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Finding-Aid for the Mississippi Health Care Collection (MUM00308)

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Descriptive Summary
University of Mississippi (collector)
Mississippi Health Care Collection.
Inclusive Dates:
Materials in:
Collection contains news sheets, articles, magazines and miscellaneous documents related to health care in Mississippi. Items were created 1932-1981.
2 boxes.
Repository :
The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Phone: 662.915.7408
Fax: 662.915.5734
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Mississippi Health Care Collection (MUM00308). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Scope and Contents Note
Collection contains news sheets, articles, magazines and miscellaneous documents related to health care in Mississippi. Items were created 1932-1981.

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Container List

Box 1
Folder 1: American Cancer Society Mississippi Division
"What You Should Know About the American Cancer Program" (c.1945)
News Sheet (November 15, 1948)
Campaign News (February 8, 1949)
"Seven Danger Signals of Cancer" (poster)
"You Must Save Yourself" (circular)
News Sheet (March 15, 1951)

Folder 2: American National Red Cross
"Report to the Governor of Mississippi Red Cross Activities in the State During 1955"
"On the Job in Mississippi in 1956 Report to the Governor"

Folder 3: Industrial Hygiene Division of U.S. Public Health Services
"Industrial Hygiene News Letter" (June 1944)

Folder 4: Leflore County Health Department
Teamwork (n.d. March-April 1941, September 1941)
"Report from Leflore County Health Department" (n.d.)
"Report from Leflore County Health Department" (1941)
"Annual Report of the Leflore County Health Department for the year 1940"

Folder 5: Mississippi's Children Commission
"Planning for Health in Nursery Schools, Kindergartens, Day Care Centers" (2 copies, n.d.)
"Health Standard for Day Care Centers for Preschool Children, Nursery School Children or Kindergarten Children" (2 copies, n.d.)
"Child Care Institutions in Mississippi" (n.d.)

Folder 6: Mississippi Chiropractic Association
"Chiropractic: A Health Service, A Profession" (1957)

Folder 7: Mississippi Easter Seal Society
"Annual Report September 1, 1971 to August 31, 1972"
"Annual Report 1972-1973"
Reporter (January 1971)
Reporter (Winter 1972)
Reporter (Autumn 1973)
Reporter (Summer 1974)
Reporter (Autumn 1974)
Reporter (Winter 1974)
Reporter (Summer 1975)
Reporter (Winter 1975)

Folder 8: Mississippi Foundation for Medical Care, Inc.
"Professional Standards Review Organization" (c. 1974)
PSRO Review (March 1978)
PSRO Review (April 1978)

Folder 9: Mississippi Health Industry Agency
Synergos (January 1978)
Synergos (January-February 1979)
Synergos (July-August 1979)
Synergos (September-October 1979)
Synergos (January-February 1980)
Synergos (March-April 1980)
Synergos (May-June 1980)
Synergos (August-September 1980)
Synergos (October-December 1980)
Synergos (January-March 1981)

Folder 10: Mississippi Hospital Association
"Employee Salary Survey" (c. 1979)

Folder 11: Mississippi Regional Blood Center
The Bloodhound (April 1977)
The Bloodhound (June 1977)
The Bloodhound (August 1977)
The Bloodhound (March 1978)
The Bloodhound (November 1978)
The Bloodhound (March 1979)

Folder 12: Mississippi Social Hygiene Association
"Social Hygiene and Syphilis" (c. 1938)

Folder 13: Mississippi Society for Crippled Children and Adults
Standard letter (Spring 1951)

Folder 14: Mississippi Society for the Prevention of Blindness
Newsletter (July-August-September 1971)

Folder 15: Mississippi State Board of Health
"Child Care and Guidance" (n.d.)
"Watch Your Teeth" (n.d.)
"Progress in Cancer Control" (n.d.)
"Report of Corrections of Physical Defects in Children (Age 0-18) for Calendar year, 1955" (2 copies)
"Facts about Hookworm Disease" (2 copies)
"Crippled Children's Service" (n.d.)
"Public Health in Mississippi" (c.1942)
"Mississippi's Modern Health Care Centers" (n.d.)
"How a Full Time Health Department Serves You" (n.d.)
"What's New in Public Health: New Development for 1941-42"
"Aims and Activities of the Mississippi State Board of Health" (c. 1934)
"Weekly Health Suggestions" (c.1932)
"Summary of Regulations for Control of Communicable Diseases" (n.d.)
"Be Wise Get a Blood Test Now" (n.d.)
"Protect Your Child From Measles" (c. 1943)
"People are Beginning to Talk" (n.d.)
"Your Child Needs an Egg a Day" (n.d.)
"Your Child Needs Breast Milk" (n.d.)
"Your Child Will Need Baby Clothes" (n.d.)
"Children Need Not be Handicapped" (n.d.)
"At the First Sign of Illness Keep Your Child at Home" (n.d.)
"What is your Mirror Appeal?" (n.d.)
"Scratchy has the Itch" (n.d.)
"If your Milk Dollar Goes too Fast" (n.d.)
"Undulant Fever" (n.d.)
"Vision Testing of School Children" (n.d.)
"When Your Doctor Says 'Gain Less Weight'" (n.d.)
"Meat Extenders Alternatives" (n.d.)
"What about your Food?" (n.d.)
"Protect Your Family" (n.d.)
"School Health" (n.d.)
"What to Eat Before the Baby Comes" (n.d.)
"Food for Red Blood" (n.d.)
"Fleas, Flies, and 'Skeeters DDT 'em" (n.d.- 2 copies)
"Get in Step...Take your Teacher a Dental Certificate" (n.d.)
"Your Child Needs Vitamin D Daily" (n.d.)
"for the Health of Your Child" (n.d.- 2 copies)
"Can Your Young Child Dress Himself?" (n.d.)
"Keep Your Family Well!" (n.d.)
"Keep Your Child Well All Year!" (n.d.)
"A Good Food Ticket For You" (n.d.)
"Your Child Needs Cod Liver Oil Ever Day" (n.d.)
"Your Child Needs One of These Every Day" (n.d.)
"Your Child Needs Vegetables Ever Day" (n.d.)
"Conservation of Hearing in School Children" (n.d.)
"Your Child Needs A Whole Grain Cereal Twice a Day" (n.d.)
"Progress in Public Health" (n.d.)
"Useful Weapons in the Fight Against Disease" (1942)

Folder 16: Mississippi State Board of Health (School Health News)
October 1953
November 1953
December 1953
January 1954
February 1954
March 1954
April 1954
Fall 1954
Fall 1955 (2 copies)
Winter 1955
November 1955
Winter 1956 (2 copies)
Spring 1956
Fall 1956
Winter 1957
Spring 1957
Fall 1957
Winter 1958

Folder 17: Mississippi State Hospital Association
Safety-Script (November 10, 1954)
Safety-Script (January 5, 1955)

Folder 18: Mississippi State Hospital Association (Miss-O-Gram)
July 14, 1952
July 2, 1953
August 12, 1953
October 5, 1953
January 18, 1954
February 19, 1954
May 5, 1954
July 8, 1954
August 25, 1954
November 5, 1954
January 5, 1954
February 18, 1955 (2 copies)
June 2, 1955
October 21, 1955

Folder 19: Mississippi State Hospital Association
Progressive Hospitals (June 1941)
News and Views (2nd quarter 1952)
News and Views (1st quarter 1953)
News and Views (2nd quarter 1953)
News and Views (3rd quarter 1953)
News and Views (1st quarter 1954)
Progressive Hospitals ( 2nd quarter 1954)
Progressive Hospitals ( 3rd quarter 1954)
Progressive Hospitals ( 1st quarter 1955)
Progressive Hospitals ( 2nd quarter 1956)

Folder 20: Mississippi State Medical Association
"The Medical Liability Crisis and Legislative Solutions" (n.d.)

Folder 21: State Department of Public Welfare
"Release of Statistics" (September 4, 1956)
"Release of Statistics" (November 1, 1956)
"Release of Statistics" (December 2, 1957)

Box 2
Folder 1: Diabetic Youth Camp (n.d.)

Folder 2: Hospitals
"Facility Information Riverside Hospital" (n.d.)
"Admission Information Riverside Hospital" (n.d.)
"Matty Hersee Hospital Meridian, Mississippi" (n.d.)
"Oxford-Lafayette County Hospital" (1969)
"Mississippi Methodist Hospital and Rehabilitation Center 1978 Annual Report"

Folder 3: "Feeling Good Community Health Handbook" (n.d.)

Folder 4: "The 1957 Mississippi Rural Health Conference"

Folder 5: 1972 Mound Bayou Rural Hospital Scandal
The Council Newsletter (Xerox-1972)
Press release of the Delta Community Hospital and Health Center (July 19, 1972)
Press release from the governor's office (July 17, 1972)

Folder 6: "Accomplishments in Sanitation since 1924" by Felix J. Underwood (1940)

Folder 7: "The Challenge to Medicine" by W.H. Anderson (1941)

Folder 8: "Mississippi's Present Hospital Set-up" by W.H. Anderson (1941)

Folder 9: "Public Health in National Defense" by Felix J. Underwood (1941)

Folder 10: "How the Public Health Library can contribute to health education" by E. Louise Williams (1942)

Folder 11: "Twenty-five years in Maternal and Child Health" by Felix J. Underwood (1948)

Folder 12: The Journal of Venereal Disease Information
"Measurement of Trend of Syphilis in Mississippi" (1950)
"Case Finding Through an Understanding of Known Syphilitic Patients" (1951)

Folder 13: "Trends in School Health Programs" by N.C. Knight (1955)

Folder 14: "Some Doctors at Corinth in 1862" by Beulah M. D'Olive Price (1971)

Fodler 15: "Good Work in Mississippi" by B.J. Skelton (n.d.)