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Finding-Aid for the Eudora Welty Periodicals (MUM00470)

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Descriptive Summary
University of Mississippi (collector)
Eudora Welty Periodicals.
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Materials in:
Collection contains periodicals with articles related to Eudora Welty published 1937-1998.
3 boxes.
Repository :
The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Phone: 662.915.7408
Fax: 662.915.5734
E-Mail: archive@olemiss.edu
URL: https://www.olemiss.edu/depts/general_library/archives/
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Eudora Welty Periodicals (MUM00470). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Scope and Contents Note
Collection contains periodicals with articles related to Eudora Welty published 1937-1998.

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Container List


Box 1: A-C

Summer 1942 “Ida M’Toy” (p.214)

Autumn 1949 “Put Me in the Sky!” (p.3) — 2 copies

American Prefaces

Spring 1942 “A Still Moment” (p. 226) & “A Curtain of Green: Themes and Attitudes” by Frederick Brantley (p. 241).


December 1943 “The Wide Net” (p. 91)

The Atlantic Monthly

February 1941 “A Worn Path” (p.215) — 3 copies

June 1941 “Powerhouse” (p.707) — 2 copies

November 1942 “Livvie Is Back” (p.57) — 4 copies

June 1945 “A Sketching Trip” (p. 62) — 3 copies

January 1946 “Delta Wedding” (p.113) — 2 copies

February 1946 “Delta Wedding” (p.118) — 2 copies

March 1946 “Delta Wedding” (p.121) — 2 copies

April 1946 “Delta Wedding” (p. 179)

July 1947 “Hello and Goodbye” (p.37) — 4 copies

May 1948 “Shower of Gold” (p.37)

February 1949 “The Reading and Writing of Short Stories” (p.54) — 3 copies

March 1949 “The Reading and Writing of Short Stories” (p.46) — 2 copies

October 1965 “Must the Novelist Crusade?” (p.104) — 4 copies

Brightleaf: A Southern Review of Books

Winter 1998 “Our Miss Welty” (pp.20-32)

Critical Inquiry

September 1974 “Artists on Criticism of Their Art” (p.219)

Box 2: D-N
Decision: A Review of Free Culture

June 1941 “A Visit of Charity” (p.17) — 2 copies

The Delta Review

November 1967 “An Evening with Eudora Welty and Elizabeth Spencer” (p.70)

Doubleday Doran

Fall 1941 (p.27) — 2 copies


December 1975 “The Corner Store” (p. 160) — 2 copies

Harper’s Bazaar

November 1941 “The Purple Hat” (p.68)

March 1947 “The Whole World Knows” (p.198)

July 1954 “Going to Naples” (pp. 18 & 54)

Harper’s Magazine

May 1942 “The Wide Net” (p.582) — 2 copies

The Harvard Advocate

Winter 1973 “Eudora Welty: An Interview” by Alice Walker (p.68)

The Hollins Critic (Hollins College, Virginia)

June 1970 “Everything Brought Out in the Open: Eudora Welty’s Losing Battles” (p.1)

Hollins (Hollins College, Virginia)

May 1974 “Celebration for Eudora Welty” by William Jay Smith (p. 7).

Horizon: A Review of Literature and Art (England)

February 1943 “The Wide Net” (p. 111)

Hudson Review

Spring 1949 “Sir Rabbit” (p.24)

Winter 1949 “In Yoknapatawpha” (p.596)

Junior League

Spring 1971 “Eudora Welty” (p. 62)


March 5, 1956 “The Trials of Uncle Daniel” (p.111)

Life and Letters To-Day

March 1944 “A Still Moment” (p. 168)

Magazine of Art

February 1944 “Jose de Creeft” (p.42)

Major Notes: Millsaps College Alumni News

Summer 1964 “Eudora Welty Named Writer-in-Residence” (cover & p. 5).

Mid-South (Sunday segment of the Memphis Commercial Appeal)

October 25, 1970 “Eudora Welty” by William Thomas (p.6) — 3 copies

Millsaps College Bulletin

February 1967 “Alumni and Citizens Citations/Destiny of Excellence Convocation” (p.19)

Mississippi Library News

March 1961 “Can’t We Do Something?” (p.11)

June 1970 “Eudora Welty’s ‘Losing Battles'” by Louis Dollarhide (p.96)

September 1978 “Preserving the Welty Photographs” by Patti Black (cover & p. 127)

Mississippi Magazine “An Afternoon with Miss Welty” (pp. 30+)

Mississippi Quarterly

Fall 1973 Special Issue: Eudora Welty — 2 copies

New Orleans Review

Vol. 7, No. 1 “Fiction as Event: An Interview with Eudora Welty” (pp.26-34)

The New Republic

October 25, 1953 “Pageant of Birds” (p.565)

The New Yorker

January 1, 1949 letter to the editor by Welty (p.50)

December 1, 1951 “The Bride of Innisfallen” (p.53) — 2 copies

September 1952 “No Place for You, My Love” (p. 37)

November 1952 “Kin” (p.39)

December 5, 1953 “The Ponder Heart” (p.47) — 2 copies

April 20, 1957 “A Flock of Guinea Hens Seen from a Car” (p.35)

July 6, 1963 “Where the Voice Is Coming From?” (p.24)

November 26, 1966 “The Demonstrators” (p.56)

March 15, 1969 “The Optimist’s Daughter” (p.37) — 2 copies

Box 3: O-Z

The Paris Review

Fall 1972 “The Art of Fiction XLVII: Eudora Welty” (p.72)

Poets & Writers

Sept/Oct 1997 “An Interview with Eudora Welty” by Marie Dawson

Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Institute of Arts and Letters

1963 “Presentation to William Faulkner of The Gold Medal for Fiction by Eudora Welty” (p.225) — 2 copies

1973 Introduction of New Members…Eudora Welty (p.7) — 2 copies

Quarterly Review of Literature

Vol.3, no.2 (p.195)

The Rectangle (official publication of Sigma Tau Delta National English Honorary Society)

Spring 1977 “The Vocal Symbol in Eudora Welty’s ‘No Place for You, My Love” (cover, 4-8)

Saturday Review

September 19, 1942 “The Life of a Southern Town” (p.22) — 2 copies

August 27, 1949 review of The Golden Apples by Herschel Brickell (p.9)

April 9, 1955 review of The Bride of Innisfallen by William Peden

June 1981 “Creators on Creating: Eudora Welty” by Scot Haller (p. 42) — 2 copies

The Sewanee Review

Summer 1949 “Moon Lake” (p.464)

Winter 1954 “Spring” (p.101) — 2 copies

Summer 1967 “Movement Never Lies” (p.529)

Shenandoah: The Washington and Lee University Review

Spring 1969 Special Issue on Eudora Welty — 2 copies

The South Atlantic Quarterly

January 1956 “Place in Fiction” (p. 57)

The Southern Quarterly

Summer 1982 Special Feature: Eudora Welty

The Southern Review

Summer 1937 “A Piece of News” (p.80)

Autumn 1937 “A Memory” (p.317)

Spring 1938 “Old Mr. Grenada” (p.707) — 2 copies

Spring 1939 “Petrified Man” (p.682)

Autumn 1939 “The Hitch-Hikers” (p.293)

Summer 1965 “Words into Fiction” (p.543) — 2 copies

Stanard Salute (West Virginia genealogical journal)

December 1984 “Eudora Welty and the Gardens” by Elma Martin (p.2)

“News Leader Story Concerning Eudora Welty” (p.4)

Texas Quarterly

Autumn 1961 “Henry Green: A Novelist of the Imagination” (p.246)


November 24, 1941 review of A Curtain of Green

April 22, 1946 review of Delta Wedding


May 1945 Welty’s review of William Sansom’s Fireman Flower (p. 69).

Vanity Fair

January 1984 “Learning to See” (pp.94-105). 2 copies.


August 1, 1944 “Literature and the Lens” (pp.102-103)

Western Review

Spring 1950 “The Teaching and Study of Writing (A Symposium) (p.167) — 2 copies

The Yale Review

Autumn 1942 “Asphodel” (p.146)

Winter 1966 “The Eye of the Story” (p.265) — 2 copies


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