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Inventory of the Ed King Collection (MUM00251)


Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
King, Edwin
Ed King Collection
Date [inclusive]
1939; 1953-1983
6.26 linear ft. 7 boxes (C-9) + 3 oversize boxes (G-10)
Location note
Newspaper clippings, newsletters, pamphlets, programs, posters, and other printed material documenting race relations and civil rights activism in Mississippi from 1953 to 1983, collected by the Reverend Edwin King. King, a native Mississippian, was a key figure in the Mississippi civil rights movement and a leader of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.

Preferred Citation

Ed King Collection (MUM00251). Archives & Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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Biographical & Historical Note

Ed King, a native Mississippian, was a major figure in the civil rights movement in Mississippi. In the 1960s, King and his wife, Jeanette, returned to Mississippi from the North, and King began working as chaplain at Tougaloo College, a predominantly black school in Jackson. A Methodist clergyman, King was denied membership to the white Mississippi Methodist Conference due to his liberal racial views. The black Mississippi Methodist Conference, however, accepted King as their only white member. King was a key leader of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP). In the 1963 Freedom Vote mock campaign and election, King ran for Lieutenant Governor and Aaron Henry, president of the Mississippi NAACP, ran for Governor. In 1966, King unsuccessfully challenged John Bell Williams in the Mississippi Democratic primary for the position of Third District Congressman. King also served as one of the MFDP's delegates to the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. King also helped found the Mississippi Civil Liberties Union.

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Scope & Content Note

The material in the Ed King Collection is divided as follows:

The Ed King Collection: Box 1 contains copies of newspapers and newsletters, along with newspaper clippings on various prominent figures and organizations in the Mississippi movement. Box 2 contains newspaper clippings detailing the progress of the Mississippi movement, pamphlets and campaign material for the MFDP, among other things, and is organized chronologically, from the initial challenge to school segregation in the 1950s to the renewal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act in 1982. Box 3 is organized topically and contains a miscellany of newspaper clippings, pamphlets, copies of  Opera News, and programs from entertainment events. Box 4 contains copies of periodicals with extensive coverage of the civil rights movement in the South, and Box 5 contains newspapers, phonograph records, posters of civil rights figures, and campaign stickers for black candidates for various Mississippi offices.

The Ed King Collection - Accretion 1: An accrual to the Ed King Collection (Accession 00-620), consisting of two boxes of printed material and oversize items pertaining to the civil rights movement.

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This finding aid describes two units: The Ed King Collection, consisting of King's original donation of materials to the University; and Accretion 1, consisting of additional material received at a later date. These two units were processed at different times and are described separately in the Container List below.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Mississippi Libraries July 13, 2006

Copyright Restrictions

This collection is protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

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Related Materials

Separated Material

The following items from the Ed King Collection have been removed for cataloging:

  • Katallgete: The Journal of the Committee of Southern Churchmen, Fall 1975; Spring 1977; Fall 1979; Winter 1979; Fall 1980; Winter 1981; Summer 1982; Fall 1983; Spring 1983
  • Bond, Julian, Black Candidates: Southern Campaign Experiences, published by the Southern Regional Council Inc., n. d. (2 copies)
  • The Citizen (August 1955)
  • "Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus Gala Celebration" Program
  • Brief submitted by the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party prepared by Joseph L. Rauh, Jr: Challenge and Contest to the Credentials of the Delegates of the Mississippi Democratic Party to the 1968 Election (2 copies)
  • "The Ponder Heart" program from the New Stage Theater, Jackson, 10-19 September, 1982
  • Brathwaite, Edward, Rights of Passage
  • Armah, Ayi Kwei, Fragments
  • Bates, Arthenia J., Seeds Beneath the Snow: Vignettes from the South
  • Corrected copy of brief USA and Linda Stout et al. versus  Jefferson County Board of Education et al.
  • Phonograph Record, "The Selma Album," 1976
  • Mississippi Freedom Party Newsletter, 5 April 1968
  • Delta Ministry Newsletter, March, 1973; November, 1973; November, 1974; November, 1976

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Controlled Access Headings


  • Civil rights movements
  • Desegregation in education
  • Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
  • Mississippi--Race relations

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Collection Inventory

The Ed King Collection 

b1f1 The Petal Paper 

b1f1: 1 January, 1959 1 January, 1959 

b1f1: 8 October, 1959 8 October, 1959 

b1f1: 5 November, 1959 5 November, 1959 

b1f1: 12 November, 1959 12 November, 1959 

b1f1: 17 December, 1959 17 December, 1959 

b1f1: 14 January, 1960 14 January, 1960 

The Student Voice 

b1f2: 14 January, 1964 14 January, 1964 

b1f2: 5 March, 1965 5 March, 1965 

b1f3: The Southern Courier 17-18 June, 1967 


b1f4: August, 1970 August, 1970 

b1f4: October, 1970 October, 1970 

b1f4: November, 1970 November, 1970 

b1f4: June 1971 June, 1971 

b1f5: The Drummer ("Mississippi's Black Community Newspaper," Jackson) 23 February, 1972 

b1f6: The Southern Patriot (Published by the Southern Conference Educational Fund) 

b1f6: November, 1963 November, 1963 

b1f6: February, 1972 February, 1972 

b1f6: March, 1972 March, 1972 

b1f6: October, 1973 October, 1973 

b1f6: May, 1975 May, 1975 

b1f6: June-July, 1975 June-July, 1975 

b1f6: December, 1975 December, 1975 

b1f7: Medgar Evers 

b1f7: Medgar Evers Twentieth Anniversary Commemoration Brochure, Jackson, Mississippi June 3-5, 1983 

b1f7: Clippings from The Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News on commemoration events June, 1983 

b1f7: Clippings from state paper on trial of Byron de la Beckwith for the assassination of Evers 1964 

b1f8: Fannie Lou Hamer 

b1f8: Campaign card for Fannie Lou Hamer, candidate for State Senator, Sunflower County 7 November, 1967 

b1f8: State and national newspaper clippings on the death of Fannie Lou Hamer March, 1977 

b1f8: Reprint of article on life of Fannie Lou Hamer from Sojourners December, 1982 

b1f8: Program from Fannie Lou Hamer's Memorial Service, Ruleville, Mississippi 20 March, 1977 

b1f8: Fannie Lou Hamer's testimony before the U. S. Congress on the contested election of Jamie L. Whitten in the Second Congressional District of Mississippi undated 

b1f8: By-Laws of the Fannie Lou Hamer Day Care Center, Ruleville, Mississippi 

b1f8: Letter from Joseph Harris, National Staff National Council of Negro Women to Mr. Range, Development Director of the Delta Opportunities Corporation, Greenville, Mississippi, regarding the budget for the Fannie Lou Hamer Day Care Center 11/7/70 

b1f8: Budget for the Fannie Lou Hamer Day Care Center 1970   6 copies

b1f8: Memo from Andrew Dupree, Jr., Project Director of Board Members and Employees of the Fannie Lou Hamer Day Care Center, regarding food services for employees 26 February, 1970 

b1f8: List of individuals and their addresses, including Fannie Lou Hamer, serving on unnamed Advisory Committee 

b1f9: James O. Eastland 

b1f9: Reprint of James O. Eastland address, "We've Reached the Era of Judicial Tyranny" before the Statewide Convention of the Association of Citizens' Councils of Mississippi, Jackson, Mississippi 1 December, 1955 

b1f9: Clippings on Eastland from Time and  Look 1956; undated 

b1f9: Anti-Eastland ads from Mississippi newspapers 1972 

b1f9: Clippings from state and national newspapers on Dr. Aaron Henry's endorsement of James O. Eastland for reelection to a seventh term in office 1977 

b1f9: Letter from Henry J. Kirksey, candidate for Mississippi Senator, to Hon. Benjamin Hooks, Executive Secretary of the NAACP, contesting Aaron Henry's support of James O. Eastland 9 February, 1978 

b1f9: Report of Aaron Henry, President of the Mississippi NAACP, before the State convention, Vicksburg, Mississippi 3 November, 1977 

b1f9: Letter from Aaron Henry to "NAACP Leader and Human Rights Supporters" concerning his endorsement of Eastland 27 January, 1978 

b1f10: Dave Dennis 

b1f9: Clippings from national newspapers on the establishment of a law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana, specializing in civil rights cases (Dave Dennis, former director of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) is a partner in the firm) 1971 

b1f11: Dr. Karl Mertz 

b1f11: Clippings from state and national newspapers on the dismissal of Dr. Karl Mertz, a Methodist minister, from the Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church, for a sermon in which he declared segregation to be incompatible with Christianity 1979 

b1f11: Newsletter from The Delta Resources Committee, Greenville, contains article on dismissal of Mertz May-June, 1979 

b1f11: News release from the Mississippi United Methodist Information department, Jackson, on the decision to dismiss Mertz 1 June, 1979 

b1f12: Leontyne Price 

b1f12: Clippings from Opera News on Leontyne Price 1972-1974 

b1f12: Program for Metropolitan Opera Broadcast of the Week, February 12, 1971-72, "La Forza Del Destino" featuring Leontyne Price in the role of Leonora 

b1f13: Mississippi African-American Leaders 

b1f13: Clippings, flyers and pamphlets on various Mississippi African-American leaders and candidates for political office: i. e. Robert Clark, Henry J. Kirskey, Charles Evers 

b1f13: Program from Special Ceremony of the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus, Jackson, Mississippi 8 January, 1980 

b1f13: 16 "Vote for Rev. Clint Collier (4th Congressional District)" pamphlets undated 

b1f13: Julian Bond, Black Candidates: Southern Campaign Experiences, distributed by the Southern Regional Council, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia undated 

b1f13: Flyer detailing the voting record of Robert Crook undated 

b1f13: Flyers announcing rally for John Howard Bailey, candidate for Mayor, Moorhead, Mississippi undated 

b1f13: Campaign flyers for Carver Randle, candidate for Mayor of Indianola 23 January, 1968 

b1f13: Brochure, "Ralthus Hayes for Congress" undated   5 copies

b1f13: Campaign flyer and card for Thelma Barry, candidate for Justice of the Peace undated 

b1f13: Pamphlet distributed by Mississippians United to Elect Negro Candidates undated 


b1f14: Charles Evers 


b1f14: State newspaper clippings on Charles Evers, Mayor of Fayette, Mississippi 1968, 1974, 1977 

b1f14: Election results from the Hinds County race between Evers and Griffin 1968 

b1f14: Clipping from newspaper on Evers' Senate bid 1978 

b1f14: Newspaper clipping concerning Oral Roberts University's Charles Evers Day 27 September 1972 

b1f14: Reprint of article from Harper's on Charles Evers July 1968 

b1f14: Campaign flyers and cards for "Charles Evers Congress, Third District" undated 

b1f15: The Southern Student Organizing Committee 

b1f15: "The Argument of Latin America," by Carlos Fuentes, published by the Southern Student Organizing Committee, Nashville, Tennessee undated 

b1f16: Child Development Group of Mississippi 

b1f16: Clippings from state and national newspapers on Child Development Group of Mississippi 1966 

b1f17: Southern Conference Educational Fund 

b1f17: Various materials from the Southern Conference Educational Fund's Grass Roots Organizing Work (GROW). GROW's purpose was to unite the interests of working-class whites and blacks 1967-1970 

b1f18: The Delta Ministry 

b1f18: Assorted material from the Delta Ministry regarding some of the organization's various programs (i. e., Abuse Prevention Project, Families of Incarcerated Families United) 

b1f18: Delta Ministry Brochure undated 

b1f18: Program Summary undated 

b1f18: Board Meeting Minutes 7 May, 1979 

b1f18: First Quarter Report 1 January, 1979 - 31 March, 1979 

b1f18: Second and Third Quarter Report 1 April, 1980 - 30 September 1980 

b1f19: The Citizens' Council 

b1f19: Brochure, "The Citizens' Council", Greenwood, Mississippi 

b1f19: "Strength Through Unity!" address by Governor Ross Barnett to Citizens' Council Rally, New Orleans 7 March, 1960 

b1f19: "A Review of Black Monday" by Judge Tom P. Brady in an address to the Indianola Citizens' Council 28 October, 1954 

b1f19: "Famous Quotations" flyers from Citizens' Council 

b1f19: The Citizen, the Official Journal of the Citizens' Councils of America September 1962, July-August 1965, and January 1967 

b1f19: The Citizens' Council newspaper April 1956 

b1f19: Program for Central Mississippi Citizens' Council Rally, Forest, Mississippi 27 April, 1956 

b1f19: Ad from Citizens' Council on keeping Jackson's public pools segregated, The Clarion-Ledger/Jackson Daily News 5 May 1968 

b1f20: National States Rights Conference 

b1f20: Declaration of Principle of the National States Rights Conference to establish a National Conservative Movement 1956 

b1f21: Flyer from the People's Educational Program, Greenville, Mississippi, urging participation of community action agency employees to vote in local elections 7 March, 1970   3 copies

b2f1: Southern School Desegregation late 1950s 

b2f1: Clippings from state newspapers concerning question of desegregation of educational facilities, charges against University of Mississippi professors for allegedly teaching integration, and integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas 1956-59 

b2f2: Segregation Legislation 1956 

b2f2: Copies of various pieces of legislation upholding segregation submitted to the Mississippi Legislature 1956 

b2f3: Millsaps College 1958 

b2f3: Clippings from state newspapers concerning Millsaps College cancellation of speaking engagement of Rev. Glenn Smiley, a supporter of integration 1958 

b2f3: Millsaps College newspaper, The Purple and White 6 March, 1958 

b2f3: Letter from John Salter, Asst. Professor of Social Studies at Tougaloo College, to Homer Ellis, President of Millsaps College, concerning segregation on Millsaps' campus 

b2f4: University of Mississippi/James Meredith 1962, 1963, 1972 

b2f4: Clippings from state newspapers on the 10th anniversary of the integration of the University of Mississippi by James Meredith 1972 

b2f4: "Oxford: A Warning for Americans" pamphlet published and distributed by the Mississippi State Junior Chamber of Commerce October, 1962 

b2f4: "Mississippi Still Says 'Never'!" and "Victory at Oxford" pamphlet, reprinted from The Citizen undated 

b2f4: Clippings from Jackson Daily News on Professor of History at the University of Mississippi, James Silver 1963 

b2f4: Copy of Jackson Daily News, on expulsion of Cleve McDowell, the only African-American Student at the University of Mississippi 25 September 1963 

b2f5: Mississippi GOP 

b2f5: "Let's Put Up -- Or Shut Up!" essay, written by Henry A. Fly, Pascagoula, Mississippi, urging a revival of the Republican party in Mississippi 9/12/63 

b2f6: Mississippi Summer Project 1964 

b2f6: Pamphlet for "Mississippi Summer Project" distributed by Student Non-Violence Coordinating Committee 1964 

b2f6: Program for 20th anniversary memorial service for Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman, Philadelphia, Mississippi 24 June 1984 

b2f6: "Incident Summary" on acts of violence committed against Mississippi Summer Project workers 25 July, 1964 

b2f6: "Prospectus for The Mississippi Freedom Summer" 1964 

b2f6: "What is COFO?" an essay outlining the structure of the Mississippi movement and operations 1964 

b2f6: Reprint of article from The Nation, "Incident in Hattiesburg" by Howard Zinn 18 May, 1964 

b2f6: Reprint of New York Herald Tribune article "Dead or Alive?," by William Bradford Huie on the disappearance of three civil rights workers in Neshoba County, Mississippi 

b2f6: Reprint of article from The Nation, "The Cat and Mouse Game" by Elizabeth Sutherland 14 September, 1964 

b2f6: Clippings from state newspapers on various aspects of 1964 Mississippi Summer Project 

b2f7: Tougaloo College 

b2f7: Clipping from state newspaper on Lieutenant Governor Carroll Gartin's call for an investigation of civil rights activity at Tougaloo 1964 

b2f7: 1 page of Tougaloo's student movement paper, The Student Voice 1964 

b2f7: Satirical underground newspaper printed at Tougaloo, The Rabble Underground - designed to counter the anti- integration student publication,  The Rebel Underground 1964 

b2f8: Mississippi Summer Project Workers 1964 

b2f8: Clippings from various newspapers and magazines dealing with books published by members of the Mississippi civil rights movement: Florence Mars, Will Campbell, John Salter, Anne Moody 

b2f9: Artistic Boycott 1964 

b2f9: Clippings from state newspapers on boycott by various artists of Mississippi's segregated auditoriums 1964 

b2f10: Economic Boycotts 1964 

b2f10: Clippings from state newspapers on economic boycotts by civil rights activists and Mississippi Senate's opposition to boycotts 1964 

b2f11: Mississippi Folk Festival 

b2f11: Clipping from Ebony on Mississippi Folk Festival in Holmes County undated 

b2f12: Voter Registration 

b2f12: Clippings from Jackson Clarion-Ledger on state voter registration drive 1965 

b2f12: Sample Ballot from Sunflower County General Election, 2 November 1976 

b2f12: Fact Sheet on Voting Rights Act of 1965, distributed by the National Committee for Free Elections in Sunflower County, Mississippi undated 

b2f12: Analysis and Statement of voting situation in Sunflower County, Mississippi by William F. Ryan and Bayard Rustin, sponsored by the National Committee for Free Elections in Sunflower, New York, New York 1967 

b2f13: Meredith's March 1966 

b2f13: Clippings from Jackson Daily News on James Meredith's march through Mississippi and the subsequent shooting of Meredith 1966 

b2f14: Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party 1964-1968 

b2f14: Clippings from national newspapers on the 1964 Democratic National Convention 1975 

b2f14: Reprint of article from Mississippi Free Press, by Professor Russell Barrett, on voting barriers in Mississippi 11 April 1964 

b2f14: Reprint of address by Hon. James Roosevelt (D) California on the opening day session of Congress on voting barriers in Mississippi 4 January, 1965 

b2f14: Sample Ballot for Mississippi's General Election 8 November, 1966 

b2f14: "Clifton Whitley for U. S. Senate; Edwin King for U. S. House" pamphlet 7 June, 1966 

b2f14: Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Newsletter 5 April 1968 

b2f14: Report on "The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party": contains historical background of the party, statistics on registered voters in Mississippi, etc . . . undated 

b2f14: Report detailing the "Systematic and Deliberate Disenfranchisement and Exclusion of Negroes from the Electoral Process in Mississippi . . ." 1965 

b2f14: Testimony of Fannie Lou Hamer before the House of Representatives, U. S. Congress, concerning the contested election of Jamie L. Whitten in the Second Congressional District of Mississippi 1965 

b2f14: Table of "Votes for Freedom Candidates in Official Elections, 1962-1966" January 1967 

b2f14: "County Government in Mississippi" report produced by Freedom Information Service, Tougaloo, Mississippi October 1966 

b2f14: Clipping from Jackson Daily News on the results from Hinds County in the November election 1966 

b2f14: Sample of an "Independent Nominating Ballot" for Emma Sanders, candidate for the office of U. S. Congress from the Third Congressional District of Mississippi November, 1966 

b2f14: "Platform Outline" for 1968 Election, National Democratic Party of Alabama, handout at Democratic Convention in Chicago 1968 

b2f14: Report on "The Voting Record of the Challenged Congressmen from Mississippi" 1965 

b2f14: Hinds County: F. D. P. News 26 February, 1968 

b2f14: Copy of poem written by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Soviet poet, on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, read at local Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party meetings 1968 

b2f14: Copy of House Bill No. 259, authored by Robert Clark, and presented before the Mississippi Legislature; deals with increases in teacher salaries, poll taxes, etc . . . 1968 

b2f14: "The Origins of Peace" by Arthur I. Waskow; essay used as study material by Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party 1968 

b2f14: Pamphlet "Issues in 1968 for Mississippi" distributed by MFDP 1968   4 copies

b2f14: Flyers for Clifton Whitley for U. S. Senate and Dock Drummond for U. S. House, MFDP Candidates 1966 

b2f14: Notice for MFDP Primary Election 15 March 1967 

b2f15: Democratic National Convention 1968 

b2f15: Report on professional records of delegates to the Democratic National Convention from the Mississippi Democratic Party, distributed by "Mississippians for Kennedy" 1968 

b2f15: Voting record for Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy, distributed by Young Mississippians for Kennedy, University of Mississippi 1968 

b2f15: Vietnam war protest sit-in notice to delegate of the Democratic National Convention 1968 

b2f15: "McCarthy for President" pamphlet 1968 

b2f15: "Senator Eugene J. McCarthy: Portrait of a Leader in His Own Words" pamphlet 1968 

b2f15: "Declaration" from Aaron Henry and Hodding Carter III, Co- Chairmen of the Mississippi Delegation to the Democratic National Convention, protesting the excessive force used by Chicago policemen against demonstrators at convention 29 August, 1968 

b2f15: "A Paper on Hunger -- Senator Eugene J. McCarthy" 1968 

b2f15: News Release from Mississippians for McCarthy, containing a statement by McCarthy on the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party's challenge to party regulars 1 August, 1968 

b2f15: Pamphlet for the Southern National Party, Jackson, Mississippi 1968 

b2f15: The Lexington Advertiser - Hazel Brannon Smith's editorial on 1968 Democratic National Convention 

b2f16: Poor People's Campaign 

b2f16: Flyer for the Poor People's Campaign distributed by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Mississippi Unit, Grenada, Mississippi 1968 

b2f17: Mississippi school desegregation 1968-1970 

b2f17: Clippings from state newspapers relating to Mississippi public school desegregation late 1960s and early 1970s 

b2f17: Pamphlet from the School Desegregation Task Force, Jackson, Mississippi 1968 

b2f17: Table illustrating the number of white and African-American students attending Jackson, Mississippi's public elementary and secondary schools March 26, 1970 

b2f17: Copy of H. R. Amendment 463 dealing with segregation in schools 27 January, 1970 

b2f17: Reprint of article from Harper's Magazine, by Howard Zinn August 1959 

b2f17: Flyer from the parents and children of Jordan High School calling for a school boycott, calling for the resignation of Principal Tommie Smith 6 May 1968 

b2f17: Memo from "The Citizens of Concern" to Mr. Tommie Smith, Principal of Jordan High School 30 April, 1968 

b2f17: Letter from Louis Turner, Acting Coordinator for the Board of Directors, Hinds County School Loan Fund calling for economic aid for students who wish to attend desegregated schools undated 

b2f17: "Send Your Child to the Desegregated School" flyer distributed by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Jackson, Mississippi 1 March 1968 

b2f17: Copy of Supreme Court's ruling on "Freedom-of-Choice" plan which allowed students to choose what public school they would attend 27 May 1968 

b2f18: Democratic Party of Mississippi 1970s 

b2f18: Letter to Mississippi Democrats from Aaron Henry, Chairman of The Democratic Party of the State of Mississippi 15 September 1973 

b2f18: Affirmative Action Plan from the Democratic Party of the State of Mississippi 16 February, 1975 

b2f18: Letter from Patricia M. Derian, Democratic National Committeewoman of Mississippi, to Mr. Robert Strauss, Chairman of the Democratic National Convention, Washington, D. C., dealing with state of the nation and Democratic party in the U. S. 15 August, 1973 

b2f19: Gulfcoast Pulpwood Association 

b2f19: Proposal for Funding Gulfcoast Pulpwood Association, Submitted by Fred Walters, President, Gulfcoast Pulpwood Association, Eastbuchie, Mississippi undated 

b2f19: Hand-drawn map of counties in Mississippi and Alabama with organized Gulfcoast Pulpwood Associations undated 

b2f19: Proposal to Develop A Comprehensive Economic and Community Development Program for Alabama and Mississippi Pulpwood Cutters submitted by The Gulfcoast Pulpwood Association, Laurel, Mississippi undated 

b2f19: "Anger in the Southern Pines," pamphlet from the Gulfcoast Pulpwood Association on the organization's history undated 

b2f19: "Strike!" pamphlet from the Gulfcoast Pulpwood Association on the Great Mississippi Wood Strike of 1971 undated 

b2f20: Mississippi's integrated athletic programs 1970s 

b2f20: Newspaper clippings on Mississippi's integrated college and high school athletic programs 1970s 

b2f21: Impeachment of Nixon 

b2f21: Pamphlets from American Civil Liberties Union urging the Impeachment of President Richard Nixon 1974 

b2f22: 25th Anniversary of Brown 1979 

b2f22: Newspaper clippings from state newspaper on the 25th anniversary of Brown v. The Board of Education, Topeka 18 May, 1979 

b2f22: Pamphlet entitled "The Schools and the Courts" distributed by the Southern Regional Council, Atlanta, Georgia August 1953 

b2f23: Okolona, MS 

b2f23: Clipping from the Clarion-Ledger on state of race relations in Okolona, Mississippi 16 July 1979 

b2f24: Sanderson Farms Strike 1979 

b2f24: Flyers urging support for striking workers at Sanderson Farms Chicken Processing Plant, Laurel, Mississippi; distributed by the International Chemical Workers Union, Akron, Ohio 1979 

b2f25: Presidential Election 1980 

b2f25: "John Anderson For President" brochures 1980   2 copies

b2f25: "Jimmy Carter for President" brochures 1980   2 copies

b2f25: Clipping from state newspapers on Carter Campaign 1980 

b2f25: "Sample Conversation for Use for Conducting Canvass" from Les McLemore's campaign for election to the 4th District U. S. Congress undated 

b2f25: "Carter's Cold War," from The Black Scholar March/April 1980 

b2f26: MS Redistricting Campaign 1982 

b2f26: Clippings from state newspapers concerning Mississippi's redistricting campaign 1982 

b2f27: Port Gibson Boycott 1969 

b2f27: Clippings from state newspapers regarding the Supreme Court's 1982 ruling on Port Gibson, Mississippi's economic boycott 1969 

b2f28: Voting Rights Act renewal 1982 

b2f28: Clippings from state newspapers on the renewal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act 1982 

b3f1: Censorship and Race Issues 

b3f1: Clipping from Jackson Clarion-Ledger, on the firing of Mississippi State's editor of student newspaper, L. E. Miller, for publishing pro-segregation article 10 April 1958 

b3f1: Brief concerning censorship by the University of Mississippi of an African-American student publication, Images 14 August, 1973 

b3f2: Race and Poverty 

b3f2: Article "Standing up to America: Poor Whites in Durham," by Ellen Tornquist, in New South Fall 1969 

b3f2: Article "Feed Me!" in The Crisis May 1968 

b3f2: Article "Learning to Reed in Arkansas," by Lynne Hughes in Response April 1972 

b3f2: Article, "Community Centers Are No Longer Child's Play," by Bella Jarrett, in Response April 1972 

b3f3: Race and Religion 

b3f3: Pamphlet "Statement on Demonstrations" issued by the International Convention Coordinating Committee on Moral and Civil Rights January 1964 

b3f3: Christianity and Crisis: A Christian Journal of Opinion 21, 9: topic of issue is Race in America May 29, 1961 

b3f3: Report from the National Council of Churches Commission on Religion and Race on the topic of Riots undated 

b3f3: Flyer on the role of Mississippi churches during the civil rights movement, distributed by Tougaloo students 

b3f3: Flyer for the "Mississippi Conference Handbook on Ministry, The United Methodist Church" undated 

b3f4: Southern Arts 

b3f4: Opera News 14 December, 1963 18 January, 1964 29 March, 1969 

b3f4: Time 27 February, 1939 

b3f4: Playbill magazine 30 March 1959 13 April 1959 November 1975 September 1976 May 1980 

b3f4: On Stage 16 November 1959 4 September 1961 

b3f4: Clipping from Oxford Eagle on Theora Hamblett June 8, 1975 

b3f4: Showcard from "In White America," presented at the Sheridan Square Playhouse undated 

b3f4: Program from the First U. S. A. International Ballet Competition, Jackson, Mississippi 18-29 June, 1979 

b3f4: Brochure for the Southern Folk Cultural Revival Project undated 

b3f4: Program from "Jubilee" presented by Opera/South at Jackson Auditorium 19 November, 1977 

b3f4: Program from "A Bayou Legend," presented by Opera/South at Jackson Auditorium 17 November, 1974 

b3f4: Mississippi Education Television program guide 24 May, 1981 - 24 June, 1981 

b3f4: Program from "Show Boat" presented in Memphis by The Beethoven Club 11 March 1980 

b3f4: Flyer for "A Bayou Legend" presented on Mississippi ETV undated 

b3f4: 4 order forms from the Metropolitan Opera 1973-1975 

b3f4: Clippings from state newspaper on production of "Jubilee" by Opera/South 1977 

b3f4: Program for "Purlie Victorious" presented by Tougaloo College 21-23 November, 1963 

b3f4: Copy of Program for Faulkner's "Requiem for a Nun" presented at the Colonial Theater, Boston c. 1959 

b3f5: Alabama Race Relations 

b3f5: Clipping from Jackson Clarion-Ledger on Birmingham Kiwanis decision to allow African-Americans to join 7/1/82 

b3f5: Clipping from The Nation on the conviction of Robert Chambliss for the church bombing in Birmingham that killed three African-American girls in 1963 3 December, 1977 

b3f5: Report from the Lowndes County (AL) Freedom Organization on the organization's history 1967 

b3f5: Copy of an address on civil rights of African-Americans by President John F. Kennedy, "Time to Act," on the occasion of Autherine Lucy's admission to the University of Alabama 11 June, 1963 

b3f5: Reprint of article from The Commonweal, on segregation in Dallas County, Alabama 7 August, 1964 

b3f6: Miscellaneous 

b3f6: Clipping from Jackson State Times on speech by Ross Barnett at Kiwanis meeting on "threat" of racial integration 13 March, 1958 

b3f6: Clipping from Jackson Clarion-Ledger concerning an attack on an African-American man in Belzoni, Mississippi, who continued to pay his poll tax after being warned to stop by a member of the Citizens' Council 27 November, 1955 

b3f6: Pamphlet by the Student Voice entitled "The New Action Army" undated 

b3f6: Clipping from Jackson newspaper on COFO's suit against the State Fair Commission demanding that COFO be allowed to rent the Jackson coliseum for a folk festival August, 1964 

b3f6: Open letter to the people of Mississippi printed in state newspaper, from Lonnie Sweatt, Chairman of the Board of the Mississippi Power Company on Mary Ann Mobley capturing the title of Miss America 1958 

b3f6: Clipping from Jackson Clarion-Ledger on locust plague in the state 29 May, 1972 

b3f6: Clipping from Jackson Clarion-Ledger on acquittal of Jo Daniel Hawkins on assault charges in a racially motivated incident 22 September, 1977 

b3f6: Pamphlet from the Jackson Ad Hoc Committee to End the War in Vietnam, Jackson, Mississippi undated 

b3f6: Dust jacket from Robert Palmer's Deep Blues 

b3f6: Copy of article from Jackson Clarion-Ledger by David Broder, comparing Walter Mondale to Jimmy Carter 12 December 1982 

b3f6: "Hootenanny USA" leaflet distributed by Tougaloo College Student Movement on segregation in Jackson's city auditorium 1963 

b3f6: Notice to the Citizens of Ruleville, Mississippi, concerning the trial of Larence Rogers 19 October, 1976 

b3f6: Letter from Richard Nixon to George W. Healy, Jr., Editor of The New Orleans Times-Picayune 19 January 1961 

b3f6: Rating Sheets for employees of an unnamed agency 1970 

b3f6: Flyers for Community Awareness Program sponsored by The Community Affairs Association, no town named 27 September, 1977 

b3f6: Registration forms for the National Black Anti-War and Anti- Draft Union, New York undated 

b3f6: Flyer distributed by the Committee for Nonviolent Action, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, protesting the recommissioning of the USS New Jersey for service in Vietnam undated 

b3f6: Applications and Time Sheets for the National Council of Negro Women Sewing Center, Doddsville, Mississippi undated 

b3f6: Flyers directing citizens of Greenville, Mississippi on who to contact for information on vocational training, economic development, basic education, family services, etc . . . 

b3f6: Flyer for the Mississippi Black Assembly Meeting, Jackson, Mississippi undated 

b3f6: Clippings from state newspapers on voluntary sterilization bill introduced into Mississippi legislature 1964 

b3f6: Clipping from state newspaper on Mississippi Congressman's opposition to Civil Rights Act 1964 

b4: Negro Digest 

b4: February 1968 February 1968 

b4: March 1968 March 1968 

b4: Freedomways: A Quarterly Review of the Negro Freedom Movement 

b4: Volume 3, 1 Winter 1963 

b4: Volume 3, 3 Fall 1963 

b4: Volume 5, 1 Winter 1965 

b4: New South: A Quarterly Review of Southern Affairs 

b4: Volume 8, 12 December 1953 

b4: Volume 10, 2 February 1955 

b4: Volume 10, 5 May 1955 

b4: Volume 21, 1 January 1957 

b4: Volume 14, 4 April 1959 

b4: Volume 18, 5 May 1963 

b4: Volume 18, 9 September 1963 

b4: Volume 19, 1 January 1964 

b4: Volume 19, 3 March 1964 

b4: Volume 20, 6 June 1965 

b4: Volume 24, 1 Winter 1969 

b4: Volume 24, 4 Fall 1969 

b4: The Crisis: A Record of the Darker Races 

b4: February 1966 February 1966 

b4: March 1966 March 1966 

b4: Ramparts, Special Edition, "Mississippi Eyewitness" on the murder of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner in Neshoba County, Mississippi 1964 

b5: Special Edition of the Jackson Advocate on the NAACP in Mississippi 7-13 April, 1983 

b5: Last edition of the Jackson State Times 16 January, 1962 

b5: Phonograph Record, "That Was the Year That Was," used at student and civil rights worker meetings in Mississippi 1965 

b5: Phonograph Record, "Tentative Description of a Dinner to Promote the Impeachment of President Eisenhower and Other Poems," by Lawrence Ferlinghetti 1958 

b5: Campaign sign: Clifton Whitley for U. S. Senate and Edwin King for Representative, Third Congressional District undated 

b5: Posters of various civil rights leaders, including Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X 

b5: James E. Lowry campaign button and ribbon undated 

b5: Voter Education Project Poster featuring Muhammed Ali undated 

b5: William Wallace, Independent Candidate for City Commissioner, Greenwood, campaign sign undated 

b5: Holmes County Independent Campaign Fund flyer listing NAACP-backed candidates for city offices 1967 

b5: Carver Randle for Mayor of Indianola campaign sign 1968 

b5: Assorted campaign bumper-stickers and campaign cards for African-American candidates: including Charles Evers for Congress 

b5: Front page of The Clarion-Ledger featuring the arrest of Byron de la Beckwith in connection with assassination of civil rights leader, Medgar Evers 24 June, 1963 

b5: Ad from The New York Times for the Committee to Defend Martin Luther King and the Struggle for Freedom in the South 29 March, 1960 

b5: Front page of Jackson Daily News featuring the assassination of Medgar Evers 12 June, 1963 

b5: Flyer for "March for Justice and Jobs" called by Martin Luther King, Jr and Community on the Move for Equality, Memphis, Tennessee 1968 

b5: Article from Chicago Daily News "The Mississippi Notebook," by Nicholas Von Hoffman 1 August, 1964 

b5: News Release from Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee regarding voter registration and sit-ins 6 May, 1963 

b5: Aaron Henry for Governor and Rev. Ed King for Lieutenant Governor campaign flyer undated 

b5: Program for the 20th Anniversary of the Non-Violent Movement (Montgomery Bus Boycott), Montgomery, Alabama 5-6 December, 1975 

b5: Typescript of 35 second radio spot of Martin Luther King, Jr. 23 July, 1964 

b5: Photographic essay on Mississippi Summer by Nicholas Von Hoffman, Chicago Daily News 1964 

b5: "An Appeal for Human Rights" poster supported by the Atlanta University Center undated 

b5: Flyer for the Poor People's Campaign Spring, 1968 

 Accession #00-620 The Ed King Collection - Accretion 1 

b1f1: Facsimile of application for voting registration 1955 

b1f2: Pamphlet for "Youth March for Integrated Schools, Washington, D.C. 1959 

b1f3: Reprint of article from New York Times re: University of Mississippi students 21 October 1962 

b1f4: The Rebel Undergrowth March 1963 

b1f5: "Letter from Birmingham City Jail," by Martin Luther King, Jr. 1963 

b1f6: The Rabble Underground March 1964   5 copies

b1f7: "Mississippi, Here We Come," broadsheet from C. O. F. O., mailed from Harvard University to University of Mississippi April 1964 

b1f8: Platform and principles of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party [July 1964] 

b1f9: Core-lator November/December 1964 

b1f10: Freedom School in the New Community [1965] 

b1f11: National Committee for Free Elections in Sunflower County, Fact Sheet [1965] 

b1f12: "When Southerners United to Save their Region" 1966 

b1f13: Freedom Registration Form [1966] 

b1f14: Mississippians United to Elect Negro Candidates 1967 

b1f15: "From the Ground Up: A Book of Ideas for Pre-School Equipment," from Child Development Group of Mississippi 1967 

b1f16: List of Ruleville, Mississippi residents and registered voters 1966-1967 

b1f17: "Program of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party" [1967- 1968] 

b1f18: "Issues in 1968 for Mississippi," pamphlet from Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party 1968 

b1f19: Granite, published by the Young Americans for Freedom [May 1969] 

b1f20: Publication of the University of Mississippi Young Democrats [1969] 

b1f21: Flyer for Black Student Union dance, University of Mississippi 11 April 1970 

b1f22: Broadside: "Murder at Jackson State College," broadside, from Committee of Concerned Students, Jackson State University [1970] 

b1f23: Copy of brief from Stacy et al. v. Williams et al and Cupit. . . 1970 

b1f24: Soul Force, published in Oxford, Mississippi 1970 

b1f25: Letterhead from National Association for the Advancement of Pore White Trash undated 

b1f26: "A Southern Observance" undated 

b1f27: Voice of Dissent undated 

b1f28: "The South Will Rise Again" undated 

b1f29: Freedom Primer No. 1: The Convention Challenge and the Freedom Vote, and Freedom Primer No. 3: The Right to Vote and the Congressional Challenge 

b1f30: "Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story," comic book undated 

b1f31: Racist broadsheet undated 

b1f32: Cartoon broadsheet re: integration, distributed by the Christian Education Association undated 

b1f33: Southern Student Organizing Committee undated 

b1f34: "Ballots, Bullets and Blood," pamphlet undated 

b1f35: Rebel Underground undated 

b1f36: "Now Your Town Can Have a Professional Riot," broadsheet undated 

b2: Life 31 May 1954   oversize

b2: Kudzu 18 September 1968   oversize 2 copies

b2: Newsweek 20 June 1966   oversize

b2: Saturday Evening Post 17 December 1955   oversize

b2: Broadsides from The Second American Revolution 1980   oversize