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Finding-Aid for the Mississippi Organizations Collection



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Mississippi Organizations Collection
General Physical Description note
2 boxes.
Collection contains newsletters, yearbooks, programs, and reports related to various organizations throughout Mississippi. Items were created 1920-2003.

Preferred Citation

Mississippi Organizations Collection (MUM00314). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

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Scope and Contents Note

Collection contains newsletters, yearbooks, programs, and reports related to various organizations throughout Mississippi. Items were created 1920-2003.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Mississippi Libraries 2005

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Processing Information

Processed by University of Mississippi Department Special Collections Staff . EAD encoded finding-aid begun September 2005.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

Architects, Mississippi Chapter of American: 

a. The Mississippi Architect (1974). 

2. Archives and History, Mississippi Department of: 

a. Newsletter, February 1970. 

b. Newsletter, October 1998, July 1999. 

3. Archivists, Society of Mississippi: 

a. Membership application, 1979-1980. 

4. Boy Scouts, Yocona Area Council: 

a. Informational leaflet, circa 1956. 

b. Newsletters, n. d. 

5. Broadcasters Association, Mississippi: 

a. Newsline, various issues 1982-1984. 

6. Browning Club, Oxford: 

a. Yearbooks, 1919-1925. 

7. Budget Commission, State: 

a. Statement from J. P. Coleman, 1958. 

b. Exhibits of Revenues and Appropriations, 1952-54. 

8. Centennial Club: 

a. Yearbook, 1954-44. 

9. Cherokee Rose Society, Oxford: 

a. Program from Rose Show, 1972. 

10. Cresap Society, McComb: 

a. Newsletter, 1930-1950. 

b. "On the Trail of Thomas Cresap," 1932. 

11. Daughters of the American Revolution, Mississippi: 

a. Historical Study Course program, 1914-1915. 

b. Historical Yearbook, 1915-1916. 

c. Program from 43rd Conference, 1949. 

d. Program from 44th Conference, 1950. 

12. Delta Council, Mississippi: 

a. Program from 7th Annual Session, 1942. 

b. Report to Mississippi A & I Board, 1952-1953. 

c. Invitation to meeting, 1958. 

d. Program from 19th Annual Meeting, 1954. 

e. Miscellaneous typed material 

13. Engineers, Mississippi Society of Professional: 

a. Mississippi Professional Engineer, March 1972. 

14. Engineering Society, Mississippi: 

a. Newsletter, March 1974. 

15. Garden Clubs of Mississippi: 

a. Program from 19th Annual Convention, 1948. 

b. Mississippi Gardener, December 1951. 

c. Mississippi Gardener, October 1951. 

16. Historical Association, Mississippi Valley: 

a. Program from meeting, 1939. 

b. Program from 33rd Annual meeting, 1940. 

c. Program from 36th Annual meeting, 1943. 

d. Program from 44th Annual meeting, 1951. 

e. Program from 53rd Annual meeting, 1960. 

16b. Historic Natchez Foundation: 

a. Program from the Fourth Biennial Historic Natchez Conference, Feb. 16-19, 2000. 

17. Kiwanis Club, Greenville: 

a. Program, 1924. 

18. Lions Club, Oxford: 

a. Programs from 3rd annual horse show, 1954. 

19. L. Q. C. Lamar Society: 

a. Photocopied article from Saturday Review (1972). 

Box 2 

1. Masons: 

a. Miscellaneous material from national headquarters. 

2. Model-A Ford Restorers Club, Mississippi: 

a. Show Programs, 1971 and 1972. 

2b. Museums Association, Mississippi: 

a. "Artifacts," Newsletter of the Mississippi Museums Association, May-July, 1999 and August-October 1999. 

3. Naturalists Club, Mississippi: 

a. Occasional Papers, 1962 and 1965. 

4. National Organization for Women (NOW), Mississippi: 

a. Newsletters. 1976. 

5. Ornithological Society, Mississippi: 

a. Newsletter, 1978. 

6. Pharmaceutical Association, Mississippi State: 

a. Convention programs, 1935 and 1961. 

7. Prisoners-of-War, Mississippi Chapter of American Ex-: 

a. Circular letter, n. d. 

8. Red Cross, Mississippi: 

a. Reports to the Governor, 1956 and 1958. 

b. Disaster Expenditures, 1952-1958. 

c. "Storms in MS -- March and April," 1933. 

9. Rotary Club, Oxford: 

a. Program, 1958. 

b. Classification List, 1958. 

10. Social Studies, Mississippi Council for the: 

a. The Beacon, March and June 1974. 

11. Television, Mississippians for Educational: 

a. Newsletters, various issues, 1971-1972. 

12. Textbook Purchasing Board, Mississippi State: 

a. Lists of adopted books, 1947-1948. 

13. Trucking Association, Mississippi: 

a. Various issues of newsletters, 1973. 

14. Twentieth Century Club, Pontotoc: 

a. Typed history of club, n. d. 

15. Veterans Affairs Commission, State: 

a. Miscellaneous bulletins and laws, 1950s. 

16. Woman's Book Club, Oxford: 

a. Programs, 1920-1921, 1922-23, 1967-1968, 1975-76 and 1977- 78. 

17. Woman's Club, Cleveland: 

a. Yearbook, 1923-24. 

18. Women's Club, Business and Professional: 

a. Informational leaflet for 16th annual convention, 1940. 

19. Women's Clubs, Mississippi Federation of: 

a. Program of state convention, 1940. 

20. YM-YWCA: 

a. Conference program, 1938. 

21. YWCA: 

a. Miscellaneous bulletins, flyers, programs, circa 1950s. 

22. Mississippi Humanities Council: New Speakers Bureau Directory announcement, n.d. 

23. Mississippi Historical Society: Brochure for Annual Meeting, February 27 -- March 1, 2003. 

24. Mississippi Humanities Council: Mississippi Oral History Program flier. 

25. Colonel MIM* Association: Survey, December 28, 1966. 

26. Mississippi Council on Human Relations: Invitation to forum of capital punishment, January 26, 1977.