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Finding aid for the Ichauway Plantation Documentary Project Collection

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Finding Aid for the Ichauway Plantation Documentary Project Collection

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Finding Aid for the Ichauway Plantation Documentary Project Collection

Descriptive Summary

PURL: http://purl.oclc.org/umarchives/MUM01744/
Title: Ichauway Plantation Documentary Project Collection
Dates: 1927-1995 (bulk 1991-1995)
Collector: University of Mississippi. Center for the Study of Southern Culture
Physical Extent: 3.5 boxes, 1 poster case drawer (1.75 linear feet)
Repository: University of Mississippi. Department of Archives and Special Collections. University, MS 38677, USA
Identification: MUM01744
Location: General Special Collections
Language of Material: English
Abstract: A collection of brochures, correspondence, interview transcriptions, photographs,
publications, and research items related to the Ichauway Plantation-Joseph W. Jones
Ecological Research Center in Newton, Georgia, and the University of Mississippi’s
Center for the Study of Southern Culture folkways survey that took place at Ichauway
and within the surrounding community in the 1990s.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Received from the Center for the Study of Southern Culture, University of Mississippi

Processing Information

Collection processed by John R. Wall, 2010 and 2011. Finding aid encoded by Kathryn
Michaelis, August 2011.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Subject Terms

Baker County (Ga.)
Ichauway Plantation, Ga.
Newton (Ga.)
University of Mississippi. Center for the Study of Southern Culture
Wilderness areas — Georgia
Woodruff, Robert Winship


black-and-white photographs
black-and-white slides
video recordings

Historical Note

Ichauway Plantation near Newton, Baker County, Georgia was an early twentieth century
natural hunting preserve founded by Robert W. Woodruff, Chairman of the Coca-Cola
Company. In 1991, the plantation became the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center.
The hunting plantation and later ecological center is one of the biggest employers
in Baker County.

Scope and Content Note

From 1991 to 1994, the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University
of Mississippi sent students to conduct interviews, take photographs, and document
the culture of the people who worked on the preserve or lived near it in the Newton,
GA, vicinity. The collection contains letters, interview transcriptions, photocopied
business papers, church bulletins, special event programs, brochures, photographs,
audio tapes, video tape, note pads, finding aids to archived collections, and maps

User Information

Prefered Citation

Ichauway Plantation Documentary Project Collection, Archives and Special Collections,
J.D. Williams Library, The
University of Mississippi

Access Restrictions

Open for research.

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making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under
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Related Material

Resources at the University of Mississippi

Graham, Sally Suzanne. University of Mississippi thesis: “Right Now Lord!”: Pastor Carolyn King and the Noah’s Ark Holiness Church. Cataloged: LD3411.82 .G7419 1993

Separated Material

Elliot, Charles. Ichauway Plantation (Robert W. Woodruff, 1974). Cataloged: F292.B14 E14.

Videotape. 1994 Flooding-Ichauway Area-Joel Rackley tape.

Audiotape. Marshall Lush and Jeff Hollysworth. February 1998.

Audiotape. “To Chuck from Huck.”

38 Photographs taken by Wiley Prewitt, Aimee Schmidt, and Charles Yarborough

2 negative sheets

15 slides

Map on Styrofoam Board. Ichauway-Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center.


This collection is arranged in three series.

Container List

Series I. Supervisory Project Information, Correspondence, Visual Images, and Media
Box 1
Folder 1.1

Black Belt Community Brochure, “Ichauway Plantation,” December 1931
Folder 1.2

Essay: “Ichauway Documentary Project: Becoming Better Readers Through Stories,” by Charles “Chuck” Yarbrough
Folder 1.3

Ichauway Project Background Information, June 1992
Folder 1.4

Ichauway Budget: Ichauway Documentary Budget
Folder 1.5

Ichauway Budget: Interim Report Proposal Notes
Folder 1.6

Ichauway: Travel
Folder 1.7

Ichauway, Inc.: General Correspondence
Folder 1.8

Ichauway Video Correspondence
Folder 1.9

Letters from Tom Rankin of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture and Coca-Cola
Folder 1.10

Letters to Chuck Yarborough Regarding Ichauway Flood of 1994
Folder 1.11

Ichauway Bibliography
Folder 1.12

Ichauway Bibliography (Mississippi State University)
Folder 1.13

Ichauway Informants
Folder 1.14

Ichauway Documentary Project Field Workers
Folder 1.15

Ichauway Fieldworkers: Sally Graham
Folder 1.16

Ichauway Fieldworkers: Wiley Prewitt
Folder 1.17

Field Notes of Wiley Prewitt
Folder 1.18

Field Notes: Emory Field Station Information 1992-1993
Folder 1.19

Ichauway Note Pads
Folder 1.20

Photograph Log of Wiley Prewitt, July 1992–May 1993
Folder 1.21

Black and White Prints: Ichauway Documentary Project. Photographer: Wiley Prewitt
Folder 1.22

Photograph Log of Chuck Yarborough and Aimee Schmidt
Folder 1.23

Black and White Prints–Ichauway Documentary Project. Photographer: Chuck Yarborough
Folder 1.24

Chuck Yarborough’s Logged Photograph Proof Sheets [Photocopies]
Folder 1.25

Black and White Prints–Ichauway Documentary Project. Photographer: Aimee Schmidt
Folder 1.26

Robert Woodruff Library, Emory University. Slides [5]
Folder 1.27

Video and Audio Cassette Tapes (From the Literary Center at Ichauway)
1994 Flooding-Ichauway Area. Joel Rackley Tape. July 1994 [Video].
Marshall Lush and Jeff Hollysworth. February 1998 [Audio].
“To Chuck from Huck” [Audio].
Series II. Project Interviews
Box 2
Folder 2.1

Ichauway Interviews, 1992-1995
Folder 2.2

Ichauway Documentary Project–Catalog of Interviews, 1 June 1992–1 July 1993
Folder 2.3

Catalog of Ichauway Interviews, 1 June 1992–1 July 1993
Folder 2.4

IDP-CY01.TR: Richard Wright Interview, 10 August 1993
Folder 2.5

IDP-CY05.TR: Mr. Poodle Addison Interview, 13 August 1993
Folder 2.6

IDP-CY13.TR: Willie “Toolie” Williams Interview, 18 August 1993
Folder 2.7

IDP-CY16.TR: Frog Hudson and Tommy Ledford Interview, 20 August 1993
Folder 2.8

IDP-CY-A062.TR: D.C. Mills Interview, 21 January 1994
Folder 2.9

IDP-CY-A114.TR: Bernice Clemmons Interview, 19 April 1994
Folder 2.10

IDP-CY-A115.TR: Garfield Freeman Interview, 19 April 1994
Folder 2.11

IDP-CY-A117.TR: Roy Lanier Interview, 27 April 1994
Folder 2.12

IDP-CY-A119.TR: David “Mac” Burns Interview, 2 May 1994
Folder 2.13

IDP-CY-A120.TR: Mollie Taylor Interview, 2 May 1994
Folder 2.14

IDP-CY4122.TR: Irene Hudson Interview, 18 May 1994 [Tape 1 of 2]
Folder 2.15

IDP-CY4123.TR: Irene Hudson Interview, 18 May 1994 [Tape 1 of 2]
Folder 2.16

IDP-CY19.TR: James Mott Interview, 23 May 1994
Folder 2.17

IDP-CY-D020: Bill Adkins Interview, 28 May 1994
Folder 2.18

Sally Graham Interview Notes
Folder 2.19

Raccoon Hunting Tape Logs
Folder 2.20

Interview Transcript [?]. “My Life.” [Interviewer/Interviewee Unknown]
Series III. Ichauway and Newton/Baker County, GA, Community Information and Research
Box 3A
Folder 3A.1

Bulletin. Green Grove Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Newton, Georgia. December
Folder 3A.2

Bulletin. Notchaway Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Newton, Georgia.
Folder 3A.3

Bulletin. Pastor’s Appreciation Program and Christmas Quiz Tract. Thankful Missionary
Baptist Church. 19 December 1993.
Folder 3A.4

Bulletin. “Welcome to Springfield Missionary Baptist Church, Newton,” Georgia.
Folder 3A.5

Flier. “A Letter from Baker County.”Atlanta Constitution. Letter to the Editor. Georgia Council on Human Relations.
Folder 3A.6

Program. Dr. Martin Luther King Commemoration-Green Grove C.M.E., Newton, Georgia.
17 January 1994.
Folder 3A.7

Programs. “Variety in the Search for Justice-Civil Rights Movement in South Georgia.” Albany Movement and Civil Rights Movement in Small-Town Georgia Symposiums. February
Folder 3A.8

General Information on Ichauaway and the Creek (Contemporary Information)
Folder 3A.9

Creek, Ichauway
Folder 3A.10

Ichauway Map Photocopy
Folder 3A.11

Newspaper Clipping. Shelton, Scott. “Protesters Won’t Rest.”
Scope: Commercial Land Use–Creek Controversy
Folder 3A.12

Ichauway–Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center Information
Folder 3A.13

Organizational Objectives and Plan for Development of the Joseph W. Jones Ecological
Research Center. 1 May 1992.
Folder 3A.14

Hunting at Ichauway–Hunting in South Georgia
Folder 3A.15

Ichauway Hunting Regulations
Folder 3A.16

Game (Upper Class) Killed at Ichauway, 1934-1940; 1991-1992
Folder 3A.17

Trapping Plan–Ecological Justification by Robert Smith, March 1930
Folder 3A.18

Program. Georgia-Florida Shooting Dog Handler’s Club–13th Annual Field Trial at Mandalay
Plantation, 7 March 1994.
Folder 3A.19

Magazine Article.
Scope: Local Bird Hunting: Charlie Elliot Story
Folder 3A.20

Swamp Gravy Project–Colquitt, Georgia
Folder 3A.21

Program. Swamp Gravy-Georgia’s Folk Life Play. Colquitt, Georgia, 1994 (Atlanta Olympic
Games Cultural Event).
Folder 3A.22

Newspaper Clippings
Folder 3A.23

Newspaper Clippings. New Albany Herald, 30 September 1992 and 4 October 1992.
Folder 3A.24

Ichauway Newspaper Clipping. Farmer, Bainbridge, Georgia. 5 September 1971.
Folder 3A.25

Ichauway Newspaper Clippings. Marijuana Plane Crash, 1977.
Folder 3A.26

Newspaper Article. Sirianni, Anadarcia. “When Adults Go Back to School.”Albany Herald, 15 August 1993.
Folder 3A.27

Newspaper. Miller County Liberal. Thursday, 27 January 1994 [L.Hudson Column: “From Baker County-The Capital of GA.” Page 11]
Folder 3A.28

Newspaper. Southwest Georgia Farm and Plantation. 10 March 1994.
Folder 3A.29

Newspaper Clippings. Miscellaneous Robert W. Woodruff Articles.
Folder 3A.30

Robert W. Woodruff: Preface to the Woodruff Memorial Service.
Scope: By Martha Ellis
Folder 3A.31

Research in the Woodruff Papers–Notes and Map of Atlanta
Folder 3A.32

Robert Woodruff Library. Woodruff Papers-Photo Index.
Folder 3A.33

Robert Woodruff Library. Video and Film Collection Descriptions.
Folder 3A.34

Robert Woodruff Library-Emory, Photocopies: Ichauway Plantation Employment List from
Woodruff Papers
Folder 3A.35

Robert Woodruff Library-Emory, Photocopies: Sharecropper, Tenant Farming, Records,
and Rules
Folder 3A.36

Robert Woodruff Library-Emory, Photocopies: Land Descriptions and Inventories
Folder 3A.37

Robert Woodruff Library-Emory, Photocopies: Ichauway Plantation-Employees’ Duties,
1951, and Accounts and Notes Receivable, 1958
Folder 3A.38

Robert Woodruff Library-Emory, Photocopies
Scope: Trespassing on Ichauway, Creek Issues in Early Year
Folder 3A.39

Robert Woodruff Library-Emory, Photocopies: Herbert Stoddard’s Report on Du Bignon
Place, Baker County, Georgia and Roy Rogers’ Reports to the Boss About Predators
Folder 3A.40

Robert Woodruff Library-Emory, Photocopies: Second Group Research within Woodruff
Papers and Documents Relating to Brian Palik’s Land Use Interest
Box 3B
Folder 3B.1

Robert Woodruff Library-Emory, Photocopies: Miscellaneous
Folder 3B.2

Ichauway Manuscript
Scope: Contains letter from the Robert Woodruff Library-Emory
Folder 3B.3

Stoddard Papers – Ichauway Bibliography
Folder 3B.4

Database Search for South Georgia, Summer 1993
Folder 3B.5

F.O.H. Files
Poster case drawer
Map on Styrofoam Board. Ichauway–Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center.


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