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Descriptive Summary
Brooks, Jonathan Henderson
Jonathan Henderson Brooks Collection.
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1 box.
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The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Phone: 662.915.7408
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Jonathan Henderson Brooks Collection (MUM00044). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Biographical History
According to the Lives of Mississippi Authors, 1817-1967, Jonathan Henderson Brooks, Baptist minister and poet was born in Lexington, Mississippi on July 10, 1905. Brooks attended high school in Missouri and was a graduate of Tougaloo College, where for three years he was employed as assistant to the president. In the last years of his life, Brooks workied in the Post Office in Corinth, Mississippi. He died in July, 1945. Brooks published in numerous journals, and his work The Resurrections and Other Poems was published posthumously.

Scope and Contents Note
Collection consists of poems and correspondence related to the life and work of Jonathan Henderson Brooks created during the early 20th century.

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Container List
Folder 1:
TM. "The Lost Garden." 1 page. Handwritten annotations.

Folder 2:
AM. Contains the following poems: "By the Borders of Canaan"; "Wanderers Still"; "Sackcloth and Ashes"; "The Gulf"; "Tennessee"; "Through All the Aprils Yet to Come"; "When the Cool Winds Play"; "June in Tougaloo"; "Song for a Love that Is Dead"; "Paean"; "The Last Quarter Moon of the Dying Year"; "Depression"; "Second Marriage"; "Lorraine"; "Remembered Words for an Old Psalm"; "Unstolen Fire"; "Out of the Dingy Alleyways"; "Winter Rode Away"; "The Co____"; "We Do Not Choose to Whine"; "The Resurrection"; "A December Prophecy"; "This Is the End." 13 pages with annotations in another hand initialed "H.D."

Folder 3:
AM. "As Told Years Afterwards" and "Jeremiah in the Deep South." 1 page.

Folder 4:
TM. "Dark Hands to the Lord" containing the following poems, with an occasional poem handwritten and with other annotations, some initialed "H.D.": "Out of the Dingy Alleyways"; "Winter Road Away"; "The Awakening/Signals"; "Poet in a Sanitarium"; "A New Testament"; "Faith of a Mustard Seed"; "If Earth Can Take a Buried Bone"; "Miracle"; "Tougaloo"; "June in Tougaloo"; "And One Shall Live in Two"; "Paean"; "The Great Man"; "Unstolen Fire"; "Hold Up Your Head"; "Words for Young Adam"; "Words to Young Eve"; "Adam in Tougaloo"; "Song for Love that Is Dead"; "Epitaph for Young"; "The Lord Delays His Coming"; "The Long Delay"; "I Remember Chaffee, Missouri"; "Remembrance of a Bud"; "Lorraine"; "There Is Music when the Cool Winds Play"; "Second Marriage"; "A Lad in Tougaloo"; "A Poet I Knew"; "Depression"; "Garnered the Yields"; "When the Day Is Over"; "The Last Quarter Moon of the Dying Year"; "Tomorrow"; "A Brown Aesthete Speaks"; "Cairo at the Mason-Dixon Line"; "I Pity You People"; "Invocation for a Distressed People"; "The Gulf"; "The Caucasian"; "When I Came to Understand Civilization"; "The Colored Lady Henry Lee"; "Beggar's Will"; "By the Borders of Canaan"; "Comfort Ye My People"; "Apocalypse in Black"; "Song." 67 numbered pages.

Folder 5:
TM. "The Angel and the Nigger/A Sheaf of Dusk" containing the following poems in a blue folder with occasional handwritten poems and annotations: "Homer in the Marketplace"; "Depression/Uncle Sam"; "Tougaloo"; "The Gulf"; "Thoughts while Washing Mrs. Aesthete's White Dishes"; "Now that Beauty Is a Religion in My Soul"; "The Negro Sings of Canaan/The Trail of Trial"; "The Resurrection"; "New Testament/A Vial of Iodine"; "Faith of the Mustard Seed"; "Winter Road Away"; "A Mountain Resurrection"; "The Wind in Tougaloo"; "And One Shall Live in Two"; "Paean/Lorraine in Tougaloo"; "God's Masterpiece/The Potter's Vessel"; "Young Eve and Adam, let beauty blind your eye..."; "Tougaloo"; "Adam in Tougaloo"; "Eve in Tougaloo/Words for Young Eve"; "A Student I Know"; "Spring in Touglaoo"; "Father to Son"; "A Poet I Knew"; "Elegies for Love"; "Remembrance of a Bud"; "Second Marriage"; "The Last Quarter Moon of the Dying Year"; "Dirge"; "Dirge to a Brown Girl Dassie Hayes/Blessedness"; "Garnered the Yields." 44 numbered pages.

Folder 6:
TL. January 1, 1935. Jonathan [Henderson Brooks] in Corinth, MS to L.W. Voorhees at Talladega College in Talladega, AL. Re: enclosure of poems for forthcoming anthology; absence of one which has one him prize money under a "non de plume"; receipt of an encouraging letter from Nelson Baker; missing the library at Tougaloo College.

TLS. March 22, 1935. J.H. Brooks in Corinth, MS to [Lillian W.] Voorhees at Talladega College in Talladega, AL. 2 pages. Re: elation at number of inclusions in The Brown Thrush; discussion of suggested changes; discouragement at publishing a volume of his own.

TLS. August 1, 1956. Lillian W. Voorhees at Fisk University in Nashville, TN to Henry Dalton. Envelope. Re: letters and poems by Jonathan Henderson Brooks.

See also:
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