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Finding-Aid for the Marvin Black PR Collection (MUM00523) The Department of Archives and Special Collections. The University of Mississippi Libraries

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Finding-Aid for the Marvin Black PR Collection (MUM00523)

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Descriptive Summary
University of Mississippi
Marvin Black PR Collection.
Inclusive Dates:
Materials in:
Collection contains various articles and publications mainly related to the University of Mississippi. Items were created 1955-1961.
3 boxes.
Repository :
The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Phone: 662.915.7408
Fax: 662.915.5734
E-Mail: archive@olemiss.edu
URL: https://www.olemiss.edu/depts/general_library/archives/
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Marvin Black PR Collection (MUM00523). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Scope and Contents Note
Collection contains various articles and publications mainly related to the University of Mississippi. Items were created 1955-1961.

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Index Terms
University of Mississippi — History

Container List

Inventory of Marvin Black P. R. Collection

00-975, K-6


Folder, “Anniversary Stuff,” 1959-1960.

Folder, “Archaeology-Mylonas…,” N/D

Folder, “Art,” 1959

Folder, “Background Stories, Series on ‘Ole Miss Chancellors Through the Years,” 1959

Folder, “Biology,” 1956-1957

Folder, “Background Stories II,” Contains three folders: Church Activities (Two), and Blue Shirt Boys Plannng. Misc. papers in main folder.

Folder, “Background-Southernaire”

Folder, “Business [?],” Industry in Mississippi

Folder, “Blue Shirt Project”

Folder, “Chemistry”

Loose Papers, 17 July 1961

Folder, “Classics Department,” 1955, 1957, 1959

Folder, “English Department,” 1959

Folder, “Faculty Club,” N/D

Folder, “TVA Engineering,” 1956, includes photographs

Folder, “Engineering School,” 1955, 1957, 1958, 1959

Folder, “Education, School of,” 1958, 1960

Folder, “Miss America,” 1960

Folder, “University Scholars,” 1955, 1958

Folder, “Soil Erosion Research,” 1959

Folder, “Sociology and Anthropology,” 1958

Folder, “Student Govbernment,” 1959

Folder, “Sedementation Lab,” 1959

Folder, “R.O.T.C.” 8/4 no year

Folder, “Public Administration,” 1959, 1960

Folder, “Visiting Lectures Public Relations,” 1952, 1953, 1956, 1959

Folder, “Big Business P.R. Directors Questions about case Histories and Lectures,” 1957

Folder, “Regional Education Board,” 1959-1960

Folder, “More SREB [Southern Regional Eduction Board] Publications,” 1959-1960

Booklet, Research and the Future of the South, 1959

Folder, “Journalism Controls [?],” 1959

Folder, “Journalism Guyton Thesis,” 1959

Folder, “Law School and LQC Lamar,” 1954, 1956


Folder, “SREB [Southern Regional Education Board] Publications,” 1960

Newsletter, Regional Action, October 1959

Booklet, University Research: What It Means to the South, Southern Regional Eduction Board, October 1959

Speech, Dr. Robert C. Anderson to the American College Public Relations Association, 2 November 1959

Folder, “SREB [Southern Regional Education Board] Suggestions in Atlanta,” 1959

Folder, “Southern Regional Education Background,” Atlanta, Georga meeting, 28-29 September 1959

Folder, “Liberal Arts”

Folder, Mathematics,” June 1959

Folder, “ACPRA [American College Public Relations Association] Summary Public Relations Directors,” 1948, 1950

Folder, “Association of State Universities,” 1958

Folder, “ACPRA [American College Public Relations Association] ?” 1957-1958

Folder, “ACPRA [American College Public Realtions Association]
Newsletter 1956,” contents dated 1960

Folder, “ACPRA [American College Public Relations Association] IX P.R. Comcepts,” Letters, 1960 speech “Some Thuoghts on the Public Relations Concept” by Dr. Black

Folder, “ACPRA [American College Public Relations Association] Membership I,” Correspondance 1959, 1960

Folder, “ACPRA Membership II,” Correspondance and Program 1960

Folder, “ACPRA Development Questions,” correspondance, 1958

Folder, “P.R. Facets at Ole MIss,” 1954, 1958

Folder, “ACPRA Research Reports Special Projects,” 1956

Folder, “AACTE Charts For Public Relatons-Correspondance,” 1953, 1954

Folder, “Journalism,” 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960

Folder, “Public Administration,” 1959, 1960

Folder, “ACPRA University Development,” correspondance, article, 1950, 1953, 1954

Folder, “Psychology,” 1958

Folder, “Physics,” 1960

Folder, “Political Science,” 1959

Folder, “Pharmacy Features,” 1955-1958

Folder, “Music,” August 1957

Folder, “Mississippi Magic,” 1957

Folder, “Mississippi Room Anneversary,” 1958


Folder, “Misssissippi Room [?]” 1956, 1959

Folder, “Home Economics,” 1958

Folder, “Extension Department,” Ole Miss band overseas

Folder, “Geology,” 1959

Folder, “Graduate School,” 1958, 1959

Folder, “Universty Extension Folder on Services,” 1956

Folder, “History (1959),” 1959

Folder, “Commerce an dPUblic Administration,” 1958

Folder, “Corporations and Institutions,” 1959

Folder, “Counseling, Pre-College Program,” 1956

Folder, “SREB [Southern Regional Education Board] Research,” newspapers 1959, 1960


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