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Finding-Aid for the H.H. Litty Collection (MUM00271)

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Descriptive Summary
Litty, H.H.
H.H. Litty Collection.
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Materials in:
Collection contains correspondence, pamphlets, postcards, receipts, and miscellaneous documents related to the life and career of H.H. Litty. Items were created 1879-1984.
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The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Phone: 662.915.7408
Fax: 662.915.5734
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H.H. Litty Collection (MUM00271). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Biographical Note
H.H. Litty (1862-1929) served as mayor of Memphis, Tennessee from 1917 to 1918.

Scope and Contents Note
Collection contains correspondence, pamphlets, postcards, receipts, and miscellaneous documents related to the life and career of H.H. Litty. Items were created 1879-1984. Items were part of a donation of materials from the Litty Family in the late 1990s.

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Container List

Folder 1A

1. Pamphlet. The Macmillan Company. New York. n.d. Includes ad and review of The Call of the Wild.

2. Pamphlet. "Books of the Month." March 1911. a.R. Taylor co. Memphis, TN.

3. Pamphlet. "Litty Day Program." August 15, 1925. Memphis, TN.

4. "The War Record of The Chicago Tribune. Number One. " Compiled for Henry Ford. 17 pp.

5. "The War Record of The Chicago Tribune. Number Two. " Compiled for Henry Ford. 29 pp.

6. Pamphlet. "Commencement Helps and Hints." by Willis N. Bugbee. The Willis N. Bugbee Co. Syracuse, NY. n.d.

7. Pamphlet. "Economy Club Notes." No. 3. May 20, 1879. 32 pp.

Folder 1B.

8. Pamphlet. "Increasing Human Efficiency." Lee Alexander Stone. Reprint from The Therapeutic & Dietetic Age 1923/24. 16 pp.

9. Pamphlet. "The Hidden Menace." Lee Alexander Stone. Burton Publishing Company. Kansas City, MO.

10. Pamphlet. "Problems in Social Hygiene." Lee Alexander Stone. Speech delivered to Tri-State Medical Society, Rockford, IL, September 2, 1919. 15 pp.

Folder 1C

11. Pamphlet. "Set in Silver" Advertisement. Doubleday Page & Co. 4 pp.

12. Pamphlet. Advertisement. Ingham, Clarke & Co. Cleveland, OH. 4 pp.

13. Pamphlet. "She Was Fairer Than Bar Gold in the Mint." Rudyard Kipling. Advertisement for special set of Kipling publications. Funk & Wagnall's. 6 pp.

14. Pamphlet. "Books About Egypt." Advertisement. A. And C. Black. London. 4 p

15. Advertisement for The National Security League. 1 pp.

16. "How Paris Amuses Itself." Advertisement for F. Berkeley Smith's book of the same title. Funk & Wagnalls Company. 1 pp.

17. Certificate. Roycroft Fraternity certificate for H. H. Litty. 2 pp.

1. Postcard. Advertizing the Globe-Wernicke Co. Of Cincinnati, OH.

2. Postcard. Advertizing the Globe-Wernicke Co. Of Cincinnati, OH.

3. Cartoon. Bowen Art Co. 1906.

4. Clipping. Photographs of George Ade and Eugene G. Grace. Unidentified source.

5. Cartoon. "History of the United States." Life Pub. Co. 1909, Pastime Novelty Co. 1913. (Note: Anti-immigration, anti-semitic.)

6. Postcard. Pre-addressed card, stamped with the address of the Memphis Chamber of Commerce.

7. Postcard. 1922. Advertizing Old Virginia Brunswick Stew. Sturdivant Packing Company. Brownsville, TN.

8. Bookmark. Advertising The Scottish Widows' Fund. n.d.

9. Bookmark. Christmas Greeting from Owen & Emma C. Finnegan.

10. Ribbon. White silk. "VETERANS"

11. Ribbon. Yellow silk. Advertisement for the Lyceum Theatre, September 29, 1890.

12. Ribbon. Blue-gray silk. "Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ."

13. Bookmark. "Health Helps" Northern Ohio Druggists' Association.

Folder 2

14. Card. Printed inspirational message. Frederick A. Stokes Co. Benjamin Cox. Little Rock AR. 2 pp.

15. Broadside. "Lost Boy. $50 Reward." Very small.

16. Cartoon. "In Love." n.d. Lithograph, Schmidt & Co.

17. Booklet. "To You in Pillow-land." Get well greeting card.

18. Postcard. Self-addressed and stamped. Advertising the Little Leather Library. 2 pp.

19. Raffle ticket No. 287. January 15, 1884. For Two Town lots in New Albany, Indiana. Window Glass Workers' Association. Signed C. S. Parker on the reverse.

20. Blotter. Advertising the "Prana" Carbonic Syphon. 1912.

21. Blotter. Advertising the Schrader Universal Tire Pressure Gauge.

22. Advertisement. Brooks Memorial Art Gallery exhibition. n.d.

23. Calendar. Plastic pocket calendar for 1924 advertising the Cunard Anchor steamship lines.

24. Postcard. Unused postcard, "Church Stretton and Caradoc."

25. Postcard. Unused postcard. Picturesque couple and song, "s'Meiteli mi." German.

26. Postcard. Unused postcard. Picturesque scene and song, "Switzerland." German.

27. Card. n.d. "Guide 75G. Gout." 1 pp.

28. Card. November 24, 1908 stamped on reverse. "Guide 75S. Struma." 1 pp.

29. Card. April 4, 1908 stamped on reverse. "Guide 85T. Mixture for Tympanites in Infants." 1 pp.

30. Card. Bar Association Membership Card. 1928/29. H. H. Litty.

31. Card. n.d. Calling Card. Miss Marion Litty.

32. Card. n.d. Calling Card. Robert H. Mitchell.

33. Card. n.d. Calling Card. T. Harrison & Co., Architects.

34. Card. n.d. Calling Card. J. R. Paine.

35. Photograph. B&W photograph of unidentified couple standing on an upstairs porch. n.d.

Folder 3
Pamphlet. "Charlie Chaplin's Divorce Case." NOTE: Also listed with books.

Folder 4

1. a.n. Postcard. England. August 8, 1902. C.D. Mau-- to Mr. Harry Litty.

2. t.l.s. January 30, 1904. Representative John S. Williams to H. H. Litty. Regarding Memphis property.

3. a.n. February 11, 1909. Waterville OH. Postmark.

4. a.l.s. February 13, 1909. A.C. Lake to Mr. Litty. 1 p. Re: Attached
Broadside. January 8, 1909. Letter to William Jennings Bryan. Annotated. 1 p.

5. a.n. March 16, 1909. The Merwin-Clayton Sales Company. Re: Purchase of books.

6. Envelope. St. Augustine Hotel imprint. Postmarked, January 23, 1912.

7. t.l.s. February 13, 1912. M. M. Allen to H. H. Litty. Re: Debt to Anthony Lenzi. 1 p.

8. t.l. October 15, 1912. The Christian Socialist. Re: Subscription renewal. 1 pp. Envelope.

9. t.l.s. January 30, 1913. Adolf[ ] to "My liebe Herr Luethy." German. On Fransioli Hotel stationery.

10. a.n. Postcard. Chautauqua, NY, 192-. L.C. ---- to Mrs. H. H. Litty.

11. t.l.s. March 23, 1923. Charles Kelliher to H. H. Litty. Frisco Lines stationery. Re: Enclosed letter and lawsuit.
With enclosed.
12. t.l. n.d. -----Matthews to Charles Kelliher. On reverse of Frisco Lines stationery. Re: lawsuit against Kelliher by unnamed female. 1 p.

13. t.l.s. October 2, 1923. F. M. M. To Harry H. Litty. Re: Book orders, The Morris Book Shop, Chicago, IL. 1 p.

14. Card. December 24, 1924. Ms. Ida [Huckizer] to Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Litty. Postmark, Desoto Station.

15. a.n.s. April 21, 1934. Hallie B. Karr to [ ]. 2 pp. Envelope.

16. Mailing card. January 6, 1966.

17. t.m. April 30, 1984. Walter Drake Silver & China Exchange. Price lists, etc. Envelope.

18. Card. n.d. Handwritten message.

19. a.n. n.d. 1 pp.

20. a.n. n.d. Folded note. 4 pp.

21. a.n. n.d. On Gentlemen's Room, The Fifth Avenue Bank of New York stationery. 4 pp.

22. a.n. n.d. Re: Art and artists. 2 pp.

23. a.n. n.d. Questions about salt and soda. 1 pp.

24. a.n. n.d. List of expenses. 1 pp.

25. a.n. n.d. Historical questions. On the reverse of J.C. Steele & Co. Stationery. 1 pp.

26. a.n. n.d. "Aviators and things they have and wear." 1 pp.

27. a.n. n.d. Notes regarding financial status. 2 pp.

28. a.n. n.d. Notes and doodles. 1 pp.

29. a.n. n.d. 1 pp.

30. a.n. n.d. 1 pp.

31. a.n. n.d. 1 pp.

32. a.n. n.d. Re: Electricity. 2 pp.

33. a.n. n.d. 2 pp.

34. a.n. n.d. William Wales to Mr. Litty. Re: Dept repayment. 1 pp. Envelope.

35. a.n. n.d. 2 pp.

36. a.n. n.d. Financial calculations.

37. a.l.s. n.d. Anna -- to Harry [Litty]. 3 pp.

38. t.m. n.d. W.M. Marr. "Looking Beyond the Bourne." Obituary comments on Capt. W. M. Marr.

39. a.n. Card. n.d. Alice McLaughlin to Mr. Litty.

40. t.m. n.d. "Passe" by Paul Geraldy, trans. Eilhelm Kastens. 1 p.

41. a.l.s. n.d. "Arthur" to Harry [Litty]. Re: Litty's library. 1 p.

42. Mailing folder. C. Richardson to H. H. Litty.

43. Envelope. H. H. Litty, Attorney At Law.

Folder 5

1. Receipt. March 9, 1864. Gayoso Savings Institution.

2. Receipt. December 8, 1908. Farrell-Calhoun Paint & Glass Co. 1 pp.

3. Receipt. March 16, 1909. Anderson Auction Company. 1 pp.

4. Receipt. May 22, 1910. The Commerical(sic) Appeal. 1 pp.

5. Receipt. November 1, 1918. Fischer Lime & Cement Co., Inc. 1 pp.

6. Receipt. December 26, 1924. Pascalcovici Publishers. 1 pp.

7. Receipt. n.d. Lee Lumber Co.

Folder 6

Folder 7
Miscellaneous Items found in Litty Collection Books:
1. Piece of envelope postmarked May 4, 1914 from Memphis, TN addressed to H.H. Litty with engraved letterhead of __Sumers Ice Company of Memphis, TN.

2. Midwest & Gulf Products Company blank order forms, envelope, and broadsheet in an envelope addressed to H.H. Litty and postmarked October 25, 1923 from Tulsa, OK.

3. Typed Letter. August 22, 1918. "Billie" from Hattiesburg, MS to H.H. Litty in Memphis, TN. Stationary and envelope with Hotel Hattiesburg letterhead. Re: Camp Shelby, army orders, Hattiesburg.