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Finding Aid for the Miller Family Papers (MUM00297)

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The Miller Family Papers are open for research.

Finding Aid for the Miller Family Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Miller Family Papers
Dates: 1830-1865
Physical Extent: 2 boxes (.63 linear feet)
Repository: University of Mississippi. Department of Archives and Special Collections. University, MS 38677, USA
Identification: MUM00297
Language of Material: English
Abstract: Collection of Civil War era correspondence of the Miller family, whose father and sons served in the 42nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Co. F.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Donated in 1976

Processing Information

Collection processed by Archives & Special Collections staff. Finding aid encoded by Jason Kovari, 29 October 2009.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Subject Terms

United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865
Mississippi -- History
Miller family
Secession -- Southern States



Scope and Content Note

This collection includes the correspondence of the Miller family of Pontotoc County, Mississippi. Letters include those of Colonel Hugh Miller, his sons, Edward and George, all with the 42nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Co. F. Much of the correspondence is with S.G. Miller, their wife and mother. Letters in this collection include those from a signer of Mississippi's Declaration of Secession.

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Prefered Citation

Miller Family Papers, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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The Miller Family Papers are open for research.

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Container List

Folder 1.1 Receipt for Payment of Share in Pontotoc Turnpike Co., 8 August 1838
Folder 1.2 ALS. P. Evern, Oxford TD Hugh Miller,, 24 September 1848
Folder 1.3 Invitation to Barbecue to H.R. Miller, 16 October 1840
Folder 1.4 ALS. Hugh A. Barr, Oxford, to Hugh R. Miller, 8 November 1843
Folder 1.5 ALS. H.R. Miller, Memphis to Susan Miller, 22 July 1845
Folder 1.6 ALS. William Finley, Holly Springs, to Hugh Miller, 5 November 1845
Folder 1.7 ALS. J.C. Armstrong, Panola MS, to H.R. Miller, 5 November 1845
Folder 1.8 ALS. G.J. Ward to Hugh Miller, 6 November 1845
Folder 1.9 ALS. J. Barr, Oxford to Hugh R. Miller, 1845
Folder 1.10 ALS. Ben Johnson, Vicksburg, to Hugh R. Miller, 29 January 1847
Folder 1.11 ALS. R. Miller to Susan Miller, 19 June 1847
Folder 1.12 ALS. James Loudon, Philadelphia, to Dr. Langdon Miller, 12 July 1847
Folder 1.13 ALS. Langdon Miller, Lafayette, La., to Hugh Miller, 20 April 1848
Folder 1.14 ALS. Hugh R. Miller, Memphis, to “Dear Wife”, 30 November 1851
Folder 1.15 ALS. H.A. Barr, Oxford, to H.R. Miller, 17 January 1853
Folder 1.16 ALS. Ellen, Aberdeen, to Susan Miller, 6 May 1854
Folder 1.17 ALS. Alex M. Clayton, Pontotoc, to “Dear Sir”, 4 October 1857
Folder 1.18 ALS. C.V. Gordon, Moon Lake to Aunt Sue, 14 December 1858
Folder 1.19 ALS. S.G. Miller to “Dear Child”, 5 February 1859
Folder 1.20 ALS. E.C.D., Okolona, to “Darling Aunt”, 20 March 1859
Folder 1.21 ALS. Jimmie, Lochnivar, to “Dear Cousin”, 6 April 1859
Folder 1.22 ALS. S.G. Miller to “My Precious Child”, 4 June 1859
Folder 1.23 ALS. George Miller, Oxford, to Edwin Miller, January 1860
Folder 1.24 ALS. S.G. Miller to “My Precious Child”, 29 September 1860
Folder 1.25 ALS. SG. Miller to “My Precious Child:, 1860
Folder 1.26 ALS. R.A Palmer, Pontotoc, to George Miller, 20 January 1861
Folder 1.27a. ALS. W.C. Falkner, Ripley, to H.R. Miller, 29 April 1861
Folder 1.27b. Telegraph Message to Falkner from SP. Walker, 27 April 1861
Folder 1.28 ALS. David Hurst to H.R. Miller, Ripley, 20 April 1861
Folder 1.29 ALS. Aunt Mary, Lochnivar to Edwin Miller, 4 January 1862
Folder 1.30 ALS. W.H. Cook, to “Dear Aunt”, 25 March 1862
Folder 1.31 ALS. Stephen Daggett, Pontotoc, To H.R. Miller, 4 April 1862
Folder 1.32 ALS. S.G. Walker, Jacinto, MS to Hugh Miller, 10 May 1862
Folder 1.33 ALS. Edwin Miller, Richmond, to Susan Miller, 25 May 1862
Folder 1.34 ALS. John H. Miller, Jr. Near Tupelo, to Hugh Miller, 27 July 1862
Folder 1.35 ALS. J.M. Stone, Camp 2nd Ms. Regiment, to Hugh R. Miller, 31 July 1862
Folder 1.36 ALS. John H. Miller, Jr., Camp Lookout, Near Chattanooga, to Hugh R. Miller, 19 August 1862
Folder 1.37a. Receipt for Ammunition from Col. Miller, 19 August 1862
Folder 1.37b. ALS. Edwin B. Smith, Richmond, to Hugh Miller, 26 May 1863
Folder 1.38 ALS. S.G. Miller, Pontotoc, to H.R. Miller, 29 September 1862
Folder 1.39 ALS. S.G. Miller, Pontotoc, to “My Precious Child”, 7 October 1862
Folder 1.40 ALS. S.G. Miller, Pontotoc, to George Miller, 31 October 1862
Folder 1.41 Affidavit Re: payment of D.A. Hamilton, 42nd MS Vols., 10-1862
Folder 1.42 ALS. Edwin Miller, Richmond, VA, to Susan Miller, 2 November 1862
Folder 1.43 ALS. Edwin Miller, Richmond, VA, To Susan Miller, 6 November 1862
Folder 1.44a. ALS. Edwin Miller, Richmond, to Susan Miller, 12 November 1862
Folder 1.44b. Receipt for Subscription to Richmond Enquirer , 22 August 1863
Folder 1.45 ALS. John Henry Miller, Pontotoc, To H.R. Miller, 14 November 1862
Folder 1.46 ALS. M.C. Miller, Pontotoc, to Hugh R. Miller, 31 December 1862
Folder 1.47 ALS. John J., Fredericksburg, VA, to Susan Miller, 1 February 1863
Folder 1.48 Receipt for Property Returns from Edwin B. Smith, Ordinance Bureau, to Hugh R. Miller, 18 April 1863
Folder 1.49 ALS. W.D. Farmer, Joyner Depot, to H.R. Miller, 1 March 1863
Folder 1.50 ALS. Stephen Daggett, Pontotoc, to H.R. Miller, 25 March 1863
Folder 1.51 ALS. Edwin, to Mrs. H.R. Miller, 29 March 1863
Folder 1.52 ALS. H.J. Norwood, Cokesbury, to Hugh R. Miller, 19 April 1863
Folder 1.53 ALS. S.G. Miller, Cumberland, to “My Precious Husband”, 27 April 1863
Folder 1.54 ALS. S.G. Miller, Cumberland, VA, to “My Precious Child”, 11 May 1863
Folder 1.55 ALS. Anne, Pontotoc to Susan Miller, 22 May 1863
Folder 1.56 ALS. S.G. Miller, Cumberland, to “My precious Husband”, 28 May 1863
Folder 1.57 ALS. Edwin Miller, on the march, to Mrs. Hugh Miller, 17 June 1863
Folder 1.58 ALS. George Miller, Fredericksburg, VA, to Susan Miller, 12 June 1863
Folder 1.59 ALS. S.G. Miller, Cumberland Co., VA, to Hugh Miller, 3 July 1863
Folder 1.60 Resolution Adopted by 42nd MS Regiment on the Death of Col. Hugh R. Miller, 15 August 1863
Folder 1.61 ALS. Edwin Miller, Near Brandy Station, to Susan Miller, 7 November 1863
Folder 1.62 ALS. Edwin Miller, Near Fredericksburg, VA, to Mrs. H.R. Miller, 15 June 1865
Folder 1.63 ALS. Burton N. Harris, Richmond, VA, to Hugh Miller, 6 July 1864
Folder 1.64 ALS. J.A. Orr, Houston, to H.R. Miller, 11 September
Folder 1.65 ALS. C. Virginia Gordon, Bristoe Station, to Sue Miller, 28 October
Folder 1.66 ALS. H.A. Barr, Oxford, to H.R. Miller, 11 May
Folder 1.67 ALS. Edwin Miller to “Dear Brother” , Undated
Folder 1.68 ALS. J.W. McGant, South Carolina, to H.R. Miller, Undated
Folder 1.69 ALS. to Susan Miller, Undated
Folder 1.70 Envelopes
Folder 1.71 Republican Whig Ticket, 1839
Folder 1.72 Special Order no. 158 transferring George & Edwin Miller, 9 July 1862
Folder 2.1 ALS. James A. Miller, C. County, MS, to Hugh R. Miller, 18 August 1830
Folder 2.2 ALS. Joseph A. Miller, Laurel Grove, to Hugh Miller, 5 December 1831
Folder 2.3 ALS. William Anderson, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, to Hugh Miller, 27 August 1832
Folder 2.4 ALS. Margaret Miller, Columbia, South Carolina, to Hugh Miller, 29 February 1833
Folder 2.5 ALS. E.E. Miller, Cedar Grove, South Carolina, to Hugh Miller, 29 February 1833
Folder 2.6 ALS. Susan, Abbeville, to Hugh Miller, 2 November 1833
Folder 2.7 ALS. J.W. Jones, Laurensville, to Hugh Miller, 21 January 1834
Folder 2.8 ALS. Mother to Tess L. Wallone, 20 November 1835
Folder 2.9 ALS. R.W.E., C. College, Kentucky, to Susan Miller, 21 November 1835
Folder 2.10 ALS. E.E. Miller, to Hugh Miller, 8 August 1836
Folder 2.11 ALS. A. H. Seabrook, Edisto Island, South Carolina, to Hugh Miller, 3 April 1837
Folder 2.12 ALS. J.S. Walton, Aberdeen, to Susan Miller, 22 September 1837
Folder 2.13 ALS. John L. Benson, U.N.C., to Hugh Miller, 26 September 1838
Folder 2.14 ALS. C.E. Oliver, Courtland, to Susan Walborne, 2 September 1838
Folder 2.15 Affidavit from David Hubbard, Pontotoc, 26 October 1838
Folder 2.16 ALS. Charles C. Adams, Mobile, to Hugh Miller, 9 December 1839
Folder 2.17 ALS. J.W. Maclennan, Pontotoc, to Susan Walton, 21 December 1838
Folder 2.18 ALS. N. R. Miller, Jackson, to Susan Miller, 5 January 1842
Folder 2.19 ALS. Thomas N. Nites, Pontotoc, to Hugh R. Miller, 5 July 1845
Folder 2.20 ALS. J. Barr, Oxford, to Hugh Miller, 9 August 1845
Folder 2.21 ALS. Langdon Miller, Lafayette, Louisiana, to Susan Miller, 15 September 1848
Folder 2.22 ALS. Hugh R. Miller, Coffeeville, to Susan Miller, 5 November 1848
Folder 2.23 ALS. Sallie E., Holly Springs, to Susan Miller, 25 January 1849
Folder 2.24 ALS. H.A. Barr, Oxford, to Hugh Miller, 8 June 1849
Folder 2.25 ALS to Susan Miller, 7 August 1851
Folder 2.26 ALS. J. Barr, Oxford, to Hugh Miller, 22 January 1861
Folder 2.27 ALS. Hugh Miller, Pontotoc, to George Miller, 14 March 1861
Folder 2.28 ALS. James W. Drake, Richmond, Virginia, to Susan Miller, 3 June 1862
Folder 2.29 ALS. James W. Drake, Richmond Virginia, to Hugh Miller, 4 June 1862
Folder 2.30 a. “Richmond Whig Extra”, 19 September 1862
Folder 2.30 b. ALS. Edwin Miller, Richmond, Virginia, to Susan Miller, 20 September 1862
Folder 2.31 ALS. Edwin Miller, Richmond, Virginia, to Susan Miller, 26 September1862
Folder 2.32 ALS. J.A. Moosor, Huntsville, to Hugh Miller, 6 March 1863
Folder 2.33 a. Table of Mississippi Land for Sale, 1843
Folder 2.33 b. Letter from Sidney Smith, Mobile, to Hugh Miller, 5 April 1843