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Finding aid for the Carl Petersen Collection



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Petersen, Carl
Carl Petersen Collection
12.0 boxes and 2 binders
Collection of correspondence and materials related to Carl Petersen's collection of William Faulkner manuscripts and materials.

Prefered Citation

Carl Petersen Collection, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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Scope and Content Note

The Carl Petersen Collection contains materials related to the acquisition of Petersen's significant Faulkner collection. Primarily, the collection contains correspondence between Petersen and major booksellers and collectors and documentation about Petersen's collection. Also contains materials related to other collections as well as auction information.

Collection contains manuscript items for Petersen's various works as well, including On the Track of the Dixie Ltd.,   Another Turn: Imperfect Notes on a Faulkner Collection,  Each in its Ordered Place and  Eiiop.

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Correspondence pertaining to Petersen's acquisition of his Faulkner collection is included in boxes 1-8, 10 and arranged alphabetically. Miscellaneous clippings, auction information and collection lists related to William Faulkner materials are located in boxes 8-11.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

University of Mississippi Libraries

Access Restrictions

The Carl Petersen Collection is open for research.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user may be liable for copyright infringement.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Carl Petersen, 3 August 1978.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Archives and Special Collections staff. Finding aid encoded by Jason Kovari, 15 May 2009.

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Related Materials

Resources at the University of Mississippi

For a description of the William Faulkner archival collections housed at the University of Mississippi, please view our William Faulkner Subject Guide

Separated Material

Photographs have been removed from this collection.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • book catalogs
  • clippings (information artifacts)
  • correspondence
  • lists (document genres)
  • photocopies
  • proofs (printed matter)

Personal Name(s)

  • Faulkner, William, 1897-1962 -- Authorship


  • Book collecting

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Collection Inventory


Folder 1.1 Abadie 

Folder 1.2 Abernethy, Milton 

Folder 1.3 Adler 

Folder 1.4 Algren, Nelson 

Folder 1.5 Algren 

Folder 1.6 Allen 

Folder 1.7 Altman 

Folder 1.8 Anderson, Eleanor 

Folder 8.8 Ardis 

Folder 1.9 Attic Books 

Folder 1.10 B 

Folder 1.11 Blotner 

Folder 1.12 Boozer, Bill 

Folder 1.13 Bradford File 

Folder 1.14 Bradley 

Folder 1.15 Brennan 

Folder 1.16 Brodsky 

Folder 1.17 Brodsky II 

Folder 1.18 Brodsky, R.L. 

Folder 2.1 Buttitta 

Folder 2.2 C 

Folder 2.3 Cerf 

Folder 2.4 Charlottesville Exhibits 

Folder 2.5 Cohn I 

Folder 3.1 Cohn II 

Folder 3.2 Cohn House of Books 

Folder 3.3 Cohn 

Folder 3.4 Collins 

Folder 3.5 Collins 

Folder 3.6 Collins 

Folder 3.7 Collins, Carvel 

Folder 3.8 Cowley 

Folder 3.9 Cowley, Malcolm 

Folder 4.1 Crane, Joan 

Folder 4.2 D 

Folder 4.3 E 

Folder 4.4 Ellman 

Folder 4.5 Evans 

Folder 4.6 Faulkner, M.C. 

Folder 4.7 Faulkner Forgery 

Folder 4.8 F 

Folder 4.9 G 

Folder 4.10 General: Booksellers 

Folder 4.11 General: Other 

Folder 4.12 Graduation Dress 

Folder 4.13 H 

Folder 4.14 I 

Folder 5.1 J 

Folder 5.2 Joseph the Provider Books 

Folder 5.3 K 

Folder 5.4 L 

Folder 5.5 Marble Faun / Poetry 

Folder 5.6 Massey, Linton 

Folder 5.7 Mencken, H.L. 

Folder 5.8 MC 

Folder 5.9 Meriwether 

Folder 5.10 Meriwether, Jim - 1 

Folder 5.11 Meriwether, Jim - 2 

Folder 5.12 Meriwether, Jim - 3 

Folder 6.1 M 

Folder 6.2 Northwestern University Exhibit 

Folder 6.3 N 

Folder 6.4 O 

Folder 6.5 Princeton University Library 

Folder 6.6 P 

Folder 6.7 Q 

Folder 6.8 Rideout, Walter 

Folder 6.9 Runyan, Harry 

Folder 6.10 R 

Folder 6.11 Romaine, Paul and Harry Schwartz 

Folder 6.12 Sanctuary 

Folder 6.13 Sandburg 

Folder 6.14 Serendipity Books 

Folder 7.1 Shenton 

Folder 7.2 Silver, James 

Folder 7.3 Southern Lit Festival 

Folder 7.4 Starr 

Folder 7.5 Stone, Phil 

Folder 7.6 Stone Fiasco 

Folder 7.7 S 

Folder 7.8 T 

Folder 7.9 U 

Folder 7.10 V 

Folder 7.11 University of Virginia Library 

Folder 7.12 W 

Folder 7.13 Wells 

Folder 7.14 Warner Brothers 

Folder 7.15 Webb, James 

Folder 7.16 Wenning, Henry 

Folder 7.17 Wilde, Meta 

Folder 7.18 Williams, Joan 

Folder 7.19 XYZ 

Folder 8.1 Unfiled Correspondence 

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Folder 8.2 Cash Journal 

Scope and Contents note

All of Petersen's Faulkner purchases listed by invoice total, broken down by seller, date and purchase price.

Folder 8.3 Another Turn: Imperfect Notes on a Faulkner Collection revised and expanded version of  Each in its Ordered Place between 1985-1986. 

Folder 8.4 Photocopy of Transcript 

Folder 8.5 Holograph of Eiiop 

Folder 8.6 Copy of 1st edition of Eiiop 

Scope and Contents note

Eiiop with Petersen's Notes, Corrections

Folder 8.7 2nd Proof, loose sheets with Petersen's holograph corrections with photocopy of some pages 

Folder 8.9 Permissions 

Folder 8.10 Photocopies of Index Cards in chronological order 

Folder 8.11 Miscellaneous 

Folder 8.12 Miscellaneous 

Scope and Contents note

Includes photos of illustrations for book

Folder 9.1 Extra pinted pages of Eiiop 

Folder 9.2 Photocopy of 2nd proof Eiiop 

Folder 9.3 Publisher's copy Eiiop 

Folder 9.4 1st proofs Eiiop with Petersen's holograph corrections 

Folder 9.5 Individual types Index Cards 

Folder 9.6 Eiiop copy with holograph changes and inserts; re: photos 

Folder 9.7 Black Notebook 

Folder 10.1 On the Track of the Dixie Ltd. 

Scope and Contents note

Typescript with corrections plus related correspondence

Folder 10.2 Insurance Materials 

Scope and Contents note

Delcaration of Value of Petersen's Faulkner Collections 69, 72, 75, 79

Folder 10.3 Translations 

Scope and Contents note

Includes over 30 invoices, letters between Petersen or House of Books and foreign publishers and booksellers, journal articles pertaining to Faulkner translation, correspondence regarding Faulkner translation, copies of Faulkner foreign title pages.

Folder 10.4 Photographs: over 89 contact sheets with negatives, including 1978 University of Mississippi exhibit 

Separated Materials note

Photographs have been removed.

Folder 10.5 Display cards: University of Mississippi exhibit 

Folder 10.6 Index Cards: several attempts at chronology 

Folder 10.7 Friends of the Library, 7 November 1968 

Folder 11.1 Manuscripts and Typescripts of articles written by Petersen on his Faulkner Collection 

Folder 11.2 Publishers' catalogues describing books about Faulkner 

Folder 11.3 Periodicals and photocopies of periodicals describing the Faulkner collections belonging to other collectors, including libraries and individuals 

Folder 11.3 Checklists of holdings belonging to other collectors 

Folder 11.4 Petersen's notes as to Faulker appearances in book auctions and book dealer's catalogs 

Folder 11.5 Newspaper Clippings 

Item A "The Burning of the Cofield Studio" 

Item B Reviews of Faulkner books, circa 1930-1960    (10 reviews)

Item C "Faulkner Manuscript is Bought" (by Virginia), etc. 

Folder 11.6 Photocopies of Faulkner letters, inscriptions, etc. sent by fellow collectors, librarians and book dealers 

Folder 11.7 Lists of desired Faulkner materials 

Folder 11.8 Photocopies of bibliographical work done by others 

Scope and Contents note

Includes Joan Crane

Folder 11.9 Quotes of Faulkner materials by major book dealers 

Scope and Contents note

Contains clippings from book catalogues

Folder 11.10 Personal Materials 

Item A Listing of Faulkner materials in Petersen's bank deposit boxes 

Item B Request to withdraw funds from company savings plan to purchase Warner contract manuscript materials 

Folder 11.11 Listings, Charts and Commentary by Petersen 

Scope and Contents note

Materials concern Faulkner publication prices, dates of reprints and contemporary values