 1934 

v.65 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1934-September 1935 

v.66 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1935-September 1936 

v.67 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1936-September 1937 

v.68 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1937-September 1938 

v.69 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1938-September 1939 

v.70 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1939-September 1940 

v.71 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1940-September 1941 

v.72 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1941-September 1942 

v.73 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1942-September 1943 

v.74 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1947-September 1948 

v.75 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1943-September 1944 

v.76 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1944-September 1945 

v.77 Southern Reporter, Sardis, October 1945-September 1946 

v.78 The Deer Creek Pilot, Rolling Fork, May 1947-April 1948 

v.79 Woodville Republican, Woodville, 1828-1830 

v.80 Woodville Republican, Woodville, 1828-1829 

v.81 Woodville Republican, Woodville, 1823-1827 

v.82 Woodville Republican, Woodville, 1830-1831 

v.83 Woodville Republican, Woodville, 1833-1835 

v.84 Woodville Republican, Woodville, 1840-1843 

v.85 Woodville Republican, Woodville, 1836-1839 

v.86 Woodville Republican, Woodville, 1844-1848 

v.87 Southern Planter, Woodville, 1832 

v.88 Oil Review, Jackson, 11 May 1954-24 May 1955 

v.89 Democratic Herald, Charleston, 12 January-17 December 1905 

v.90 The Coffeeville Courier, Coffeeville, 24 January 1936 

v.91 The Aberdeen Examiner, Aberdeen, 2 January 1936-27 May 1937 

v.92 The Brandon Republican, Brandon, 23 April 1874-29 June 1876 

v.93 Charleston News/Tallahatchie News, Charleston, 1888-1891 

v.94 Daily Register, Clarksdale, July-September 1925 

v.95 Democratic Herald, Charleston, 1893 

v.96 Democratic Herald, Charleston, 1894 

v.97 Democratic Herald, Charleston, 1895-1896 

v.98 Democratic Herald, Charleston, 1896 

v.99 Democratic Herald, Charleston, 1897-1898 

v.100 Democratic Herald, Charleston, 1899 

v.101 Democratic Herald, Charleston, 1902-1903 

v.102 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1920 

v.103 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1921 

v.104 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1922 

v.105 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1923 

v.106 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1924 

v.107 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1925 

v.108 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1926 

v.109 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1927 

v.110 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1928 

v.111 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, January 1929-April 1930 

v.112 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May 1930-May 1931 

v.113 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May 1931-May 1932 

v.114 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May 1932-April 1933 

v.115 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May 1933-April 1934 

v.116 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, April 1934-April 1935 

v.117 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May-October 1935 

v.118 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May-October 1936 

v.119 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, November 1935-April 1936 

v.120 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, November 1936-April 1937 

v.121 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May-October 1937 

v.122 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1938 

v.123 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May 1940-April 1941 

v.124 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May 1939-April 1940 

v.125 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May 1941-April 1942 

v.126 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May 1943-May 1944 

v.127 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May 1944-April 1945 

v.128 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May 1945-April 1946 

v.129 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, May 1946-May 1947 

v.130 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1948 

v.131 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1949 

v.132 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1950 

v.133 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1951 

v.134 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1952 

v.135 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1953 

v.136 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1954 

v.137 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1955 

v.138 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1956 

v.139 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1957 

v.140 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1958 

v.141 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1959 

v.142 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1960 

v.143 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1961 

v.144 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1962 

v.145 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1963 

v.146 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1964 

v.147 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1965 

v.148 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1966 

v.149 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1967 

v.150 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1969 

v.151 Mississippi Sun, Charleston, 1970 

v.152 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1967-1969 

v.153 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1973-1975 

v.154 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1976 

v.155 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1977 

v.156 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1978 

v.157 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1979 

v.158 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1980 

v.159 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1981 

v.160 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1982 

v.161 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1983 

v.162 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1984 

v.163 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1985 

v.164 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1986 

v.165 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1987 

v.166 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1988 

v.167 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1989 

v.168 The Sun Sentinel, Charleston, 1990 

v.169 Tallahatchie Herald, Charleston, 1900-1901 

v.170 Tallahatchie Herald, Charleston, 1906 

v.171 Tallahatchie Herald, Charleston, 1908 

v.172 Tallahatchie Herald, Charleston, 1913-1914 

v.173 Tallahatchie Herald, Charleston, 1914-1915 

v.174 Tallahatchie Herald, Charleston, 1916-1918 

v.175 Tallahatchie Herald, Charleston, 1917 

v.176 Tallahatchie Herald, Charleston, 1919 

v.177 Tallahatchie News, Charleston, 1892 

v.178 Tallahatchie News/Messenger, Charleston, 1889-1890