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Finding Aid for the W.T. Marshall Collection (MUM00285)

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The W.T. Marshall Collection is open for research.

Finding Aid for the W.T. Marshall Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: W.T. Marshall Collection
Dates: 1833-1985 (bulk 1910-1938)
Collector: Marshall, W. T. (William Thomas), 1866-1953
Physical Extent: 10 Boxes (7.762 linear feet)
Repository: University of Mississippi. Department of Archives and Special Collections. University, MS 38677, USA
Identification: MUM00285
Language of Material: English
Abstract: Correspondence, illustrations, artifacts, publications, and other documents related to Presidents of the United States from 1899 to 1938.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The collection was donated to the University of Mississippi by Dr. Douglas, University of Mississippi Geology Professor, mid-1950s. After his death in 1974, his widow, Violet Marshall Douglas continued making periodic donations of materials gathered by her father, William Thomas Marshall, which she inherited upon his death in 1953.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Archives & Special Collections staff; finding aid revised by Sarah Stephens, 2010. Finding aid originally mounted by Chatham Ewing; encoded by Jason Kovari, 2010.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Subject Terms

McKinley, William, 1843-1901
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919
Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924
Harding, Warren G. (Warren Gamaliel), 1865-1923
Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
United States. Executive Office of the President
United States -- History


clippings (information artifacts)
paintings (visual works)
engravings (prints)

Biographical Note

William Thomas Marshall was personal librarian at the White House and files keeper for eight U.S. presidents: William McKinley to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Marshall, originally a bookbinder employed at the Government Printing Office, was “loaned” to keeping papers and documents of the Presidents, a position lasting from 1899 until his retirement in 1938.

Scope and Content Note

Series 1 (Invitations & Admittance Cards) contains invitations, mourning cards, programs, and other related materials from President Cleveland to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Subjects include the White House, receptions, memorial services, weddings, and garden parties.

Series 2 (Correspondence) contains letters, cards, and envelopes. Correspondence is usually between presidents, W.T. Marshall, and Dr. and Mrs. Douglas.

Series 3 (Publications) contains newspaper clippings, resolutions, proclamations, reports, manuscripts, addresses, and other related documents. Subjects include Lincoln, Grant, Wilson, W.T. Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Gore case, and transportation.

Series 4 (Signatures & Facsimiles) contains signatures and facsimiles from various people including W.A. Harring and S.P. Langley.

Series 5 (Art) contains engravings, lithographs, seals, photographs, portraits, drawings, textiles, silk tapestries, posters, and other illustrations. Subjects include U.S. Presidents and the White House.

Series 6 (Books) contains collections of autograph books and scrapbook from W.T. Marshall, diaries from Violet Douglas’ trips, and a book on mollusks.

Series 7 (Artifacts) contains pens from Franklin D. Roosevelt and William McKinley, letter opener, and a watch.

User Information

Prefered Citation

W.T. Marshall Collection, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

Access Restrictions

The W.T. Marshall Collection is open for research.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

Related Material

Resources at the University of Mississippi

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Separated Material

(4) President photographs autographed to W.T. Marshall are displayed in the Archives & Special Collection media room.

Photographs have been removed to Collection Photographs, Boxes 4-13, for preservation.


This collection is arranged in 7 series.

Boxes 1-3 and 7-9 are part of the collection originally named the Douglas Collection. Boxes 4-6 are from later accretions by Violet Marshall Douglas.

Series I. Invitations & Admittance Cards
Series II. Correspondence
Series III. Publications
Series IV. Signatures & Facsimiles
Series V. Artwork
Series VI. Books
Series VII. Miscellaneous & Ephemera

Container List

Invitations & Admittance Cards
1.1 Invitation to Reception, Cleveland, 1887
1.2 Invitation for Reception, Harrison, 1890
1.3 Invitation to White House, 1895
1.4 Invitation to Dinner in Honor of the President of the Republic of Hawaii, McKinley, 1898
1.5 Invitation to Dinner in Honor of the President of Costa Rica, 1898
1.6 Invitation to Reception for Pan Presbyterian Council, McKinley, 1899
1.7 Invitation to Dinner to Meet Admiral George Dewey, 1899
1.8 Invitation to Reception in Honor of the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church, McKinley, 1899
1.9 Service Program for the Funeral of William, McKinley, 1901
1.10 Mourning Card and Photo of President McKinley, 1901
1.11 Engraved Acknowledgment by Mrs. McKinley of Sympathy Extended, 1901
1.12 Card for Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, 1901
1.13 Invitation to McKinley’s Memorial Service, 1902
1.14 Admittance Card for Memorial Services for McKinley, 1902
1.15 Program for U.S. Marine Band Concert, 1902
1.16 Invitation to Reception, Roosevelt, 1904
1.17 Invitation to White House, 1904
1.18 Card for Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Undated
1.19 Cards for President & Mrs. Coolidge, Undated
1.20 Bookplate for William H. Taft, Undated
1.21 Wedding Announcement for Jessie Woodrow Wilson, 1913
1.22 Wedding Announcement for Alice Lee Roosevelt, 1906
1.23 Wedding Announcement for Woodrow Wilson and Mrs. Norman Galt, 1915
1.24 Wedding Announcement for Jessie Woodrow Wilson, 1913
1.25 Invitation to White House, Wilson, Undated
1.26 Wedding Announcement for Ethel Carow Roosevelt, 1913
1.27 Invitation to Wedding of Eleanor Wilson, 1914
1.28 Invitation to Garden Party, Coolidge, 1924
1.29 Invitation to Garden Party, Coolidge, 1924
1.30 Invitation to White House Reception, Coolidge, 1925
1.31 Invitation to White House Reception, Coolidge, 1925
1.32 Envelope Addressed to President Hoover, Undated
1.33 Christmas Greetings, Hoover, 1930
1.34 Cards for the President and Mrs. Hoover, Undated
1.35 Cards for Admittance to White House, 1932
1.36 Invitation to Reception at White House, Hoover, 1932
1.37 Cards for Admittance to White House, 1932
1.38 Invitation to Reception, Roosevelt, 1934
1.39 Invitation to Garden Party, Roosevelt, 1935
1.40 Engraved Thank You Note for Flowers and Sympathy, Undated
1.41 Miscellaneous Blank White House Stationary, Undated
1.42 Admittance Card to White House, Undated
1.43 Invitation to White House, Undated
9.19 Invitation to Theodore Roosevelt from Commercial Club of St. Paul, 1902
1.44 ALS John A. Dix (Secretary of Treasury), 29 January 1861
1.45 Facsimile of Abraham Lincoln letter dated 27 February 1862, Undated
1.46 ALS W.H. Blawly to “My Dear Sir”, 20 May [189?]
1.47 ALS. from W.T. Marshall Discussing Death of McKinley, c. 1901
1.48 Cabled Greetings. T. Roosevelt to Governor Taft of Philippines, 4 July 1903
1.49 Theodore Roosevelt Farewell to Office Force, 3 March 1909
1.50 ALS. Jacob A. Riis to Mr. Lock [?], 6 February 1909
1.51 ALS. W.S. Schlay [?] to Mr. Carpenter, 3 April 1909
1.52 ALS. W.S. [?] to Mr. Carpenter, 23 November 1909
1.53 ALS. Jacob A. Riis to Mr. Carpenter, 24 November 1909
1.54 TLS. R.A. Peary [?] to Taft, 24 January 1911
1.55 TLS. Peary to Taft, 4 March 1911
1.56 ALS. Richard Hile for Jacob Riis to Mr. President, 20 November 1911
1.57 Taft Signature, 21 November 1916
1.58 ALS. Charles A. Slemmer to Woodrow Wilson (Balloon Exposition), 1912
1.59 TLS. [E.] Stebbard to Woodrow Wilson, 19 May 1913
1.60 ALS. Peary to Mr. Hilles, 27 February 1913
1.61 ALS Princess Kalauiouaole of Hawaii to President Warren G. Harding, 23 January 1922
1.62 Postcard Sent to Hoover, 1927
1.63 TLS Herbert Hoover to G.A. Warburton, 10 November 1928
1.64 TLS Rudolph Foster “To Whom It May Concern”, 16 October 1920
1.65 ALS Mary Roberts Ruiehart (?) to Mr. Christeau, 17 February 1922
1.66 TLS Edward T. Clark to Calvin Coolidge, 13 November 1922
6.10 John Douglas’s Letters from a Wildcat Well, Venezuela, 1924-1925 (to accompany photograph album) (56 pages, including preface and maps. Photocopies), 1925
1.67 TLS Mary Pickford Fairbanks to Everett Sanders, 10 January 1927
1.68 ALS Roosevelt, 24 July 1934
1.69 TLS Franklin D. Roosevelt to W.T. Marshall, 15 February 1938
1.70 TLS Franklin D. Roosevelt to W.T. Marshall, 30 July 1938
1.71 TLS Franklin D. Roosevelt to W.T. Marshall, 25 January 1939
1.72 Envelope from Roosevelt to Marshall, 1942
1.73 ALS Roosevelt to McIntyer, Undated
1.74 TLS Lawrence Richey to William T. Marshall, 3 March 1933
1.75 TLS Earl Godwin to Mr. Marshall, 29 July 1938
1.76 TLS Charles Wagner to Wm. T. Marshall, 30 July 1938
1.77 TLS M.R. Speelman to W.T. Marshall, 1 August 1938
Miscellaneous Dates
6.11 “Bernice and Glen Lee” to “Family and Friends”. Collection of correspondences, Account of trip to South America. (Photocopies, 48 loose pages), 25 September 1948-7 August 1949
6.12 Various correspondence from Dr. and Mrs. Marshall, 16 April 1956-10 January 1985
1.78 Clipping and Information on Grant’s First Public Reception, 1882
1.79 Newspaper Clippings about W.T. Marshall and Other White House Staffers, 1929-1956
1.80 Correspondence and Clipping on Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt’s 85th Birthday, 1942
9.7 The Fall River Weekly Recorder, Vol. 2 No. 7, Fall River, Maryland, 4 September 1833
9.8 The Pastor’s Annual by T. Shepard, Bristol, Rhode Island, 1 January 1855
9.9 The Sun Baltimore, Maryland, 15 April 1865
9.10 Weekly Washington Chronicle, Lincoln assassination, 22 April 1865
9.11 Indianapolis Daily Journal Extra, 11 January 1867
9.12 The Capitol, Vol. VII No. 50, Washington, D.C., 9 February 1879
9.13 The Evening Star, Washington D.C., Cook’s polar expedition, 9 October 1909
9.14 New York Times, "The Prophets" by John Singer Sargent, 7 December 1913
9.15 The Sun photo layout of the White House, 31 October 1915
9.16 The Sunday Star, Washington D.C., World War II highlights
2.1 The First Prayer in Congress, copy of original from 1777, Undated
2.2 Old Ben Corporation Placard with Reprint of Abraham Lincoln Letter, Undated
2.3 Typed Address by Homer L. Boyle to US Senators, 1912
2.4 The Bond-Gore Case: The Woman’s Claim Presented in a Communication Bristling with Facts New and Sensational , Undated
2.5 Typed Manuscript about the Gore Case, 1914
2.7 Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915
2.8 Resolution Adopted by the Veteran Corps of the First Regiment Infantry National Guard of Pennsylvania April 13th, 1917, 13 April 1917
2.9 ALS. Excerpt from Address of President Woodrow Wilson, November 1917
2.10 Transportation on the Amazon and Madeira Rivers with the Disastrous American Railroad Expedition of 1878 by Robert Hopewell Hepburn, c. 1918
2.11 Joint Resolution: Neutrality Act of 1939
2.12 African Reminiscences, Undated
2.13 Our Purposes in Mexico, international note with corrections, Undated
2.14 President Wilson’s Fourteen Points of World Peace (The Universal Arbitration Court), Undated
2.15 Proclamation by the President to the People, Wilson, Undated
6.8 Report on Founding and Development of the Joint Company School System in the Maracaibo Lake Basin, 1934-1948; The S.A. Escuela Bella Vista, 1948-1951 by Violet M. Douglas. Maracaibo (35 pages), July 1951
6.9 Informal notes titled ‘Churchill’, regarding life of Winston Churchill. author unspecified. 14 pages and various fragments, holographic, Undated
Signatures & Facsimiles
2.16 Facsimile of Handwritten Dispatch by General Grant Concerning Lee’s Surrender at Appomattox 1865, Undated
2.17 Various Signatures and Facsimile, Undated
2.18 Signature - W.A. Harring [?], Undated
2.19 Signature S.P. Langley, Undated
9.22 Facsimile of Lincoln Letter to Mrs. Bixby, Undated
2.20 Engravings of the Presidents of the United States, 1919
2.21 Engravings, Wilson, Undated
2.22 Engraved Card to Tom Marshall from the White House Office on his 75th Birthday, 28 July 1941
2.23 Lithograph. Elements of National Thrift and Empire, 1847
2.24 Lithograph. Commerce and Navigation, 1847
2.25 Lithographs. U.S. eagle symbols, Undated
Logos & Seals
2.26 Grand Lodge Ohio F. & A.M. (Mason) Logo, Undated
2.27 Various U.S. Seals, Undated
Photographs & Portraits
2.28 Signed Photograph Reprint, “For the Hon. William H. Taft, Sincerely, Marie Slessler”, Undated
2.29 Signed Photograph of the Whitehouse by Glorina King Harding, Undated
2.30 Portait Illustrations of Emile van Marcke, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, Charles Francois Daubigny, Josef Israels, Anton Mauve, and Rembrandt van Ryn, Undated
8.1 The German Emperors New Yacht silk tapestry, c. early 1900s
8.2 Theodore Roosevelt campaign silk embroidered tapestry, 1904
8.3 Newspaper articles, c. 1900
8.4 Ribbons with White House illustrated, from F.D. Roosevelt, c. 1930s
8.5 Nurse clothe hates, Undated
8.6 Rockford Morning Star, "Our Beloved President Is Dead" (McKinley), 14 September 1901
8.7 Utah State Journal, 17 February 1906
2.31 Ink drawing of the “Lapland” steam ship, captioned President Taft, Undated
2.32 Framed Textiles, “Betsy Ross Making the First US Flag”, “Birth of our Nation’s Flag”, Undated
2.33 Drawing entitled “The Cry of the Soul” by Genevieve Cowles, Undated
2.34 Drawing entitled “Mother and Child” by Rembrandt Peale, Undated
2.35 Leaf Art of a Rooster, Undated
2.36 Pears Soap Advertisement, Undated
2.37 Unidentified Portrait of an Officer, Undated
2.38 Printed Illustration of Carriage and Railroad Transportation, Undated
2.39 Illustrations of Various Artworks, Undated
2.40 Placard for the Twenty-third Annual Convention of the International Steel and Copper Plate Printers Union, 21-24 July 1915
2.41 Quote by Patrick Henry, Undated
2.42 Copy of The Last Cartoon by Thomas Nast, Undated
Oversized Art
9.1 Latern slide enlargements, Undated
9.2 Painting of a ship, initialed L.F.B., Undated
9.3 Tolsoi Sands: English Bay: St. Paul Island painting, Undated
9.4 Untitled sketch of politician being sworn in 1925
9.5 Back from Marston Moore illustration, Undated
9.6 Stitched facsimiles of signatures to the declaration of independence, Undated
Autograph Books
2.43 Book to Marshall with autographs of White House employees, 1 August 1938
3.2 Autograph book, Undated
3.3 Autograph book, Undated
4.1 Theater scrapbook, “no. 1, 1911-1918”. 50 pages in original string binding, with newspaper & magazine clippings, 1911-1918
4.2 Theater scrapbook, “1926-1927”. 82 loose-leaved pages, original cover, with newspaper & magazine clippings, 1926-1927
4.3 Theater scrapbook, “vol. 4, 1928-1931”. 130 loose-leaved pages with glued newspaper & magazine clippings, 1928-1931
4.4 Theater scrapbook, “vol. 5, 1931-1932” 92 loose-leaved pages with newspaper and magazine clippings, 1931-1932
5.1 Theater scrapbook “vol.6 1932-1935” loose-leaved pages with newspaper and magazine clippings, 1932-1935
5.2 Theater scrapbook, “vol. 7, April 1935- “. 42 loose-leaved pages with newspaper & magazine clippings, April 1935-Unknown
5.3 Theater scrapbook, “vol. 8, property of Violet M. Douglas, 1949-55”. Various loose theatrical brochures, 1949-1955
6.1 Unmarked scrapbook, Various clippings, mainly from theatrical magazines, in original folder, c. 1930
6.2 Various clippings, brochures and programs, mainly theatrical, Undated
6.3 “This is Your Life, by I Know”. Saturday Evening Post cartoon clippings with holographic captions depicting events in [W. T. Marshall’s ?] life. Glued to 5 loose-leaved pages, with original covers, Undated
6.4 “Venezuelan Vignettes, by James L. Frisbie”. 21 loose-leaved pages, in original folder, with loose newspaper clippings, c. 1940
6.5 El Circulo Anaranjado clippings., June 1948, Feb 1949, April 1949, June 1949, July 1949, Oct 1949, Mar 1950, Apr 1950, May 1950, June 1950, July-Aug 1950, Oct 1950, Jan-Feb 1951, Sept-Oct 1951, Nov-Dec 1951, Mar-Apr 1955. 43 loose pages June 1948-April 1955
Box 10 Scrapbooks
6.6 My Trip Abroad by Violet Marshall. Vol 1: Britain & France, 1932
6.7 My Trip Abroad by Violet Marshall. Vol 2: South America, c. 1938
3.1 Douglas, John Gray Some Miocene Mollusks from Northwestern Venezuela book, 1928
Miscellaneous & Ephemera
7.1 U.S. President seal letter opener, Undated
7.2 W.T. Marshall watch presented to him by the president, 1 August 1938
7.3 Hotel Chisca, Memphis ink pen, Undated
7.4 William McKinley ink pen with certification letter, 1903
7.5 Theodore Roosevelt pens and book plate, Undated
7 Yale Taft Club member list, 1909-1910
9.17 Proceedings of the National Union Convention Held at Des Moines, Iowa on 27th Day of June, 1866
9.18 To the Republicans of Des Moines, Hon. John Kasson, c. 1868
9.20 Your Flag and My Flag poster, 1916
9.21 Assassination of Lincoln as Told by Charles Chiniquy, Undated
9.23 Formation of the American Coat of Arms 1776 for Woodrow Wilson, Undated
9.24 The History and Formation of the Great Seal of the United States of America by Max Zeitler, Undated
9.25 Scroll containing To the Hon. William Howard Taft President of the United State of America from the Southern States, Undated