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Finding-Aid for the Fannie Lou Hamer Collection (MUM00215)

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Descriptive Summary
Hamer, Fannie Lou
Fannie Lou Hamer Collection.
Inclusive Dates:
Materials in:
The collection consists mainly of business records from the various organizations with which Hamer was involved (most photocopied from the Amistad Collection in New Orleans).
4 boxes.
Repository :
The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
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Fax: 662.915.5734
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Fannie Lou Hamer Collection (MUM00215). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Biographical Note
A major figure in Mississippi's civil rights movement, she was a founding member of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party created in 1966. One of her most ambitious project was the Freedom Farm Cooperative, in existence between 1969-1974.
Fannie Lou Hamer, a major figure in the civil rights movement, was born into a Montgomery County, Mississippi sharecropping family in 1917. In 1944, Hamer began working on the Marlowe Plantation in Sunflower County where she worked for the next eighteen years until she was fired in 1962 after attempting to register to vote. In 1964, Hamer became one of the founding members of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP), established as an alternative to the state's all-white loyalist Democratic party. Hamer served as Vice-Chairman of the MFDP at the state convention in 1964, and that same year she unsuccessfully attempted to challenge Loyalist Jamie L. Whitten for Congress, but her name was not included on the ballot. Hamer did, however, run in a special counter-election held by SNCC that was open to all candidates. In this election, known as "Freedom Vote," Hamer won. In late 1964, Hamer again received national recognition when she challenged the election results on the grounds that black Mississippians were prohibited from voting.* From the late 1960s until her death in 1977, Hamer devoted herself to helping Ruleville's poor black and white families. Hamer's most ambitious project was the Freedom Farm Cooperative, established in 1969. With generous support from Northern liberals, Hamer launched the co-op farm which would provide work, food and a share of the profits for needy black and white farming families. Financial difficulties plagued Freedom Farm throughout its brief history and by 1974, FFC had lost all but forty acres to creditors. Hamer died on March 14, 1977, of heart failure. Her collection consists largely of copies of business records from various organizations (i. e., MFDP, Mississippians United to Elect Negro Candidates, Freedom Farm Co-operative).

Scope and Contents Note
The collection consists mainly of business records from the various organizations with which Hamer was involved (most photocopied from the Amistad Collection in New Orleans). Box 1 contains biographical information on Hamer and documents from various welfare and relief agencies with which she was affiliated. Boxes 2 and 3 contain material related to the MFDP and voting rights drive in the south. Box 4 contains records from the Freedom Farm Co-Operative.

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Container List
Box 1

Folder 1: Biographical Information

"Fannie Lou Hamer Day and Banquet" program, 29 March 1970 (2 copies)
Autobiography of Fannie Lou Hamer, 1976 (6 copies)
Letter from FLH to Rev. Marion Elaine Myles, Chicago, 23 August 1976 concerning donation for FLH's hospital expenses
Program from funeral and memorial service, 20 March 1977
"Tribute to Fannie Lou Hamer" program, 10 March 1978 (3 copies)
Letter from Joseph Harris, MFDP, to Ruby S. Couche, National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, New York, regarding biographical sketch of FLH, n. d.

Folder 2: FLH Living Memorial Charitable Trust Fund

Indenture of Trust Creating the FLH Living Memorial Trust, 1977
Letter concerning two films in which Hamer appeared, 1977
Letter from John Ingram, Administrator of the FLH Trust to Nancy Douglas, 22 June 1977, concerning donation to FLH's medical expenses and trust
Letter from Robert G. Johnston, Atty., to Kent Wyatt, President of Delta State University, regarding FLH Trust Fund, 17 July 1978
Letter concerning the foundation of the FLH trust fund, n. d.
Ad soliciting donations for the FLH trust fund, n. d.

Folder 3: FLH Day Care Center

Memos from Joseph Harris, Chairman, Board of Directors, FLH Day Care Center to Employees and Board Members concerning various business matters, 1970
Carbon copies of letters from Joseph Harris, Chairman of the Board, to other board members, 12 January 1970, concerning proposal for Garment Factory in Doddsville, Mississippi
Memos from Joseph Harris, Chairman of the Board of Directors, FLH Day Care Center to other Board members concerning FLH By-Laws, 30 January 1970
FLH Day Care Center Graduation Exercises program, 5 September 1971 (3 copies)
Letter from Dorothy. Height, National President of National Council of Negro Women, to Andrew Dupree, Director of the FLH Day Care Center, 4 May 1976, concerning his termination
Report from the National Council of Negro Women on the establishment of the FLH Day Care Center, n. d.
Various business forms of FLH Day Care Center, n. d.
FLH Day Care Center letterhead and envelope
Budget for FLH Day Care Center, n. d.

Folder 4: Joseph Harris

Resume and cover letter from Joseph Harris to Dorothy Heights, National Council of Negro Women, 24 November 1969, concerning application for directorship of Turn Key Three Project

Folder 5: Fund for Education and Community Development

Minutes of Meeting, 4 July 1969
Minutes of Meeting, 6 July 1969
Minutes of Interim Committee, 13 August 1969 (2 copies)
By-Laws of FECD, Inc., n. d.

Folder 6: Community Development Programs, Sunflower County

S. C. Program Projection Project from 1 September to 30 November, 1968
By-Laws of Sunflower County Union for Progress, n. d.
By-Laws of Sunflower County Co-operative League, n. d. (2 copies)
Proposal Summary for Rural New Towns -- Rural U. S. South, from New Communities, Inc., Albany, Georgia, n. d.

Folder 7: Child Development Group of Mississippi (CDGM)

Mailing from Friends of Children in Mississippi, Jackson, concerning OEO's withdrawal of support for CDGM, 1966
Clippings from various newspapers concerning Office of Economic Opportunity's abandonment of CDGM, 1966
Clipping from The Washington Post, 13 October 1966, concerning Office of Economic Opportunity donation to Mississippi
CDGM/Friends of Children in Mississippi Community Action Bulletin, 25 November, 1966 (2 copies)
CDGM Newsletter, 28 August, 1967
Demands to Secretary of HEW, Robert Finch from Mississippi Coalition to Save Headstart, n. d. (2 copies)
Petition from residents of Mississippi to Governor-Elect John Bell Williams concerning appointments to the Mississippi Commission on Aging, n. d. (2 copies)
CDGM Federal Credit Union loan application form, n. d.

Folder 8: Delta Ministry

DM newsletter, May 1967
Letters from Karen Barracuda to Simon Anekwe and Jesse Walker of the Amsterdam News, 29 May 1967, concerning murder of Benjamin Brown in Jackson, Mississippi
Letter from Gayraud S. Wilmore, Jr., Executive Director of the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America to Owen Brooks, Acting Director of Delta Ministry, 12 July 1967, regarding elections in Mississippi
Letter from Harry J. Bowie and Joseph Harris, DM, to Sunflower Citizenship Education Fund, 30 December 1968, concerning donation to fund
DM Report, 1969
Letter from Joseph Harris, Citizenship Director, DM, to Robert Clark, Holmes County Capital Accumulating Corporation, 9 January 1969, concerning voter education project
Letter from Joseph Harris to Mr. Thaddeus Olive, Administrative Assistant, Voter Education Project, Southern Regional Council, 14 March 1969, regarding financial report of DM Voter Education Project
Minutes of Staff Meeting, 9 September 1969
City Government Manual distributed by DM, n. d.
Listing of DM Staff, n. d.
DM Voter Education Project Reporting Requirements of Recipient Organizations, n. d.
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U. S. A. Request for Advance form, n. d. (2 copies)
National Council of Churches Division of Christian Life and Mission Insurance Form, n. d.

Folder 9: Delta Opportunities Corporation

Memos from Joseph Harris to Members of DOC Advisory Board announcing meetings, 1969
DOC Meeting Minutes, 10 February, 1969 (2 copies)
Agenda for Board Meeting, 2 May 1969
DOC Staff Progress Reports, 1970
Letter from Clarence Hall, Jr., DOC Chairman to Noel Klores, Special Program Division, Office of Economic Opportunity, 16 January 1970, concerning grant proposal (3 copies)
Contract and cover letter between National Council of Negro Women and DOC, 22 January 1970 (2 copies)
Letter from David Payton, Associate Director, DOC to Joseph Harris, Chairman of the Board, National Council of Negro Women, 29 January, 1970, concerning financial status of delegate agency in Sunflower County (6 copies)
Consultant Report and cover letter from Andrew L. Smith to DOC Board, 27 April 1970
Memo from Andrew L. Smith to DOC Board, 28 April 1970, concerning billing for consultant work
Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting, 11 May 1970
Letter from Rutledge A. Waker, DOC Executive Director to Robert Holmes, 14 May 1970, concerning job offer to Holmes
Letter from Thelma Barnes, Temporary Chairman, Board of Directors, to board members, 14 May 1970, concerning job openings at DOC
Memo from Thelma Barnes, DOC Acting Chairman to Board Members, 26 May 1970
Memo from Jake Ayers, Chairman Washington County Advisory Committee to DOC Board of Directors, 21 December 1970, concerning reimbursement for travel
Letter from Willye W. Harrison, Area I Supervisor, DOC, to Joseph Harris, 23 March 1971, concerning Sunflower County Adult Basic Education Center
DOC Advisory Board By-Laws, n. d. (3 copies)
DOC Election of Board Members procedure, n. d. (7 copies)
List of member of DOC's local advisory committee of Sunflower County, n. d. (2 copies)
DOC Job Description, Community Advisor, n. d. (2 copies)
"Facts About DOC," n. d. (4 copies)
Application for Employment form, DOC, n. d. (11 copies)
DOC Trainee Entry Form, n. d. (5 copies)
DOC Family Survey, n. d.
DOC Program Development Process Interview Form, n. d. (3 copies)
DOC Flyer, n. d. (2 copies)
Suggested Business Questionnaire, n. d. (2 copies)
Minutes from [DOC] Meeting, n. d.

Folder 10: Mound Bayou Development Corporation

Charter of Incorporation, n. d.

Folder 11: Sunflower River Recreation League

Memo from Joseph Harris, President to Board Members, 12 March 1971, concerning membership dues (2 copies)
List of officers in Recreation League, n. d. (3 copies)

Folder 12: Black Land Movement

Letter from Bill Street, BLM Chairman to F. E. C. D., Washington, D. C., 2 October 1969, requesting donation

Folder 13: Five County Disaster Relief Committee (FIVECO)

Minutes of Meeting, 10 March 1971

Folder 14: Welfare and Relief Programs

Sunflower County Welfare and Relief Form, n. d. (2 copies)
Mississippi Action for Progress Employment Application, n. d. (2 copies)
List of people who replied and received clothes, n. d.
"What You Should Know About Food Stamps" report, n. d.

Folder 15: Federal Housing

Check Sheet for Rural Housing Loan Packet, 5 March 1971
Requirements for Self-Help Housing Participants, 2 January 1974
Delta Housing Development Corporation form letter, n. d.

Box 2

Folder 1: National Committee for Free Elections in Sunflower County

News release from NCFESC, 19 August 1966, announcing committee's formation
Letter from Mamie Clark and Kenneth Clark, Liaison Benefit Committee, 13 February 1967, concerning benefit to help blacks in Sunflower County
Letter from Sandra Nystrom to Carolyn P. Cobb, 16 March 1967, regarding Sunflower municipal elections
Memo from Lera Beasley to Joseph Harris, 20 March 1967, regarding Leasing Contract
"Report of visit to Mississippi Delta," from NCFESC, 19 April 1967
Clipping from New York Times, 20 April 1967, regarding special election in Sunflower County
News release from United States National Student Association, 26 April 1967, regarding meeting between civil rights leaders and U. S. Attorney General
Analysis and Statement on Behalf of the Negro Citizens of Sunflower County, Mississippi, to Ramsey Clark, Attorney General of the United States, Given April 26, 1967 by a Delegation Led by Representative William F. Ryan and Bayard Rustin (3 copies)
Expense Statement, 4 April to 22 May 1967
Copy of telegram from John Conyers, Jr., to NCFESC, 1 May 1967, regarding cancellation of speaking engagement
Open letter from Coordinating Committee, National Guardian, 11 May 1967, regarding elections in Sunflower and Moorhead
Financial Statement, 12 May 1967
Letter from Joseph Harris to Sandra Nystrom, 22 May 1967, regarding donation for voter registration fund
Reprint of article, "Times Changing in Sunflower," in New America, 18 June 1967, distributed by NCFESC (3 copies)
Letter from Sandra Nystrom, Administrator to Otis Brown, Jr. and Margaret Kibbee, 6 July 1967, regarding FDP campaign work in Sunflower County (3 copies)
Financial Report, 6 August 1967
Memo from Lawrence Guyot, Chariman and Joseph Harris, State Office Manager, NCFESC, 8 September 1967 regarding executive committee meeting
Letter from National Committee for Free Elections in Mississippi, 24 October 1967 to Mississippi lawyers, regarding meeting
Letter from Robert Clark, 17 November 1967, regarding his election to the Mississippi legislature
News release from NCFESC, 26 April 196?, regarding meeting between civil rights leaders and U. S. Attorney General
Reprint of article "Mississippi Hopes Center in Sunflower," in The Southern Patriot, n. d., distributed by NCFESC (3 copies)
Sunflower County Political Handbook, n. d. distributed by the Freedom Information Service, Tougaloo (2 copies)
Flyer "Elect Clover Green Constable," n. d. (2 copies)
Flyer "Elect Thelma Barry Justice of the Peace," n. d.
"Sunflower County and its Activities" report, n. d. (2 copies)
"Fact Sheet: Voting Rights Act of 1965," n. d.

Folder 2: Mississippians United to Elect Negro Candidates

Letters from Owen Brooks, Acting Director MUENC to numerous individuals, 1967, soliciting donations for African-American political candidates in Mississippi
Form letter from MUENC to "Friends" explaining goals of organization and political situation in state, 1967
Letters from Rev. H. Kris Ronnow, Executive Director, Interreligious Council on Urban Affairs, Chicago, to John McDermott and Dr. Alvin Pitcher, 7 July 1967, regarding work of MUENC
Letter from Sue Geiger, Interpretations Coordinator, to Jesse Walker, Amsterdam News, 10 July 1967, regarding information on activities of MUENC
Letters from Joseph Harris to numerous individuals regarding the expansion of the MUENC Steering Committee, 11 July 1967
News release, 19 July 1967, from MUENC concerning formation of organization
Letter from Lester Salamon to Edwin and Jeanette King, 23 July 1967, regarding organization to support African-American candidates in Mississippi elections
Letters from Joseph Harris to members of the Steering Committee, 26 July 1967, announcing upcoming meeting
Cover letter for donation check sent from Marie A. Nagorski to MUENC, 31 July, 1967
Memo from Joseph Harris to Steering Committee Members, 1 August 1967, announcing meeting
Letter from Joseph Harris, 9 August 1967, regarding expansion of Steering Committee
Letter from Rev. Quinland R. Gordon, Association Secretary, Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, New York, to Owen Brooks, 31 August 1967, regarding grant to MUENC
Financial Report, 12 September, 1967
Letter from Joseph Harris, 20 September 1967, regarding disbursement of Steering Committee's funds in select Mississippi counties
Form letter from Joseph Harris, 31 October 1967, regarding donations to candidates' campaigns
Congratulatory letter from MUENC to candidates who won office in most recent election, 15 November 1967 (3 copies)
Annual Financial Report, 31 July 1967 to 2 October 1968 (2 copies)
Financial Report, 13 October, 1967
Campaign card for Unita Blackwell, candidate for Justice of the Peace, Issaquena County, 7 November 1967
Acknowledgement of donation letters from Joseph Harris, 1967 & 1968
Letter from MUENC to Rev. Arthur Warmsley, New York, 17 April 1968, soliciting donations for candidates in upcoming Mississippi elections
Expense Statement for Negro Candidates, 19 April 1968 (4 copies)
Form letter from Joseph Harris, 24 April 1968, soliciting donations to candidates' campaigns
Memo from Lawrence Guyot to the Executive Committee, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, 2 May 1968, announcing special meeting
Financial Report, 11 July, 1968 (3 copies)
Letter from Joseph Harris to Jean Phillips, National Council of Churches, regarding reimbursement of payment of bill to Henry J. Kirskey, 23 July 1968
Form letter from MUENC, 10 April 1969, regarding upcoming election (21 copies)
Letter from Joseph Harris, 25 July 1969, announcing "Evening of Entertainment," for candidates in most recent election (10 copies)
Budget, 1969
Flyer "To Get That Power" distributed by MUENC, n. d.
Cover letter of financial report from Joseph Harris to Steering Committee Members, n. d. (7 copies)
List of Steering Committee members, n. d.
Cover letter for progress report, n. d.
Letter from Representative Katharine D. Kane to Owen, n. d.
Letter from Joseph Harris concerning the formation of MUENC, n. d.
Letter from Alex Capron, Law Students Civil Rights Research Council, Yale Law School, to Owen Brooks regarding donation to MUENC, n. d.

Folder 3: Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) (1 of 2)

Clippings from New York Post, 28 April 1967, regarding MFDP
Sample Ballot, Sunflower, 28 April 1967 (4 copies)
Proposal for Six Month Project for MFDP, 1 July, 1967 to 31 December 1967 (4 copies)
"Black Politics in Mississippi," report by Victoria Gray, National Conference for New Politics Convention, 2 September, 1967
Congressional Record, 22 September 1967
Convention Report (Newsletter of the National Conference for New Politics), 25 September 1967 (2 copies)
" , 27 November 1967 (2 copies)
MFDP newsletter, 30 January 1968 (6 copies)
Report of Recommendations to reorganize the MFDP, 10 September 1968 (2 copies)
MFDP State Convention program, 5 January 1969 (3 copies)
By-Laws of the MFDP, 12 March 1969, n. d.
Mississippi Elections Manual, 1971, prepared by Constance Iona
Slaughter, MFDP (2 copies)
Citizenship Education Handbook prepared by Joseph Harris, n. d.
Municipal Handbook for MFDP prepared by James A. Lewis and Armand Derfner, Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee, n. d. (2 copies)
Report on history and structure of MFDP, n. d.
Map of Mississippi Congressional Districts, n. d.
"Loyalists May Purge Radicals," by Kenneth Fairley, n. d.

Folder 4: Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) (2 of 2)

Flyer announcing MFDP Primary Election, Sunflower, Mississippi, 15 March 1967
Block Captain Applications, Municipal Elections, 2 May, 1967 (5 copies)
Letter from candidates for public office in Issaquena County to Attorney General Joe T. Patterson, Jackson, Mississippi, 21 June, 1967, regarding conduct of general election (6 copies)
Letter from John Conyers, Jr., Congressman, 1 November 1967, concerning African-American candidates for office
Letters from Joseph Harris to various individuals acknowledging receipt of donation to MFDP, 1967 & 1968
Letter from Joseph Harris, 14 March 1969, soliciting donations to MFDP
Sample Ballot, 13 May 1969 (3 copies)
Memo from Joseph Harris to All Members of the State Executive Committee of the MFDP, 2 December, 1969 announcing upcoming meeting (3 copies)
Memo from Joseph Harris to All Members of the State Executive Committee of the MFDP, 2 December 1969, announcing last meeting of the year
Letter from Joseph Harris, 13 December 1968, regarding reorganization of party at state level (2 copies)
Form letter from Joseph Harris, 29 July, 1968, outlining MFDP's platform and soliciting donations
Itinerary of speaking engagements for candidates in Sunflower County, 7 May 1966 (3 copies)
Program for State Convention, Sunflower, Mississippi, 16 April 1967
Expense Statement, 11 August, 1967 to 15 September, 1967
Memo from Joseph Harris, Chairman to candidates in several Mississippi counties, 21 August, 1967, regarding workshops (2 copies)
Minutes of meeting of MFDP Executive Committee, 17 September, 1967
Memo from Laurence Guyot, Chairman of MFDP, to Executive Committee Members, 9 October 1967, concerning previous meeting, 17 September 1967
Expense Statement, 14 October, 1967 to 25 November, 1967
Numerous memos from Joseph Harris announcing upcoming meetings of MFDP committees, 1967-1969
Expense statement, 23 February, 1968 to 8 November, 1968
Memo from Lawrence Guyot, Chairman of MFDP, to Executive Committee Members, 5 March 1968, announcing upcoming meeting
Memo from Joseph Harris and Clifton Whitley, 13 January 1969, announcing upcoming meeting of Executive Committee (5 copies)
Memo from Joseph Harris and Clifton Whitley, to MFDP Executive Committee members, 3 April 1969, postponing upcoming meeting
Letter from candidates Andrew Dupree, George Jordan and Charlie Seals to members of campaign committee, 20 April 1969, announcing meeting in Ruleville, Mississippi
Letter from Joseph Harris to supporters, 15 October 1968, thanking all persons who supported MFDP's effort to be seated at Democratic National Convention, 1968 (2 copies)
Expense statement, 9 November, 1968 to 7 February, 1969
News Release from MFDP, 18 November, 1968, concerning reorganization of party at all levels in the state
News release from Joseph Harris, Acting Chairman MFDP, 13 December 1968, regarding state convention
Flyer on how "To qualify as a candidate for election commissioner," 1968
Petition to have unspecified individual placed on ballot as candidate for election commissioner, 1968
Minutes of Meeting of MFDP Executive Committee, 7 February, 1969 (4 copies)
Minutes of Meeting of MFDP Executive Committee, 9 March 1969 (2 copies)
Minutes of Meeting of MFDP Executive Committee, 14 December 1969 (2 copies)
News Release from MFDP to National Democratic Party Committee on Democratic Party Reform, 21 May, 1969
Announcement for address by Rev. Channing Phillips, pastor of Lincoln Temple United Church of Christ, Washington, D. C., to MFDP State Convention, 5 January, 196? (3 copies)
News Release from the Arkansas Peace Information Center, concerning arrest of Mike Mattin, APIC head, for refusal to register for draft, n. d.
Letter from Joseph Harris, Office Manager, MFDP concerning African-American candidates in upcoming election, also contains biographical sketches of candidates, n. d. (3 copies)
Letter from Joseph Harris, Acting Chairman, MFDP to members of planning committee, announcing upcoming meeting, n. d. (2 copies)
Petition to have an individual placed on ballot, n. d.
Handout on Precinct organization and duties of precinct worker, n. d.
List of individuals on the Advisory Committee, n. d.
List of MFDP Executive Committee members, n. d.
Volunteer Registration Form, n. d. (5 copies)
Dialogue to be read with film strip on municipal government, "Build Our Own Power," n. d. (2 copies)

Folder 5: MFDP Elections/Sunflower County

MFDP Summer, 1966 election brochure (2 copies)
Agenda for MFDP Primary Election Commissioner, 15 March, 1967
List of individuals who voted in 15 March, 1967 Primary Election
List of individuals who did not vote on March 15, 1967
"Meet the Candidates" flyer, Moorhead, Mississippi, 22 March 1967
Results of Sunflower Primary Election, 15 March, 1967
Letter from Otis Brown, Jr., candidate for Mayor of Sunflower, Mississippi, appealing to voters for support, 7 April, 1967 (2 copies)
Program for MFDP state Convention, 16 April 1967
Petition from electors of Sunflower County to have Lela Mae Brooks placed on ballot as candidate for alderman, 2 May, 1967
Petition from electors of Sunflower County to have Annie Mae King placed on ballot as candidate for Alderman, 2 May, 1967
Petition from electors of Sunflower County to have Otis Brown placed on ballot as candidate for Mayor, 2 May, 1967
Petition from electors of Sunflower County to have Mose Griffin placed on ballot as candidate for Alderman, 2 May, 1967
Petition from electors of Sunflower County to have Willie Mae Smith placed on ballot as candidate for Alderman, 2 May, 1967
Petition from electors of Sunflower County to have Elvin Gibson placed on ballot as candidate for Alderman, 2 May, 1967
Letter from Sunflower City Election Headquarters to voters thanking them for participating in recent election, 2 May 1967
Form letters from Joseph Harris to Street Captains in 2 May, 1967 election
Flyer "Special Elections in the Towns of Sunflower and Moorhead, 2 May, 1967" (12 copies)
Invitations to "Evening of Entertainment," at the Club Ebony, Indianola, Mississippi, 10 May, 1967 (8 copies)
List of individuals who voted in 8 November, 1967 election
List of individuals who registered to vote in Sunflower, Mississippi, 1967
Memo to the Election Commissioners, Sunflower, from Mose Griffin, requesting his name be taken off ballot as candidate for Alderman, 1967
Memo from Robert Carter to Election Commissioners, Sunflower, requesting his name be removed from ballot as candidate for Alderman, 1967
Platform of Lela Mae Brooks, 1967
Clippings from various national newspapers and periodicals concerning voting situation in Mississippi, 1967
Transcript of radio promotional spot for Carver Randle, candidate for Mayor of Indianola, 23 January 1968
Letter and sample ballot from Carver Randle to voters thanking them for participating in 23 January, 1968 election
Letter from Sunflower City Election Headquarters to individuals who did not vote in recent election, asking for participation in the next election, n. d.
MFDP Sunflower Election brochure, n. d. (22 copies)

Folder 6: Voter Education Project

Flyer, "Use Your Right to Vote in 1966"
Expense Statement of Sunflower County, MFDP Voter Registration Drive, 8 August to 19 October, 1966
Form letter from Fannie Lou Hamer to participants in Voter Registration Orientation, 6 April 1967, in Sunflower
Finance reports from Sunflower County Voters League, 26 May, 1967 to 21 July, 1967
Flyer for Robert Miles, candidate for unspecified office, 27 February, 1968
Letter from Armand Derfner and James A. Lewis, Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee regarding new federal voting laws, 31 March, 1969
Letter from John L. Lewis, Executive Director of Voter Education Project, 23 August, 1976, to Friends of VEP, regarding annual benefit dinner (3 copies)
Form letter from Southern Regional Council, Inc., Voter Education Project, Reporting Requirements of Recipient Organizations, n. d.
List of registered African-American voters in Sunflower, n. d. (3 copies)
Table of racial composition of towns, [South Carolina], n. d.

Box 3

Folder 1: Procedure for Campaigns and Voting

Poll-Watcher's book and authorization form, signed by Clifton Whitley, 4 November, 1966
List of crimes and misdemeanors relevant to elections prepared by Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee, April, 1967
Essay on Poll-Watching prepared by Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee, April 1967 (7 copies)
Handout on Poll-Watching, 8 August, 1967
List of Mississippi election commissioners, 1968
Copy of Mississippi Corrupt Practices Act, n. d. (2 copies)
Essay on Election Commissioners Duties, prepared by MFDP and Delta Ministry, n. d.
List of candidates in Mississippi counties, n. d.

Folder 2: Registered Voters

List of Registered Voters, Indianola Precinct, November 1966
" Sunflower Precinct
" Sunflower Plantation Precinct
" Heathman Precinct
" Hale Precinct
" Inverness Precinct
" Drew Precinct
" Rome Precinct
" Baltzer
" Dwiggins
" Dockery
" Boyer
" Ruleville Precinct
" Indianola Precinct
" Doddsville
" Blaine
" Linn
" Moorhead Precinct

Folder 3: Anti-Racial Agitation Flyer

Notice to the citizens of Sunflower urging them not to vote for candidates supported by "racial agitators", n. d.

Folder 4: National Democratic Party of Alabama

NDPA newsletter, The Eagle Eye, July 1969 (3 copies)

Folder 5: Washington County Political Handbook

Washington County Political Handbook distributed by the Freedom Information Service, Tougaloo, n. d.

Folder 6: The People of Freedom City

Newsletter, The P. P. C., published by the People of Freedom City, no. 22, n. d. (4 copies)

Folder 7: School Desegregation

"Guidelines for School Desegregation: A Summary Explanation of the Revised Statement of Policies for School Desegregation Plans under Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964," distributed by HEW, Office of Education, Equal Educational Opportunities Program, 1 March, 1966
Pro-Integration brochure published by the School Desegregation Task Force, Jackson, Mississippi, n. d.
Petition from the parents and guardians of children attender Carver Elementary School and Gentry High School in Indianola, Mississippi, listing grievances, n. d.

Folder 8: National Council of Negro Women

Letter from Dorothy Heights, National President N. C. N. W. to Joseph Harris and Andrew Dupree, 6 February 1970, regarding establishment of a garment factory in Doddsville, Mississippi
N. C. N. W. Membership Profile, n. d. (3 copies)

Folder 9: Poor People's Campaign

Proposed Program for Mississippi in relationship to SCLC's Washington Poor People's Campaign, 14 January 1968
Itinerary for P. P. C., 1968
Brochure for P. P. C. distributed by Southern Christian Leadership Conference, n. d.
Questionnaire for participation in P. P. C., n. d. (2 copies)

Folder 10: Indianola N. A. A. C. P.

Memorandum from Indianola NAACP to citizens of Indianola and Sunflower County regarding economic boycott, n. d.

Folder 11: Southern Committee Against Repression (SCAR)

Memo from Ginny Guild, Temporary Secretary-Treasurer, SCAR to Members of SCAR regarding minutes of previous meeting and press release, also copy of press release and minutes of meeting, 18 January, 1969

Folder 12: Steering Committee Against Repression (SCAR)

"Appeal for Justice by the Steering Committee Against Repression," concerning the persecution of H. Rap Brown, and signed by some members of SCAR, n. d.

Folder 13: The Center for Black Education

Information Sheet and Budget for Center for Black Education, n. d.

Folder 14: Black Markets Incorporated

"Black Markets Revolving Loan Fund to Stimulate Relationships Between the Martin Luther King Coops and Credit Unions," report, 1969

Folder 15: Internal Security Act, 1968

Copy of S. 2988, A Bill to Strengthen the Internal Security of the United States, introduced by Senator James Eastland of Mississippi, 19 February, 1968

Folder 16: Miscellaneous

Outline of Municipal Government Law, Mississippi Code, prepared by the Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee, April, 1966
Letter from Robert Z. Lewis to Owen Brooks, 14 June 1967, regarding publication of U. E. News
Letter from Robert G. Clark and William Matt Ross to unspecified candidates in Sunflower County, Mississippi, regarding meeting concerning elections, 17 December 1967
Memo from E. Charles Brown, Project Director, Mississippi Action for Community Education (MACE), to Accounting Director, Sunflower County Community, January 1969
Report on Elections for Trustees of Consolidated School Districts, 7 March, 1970 (3 copies)
Deed of sale of a pickup truck to Perry Hamer, 3 December, 1970
Clipping from New York Times, 6 April 1974, regarding voting rights drive in North
Hotel/Motel Reservation Form for NAACP Annual Convention, St. Louis, Missouri, 27 June - July 1, 1977 (4 copies)
Form letter from Parren J. Mitchell, Chairman of Congressional Black Caucus, 18 August, 1977, regarding legislative workshops
Clipping on Jackson State riots, n. d.
TLA. February 12, 1965. Letter from FLH to Senator James Eastland re: Congressional Record speech of February 3, 1965 refuting Hamer's claim that women were sterilized against their will in Sunflower County.

Box 4 (Freedom Farm Cooperative)

Folder 1: FFC, 1968-1969

Determination Letter from Internal Revenue Service to Madison Measure for Measure, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, 12 April 1968, regarding tax exempt status (8 copies)
Copy of article "Miss. Farmers Fight for Co-op," in The Harvard Crimson, 27 January 1969, soliciting contributions for F. F. C.
Check register, F. F. C. from 6 February 1969 to 26 November 1969
Letter from Harry Belafonte, May 1969, soliciting donations for Freedom Farm Corporation
Certificate of Exempt Status for Madison Measure for Measure, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, 4 December 1969 (8 copies)

Folder 2: FFC, 1970-1971

Check Register, F. F. C. from 1 January 1970 to 28 December 1970
Charter of Incorporation, 25 June 1970 (3 copies)
Minutes for the Board of Directors meeting, 17 July, 1970 (2 copies)
Cover letter for proposal from F. F. C., 20 July 1970
Letter from Hamer to Harvey Siver [sic], Project Director, America Hungry for Freedom Foundation [sic], 28 September 1970, acknowledging donation
Invoices from Cleveland Ford Tractor, Inc., 1971
Proposal, November 1971

Folder 3: FFC, 1972

Board of Directors minutes of meeting, 2 March 1972 (3 copies)
Preliminary Project Proposal Form, 20 April 1972
Letter from Martha M. Fritts, Midwest Regional Director, American Freedom from Hunger Foundation, Inc., to Hamer, F. F. C., 6 June 1972, regarding funding
Letter accompanying a donation from David M. Landry, Domestic Projects Director of American Freedom from Hunger Foundation, Inc., 3 July 1972; 20 July 1972; 18 August 1972; 21 August 1972; 24 August 1972; 15 September 1972; 26 October 1972; 11 December 1972
Letter accompanying donation from Harvey Silver, Projects Director for American Freedom From Hunger Foundation to Fannie Lou Hamer, F. F. C., 17 January 1972; 27 April 1972; 5 June 1972
Letter from Townsend and McWilliams Law Offices to F. F. C., 12 December 1972, regarding title to F. F. C. property

Folder 4: FFC, 1973

Letter from Otha L. Brandon, C. P. A. to F. F. C., 23 January 1973, regarding F. F. C.'s solicitation of services
Letter accompanying donation from John G. Healey, Executive Director, American Freedom from Hunger Foundation to Freedom Farm, 5 February 1973; 22 February 1973; 22 February 1973
Progress Report, March 1973
Letter from Freedom Farm Corporation to Charles Bannerman, Chairman of Delta Foundation, 12 March 1973, requesting loan
Letter from Charles D. Bannerman, Chairman of the Board, Delta Foundation to Joseph Harris, 30 March 1973, denying a request for loan (3 copies)
Letter from William S. Boswell, Jr., C. P. A., 5 April 1973, to F. F. C. regarding examination of bank statements
Letter from F. F. C. to Margaret Parker, Girl Friends, Inc., 5 April 1973, regarding a request for a grant
Balance Sheet, 31 May, 1973 (2 copies)
Letter from R. W. Holladay, President of the Bank of Ruleville, 5 June 1973 to Joseph Harris, President of Freedom Farm Corporation, denying request for a production loan (2 copies)
Application to Minority Group Self-Determination Fund, The Commission on Religion and Race, United Methodist Church, Washington, D. C., from F. F. C., 6 June 1973 (2 copies)
Status Report and Request for Funding, July 1973
Letter from Freedom Farm Corporation to Tony Whitehead, Farmers Home Administration, 18 July 1973, requesting a loan and Loan Application (2 copies)
Progress Report, 1973

Folder 5: FFC, 1974-1976

Letter from Clanton Beaman, Acting Business Manager, F. F. C. to Margaret Parker, Girl Friends Incorporated, 14 February 1974, regarding request for a grant
Memorandum from Clanton Beamon, Acting Chairman, F. F. C., to Board of Directors, 27 September 1974, announcing meeting
Proposal for Funding, F. F. C., 1975
Minutes for Board of Directors meeting, 6 March 1975
Letter from William S. Boswell, Jr., C. P. A., to F. F. C. 5 April 1975, regarding examination of bank statements (2 copies)
Letter from Danny J. Barfield, C. P. A., to Board of Directors, Freedom Farm Corporation, 29 October 1976, regarding examination of F. F. C.'s bank statements

Folder 6: FFC, 1977-1978

Letter from Board of Directors, F. F. C. to all persons renting, leasing or occupying property owned by F. F. C., 7 March 1977, regarding inspection
Quitclaim Deed, F. F. C. 14 April 1977
Agenda from Board of Directors meeting, 14 April 1977 (6 copies)
Letter from Charles McLaurin, President of F. F. C. to Sarah Mae Ratliff regarding her property agreement with F. F. C., 1 June 1977
Minutes for Board of Directors special meeting, 16 October 1977
Notice of Annual Meeting, F. F. C., 15 July 1978 (2 copies)
Minutes for Board of Directors special meeting, 16 July 1978 (2 copies)
Letter of resignation from Nora L. Campbell, secretary of F. F. C. to Charles McLaurin, President, 6 August 1978 (2 copies)
Notification of meeting for all members of F. F. C., 17 August 1978

Folder 7: FFC, n. d.

Freedom Farm Co-op Agreement, n. d.
Progress Report, n.d.
American Freedom from Hunger Form for Domestic Project Report, n. d. (8 copies)
F. F. C. Welfare and Relief Recipients Form (5 copies)
Postcard from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service to F. F. C., n. d. regarding establishment of Normal Crop Acreage
Purchase Order, F. F. C. (1 copy)
Time and Attendance Record, F. F. C. (3 copies)
By-Laws, F. F. C., n. d. (2 copies)
Form Letter from F. F. C. Vice-President Hamer acknowledging receipt of donation, n. d.

Cover letter for F. F. C. status report soliciting funds, n. d.
Mississippi Delta Council for Farm Workers Opportunities, Inc. Clarksdale, Official Application and Enrollment Form, n. d. (3 copies)
Expense records [F. F. C.], n. d.

The following from the Fannie Lou Hamer Collection have been catalogued:

Daily Mississippian Newsletter, May 1967

CDGM Newsletter , 28 August 1967

MFDP Newsletter, 30 January 1968 (1 copy)