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University of Mississippi (collector)
Mississippi Periodicals Collection.
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Collection consists of various periodicals published throughout Mississippi. Items were created 1921-1982.
6 boxes.
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The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
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Mississippi Periodicals Collection (MUM00315). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Scope and Contents Note
Collection consists of various periodicals published throughout Mississippi. Items were created 1921-1982.

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Container List


Box 1: A-F

American Antiquity:
January 1942, "The Natchezan Culture Type," by George I Quimby, Jr., pp. 255-275.

The American Archivist:
January 1950, "History and Program of the Mississippi State Department of Archives and
History," by William D. McCain, pp. 27-34.

The American Legion Magazine:
April 1954, "Uncle Boone and the Big News," by Ewart A. Autry, pp. 15, 68-70.

The American Home:
May 1941, "This $1,020 Home Took 'Git up and Get," by Jacqueline Anderson, pp. 42-43.

The American Journal of Nursing:
February 1952, "A Co-ordinated Nursing School," Christine L. Oglevee, pp. 213-214
(UM Nursing School).

The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science:
January 1943, "Three Mississippi Negro Families," by Dorothy Dickens, pp.55-56.

Architectural Digest:
May 2001, "Calvert Vaux in Oxford: An Architectural Treasure in Mississippi", by Thomas S. Hines, pp. 110-118.

The Atlantic:
December 1934, "The Geography of American Achievement," by Dumas Malone, pp.669-

Fall 1965, "Of Ombudsman and Batesville, Mississippi," by Jean Rogers, pp. 31-32.

The Bulletin of the American Ceramic Society:
November 1937, "Mississippi Clay Investigations," by W.C. Morse, G.H. Woollett, and
V.A. Coulter, p. 450.

The Bureau Specialist:
July 1948, "Mississippi Territory Commemorative Stamp," by Sol Glass, pp. 164-165,

Charlie Conerly's All-Pro Football:

The Christian Advocate:
November 11, 1948, "'The Walls Come Tumblin' Down,'" by Olga Reed Pruitt, pp. 6-7, 23
(Rust College choir).

Chrysler Events:
December 1953, "Mississippi," by Leonard Hall, pp. 4-6.

March 22, 1947, "The Ballet Hits High Cotton," by John Kord Lagemann, pp. 12-13.

December 1953, "Told in Washington," by George Allen, pp. 126-127.

August 1959, "Young Writers," by Albert M. Parillo, pp. 60-63. (Phillip Stone)

April 16, 1961, "Showplace of Mississippi History" by William F. Minor, pp. 16-19.

The Double-Dealer:
December 1921, "Two Poems," by Maxwell Bodenheim, p. 251.

July 1953, "Black Boy in France," by William Gardner Smith, pp. 32-42. (Richard Wright)
"Ghost Town: River Which Gave Birth to Mississippi Town Also Caused It's
Death," by Clotye Murdock, pp. 82-88.

February 1961, "The Last Days of Richard Wright," by Ollie Harrington, pp. 83-94.
"Richard Wright's Last Guest at Home," by Langston Hughes, p. 94.

October 1962, "New Vote Hope for Negroes," by Lillian S. Calhoun, pp. 43-50.

June 1966, "Memphis Slim: La Vie Est Bonne," un-named author, pp. 56-62.
"The Mission of Marian Wright," by Ponchitta Pierce, pp. 94-97, 100-108.
"Integration: Great Dilemma of the Church," by Henry A. Buchanan and Bob
W. Brown, pp. 163-172.

October 1971, "White Hopes and Other Coalitions," by Lerone Bennett Jr., pp. 33-42.

August 1952, "How are You Doing, Personnel-Wise?," by R.F. Wallace, pp. 110-112.

Field and Stream:
December 1967, "Dixie's Model Lake," by Grits Gresham, pp. 56-57 (Ross Barnett

Ford Times:
February 1947, "River Lab," by Jeff Taylor, pp. 2-8 (U.S. Waterways Experiment Station).
"Their Vines Have Tender fugar," by Marie Wathen, pp. 32-35 (Coahoma
"Cotton in the Delta," by Burgess H. Scott, pp. 42-47.

October 1958, "Something New in the South," by Thomas P. Murphy, pp. 152-154, 220-
224 (Dumas Milner).

Box 2: G-L

October 1962, "The Unreported Crisis in the Southern Colleges," by C. Vann Woodward,
pp. 82-83.

Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church:
March 1940, "The Diocese of Mississippi and the Confederacy," by Nash Kerr Burger, pp.
September 1940, "Edward Randolph Welles: 1830-1888-Third Bishop of Wisconsin," by
Edward Randolph Welles, II, pp. 247-256.

November 1949, "The Seven Sisters," by Carl Carmer, pp. 98-105, 139-141 (Gulf Coast
May 1954, "That's Memphis!," by Hubert Creekmore, pp. 106-117. [2 copies]
March 1962, "A Walk Through Mississippi's History," by Bern Keating, pp. 68-69, 200-
203. [6 copies]

October 1948, "Bride of Fortune," by Harnett T. Kane, pp. 8-9 (Varina Howell Davis).

House Beautiful:
March 1942, "A Famous Dress Designer Decorates with Classics," by Margaret Chandler
Porter, pp. 30-33.

The Humble Way:
July-August 1946, "Oil in the Land O' Cotton," pp. 6-10.
November-December 1951, "Mississippi Moves Up," pp. 10-15.

Illinois Central Magazine:
April 1949, "Corinth is Historic Rail Point," by R.R. Hughes, pp. 6-8.

Indiana Magazine of History:
March 1947, "The Sixteenth Indiana Regiment in the Last Vicksburg Camapign," edited
by Willie D. Halsell, pp. 67-82.

Jewish Spectator:
September 1957, "The Synagogue and the Arts," by Alexander S. Kline, pp. 16-20.

The Journal of the National Education Association:
January 1939, "What Do We Teach About the Negro?," pp. 11-12.

Ladies Home Journal:
January 1947, "Natchez," by Richard Pratt, pp. 38-45. [2 copies]

May 1954, "In the Highest Tradition...Henry Alfred Commisky," by Steven Marcus, pp.
50-52, 75.

April 3, 1950, "Mississippi Justice," pp. 30-31.
June 3, 1966, "An Urgent New Reach to be Equal," by John K. Jessup, pp. 88-101.
November 10, 1967, "A Deeper Debt of Gratitude to the Mob," by William Lambert, pp.
38-38B (John Stennis).
"Down Home with Bobby Gentry," pp. 99-101.

The Link:
March-April 1953, "From Moro Creek to Mississippi," pp. 1-4.

Lion Oil News:
April 1952, "BAWI, A Story of Progress in the Delta," pp. 2-10.
"New Station at Greenwood, Mississippi," p. 22.
June 1953, "Mississippi," pp. 12-15.

The Literary Digest:
July 5, 1924, "The Democratic Line of Attack," pp. 10-13 (Pat Harrison).

The Living Age:
May 1929, "As Others See Us: A Mississippi Idyl," p. 217.

November 17, 1953, "Mississippi Trains Its Own Country Doctors," by J.C. Furnas, pp.
94-99. [2 copies]
January 15, 1963, "Where We Stand: The World," by John Gunther, pp. 20-28 (Oxford
mentioned on p. 24).
December 2, 1969, "Lance Alworth: Charger Goes Groovy," by Gerald Astor, pp. 91-96.

Box 3: M-R

Mid-South (The Commercial Appeal Sunday Magazine):
March 21, 1965, "The Man Who Invented the Redneck," by William P. Street, pp. 14, 24
(James Kimble Vardaman).
April 11, 1965, "Rustlers Beware!," by Kenneth Toler, p. 26.
April 18, 1965, "The POW Camp at Como," p. 20.
May 30, 1965, "The Eight-Sided House," by Thomas E. Michael, p. 9 (DeSoto County).
June 20, 1965, "The Friendship Oak," p. 17 (Gulf Park College for Girls).
July 18, 1965, "Mississippi's Gulf Coast," by William B. Street, pp. 10-14.
September 19, 1965, "Gramp's Fair: A Hum-Dinger," by William Thomas, pp. 10-12
(Mid-South Exposition).
November 14, 1965, "The Lower Mississippi," by William Thomas, pp. 4-5, 28-29.
January 2, 1966, "Feuding, Fussing and Going Sullivan," by William Thomas, pp. 4-5
(Sullivan's Hollow).
March 13, 1966, "Natchez Under the Hill," by William Thomas, pp. 6-7.
March 27, 1966, "Mississippian's Quiet War in Vietnam," pp. 7, 18 (Laurence Anderson).
April 17, 1966, "The Iron Dictator," by James Wolfgram, pp. 7-8 (Commuting).
July 3, 1966, "The Odd Couple of Goat Castle," by William B. Street, pp. 6-7 (Natchez).
July 17, 1966, "Shrimpers of the Gulf," by Thomas BeVier, pp. 6-8, 12.
August 7, 1966, "From Piney Woods to the Moon," by William B. Street, pp. 22-23
(Mississippi Test Facility).
August 28, 1966, "The Sound and the Fort," by Thomas BeVier, p. 21 (Ship Island).
October 30, 1966, "Where Seldom is Herd," pp. 10-22 (Mississippi buffalo).
November 6, 1966, "The Last Haw-Haw," pp. 6-7 (political humor).
November 20, 1966, "Rediscovering the Mississippi," by William Thomas, pp. 18-19.
December 18, 1966, "Linda of Longwood," by William Thomas, pp. 10-11
(Linda Hawkins, Natchez).
March 12, 1967, "Passing the Biloxi Beacon," pp. 16-17 (Biloxi Lighthouse).
April 23, 1967, "The Old Men and the River," by Thomas Bevier, pp. 32-33 (Mississippi
boat captains).
May 28, 1967, "The Blessing of the Shrimp Boats," by Thomas BeVier, pp. 6-7 (Biloxi).
June 25, 1967, "The Feminine Blue Yonder," by William Thomas, pp. 4-5 (Dot Etheridge).
September 3, 1967, "The Tri-State Beauties," pp. 4-5 (Joan Stephanie Myers, Miss
September 10, 1967, "The Mississippi Delta," by Thomas BeVier, pp. 6-9, 32-33.
October 15, 1967, "'Too Beautiful to Burn'," by Thomas BeVier, pp. 6-7 (Port Gibson).
November 5, 1967, "The Man from DeKalb," by Thomas BeVier, pp. 4-10, 12
(Senator John Stennis) [2 copies].
December 10, 1967, "150 Years with a Storyteller's State," by William Sorrels, pp. 4-5, 8,
20 [2 copies].
January 14, 1968, "A Day to Remember Until the Cows Come Home," by William
Thomas, pp. 6-8 (Dundee, MS).
February 11, 1968, "Magnolia Drum Song," by William Thomas, pp. 4-5 (Chinese in
Mississippi Delta).
March 3, 1968, "Home Sweet Depot," by William Thomas, pp. 6-7 (Holly Springs).
April 7, 1968, "A Record is Born," by James Cortese, pp. 18-19, 22-25 (William Morgan
and the C's).
June 9, 1968, "Between Kook and Couture," by Ida Clemens, pp. 4-7 (Gayle Kirkpatrick).
July 7, 1968, "Chasing Elephants and Baking in the Wilds," by Thomas BeVier, pp. 14-15
(Mid-South Peace Corps).
July 14, 1968, "Pericles, Pride and Greenville," by Thomas BeVier, pp. 4-5, 18-19.
[3 copies]
August 18, 1968, "The Birdman of Gunnison," pp. 16-17.
September 8, 1968, "The Easy Living on the River is a Fading Memory," by Barney
DuBois, pp. 6-8, 11.
September 15, 1968, "The Man-Made Heart-How Soon?," pp. 42-42 (Ole Miss).
September 29, 1968, "A Flight into Memory," by K.W. Cook, pp. 6-9 (Payne Field).
January 5, 1969, "The Rise of the House of Waverly," by K.W. Cook, pp. 4-7
(Waverly Mansion, West Point, MS).
February 16, 1969, "'The Irony of the South'," by William Thomas, pp. 20-24
(Community Health Centers, Bolivar County).
March 24, 1969, "'I Have Gone Underground'," by Jerry DeLaughter, pp. 24-28
(Thomas Albert Tarrants III, Meridian, MS).
March 30, 1969, "Teacher By Day, Terrorist By Night," by Jon Nordheimer, pp. 8-12
(Kathryn Madlyn Ainsworth, KKK).
April 13, 1969, "A Hot Time in the Old Town," pp. 6-8 (Walthall, MS).
June 1, 1969, "The Woods and a Way of Art," by William Thomas pp. 10-11
(William Anderson, sculptor).
September 7, 1969, "The Mid-South Shopper," pp. 12-13. [2 copies]
November 16, 1969, "The Harvest Festival," pp. 6-7, 10 (French Camp, MS).
March 1, 1970, "How's That?," by Edward P. Moore, Jr., pp. 20-21 (H.A. Shands).
April 26, 1970, "A Farewell Trip into legend," by James Killpatrick, pp. 22-30
(Casey Jones).
June 14, 1970, "Life in the Barn," by William Thomas, pp. 12-14 (Delta home).
July 19, 1970, "The 'Hills' in the Delta," by Louise Wright Rogers, pp. 4-6
(Winterville Indian Mounds).
August 16, 1970, "Dawn on the Islands," by Thomas BeVier, pp. 6-14
(Mississippi islands).
August 30, 1970, "The World of Virginia Wing," by Joseph Neblett, pp. 6-7
(Actress from Marks, MS).
October 18, 1970, "Bull Power," by William Thomas, pp. 6-12 (M.P. Moore, rancher).
November 22, 1970, "Not Quite Gone are the Days...," by William Thomas, pp. 4-8
(Beverly Plantation, Natchez).
April 4, 1971, "May Apple, Sassafras and Philosophy," by William Thomas, pp. 28-30
(Seth Ballard, herb doctor).
July 4, 1971, "Vicksburg: 108 Years Later," by Roy Reed, pp. 8-10.
May 30, 1982, "At Work with Larry Speakes," by Morris Cunningham, pp. 4-11.

The Nation:
July 3, 1935, "'Education' as a Racket," by Raymond Gram Swing, pp. 11-12
(Vocational education).

NEA Journal:
February 1950, "Higher Education in the South," by J.D. Williams, pp. 108-109.

The New York Times:
April 4, 1954, "Mississippi," Special Advertisement Section, 16 pages. [2 copies]

The New Yorker:
November 29, 1969, "U.S. Journal: Pass Christian, Miss.," by Calvin Trillin, pp. 175-184.

The Oil Weekly:
June 25, 1945, "Mississippi Becomes Major Oil Center," by George O. Ives, pp. 33-40.

November 1947, "Natchez on the Mississippi," by Harnett T. Kane, pp. 139-157.

Opera News:
April 19, 1948, "Jackson Rigoletto," by Helen B. Dear, p. 12 (Jackson Opera Guild, Inc.).

The Orange Disc:
September-October 1949, "The Federal State of Mississippi," by Joseph C. Stoll,
pp. 8-12.

Summer 1967, Special Issue, "The South: Self-Portrait."

June 1952, "Persistent GI Artist," pp. 68-69 (Kennon Sykes, Oxford, MS).

Readers Digest:
January 1951, "A Crusading Editor Gets Results," by Charles Nutter, pp. 134-137
(Oliver Emmerich, McComb, MS).

The Reporter:
June 22, 1961, "The Freedom Riders and the Future," by Eugene V. Rostow, pp. 18-21.

June 1950, "This is the Life," by Ken Gormin, pp. 42-45 (Fowlkes family, Handsboro, MS).

Review of Reviews:
January 1936, "The South is Still Solid: Mississippi," by Frederick Sullens, p. 39.

The Rotarian:
August 1943, "May I Add?...," by M.D. "Fate" Lantrip, pp. 2-3 (Letter to the Editor).

Box 4: S-Z

The Saturday Evening Post:
June 29, 1946, "Will Bilbo Fool 'Em Again?," by Milton Lehman, pp. 18-19, 109-110.
[2 copies]
October 9, 1948, "Jackson, Mississippi," by Harold H. Martin, pp. 34-35, 131-136.
December 3, 1949, "Biloxi," by Harold H. Martin, pp. 32-33, 132-138.
October 11, 1952, "Too Young To Have a Gun," by Perrin H. Lowrey, pp. 33, 53-61 (Mississippi author).
October 31, 1953, "That Marryin' Man from Mississippi State," by Fred Parker, pp. 31, 192
198 (Jackie Parker).
September 26, 1964, "A Life for a Vote," by John Hersey, pp. 34-43 (voting).

Saturday Review of Literature:
May 19, 1951, "Double-Take on Mississippi," by B.J. Skelton, pp. 20-21, 33-35. [3 copies]
March 26, 1955, "Brightest Africa," by Cid Ricketts Sumner, p. 16, 28 (Book review by
Mississippi author).
January 28, 1961, "The Price-Warren-Tucker-Tozzi-Elias 'Trovatore'," by Irving Kolodin, p. 39
(Leontyne Price, Laurel, MS).
November 4, 1961, "Music to My Ears," by Irving Kolodin, p. 31 (Leontyne Price).
"A Moderate Eccentric," by Margaret L. Coit, pp. 44-45 (Book Review,
Biography of Robert J. Walker).

Scenic South:
March 1961, photographs of Natchez, Vicksburg, Windsor ruins (Port Gibson), Mynelle's
Gardens (Jackson) and Beauvoir, by Jack Zehrt and Louis C. Wilkliams, pp. 2-11.
November 1961, photographs of pecan harvesting in Mississippi, by John McKinney, pp.
April 1965, photographs of Port Gibson, Lexington and Flora, by H. Harold Davis, Jack Zehrt, Clairborne County Chamber of Commerce, Gladys Castle and Porter V. Taylor, pp. 2-7.
July 1965, photographs of Gulfport, by Chauncey T. Hinman, pp. 18-19.
June 1967, photographs of Biloxi, by Ann Moreton and Chauncey T Hinman, pp. 6-7.
September 1967, photographs of Paul B. Johnson State Park, Black Creek (DeSoto National
Forest), Moon Lake (Clarksdale), picking cotton in Delta, by U.S. Forest Service and
Harris H. Barnes, Jr., pp. 6-8.
May-June 1968, photographs of Rosemont and Beauvoir, by Gordon H. Lord and Chauncey T. Hinman, pp. 12-15. [2 copies]
March-April 1969, photographs of Holly Springs, Port Gibson and Natchez, by Louis C. Williams, H. Harold Davis, Chauncey T. Hinman and Jack Zehrt, pp. 2-7.

School Life:
May 1947, "Financing Mississippi's Public Schools," by Timon Covert, pp. 14-16.

School and Society:
February 17, 1940, "Mississippi College Reports on Its 'Six Weeks Plan'," p. 209 (Mississippi
College, Clinton). [2 copies]
January 6, 1951, "Notes and News: Albert Hume," p. 14.

Scientific American:
March 1952, "Mound Builders of the Mississippi," by James A. Ford, pp. 22-27.

April 1938, "Two Hundred Dollars for a Broken Back," by G. Hilton Butler, pp. 60-63
(Tenant farming).
April 1939, "Life in the U.S....Photographic Mississippi," pp. 30-36.

The Scroll of Phi Delta Theta:
May 1948, "Seven Phis in Mississippi Legislature," by William F. Winter, pp. 426, 438
(Mississippi Legislature, Mississippi University Alumni).

SK&F Psychiatric Reporter:
November-December 1968, "The Police and Dr. Jaquith," by Richard Potsubay, pp. 18-20
(Mississippi Mental Health).

South, The Magazine of Travel:
May 1946,"Mississippi Mother Goose," by Lelia B. Rostiser, pp. 27, 29 (Emilie Blackmore
Stapp, Wiggins, MS; children's author).
July 1946, "Cotton's Kingdom," by Frank Smith, pp. 8-9, 18, 22, 25, 32.
"Southerner Wins Pulitzer Prize," p. 21 (Hodding Carter, Delta-Times Democrat).
August 1946, "Steamboat 'Round the Bend," pp. 16-18 (Steamboats).

South, The News Magazine of Dixie:
September 10, 1956, "Victors," p. 14 (Mississippi Elections).
September 17, 1956, "Overabundant Material Gives SEC Five of Nation's Best," by Fred
Russell, p. 5 (Mississippi College Football).
"Southern Business," p. 8 (Mississippi Industry).
"South Lines: Monkey Love," p. 11 (Annette Tisdale, Miss Mississippi).
September 24, 1956, "Resistance," p. 7 (Mississippi Democrats).
October 1, 1956, "First-Hand Study," p. 9 (Segregation).
October 8, 1956, "Free Enterprisers," p. 8 (Mississippi Industry).
October 15, 1956, "Footballing Scholars," p. 14 (Ole Miss Football).
October 22, 1956, "For Principle/Eye-Opener," p. 9 (Mississippi Politics, Segregation).
October 29, 1956, "Mississippi Serves Notice: It Must, Will Industrialize," pp. 5-6.
November 5, 1956, "Forgot State Right," p. 7 (Mississippi Governor J.P. Coleman).
November 12, 1956, "Southeast Leads the Nation in Attracting Large Industries," p. 5-6.
November 19, 1956, "As Expected," p. 9 (Mississippi Politics).
March 11, 1957, "Lovely Natchez Awaits Visitors," pp. 8-9.
March 18, 1957, "Blow to Freedom," p. 5-6 (Mississippi Senator James Eastland).
June 17, 1957, "Busy Ports, Diversified Plants Give Gulfport Bright Future," p. 5-8.
July 15, 1957, "Bold New Action/Forgotten," p. 18 (Mississippi Politics).
July 29, 1957, "Facts of Life," p. 14 (Legalization of liquor).
August 12, 1957, "Uphill Battle," p. 11 (Legalization of liquor).
September 9, 1957, "Dixie Calm Under Force Attack; Resistance Campaign Stiffens," p. 5
September 23, 1957, "Expanding Gulf Coast Seeks Industry for Bayou Casotte," p. 5-9.
October 7, 1957, "Storm Signals," p. 13 (Mississippi Politics).
December 26, 1960, "Sovereignty Salesmanship," p. 5-6 (Mississippi Image).

The Southeastern Librarian:
Summer 1971, "The Intriguing Ross E. Hutchins," by Bobbie M. Lewis, pp. 113-117
Entomologist, Mississippi State University).

Southern Agriculturist:
July 1936, "Crazy Weather," by F.L. Teuton, pp. 7, 20 (Tupelo tornado).
August 1936, "The Bond Between Government and Agriculture," by Pat Harrison, pp. 5, 18
(Senator Pat Harrison, Mississippi). [4 copies]

Southern Living:
March 1966, "For Two Months, Antebellum Days in Mississippi Again," pp. 8, 63
"Vacation on the Mississippi's Delta Queen," by John McKinney, pp. 12, 26-27.
March 1967, "What Makes A Teenager Tick?," pp. 41, 65 (Johnita Harkins, Mississippi Junior

The Southern Quarterly:
October 1963, "Mississippi Governmental Development, 1945-1963," by Leon A. Wilber,
pp. 1-17. [2 copies]

Southern Telephone News:
March 1953, "Mississippi Telephone Progress Told by Officilals," pp. 8-9.
May 1967. "A Week in Mississippi" by Pat Heath, pp. 3-6.
January 1968, "Long Distance Teaching," by Ott Brockman, pp. 16-19 (McComb, MS).
May 1968, "William C.C. Clairborne...," by Howard P. Hildreth, pp. 34-37 (Mississippi

Southwest Review:
Winter 1936, "Some Aspects of Southern Culture," by Harold Preece, pp. 217-222.
January 1938, "Beulah Levee...Let De Levee Bust, " (poem) by Kate McAlpin Crady,
pp. 180-181.

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly:
January 1940, "The Influence of French Diplomatic Policy on the Annexation of Texas," by R.A. McLemore, pp. 342-347 (Author from State Teachers College, Hattiesburg, MS).
April 1948, "Four John Greggs of Texas," by Howard T. Dimick, pp. 333-357 (MS History).

May 1938, "Political Theory Prevents Practical Progress," pp. 5-8 (Senator Pat Harrison).

July 10, 1948, "The Mississippi Territory Commemorative Stamp," by F.L. Ellis, pp. 54-55.
June 24, 1950, "That Vicksburg Wall Paper Newspaper," by Van Dyk Mac Bride, pp. 554-557.

State Government:
Spring 1960, "Mississippi Emphasizes Research for State Development," by W. Paul Brann,
pp. 122-127.

May 1956, "Last of the Mad Bohemians," by Allen Churchill, pp. 26-31, 97 (Max Bodenheim).

June 1948, "New Pioneers in Dixie," by Robert West Howard, pp. 7-8, 30 (MS Industry).
August 1949, "Mississippi-The Magnolia State," by Eron Rowland, pp. 10-12.

This Week Magazine:
May 9, 1954, "Tea Time in the South," by Clementine Paddleford, pp. 26-27 (Mississippi
Historic Houses)

January 23, 1950, "Shooter's Chance," p. 15 (Mississippi Crime and Criminals).

The Trident (Delta Delta Delta):
May 1951, "Installation of Phi Epsilon Chapter at Mississippi State College," pp. 187-190.

United Gas Log:
November 1952, "Natural Gas Service at Century Old University Beginning Third Winter,"
pp. 2-7 (University of Mississippi).
February 1953, "Second Gas-Condensate Well Completed in Muldon Field," pp. 14-15, 19
(Mississippi Industry).

USA 1:
July 1962, "Mississippi, The Old South Besieged," by Robert K. Massie, pp. 54-63. [2 copies]

U.S. News & World Report:
February 15, 1965, "The Space Age Comes to Mississippi," pp. 78-80.


Box 1: A-Z

The Delta Review:
November-December 1966
March-April 1967 [6 copies]
September 1967

Down South, On the Beautiful Gulf Coast:
November --December 1952

Mississippi Educational Advance:
October 1952 [2 copies]

Today in the New South
November-December 1969