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Finding-Aid for the Louis Dollarhide Collection (MUM00108)



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Dollarhide, Louis E. (Louis Edgar), 1918-2004
Louis Dollarhide Collection
40 boxes
Collection consists of correspondence, and various miscellaneous items, such as pamphlets, documents, and photographs related to the life of Louis Dollarhide created from 1950-1973.

Preferred Citation

Louis Dollarhide Collection (MUM00108). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

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Biographical Note

Born in America, Oklahoma, Dollarhide grew up in Kosciusko. He earned a bachelor's degree in English from Mississippi College in 1942. In 1942 Dollarhide served a short stint in the U.S. Army Air Corps. Subsequently, he earned a master's degree from Harvard University in 1947 and a doctorate from the University of North Carolina in 1954. He taught English at Mississippi College for 20 years before joining the Ole Miss faculty in 1967.

He retired from the university in December 1987

From courses on John Milton to seminars on Eudora Welty and Tennessee Williams, Dollarhide lectured to thousands of students during his 40 years of teaching.

His scholarly works and writings of fiction and non-fiction appeared in numerous publications throughout his career. Of Art and Artists: Selected Reviews of the Arts in Mississippi, a collection of some 250 of his newspaper columns compiled in 1981, is among the many books, short stories, articles and poems he authored. He also co-edited a book of essays titled Eudora Welty: A Form of Thanks.

Dollarhide served as editor for the Mississippi Arts Commission and as president of the Mississippi Poetry Society. For many years, he chaired the UM Artist Series, and from 1955 to 1976 he wrote a weekly column and more than 1,000 book reviews and articles for The Jackson Daily News-Clarion Ledger.

Dollarhide died in January of 2004.

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Scope and Contents Note

Collection consists of correspondence, and various miscellaneous items, such as pamphlets, documents, and photographs related to the life of Louis Dollarhide created from 1950-1973.

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Administrative Information

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University of Mississippi Libraries 2005

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  • American literature -- 20th century
  • University of Mississippi

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Collection Inventory

Series I: Correspondence 

Box 1 VIP letters 

Katherine Bellamann, 1955. 

Louis Daniel Brodsky, 1963. 

Hunter Cole, 1981; 1983. 

Ellen Douglas, 1980. 

William Dunlap,Art Department, Appalachian State Unversity, 1969-1994. 

Charles East, LSU University Press, 1966; 1981. 

Lehman Engel, 1964-1972. 

Barry Hannah, 1967-1968; 1972-1974; 1990. 

Robert Herring, 1956-1982. 

Marie Hull, 1957-1972. 

Box 2 VIP letters 

Victoria Johnson, 1979-1985. 

["McCarty"], Merigold, Mississippi, 1962. 

Carson McCullers, 1966-1967. 

Printed Invitation with autographed note, Fred Mitchell, Landmark Gallery, January 1982. 

Berry Morgan, 1966-1971. 

Willie Morris, 1981. 

Flannery O'Connor, 1957-1965. 

Regina [Cline] O'Connor, 1964-1965. 

Hall Phillips, 1956. 

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, 1942-1943. 

Beverly Sills, 1970-1973. 

Elizabeth Spencer, 1967-1981. 

Robert Penn Warren, 1970; 1980. 

Eudora Welty, 1956-1980. 

Karl Wolfe, 1960. 

Stark Young, 1962. 

Box 3: Correspondence, 1920-1942. 

Box 4: Correspondence, 1943-1945. 

Box 5: Correspondence, 1946-1955. 

Box 6: Correspondence, 1956-1957. 

Box 7: Correspondence, 1958-1961. 

Box 8: Correspondence, 1962- October 1963. 

Box 9: Correspondence, November 1963-August 1964. 

Box 10: Correspondence, September 1964-September 1965. 

Box 11: Correspondence, October 1965-March 1966. 

Box 12: Correspondence, April-December 1966. 

Box 13: Correspondence, January-July 1967. 

Box 14: Correspondence, August 1967-March 1968. 

Box 15: Correspondence, April-October 1968. 

Box 16: Correspondence, April - October 1968. 

Box 17: Correspondence, June 1970-July 1971. 

Box 18: Correspondence, August 1971. 

Box 19: Correspondence, October 1973-April 1975. 

Box 20: Correspondence, May 1975-July 1977. 

Box 21: Correspondence, August 1977-December 1978. 

Box 22: Correspondence, January 1979-August 1980. 

Box 23: Correspondence, September 1980-July 1981. 

Box 24: Correspondence, August-December 1981. 

Box 25: Correspondence, 1982. 

Box 26: Correspondence, January 1983-July 1984. 

Box 27: Correspondence, August 1984-December 1985. 

Box 28: Correspondence, January 1986-March 1987. 

Box 29: Correspondence, April 1987-December 1989. 

Box 30: Correspondence, January 1990-April 1996. 

Box 31: Correspondence, undated. 

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Series II: Clippings 

Box 32 

Folders 1-10: Eudora Welty Symposium material. April 1977-January 1978.  

Folder 11: Eudora Welty clippings. 

Folder 12: Eudora Welty, miscellanous. 

Folder 13: Clarion Ledger-Jackson Daily News, 1957. 

Folder 14: Clarion Ledger-Jackson Daily News, 1959. 

Folder 15: Clarion Ledger-Jackson Daily News, 1962. 

Folder 16: Clarion Ledger-Jackson Daily News, 1963. 

Folder 17: Clarion Ledger-Jackson Daily News, 1965. 

Folder 19: Clarion Ledger-Jackson Daily News, 1968. 

Folder 20: Clarion Ledger-Jackson Daily News, 1970. 

Folder 21: Clarion Ledger-Jackson Daily News, 1971. 

Folder 22: Clarion Ledger-Jackson Daily News, 1972. 

Folder 23: Columns, 1970. 

Folder 24: Columns, 1974 

Folders 25-26: Columns, 1975 

Folders 27-28: Columns, 1976 

Box 33 

Columns, 1955-1976; undated 

Box 34 

Clippings 1955-1970. 

Box 35 

Folders 1-10: Clippings, 1971-1978; undated. 

Folder 11: Manuscripts, one page autographed manuscript: "Somewhere in the labyrinth of the field hospital," 21 January 1943. 

Folder 12: Manuscripts, "The Gray Halloo," 1966. 

Folder 13: Manuscripts, "Shakespeare's Richard III and Renaissance Rhetoric." (Under the direction of Ernest W. Talbert). 

Folders 14: Manuscripts, "And wait for the Summer." 

Folder 15: Manuscripts: "Miss Clara." 

Folder 16: Manuscripts, "Views from the Gallery." 

Folders 17-18: Manuscript, [Incrementum, Congeries, Contentio, Comparation, Correction and Batiocination." 

Folders 19: Manuscripts, "Prologue One" 

Box 36 

Folder 1: English 30a, Spring term 1945 

Folder 2: American Literature 304 

Folder 3: Miscellaneous poems 

Folder 4: Miscellaneous travel 

Folder 5: Miscellaneous Programs 

Box 37 

Folder 1: Miscellaneous notes 

Folder 2: Student Records 

Folder 3: Miscellaneous postcards 

Folder 4: Envelopes 

Box 38 


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Accretion 99-50 

Box 1 

Folder 1: Correspondence undated, or date incomplete  

Folder 2: Correspondence Feburary - November 1962 

Folder 3: Correspondence December 1962 - April 1963 

Folder 4: Correspondence June 1963 - May 1966 

Folder 5: Correspondence 1970 

Scope and Content

Includes 26 January 1970 from Robert Penn Warren to Dollarhide. Re: wish to receive Henry H. Bellamann Award, agree to dinner date. 1p. Personalized letterhead.

Folder 6: Clippings March 1963-September 1964 

Scope and Content

Concering Bellamann Foundations awards to John Vaino Forsman (article written by Louis Dollarhide), Evans Harrington, and Russel Vliet.

Folder 7: Katherine Bellamann: American Sonneteer by Joe Ray. 

Scope and Content

Sonnets within manuscript collection at small Mississippi college library. 9p. Includes 10 sonnets by K. Bellamann.

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Accretion 2000-100 

Folder 1: Robert Mitchie Correspondence, Mar 31 - July 7, 1978. 

Folder 2: Robert Mitchie Correspondence, Aug 17 - Dec 14, 1978. 

Folder 3: Robert Mitchie Correspondence, Jan, 1979. 

Folder 4: Robert Mitchie Correspondence, Feb 6 - May 27, 1979. 

Folder 5: Robert Mitchie Correspondence, Oct 26, 1979 - Dec 23, 1981. 

Folder 6: Robert Mitchie Correspondence, Nov 4, 1982 - Oct 29, 1983. 

Folder 7: Correspondence, Others, Ranges Dec 13, 1971 - Mar 23, 2000. 

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