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Finding-Aid for the Henry Minor Faser, Jr. Collection (MUM00127)


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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Faser, Henry Minor, Jr. Collection
1923-1985 1923-1985
General Physical Description note
4 boxes.
Collection consists of portraits and various items related to the life of Henry Minor Faser, Jr.. Items were created 1923-1985.

Preferred Citation

Henry Minor Faser, Jr. Collection (MUM00127). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

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Scope and Contents Note

Collection consists of portraits and various items related to the life of Henry Minor Faser, Jr.. Items were created 1923-1985.

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Administrative Information

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University of Mississippi Libraries 2005

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Processing Information

Processed by University of Mississippi Department Special Collections Staff . EAD encoded finding-aid begun September 2005.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

1.Family scrapbooks: 

Around the World, 1964. 

Buffet Luncheon honoring Mrs. Uriah Gray Flowers. 

Retirement Years, 1958-1964. 

College Years, 1931, (Ole Miss) 

Professional Years, 1951-1958. 

Graduate School, 1931-1932 

Phi Delta Theta and Family Vacations 

Hawaiian Islands, 1944-1945 

Boston, Massachusetts, 1938-1944 

Boston, 1946-1950 

Boyhood Years in Oxford, 1920-1927. 

2. One Silver Bracelet, twenty-five years with Penn Mutual 

3. Copy of the Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning 

4. 1946 Edition of Prominent Life Underwriters of America 

5. Copy of Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the U.S. from Washington (1789) to Truman (1949). 

6. One Twelve K. Gold Filled Bracelet. 

7. Labor Manual of Pharmacy, 1923. 

8. Manual for Recruiting the College Graduate. 

9. Souvenir Program, LSU vs. Ole Miss, 1960. 

10. Ole Miss Today, 1977 

11. Mississippi: A View of the Magnolia State, 1985. 

12. Four Family Bibles. 

13. National Geographic Magazines (2) 1932. 

14. Brief History of Penn Mutual Agency Association. 

15. Life Magazines (5) 1969. 

16. Notebook 

17. One Box of Slides. 

18. Passports (9) 

19. Four Boxes of Travel Subminiature. 

20. Boston Herald Traveler, July 21, 1969. 

21. Scrapbook: Europe, 1959. 

22. Scrapbook: Henry Minor Faser, Jr's Professional Career and Family Pictures, 1965). 

24. Blue Jackets Manual, U.S. Navy, 1940. 

25. Letters from Friends after Henry Faser's last Illness, 1978. 

26. Birthday Cards, (37) 

27. Future Magazines, (2) for Young Men, 1940. 

28. University of Mississippi Commencement Day, 1934. 

29. Three Prints: Shakespeare's Birthplace (2) Stratford-on-Avon Church 

30. Silver Box, (University Museum) 

31. Tie Clips, (2) 

32. Penn Mutual News Letter, 1929. 

33. Organ Dedication Service 

34. View of Blarney Castle, Cork, Ireland. 

35. Certificate from New England Home for Little Wanders, 1971 

36. Social Invitations, (10) 

37. Three Prints: Cambridge, St. Johns Bridge, and Trinity Gate. 

38. One Bag of Foreign Coins, (University Museum) 

39. Three Ole Miss Class Rings, (University Museum) 

40. One Mason Ring, (University Museum) 

41. One Jewel Case, (University Museum) 

42. Fraternity Pins, (2) (University Museum) 

43. Military Medals (3) (University Museum) 

44. Tie Clips (2) 

45. Two Baseball and Two College Pendants, (University Museum) 

46. Four Tie Tacks 

47. Lieutenant Bars, (University Museums) 

48. Pocket Knife, (University Museums) 

49. One Chain, (broken) 

50. Four Men's Watches. 

51. One Box: Miscellaneous Prints. 

Box 2 

1. Family Portraits: 

Mother and Child (4) 

Mrs Henry M. Faser, Sr. 

Father and Son 

School Picture, Henry M. Faser, Sr. 

Hunting in Cleveland, Mississippi, 1906 

Wedding Portrait, Hester Flowers Faser 

Military Portrait, Henry M. Faser, Jr. 

Baby Portraits, (H.M. Faser, Jr.) 

Henry M. Faser. Sr., 1959 

Mr. and Mrs. Flowers 

Portrait of two children 

Henry M. Faser, Jr., 1913 

2. Henry M. Faser, Jr., 1913; Faser Agency's Daily Meetings, 1936. 

3. Certificate, Hester Flowers, Grand Lady of the Order of the North Cape. 

4. Certificate: Fifteenth Anniversary with Penn Mutual, 1940; Certificate: Completion of Penn Mutual Managerial Course, 1933. 

5. Portrait of The Faser Agency, Penn Mutual. 

6. Tribute to Frank H. Davis. 

7. Portrait of Col. D.J. Sultan. 

8. One Picture of Bill Ferris 

9. Birthday Cards, (13) Hester Flowers Faser. 

10. Assorted Pictures of the Orient. 

11. Three Assorted Packets of Family Pictures 

12. Copy of Pennsylvania Alumnus Chairman, Henry M Faser, Jr. 

13. Ole Miss Homecoming, 1955 

14. Picture of a Family Friend from Penn Mutual. 

Box 3 

1. Portraits of Business Associates: 

D. Bobb Slattery, 1950 

John Stevenson 

Fred, 1951 

William, 1950 

Four Business Associates, (Identity Unknown) 

Jack Webb, 1939 

Frank Davis 

William Kingseey, 1936 

W.R. Law 

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company Certificate (1933) 

Order of the North Cape Certificate for Hester Flowers (1954) 

Box 4 

1. Silver Gravy Ladle 

2. Sewing Kit 

3. Silver Tray, (University Museums) 

4. Letters: Henry M. Faser, Jr. to Henry M. Faser, Sr. (European Tour,1959). 

5. Letters: Henry M. Faser, Jr. to Mrs. Hester Flowers, (World Tour, 1961). 

6. Hester and Henry Faser's Itinerary, 1961 

7. Family Announcements, 1970-1993.