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Finding-Aid for the Graduate Conference on Southern History Collection (MUM00563)

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Descriptive Summary
University of Mississippi
Graduate Conference on Southern History Collection.
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Materials in:
Collection contains correspondence, planning materials, various papers, and other miscellaneous documents related to the Graduate Conference on Southern History held 1996.
2 boxes.
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The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Phone: 662.915.7408
Fax: 662.915.5734
E-Mail: archive@olemiss.edu
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Graduate Conference on Southern History Collection (MUM00563). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Scope and Contents Note
Collection contains correspondence, planning materials, various papers, and other miscellaneous documents related to the Graduate Conference on Southern History held 1996.

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Index Terms
University of Mississippi — History

Container List


Box 1

Folder No.:

1. Correspondence.

2. Various drafts of programs and itineraries.

3. Miscellaneous broadsides.

4. Miscellaneous records.

5. Abstracts of paper topics.

6. Resumes of presenters.

7. Miscellaneous.

8. Keynote address, “The Civil Rights Movement and the Possibilities of Democracy,” by John Dittmer.

9. Paper: “A Southern Rural Working-Class Girl: The Life of Mary Phagan,” by Stephen Brown.

10. Paper: “Confederate Flags, Class Conflict, A Golden Egg and Castrated Bulls: A Historical Examination of the Ole Miss- Mississippi State Football Rivalry,” by Mike Butler.

11. Paper: “Ethnic Identity and the Social Implications of the Chickahominy School Struggle,” by Christopher Everett.

12. Paper: “I Question America: The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and the Failure of American Electoral Politics,” by Todd Moye.

13. Paper: “African-American Inclusion in the Fifth Naval District, 1942-1944,” by Paul Moulton.

14. Paper: ” ‘Lunch Anyone’: The Saturday Luncheon Group’s Fight for Compliance in Memphis, Tennessee,” by Kimberly Nichols.

15. Paper: “This Special Picnic: The Fourth of July in Charleston, South Carolina, 1865-1900,” by Adam Rothman.

16. “Howard Langfitt’s ‘Farm Family of the Week’ and the Stigma of Agricultural Demonstration, 1954-1961,” by Michael D. Thompson.

17. Paper: “A Clearing in the Woods: Benevolence and Rhetoric in the Founding of the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum,” by Marcia Tourtellot.

18. Paper: “Populism in Mississippi: The Rhetoric and Symbolism of Independence,” by William Bland Whitley.

19. Paper: “Lawyer-Statesman and Dusty Riders of the Plain: Lawyers on the Southern Frontier” by Julia A. Woods.

20. Proposals

21. Papers

Box 2
1. Misc. planning materials

2. Questionaire

3. Hull, Alice: Arsenne’s Inappropriate Dress: An Examination of the Construction of Public and Private Memory

4. Goldsmith, Sara: Mitchell vs. Wells: Conflicts Over the Nature of Slave Law in a Changing Society

5. Mooney, Sean: How the Irish Became Southern: Proletarian Immigrant Assimilation on Georgia” “Slave Coast” 1825-1861

6. Avcoin, Brent: “A Rift in the Clouds: Judge Jacob Trieber and African American Civil Rights, 1900-1927”

7. Arnold, Ronnie: Huey Long, The Louisiana Progress, and the U.S. Senate Race of 1930

8. Barbier, M. Kathryn: The 1940 Louisiana Manuevers: Preparation for War in Europe

9. Bespabov, Vladimir: The Development of Presidential Republicanism in Louisiana, 1944-1960

10. Butler, Mike: “All I’m Interested In is Getting a Place to Swim:” The Biloxi Riot of April 24, 1960

11. Cheathem, Mike R.: Andrew Jackson Donelson and His Influence During Andrew Jackson’s Presidential Administrations

12. Curtis, Christopher M.: “Can These Be the Sons of Their Fathers?” Discourse on Slave Property in the Virginia House of Delegates December 1831-January 1832

13. Digman, John Carl: Old Patterns of African American Migration in the New South, 1880-1910

14. Dorsey, Saul: The Loyal Opposition: Mississippi’s Sucession Opponents

15. Dunne, Mathew: Mississippi Mission: The American Friends Service Committee and School Desegregation in Jackson, Mississippi

16. Edwards, Gary: Farmers and Planters in Antebullum Madison County, Tennessee: A Contrast of Lifestyles

17. Estes, Steve: “A Man in Every Respect”: Masculinity, Honor and Massive Resistance, 1954-1962

18. Everett, Christopher: Resurgence of Public Identity: History and Meaning of the Haliwa Wow

19. Ford, Dudley: Building Toward Survival and Beyond: Jackson, 1841-1860

20. Fraley, Miranda L.: Single Women and the Industrialization of Southern Applachia, 1870-1930

21. Green, Jennifer: A Cultural Moment of Reconstruction: The Klu Klux Klan Trials

22. Hays, Jason: Br’er Rabbit vs. the U. S. Army Seminole Inter-racial Alliance and Strategies of Resistance 1835-42, As Reflected in Seminole/Muskogee Oral Narrative

23. Long, Alecia P.: “It’s Because You Are a Colored Woman” Joseph Mathis, Adeline Stringer, and the Reconstruction of an Interracial Romance

24. Mathew, Mary Beth Swetman: “Little Children, Then Won’t You Be Glad?” Slave Millennialism in Spirituals and Rebellions

25. Minor, Kelly: Tin Can Gardens and Pine Needle Baskets: Home Demonstration as a Cataylst for Cultural Transformation in Okaloosa County, 1922-1932

26. Phillips, Donyell Lakishka: Black Resistance, Black Consciousness: The Revolutionary War Experience of Black Americans in North Carolina

27. Poole, W. Scott: “Heroic Devotion and Pious Resignation”: Revivalism and the Uses of Confederate Memory

28. Robins, Glen: Sewannee and the Lost Cause, 1865 to 1919

29. Moye, Todd: The Problem of Periodization in the American Civil Rights Movement: Sunflower County, Mississippi as a Case Study

30. Crespino, Joseph: The Strange Career of Atticus Finch: To Kill A Mockingbird and American Racial Politics

31. Rohr, Karl: Cherokee Trade and Spanish-American Tension in the Old Southwest 1792-1793

32. Shields, Anne: What Light do Slaveholders Attitudes Towards Christianity Shed Upon the Southern Mentality?

33. Uffelman-Evans, Minoa: Changing Idealized Images of the Farm Woman in the Progressive Farmer, 1886-1998

34. Westerhoff, Arjen: “A Dixie-Style Plan for Saving America” Strom Thurmond and the Southern Realignment, 1948-1968

35. Wynne, Ben: Unionism Brief Vindication: The Mississippi Gubernatorial Election of 1851

36. Packet given to conference participants


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