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Finding aid for the James E. (Jack) Bales Collection



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Summary Information

University of Mississippi Libraries
Bales, Jack
James E. (Jack) Bales Collection
Date [inclusive]
5.83 Linear feet 7 boxes (GG-14)
General Physical Description note
7 boxes (5.83 linear feet)
Photocopies of items by and about Willie Morris as well as notes used by Jack Bales in researching Morris.

Prefered Citation

James E. (Jack) Bales Collection, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi

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Jack Bales

Jack Bales began work as a reference library for the University of Mary Washington Libraries in 1980. He also works a researcher and writer. Amongst other works, he has published Willie Morris : An Exhaustive Annotated Bibliography and a Biography and edited Shifting Interludes : Selected Essays and Conversations with Willie Morris.

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Willie Morris

Willie Morris was born 29 November 1934 in Jackson, Miss., and soon after moved to Yazoo City, where he spent his childhood and youth. He was educated at the University of Texas, where he became editor of The Daily Texan, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1956. After graduation, Morris went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. From 1960 to 1962 he edited the  Texas Observer. From 1963 to 1967 he was an associate editor at  Harper's Magazine, and editor-in-chief from 1967 to 1971. In 1980 he became the Writer-in-Residence at the University of Mississippi.

Morris's many works include: North Toward Home (1967), Yazoo: Integration in a Deep-Southern Town (1971), Good Old Boy (1971), The Last of the Southern Girls (1973), James Jones: A Friendship (1978), The Courting of Marcus Dupree (1983), Homecomings (1989), New York Days (1993), A Prayer for the Opening of the Little League Season (1995), My Dog Skip (1995), and The Ghosts of Medgar Evers (1998). Willie Morris died 2 August 1999

Additional biographical information can be found in the Willie Morris entry in the Mississippi Writer's Page.

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This collection is arranged in 7 series. Series 7 (Box 8) comprises the 2009 Accretion. Series 8 (Box 9) comprises the original donation.

  1. Series I. Newspaper Articles 1950s-2005
  2. Series II. The Daily Texan
  3. Series III. Memorial Tributes, Texas Observer, and Articles / Works by Willie Morris 1955-1989
  4. Series IV. Articles / Works by Willie Morris 1990-2004, Washington Star, and Magazine Articles 1955-2001
  5. Series V. Folders for books by Willie Morris
  6. Series VI. Articles and Publications with mentions of Willie Morris or Morris material
  7. Series VII. Research Notebooks
  8. Series VIII. Miscellaneous Correspondence and Articles

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University of Mississippi Libraries

Access Restrictions

The James E. (Jack) Bales Collection is open for research.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user may be liable for copyright infringement.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Acquisition Information

Collection donated by Jack Bales in 1996, 1999, 2000, 2006 & 2009.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Archives & Special Collections staff.

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Related Materials

Resources at the University of Mississippi

For more Willie Morris manuscript materials housed at the University of Mississippi Archives & Special Collections, see the Willie Morris Collection :

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Separated Material

Catalogued volumes of Harper's from the years in which Willie Morris served as an editor.

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Controlled Access Headings


  • articles
  • clippings (information artifacts)
  • correspondence
  • photocopies
  • research notes

Personal Name(s)

  • Morris, Willie


  • American literature -- 20th century

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Collection Inventory

Newspaper Articles 1950s-2005 

1.1 Newspaper Articles 1950s-1960s 

1.2 Newspaper Articles 1970-1972 

1.3 Newspaper Articles 1973-1979 

1.4 Newspaper Articles 1980-1983 

1.5 Newspaper Articles 1984-1989 

1.6 Newspaper Articles 1990-1995 

1.7 Newspaper Articles 1996 

1.8 Newspaper Articles Jan-June 1997 

1.9 Newspaper Articles July-Dec 1997 

1.10 Newspaper Articles Jan-June 1998 

1.11 Newspaper Articles July-Dec 1998 

1.12 Newspaper Articles Jan-June 1999 

1.13 Newspaper Articles July-Dec 1999 

1.14 Newspaper Articles 2000 

1.15 Newspaper Articles 2001 

1.16 Newspaper Articles 2002 (1) 

1.17 Newspaper Articles 2002 (2) 

1.18 Newspaper Articles 2003-2005 

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The Daily Texan 

2.1 The Daily Texan (Spiral bound), University of Texas, 1952-1953 

2.2 The Daily Texan (Spiral bound), University of Texas, 1953-1954 

2.3 The Daily Texan (Spiral bound), University of Texas, 1954-1955 

2.4 The Daily Texan (Spiral bound), Edited by Willie Morris, June-August 1955 

2.5 The Daily Texan (Spiral bound), Edited by Willie Morris, September-December 1955 

2.6 The Daily Texan (Spiral bound), Edited by Willie Morris, January-February 1956 

2.7 The Daily Texan (Spiral bound), Edited by Willie Morris, March-May 1956 

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Memorial Tributes, Texas Observer, and Articles / Works by Willie Morris 1955-1989 

3.1 Memorial Tributes (1) 

3.2 Memorial Tributes (2) 

3.3 Texas Observer (1) Jan 1955-Oct 1958 

3.4 Texas Observer (2) Feb 1959-July 1961 

3.5 Texas Observer (3) Aug 1961-March 1978 

3.6 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1955-1963 

3.7 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1964-1965 

3.8 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1966-1969 

3.9 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1970-1973 

3.10 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1974-1975 

3.11 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1976-1979 

3.12 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1980-1981 

3.13 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1982-1984 

3.14 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1985-1989 

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Articles / Works by Willie Morris 1990-2004, Washington Star, and Magazine Articles 1955-2001 

4.1 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1990-1993 

4.2 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1994-1995 

4.3 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1996 

4.4 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1997 

4.5 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1998 

4.6 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 1999 

4.7 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 2000 

4.8 Articles/Works by Willie Morris 2001-2004 

4.9 Articles/Works by Willie Morris, Washington Star, (1) 

4.10 Articles/Works by Willie Morris, Washington Star (2) 

4.11 Magazine Articles 1955-1969 

4.12 Magazine Articles 1970-1979 

4.13 Magazine Articles 1980-1989 

4.14 Magazine Articles 1990-1995 

4.15 Magazine Articles 1996 

4.16 Magazine Articles 1997 

5.1 Magazine Articles 1998 

5.2 Magazine Articles 1999 

5.3 Magazine Articles 2000 

5.4 Magazine Articles 2001 

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Folders for books by Willie Morris 

5.5 The South Today (1965) 

5.6 North Toward Home (1967) 

5.7 Yazoo (1971) 

5.8 Good Old Boy (1971) 

5.9 Last of the Southern Girls (1973) 

5.10 Southern Album (1975) 

5.11 James Jones (1978) 

5.12 Terrains of the Heart (!981) 

5.13 The Courting of Marcus Dupree (1983) 

5.14 Always Stand in Against the Curve (1983) 

5.15 Good Old Boy & the Witch of Yazoo (1989) 

5.16 Homecomings (1989) 

5.17 Faulkner’s Mississippi (1990) 

5.18 After All, Its Only a Game (1992) 

5.19 My Two Oxfords (1992) 

5.20 New York Days (1993) 

5.21 My Dog Skip (1995) 

5.22 My Dog Skip (movie) 

6.1 A Prayer for the Opening of Little League Season (1995) 

6.2 The Ghosts of Medgar Evers (1998) 

6.3 The Ghosts of Medgar Evers (1998) 

6.4 My Cat Spit McGee (1999) 

6.5 My Mississippi (2000) 

6.6 Taps (2001) 

6.7 Taps (2001) 

6.8 Taps (2001) 

6.9 Shifting Interludes (2002) 

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Articles and Publications with mentions of Willie Morris or Morris material 

General note

Folder designations in box 7 reflect item numbers; these photocopies are not in individually labeled folders.

7.1 Photocopy of portions of Preferred Lies and Other Tales: Skimming the Cream of a Life in Sports by Jack Whitaker (Simon & Shuster, 1998), acknowledgments and pp. 205-224. 

7.2 Photocopy of portions of All the Best, George Bush: My Life in Letters and Other Writings by George Bush (Scribner, 1999), pp. 21-22, 408. 

7.3 Photocopy of portions of The Southern Writers Quiz Book by Patti Carr Black (University Press of Mississippi, 1999), pp. 5-6, 12-13, 16-17, 32-33, 36-37, 40-41, 74-75, and 86-93. 

7.4 Photocopy of portions of The Daily Texan: The First 100 Years by Tara Copp and Robert L. Rogers (Eakin Press, 1999), pp. vi-viii, ix, 3, 5, 37, 58, 63, 65-67, 69-73, 76, 81-82, 139, and 145. 

7.5 Photocopy of portions of When the Kissing Had to Stop by John Leonard (The New Press, 1999), pp. 192-197. 

7.6 Photocopy of portions of Larry L. King: A Writer’s Life in Letters, Or, Reflections in a Bloodshot Eye Edited by Richard A. Holland (TCU Press, 1999), pp. 187-193, 331-332, and 402. 

7.7 Photocopy of portions of Finding Celia’s Place by Celia Morris (Texas A&M University Press, 2000), pp. 8-9. 

7.8 Photocopy of portions of Give Sorrow Words: Perspectives on Loss and Trauma by John H. Harvey (Taylor & Francis, 2000), pp. 1-3, and 70-75. 

7.9 Photocopy of portions of A Portrait of Southern Writers (Hill Street Press, 2000), Forward, Preface, Picture of Morris, and Afterward. 

7.10 Photocopy of portions of Dixie: A Personal Odyssey Through Events That Shaped the Modern South (Scribner, 2001), pp. 9-10, 19-25, 197, 244, 260, 262, 303-304, 325, 330-336, and 346. 

7.11 Photocopy of portions of The Last Editor by Jim Bellows (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2002), pp. ix-x, xiii-xvi, 172-176, 186-188, 222-225, and 338. 

7.12 Photocopy of portions of American Son: A Portrait of John F. Kennedy, Jr. by Richard Blow (Henry Hold and Company, 2002), pp. 1-5 and 80-85. 

7.13 Photocopy of portions of Touring Literary Mississippi by Patti Carr Black and Marion Barnwell (University Press of Mississippi, 2002), pp. ix-x, 12-15, 34-41, 80-81, 86-87, 136-139, 142-143, and 264-265. 

7.14 Photocopy of portions of The Companion to Southern Literature Edited by Joseph M. Flora and Lucinda H. Mackethan (LSU Press, 2002), pp. xix-xxii, 77-83, 116, 120, 153-155, 309-310, 324-325, 381, 392, 471, 499-507, 614-615, 854-857, 878-880, 918, 1006-1008, and 1042. 

7.15 Photocopy of portions of Still Fighting the Civil War: The American South and Southern History by David Goldfield (LSU Press, 2002), pp. 1-14, 27, 59, 253, 323, 326, 341, and 352. 

7.16 Photocopy of portions of Best of the Oxford American edited by Marc Smirnoff (Hill Street Press, 2002), pp. vii-ix, and 142-151. 

7.17 Photocopy of portions of Sons of Mississippi: A Story of Race and Its Legacy by Paul Hendrickson (Alfred A. Knopf, 2003), pp. 5-16, 132-133, 152-153, 164-167, and 340. 

7.18 Photocopy of portions of Me and Shakespeare by Herman Gollob (Doubleday, 2002), pp. 145-151. 

7.19 Photocopy of portions of They Write Among Us Edited by Jim Dees, Forward by Willie Morris ( Jefferson Press, 2003), pp. 7-14 

7.20 Photocopy of portions of My Life by Bill Clinton (Knopf, 2004), prologue, 129, and 134-136. 

7.21 Photocopy of portions of Texas Literary Outlaws: Six Writers in the Sixties and Beyond by Steven L. Davis (TCU Press, 2004), pp. 240 and 508 

7.22 Photocopy of portions of Everyone Comes to Elaine's by A.E. Hotchner (HarperEntertainment, 2004), pp. xvi-xvii, 64-65, 98-99, 103, 130-131, 134-135, and 231. 

7.23 Photocopy of Sligo Press Prospectus for Norman Mailer's Letters, 1963-1966, on An American Dream edited by J. Michael Lennon. 

7.24 Photocopy of portions of 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About the South by John Shelton Reed and Dale Volberg Reed (Doubleday, 1996), pp. vii-viii, 131, 139, 254, and 305. 

7.25 Photocopy of portions of Growing Up Southern by Fred Brown and Jeanne McDonald (Blue Ridge Publishing, 1997), pp. vi-xvii and 270-271. 

7.26 Photocopy of portions of The Band Played Dixie: Race and the Liberal Conscience at Ole Miss by Nadine Cohodas (The Free Press, 1997), pp. 2-3, 88-89, 112-113, 206-207, 212-217, 226-227, and index. 

7.27 Photocopy of portions of Words of Love: Romantic Quotations from Plato to Madonna Selected and edited by Jordan L. Linfield and Joseph Krevisky (Random House, 1997), pp. 228-229. 

7.28 Photocopy of portions of Walker Percy: A Life by Patrick H. Samway, S.J. (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1997), pp. 235-237, 264-267, 272-275, 290-291, 304-307, and index. 

7.29 Photocopy of portions of Southern Writers Photos by David G. Spielman, Text by William W. Star (University of South Carolina Press, 1997), 7-11, 106-107. 

7.30 Photocopy of portions of Confessions of a Maddog: A Romp through the High-flying Texas Music and Literary Era of the Fifties to the Seventies (University of North Texas Press, 1998), pp. ix-xii, 4-14, 59-60, 66-69, 81-82, 128-130, 142, 147-148, 176, and 246. 

7.31 Photocopy of portions of The Politics of Authenticity: Liberalism, Christianity, and the New Left in America by Doug Rossinow (Columbia University Press, 1998), pp. vii-20, 26-39, 122-125, 360-363, 378-379, and 490-491. 

7.32 Photocopy of portions of William Styron, A Life by James L.W. West III (Random House, 1998), pp. 362-363, 422-423, and 499. (2 copies) 

7.33 Photocopy of portions of Imagined Places: Journeys into Literary America by Michael Pearson (University Press of Mississippi, 1991), pp. xiii-xix, 67-69, 84-85, 90-91, and 110-124. 

7.34 Photocopy of portions of The Magazine in America 1741-1990 by John Tebbel and Mary Ellen Zuckerman (Oxford University Press, 1991), pp. v-vi, and 318-321. 

7.35 Photocopy of portions of The Southern Writer in the Postmodern World by Fred Hobson (The University of Georgia Press, 1991), pp. 4-7. 

7.36 Photocopy of portions of Shades of Gray: Dispatches From the Modern South by John Egerton (Louisiana State University Press, 1991), pp. 1-5, and 248-261. 

7.37 Photocopy of portions of Stories from Home by Jerry Clower (University Press of Mississippi, 1992), pp. 3-49. 

7.38 Photocopy of portions of The Most Southern Place on Earth: The Mississippi Delta and the Roots of Regional Identity (Oxford University Press, 1992), pp. vii-xi, 156-165, 306-307, 312-313, 322-323, 375, and 378. 

7.39 Photocopy of portions of Root Chronicle: Adventures in the Word Trade by Robert Manning (W.W. Norton & Company, 1992), pp. 9-12, 312-314, and 356-364. 

7.40 Photocopy of portions of English Magnolias: An Exhibition of Mississippi Fiction Printed in England by Thomas M. Verich (1992), pp. introduction and 18. (2 copies) 

7.41 Photocopy of portions of Norman Mailer Revisited by Robert Merrill (Twayne Publishers, 1992), pp. 105-115 and 138-145. 

7.42 Photocopy of portions of My Times: Adventures in the News Trade by John Corry (Putnam, 1993), pp. 11-71, 144-145, 162-163, 204-207, 210-213, and 240-253. 

7.43 Photocopy of portions of Saints & Sinners by Lawrence Wright (Knopf, 1993), pp. xi-xviii, 157-167. 

7.44 Photocopy of portions of On the Night the Hogs Ate Willie and other quotations on all things Southern edited by Barbara Binswanger and Jim Charlton (Dutton, 1994), pp. xi-xii, 10-11, 26-31, 102-105, 114-115, 130-135, and 160-165. 

7.45 Photocopy of portions of The South as an American Problem edited by Larry J. Griffin and Don H. Doyle (The University of Georgia Press, 1995), pp. vii-ix, 1-9, 210-33, and 306-307. 

7.46 Photocopy of portions of First in His Class: A Biography of Bill Clinton by David Maraniss (Simon & Schuster, 1995), pp. preface, 162-171 and 508-509. 

7.47 Photocopy of portions of Historic Haunted America by Michael Norman and Beth Scott (Tom Doherty Associates, 1995), pp. 11-12, 188-190, and 430-431. 

7.48 Photocopy of portions of Remarkable, Unspeakable New York: A Literary History by Shaun O’Connell (Beacon Press, 1995), pp. preface, 300-304, and index. 

7.49 Photocopy of portions of Dixie Rising: How the South Is Shaping American Values, Politics, and Culture by Peter Applebome (Random House, 1996), vii-ix, 4-22, 298-300, 313, and 375-379. 

7.50 Photocopy of portions of Dog Love by Marjorie Garber (Simon & Schuster, 1996), pp. 20-21, 64-65, 198-199, 244-247, 250-251, and 336-337. 

7.51 Photocopy of portions of The Future of Southern Letters edited by Jefferson Humphries & John Lowe (Oxford University Press, 1996), pp. 3-19, 34-35, 82-85, 90-91, 172-173, and 192-193. 

7.52 Photocopy of portions of Sacred Ground: Writings About Home by Barbara Bonner (Milkweed Editions, 1996), pp. ix-xii, and 68-75. 

7.53 Photocopy of portions of Picturing the South: 1860 to the Present Edited by Ellen Dugan (Chronicle Books, 1996), pp. 7, 13-15, and 17-23. 

7.54 Photocopy of portions of To Reach Eternity: The Letters of James Jones edited by George Hendrick (Random House, 1989), pp. vii-xxxi, 254-255, and 366-368. 

7.55 Photocopy of portions of Boomerang by Barry Hannah (Houghton Mifflin, 1989), pp. 54-55. 

7.56 Photocopy of portions of Boomerang by Barry Hannah (Houghton Mifflin, 1989), pp. 35-39, 49, 54-55, 142-143, and 148-149. 

7.57 Photocopy of portions of Good Grief: The Story of Charles M. Schulz (Pharos Books, 1989), pp. ix-xii, and 150-155. 

7.58 Photocopy of portions of Looking South: Chapters in the Story of an American Region edited by Winifred B. Moore, Jr., and Joseph F. Tripp (Greenwood Press, 1989), pp. xv-xxvi, 65-76, and 268-269. 

7.59 Photocopy of portions of Irwin Shaw A Biography by Michael Shnayerson (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1989), pp. 13-18, 328-330, 345, 349-355, 359-363, 369-372, 375-376, 386, and 442-443. 

7.60 Photocopy of portions of Mississippi Mind: A Personal Cultural History of an American State by Gayle Graham Yates (The University of Tennessee Press, 1990), pp. xvii-xx, 226-239, 288-289, and 294-295. 

7.61 Photocopy of portions of Home Ground: Southern Autobiography edited by J. Bill Berry (University of Missouri Press, 1991), pp. 1-10, and 110-122. 

7.62 Photocopy of portions of Current Biography Yearbook 1976 edited by Charles Moritz (The H.W. Wilson Company, 1976), pp. 271-274 (2 copies). 

7.63 Photocopy of portions of Southern Writers: A Biographical Dictionary edited by Robert Bain, Joseph M. Flora and Louis D. Rubin, Jr. (Louisiana State University Press, 1979), pp. 322-323. 

7.64 Photocopy of portions of The World Almanac Book of Who edited by Hana Umlauf Lane (Prentice-Hall 1980), pp. 52-53. 

7.65 Photocopy of portions of Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook: 1980 edited by Karen L. Rood, Jean W. Ross, and Richard Ziegfeld (Bruccoli Clark, 1981), pp. 270-276 (2 copies) 

7.66 Photocopy of portions of Lives of Mississippi Authors 1817-1967 edited by James B. Lloyd (University Press of Mississippi, 1981), pp. 344-346 (3 copies of each page) 

7.67 Photocopy of portions of The Encyclopedia of American Journalism by Donald Paneth (Facts on File Publications, 1983), pp. ix-xi, and 304. 

7.68 Photocopy of portions of Contemporary Authors (Gale Research Company, 1984) volume 13, pp. 378-379 (3 copies) 

7.69 Photocopy of portions of World Authors 1975-1980 edited by Vineta Colby (The H.W. Wilson Company, 1985), pp. 535-537. 

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7.73 Photocopy of portions of The Writers Directory 1992-1994 (St. James Press, 1991), pp. 698. 

7.74 Photocopy of portions of Legends in their Own Time by Coral Amende (Prentice Hall General Reference, 1994), pp. 170-171 and 338-339. 

7.75 Photocopy of portions of Contemporary Poets, Dramatists, Essayists, and Novelists of the South edited by Robert Bain and Joseph M. Flora (Greenwood Press, 1994), pp. xvii-xix, 377-387. (3 copies) 

7.76 Photocopy of portions of The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1995 (Funk and Wagnalls, 1995), pp. illegible 

7.77 Photocopy of portions of American Decades 1960-1969 edited by Richard Layman (Manly, Inc., 1995), pp. vii-viii, 352-353, and 366-367. 

7.78 Photocopy of portions of Mississippi Writers: Directory and Literary Guide edited by Aleda Shirley, Susan M. Glisson and Ann J. Abadie (The Center for the Study of Southern Culture, 1995), pp. introduction and 32. 

7.79 Photocopy of portions of Literary Journalism: A Biographical Dictionary of Writers and Editors (Greenwood Press, 1996) pp. 183-187 (2 copies). 

7.80 Photocopy of portions of Encyclopedia of Southern Literature by Mary Ellen Snodgrass (ABC-CLIO, Inc., 1997), pp. 153-164, 276-292, and 359-364. 

7.81 Photocopy of portions of Who’s Who in America 1999 (Marquis Who’s Who, 1998), 53rd edition, Volume 2 L-Z, pp. 3157. 

7.82 Photocopy of portions of Encyclopedia of American Literature edited by Steven R. Serafin (Continuum, 1999), pp. 784-785. 

7.83 Photocopy of portions of Contemporary Southern Writers edited by Roger Matuz (St. James Press, 1999), pp. 270-272. (3 copies) 

7.84 Photocopy of portions of Reader's Encyclopedia of American Literature edited by George Perkins, Barbara Perkins, and Phillip Leininger (HarperResource, 2002), pp. v-vi and 701. 

7.85 Photocopy of portions of The Chronology of American Literature edited by Daniel S. Burt (Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004), pp. introduction and 568-569. 

7.86 Photocopy of portions of American National Biography (Supplement 1) edited by Paul Betz and Mark C. Carnes (Oxford University Press, 2002), 432-434 and preface. 

7.87 Photocopy of portions of Yazoo County Story: A Pictorial History of Yazoo County, Mississippi (University Supply and Equipment Company, 1958), pp. 94-95. 

7.88 Photocopy of portions of The Poetic Image in 6 Genres by David Madden (Southern Illinois University Press, 1969), pp. xi-xxx, 198-199, 212-215, 218-231, and 238-239. 

7.89 Photocopy of portions of The Americans by David Frost (Stein and Day, 1970), pp. 11-23, 100-107, and 249-250. 

7.90 Photocopy of portions of Bayou Cuisine (St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, 1970), pp. 289, and 297. 

7.91 Photocopy of portions of Survey of Contemporary Literature Volume 5 edited by Frank N. Magill (Salem Press, Inc., 1971), pp. 3293-3295. 

7.92 Photocopy of portions of The Jackson Cookbook (Symphony League of Jackson, 1971), no page numbers, 7 pages. 

7.93 Photocopy of portions of Kite-Flying and Other Irrational Acts: Conversations with Twelve Southern Writers edited by John Carr (Louisiana State University Press, 1972), pp. 96-121, 129-131, and 142-148. 

7.94 Photocopy of portions of You Can't Eat Magnolias edited by H. Brandt Ayers and Thomas H. Naylor w/ an introduction by Willie Morris (McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1972), pp. ix-xiii, 49-57, 169-195, 287-299, and 368-380. 

7.95 Photocopy of portions of Amazing Grace: With Charles Evers in Mississippi by Jason Berry (Saturday Review Press, 1973), pp. 1-4, 44-53, and 366-367. 

7.96 Photocopy of portions of A History of Mississippi Volume II edited by Richard Aubrey McLemore (University and College Press of Mississippi, 1973), pp. vii-viii, 446-451, and 473-476. 

7.97 Photocopy of portions of Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made by Eugene D. Genovese (Pantheon Books, 1974), pp. xv-xvii, 93, 426-429, 540, 635-636 and 820. 

7.98 Photocopy of portions of The Old Man and Lesser Mortals by Larry L. King (Viking Press, 1974), pp. ix-xi and 285-300. 

7.99 Photocopy of portions of Stop the Presses, I Want to Get Off! edited by Richard Pollack (Random House, 1975), pp. ix-xiii and 243-258. (2 copies) 

7.100 Photocopy of portions of Self Portrait: Book People Picture Themselves (Random House, 1976), pp. 167. 

7.101 Photocopy of portions of Place Over Time: The Continuity of Southern Distinctiveness by Carl N. Degler (Louisiana State University Press, 1977), pp. xi-xiv, 1-25, 127-129, and 136-137. 

7.102 Photocopy of portions of The Author Speaks: Selected PW Interviews 1967-1976 by Publishers Weekly Editors and Contributors (R.R. Bowker Company, 1977), pp. xi, xiii-xiv, 94-96, 314-315, and 518-519. 

7.103 Photocopy of portions of Authors in the News Volume 2, pp. 204-205. 

7.104 Photocopy of portions of An Anthology of Mississippi Writers edited by Noel E. Polk and James R. Scafidel (University Press of Mississippi,. 1979), pp. xv-xviii. 

7.105 Photocopy of portions of Why the South Will Survive by Fifteen Southerners (University of Georgia Press, 1981), pp. 1-10, 121-125, and 143-148. 

7.106 Photocopy of portions of Pete and Me: Twenty Poems by Frances Mitchell (Pete's Press, 1981), poem "My Dog?" 

7.107 Photocopy of portions of Breaking Ranks by Norman Podhoretz (Harper & Row, Publishers, 1979), pp. 3-17, 144-160, 232-233, 248-249, and 372. 

7.108 Photocopy of portions of Mississippi Writers: A Portfolio of Portraits (University Press of Mississippi, 1981), no page numbers, 3 pages. 

7.109 Photocopy of portions of Mailer A Biography by Hilary Mills (Empire Books, 1982), pp. 76-77, 318-333, 346-347, 360-365, and 470-471. 

7.110 Photocopy of portions of Mailer His Life and Times by Peter Manso (Simon and Schuster, 1985), pp. 710, 

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7.112 Photocopy of portions of Mississippi Writers Talking Volume II interviewed by John Griffin Jones (University Press of Mississippi, 1983), pp. vii and 117. 

7.113 Photocopy of portions of Tell About the South: The Southern Rage to Explain by Fred Hobson (Louisiana State University Press, 1983), pp.3-19, 297-307, and 388. 

7.114 Photocopy of portions of Mailer: His Life and Times by Peter Manso (Simon & Schuster, 1985), pp. 246-265, 460-463, and 518-521. 

7.115 Photocopy of portions of Into Eternity: The Life of James Jones by Frank MacShane (Houghton Mifflin Company, 1985), pp. 274-289, 292-297, 300-303, and 346-347. 

7.116 Photocopy of portions of James Jones by George Garrett (Harcourt Brace, 1984), pp. xiii-xv, 3-5, 42-43, 67, 69, 78-81, 84, 124-125, 129, 174, 176-189, 194-195, 202-203, 206-207, and 216. 

7.117 Photocopy of portions of Writing the South: Ideas of an American Region by Richard Gray (Cambridge University Press, 1986), pp. xi-1, 217-237, 271-289, 314-323, and 329. 

7.118 Photocopy of portions of None But A Blockhead: On Being a Writer by Larry L. King (Viking, 1986), pp. ix-x, 86, 143, and 147. 

7.119 Photocopy of portions of American Literary Magazines: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries edited by Edward E. Chielens (Greenwood Press, 1986), pp. ix-xvi, and 166-171. 

7.120 Photocopy of portions of Mississippi Writers: Reflections of Childhood and Youth, Volume II: Nonfiction, edited by Dorothy Abbott (University Press of Mississippi, 1986), pp. xv-xxx. 

7.121 Photocopy of portions of Campus Life: Undergraduate Cultures from the End of the Eighteenth Century to the Present by Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz (Knopf, 1987), pp. ix-xiv, 14-19, 168-173, 223, 306-307, and index. 

7.122 Photocopy of portions of A Death In the Delta: The Story of Emmett Till by Stephen J. Whitfield (The Free Press, 1988), pp. ix-xi, 12-13, 136-139, 152, 172 and 192. 

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Research Notebooks 

8.1 Blue Notebook. Mr. Jack Bales's first compiled notebook on Willie Morris 

8.2 Maroon Notebook. Contains notes about Willie Morris's hometown of Yazoo City, Mississippi, in relation to Morris’s writings 

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Miscellaneous Correspondence and Articles 

9.1 Articles. Various Dates. Articles By Willie Morris. Photocopies 

9.2 TD. Undated. Type from Flaps of The Ghosts of Medgar Evers by Willie Morris. 3pp. Photocopy 

9.3 Correspondence Between Jack Bales and Willie Morris. Photocopies 

9.4 Copy of the June 1978 Atlantic. Contains article by Willie Morris, “A Friendship: Remembering James Jones.” Morris also appears on the front cover 

9.5 Various Interviews with Willie Morris 

9.6 Articles. Various Dates. Articles About Willie Morris. Photocopies 

9.7 Article. April 30, 1989. “A Torn-Up Dreamer: Marcus Dupree Carried a Football Like Few Ever Have, But an Injured Knee Has Made Him a Memory at Age 24”/ Raad Cawthon. Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Photocopy 

9.8 Article. Undated. “Willie Morris”/ Jack Bales. Article from the Mississippi Writers Page 

9.9 TMS. May 27, 1997. Draft copy of “Collecting Willie Morris”/ Jack Bales. 19pp. Annotated. Note: Appeared in Firsts 

9.10 Correspondence with William Styron and Jack Bales 

9.11 Articles By and About Friends of Willie Morris 

9.12 Articles About Jack Bales 

9.13 Reviews of Willie Morris’ Books 

9.14 Correspondence Concerning Willie Morris 

9.15 Correspondence with Larry L. King 

9.16 Vanderbilt TV News Archive Material 

9.17 Biographical Material on Willie Morris 

9.18 Internet Material 

9.19 Article. February 28, 1998. “Willie Morris masterfully tells story of pain and redemption in the South”/ Jack Bales. The Free-Lance Star Town & Country. P.13. Note: Review of The Ghosts of Medgar Evers 

9.20 Clippings About Willie Morris 

9.21 Article. July 1998. “My Dog Skip Soon to be Released on Big Screen”/ Willie Morris. Hay-Bales Times. P.2. 2 Copies 

9.22 Article. Summer 1999. “’A Song in the Heart:’ Author Willie Morris Visits Mary Washington College”/ Jack Bales. Today, Vol. 23, No.2. P. 2 

9.23 Articles Regarding the August 2, 1999 Death of Willie Morris 

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