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Finding-Aid for the Mississippi Authors SMMSS (MUM00299)

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Descriptive Summary
Mississippi Authors SMMSS.
Inclusive Dates:
Materials in:
Collection consists of correspondence, pamphlets, and manuscripts related to the work of several Mississippi authors. Items were created 1928-2006.
9 boxes.
B-9 (8 boxes) & H-13 (1 oversized box).
Repository :
The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Phone: 662.915.7408
Fax: 662.915.5734
E-Mail: archive@olemiss.edu
URL: https://www.olemiss.edu/depts/general_library/archives/
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Mississippi Authors SMMSS (MUM00299). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Scope and Contents Note
Collection consists of correspondence, pamphlets, and manuscripts related to the work of several Mississippi authors. Items were created 1928-2006.

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Container List


BOX 1: A-B


“Notes on Mississippi Writers.” Order Form, c. 1967-68 (00-523).

TM. “Literary Honors and Awards of Mississippi Authors (1945-1955).” (00-1091).

Program. Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters 15th Annual Awards Banquet. Awards given to Barry Hannah, Willie Morris, Grely Myatt, Tom Rankin, and Dr. Douglas W. McConnell.

Publicity broadsheet for The Mississippi Cookbook

Copy TLS. 8 September 1982. Emory D. Jones, President of Mississippi Poetry Society — North Branch, to “Dear Fellow Poet.” Re: Bill Lowenkamp, Jr’s Of Life and Love, reading and critiquing of members’ poems.

Margaret Walker Alexander:

The Mississippi English Newsletter
(January 1972) featuring an article on Alexander (00-370).

Program for Gibbs/Green Conference Inscribed by Margaret Walker Alexander (96-72).

Signed Broadside of Alexander’s poem “I Want to Wright the Songs of My People”

Copy TLS October 23, 1996 from Alferdteen Harrison, Director of Margaret Walker Alexander National Research Center, to William Ferris

Copy TLS November 5, 1996 from William Ferris to Alferdteen Harrison.

John Armistead:

Postcard invitation from Reed’s Gum Tree Bookstore to booksigning of A Home coming for Murder, by Tupelo author and minister, John Armistead, 1995 (95-100).

Ewart Autry:

Typescripts of “A Day for Misty,” and “A Nose that Knows,” by Ewart Autry (76-46).

James A. Autry:

Spiral bound TM. “Quilted Together: The Poet and the Writer Come Home to Mississippi” (1997). 19 pages.

Earle Basinsky:

Bound typed manuscript for Death Is a Cold, Keen Edge

Bound typed manuscript for The Big Steal

Charles Bell:

Broadside publicity for Songs for a New America

Henry Bellamann:

Broadside for Kings Row Festival, Westminster College, Westminster, Missouri, celebrating the work of Henry Bellamann, 1981 (00-1055).

“Autobiography of a Town,” by Jay M. Karr, written and performed for Kings Row Festival, Westminster College, Westminster, Missouri, celebrating the work of Henry Bellamann, 1981 (81-7).

Maxwell Bodenheim:

Handwritten letter with no date from Maxwell Bodenheim in Beacon, NY to Helen. Re: their personal relationship; typed manuscript of poem “To Noel Coward” with handwritten signature of Bodenheim; and broadsheet announcing a reading at [Greenwich] Village in 1953 (87-32).

Postcard of dust jacket for Bodenheim’s Naked on Roller Skates
(Jeffrey Luther/PC Designs, 1995).

Pamphlet. Boni & Liveright list of current books, including The King of Spain and Other Poems

Series of letters to Mr. Whitall:


TLS. September 21 [no year given]. Maxwell Bodenheim to Mr. Whitall. 1p. Re: Possible meeting.

TLS. October 4 [no year given]. Maxwell Bodenheim to Mr. Whitall. 2pp. Re: Desperate need to work and memory of visit to Mr. Whitall’s home.

TLS. October 11 [no year given]. Maxwell Bodenheim to Mr. Whitall. 2pp. Re: Acknowledgment of letter, desperate need to work, waiting to hear about novel, and his writing.

TLS. October 15 [no year given]. Maxwell Bodenheim to Mr. Whitall. 1p. Re: Letter from Mr. Elliott not offering immediate employment, wife seeking manual labor, and appreciation of interest.

TLS. October 27 [no year given]. Maxwell Bodenheim to Mr. Whitall. 2pp. Re: Thanking him for the loan, anger over treatment by the North American Review, selling of some poems to The Yale Review amd The New York Evening Post, and his inability to locate employment.

TLS. October 31 [no year given]. Maxwell Bodenheim to Mr. Whitall. 2pp. Re: lack of respect given to him by the North American Review, misinterpretation of Mr. Whitall’s interest, poem “The Sword Converses With a Philosopher,” anger over Mr. Whitall’s actions.

TMs. Undated. “The Sword Converses With a Philosopher”/ Poem by Maxwell Bodenheim. Note: probably sent to Mr. Mr. Whitall with letter.

AMsS. Undated. “To a Rose”, an annotated poem by Maxwell Bodenheim.

David Bowen:

Publicity, clippings, and spiral bound copy TM of “The First Couple: A Play in Two Acts” by David Bowen.

Maude Morrow Brown:

TM. “‘Presentation of Battle Flag to Lamar Rifles is Recalled,’ by Norman Carnes, The Commercial Appeal
, March 28, 1954.” Re: speech given by Maude Morrow Brown.

BOX 2: C

Allen Cabaniss:

Broadsheet publicity for Judith Augusta: A Daughter of Charlemagne

R.J. Caire:

Broadsheet publicity for History of Pass Christian

Robert Canzoneri:

“Reflections” in McCall’s 98 (March 1971).

Hodding Carter:

Printed Christmas Play/Letter from Betty and Hodding Carter entitled “At Home with the Carters” (No date).

Louis Cochran:

Publicity/order form entitled “Lije Smith Marches On!” re: Sons of Haman and Boss Man.

Bound, typed manuscript “2nd draft” of Hallelujah, Mississippi (1952).

Bound, typed manuscript “final draft” of Hallelujah, Mississippi (1952).

Hubert Creekmore:

TM. “An Evening to Honor the Memory of Hubert Creekmore (January 16, 1907 — May 23, 1966) Prince George Hotel New York City, February 10, 1967.” 24 pages. (00-367).

Miscellaneous Hubert Creekmore items: Typed, folded invitation to “Launching of United States Naval Receiving Station Officer’s Club” in Noumea, New Caledonia in 1944; Typed manuscript with no date beginning “Well, he is certainly much better than Humphries, but I found that the metre and rhymes…”; Handwritten letter with no date on Arion letterhead from John Sullivan about translation of Juvenal (85-27).

BOX 3: D-G

Henry Dalton:

Publicity/order form for Hill Born: A Book of Poems

Jonathan Daniels:

Galleys and typed pages of The Devil’s Backbone
(1962) (00-82).

Bound, typed manuscript of The Devil’s Backbone
with handwritten corrections. [bound galleys in MS Authors SMMSS Oversize box].

Borden Deal:

Rogue magazine featuring an article “The Patternmaker,” (July 1963) (00-972).

John T. Edge:

Postcard “John T. Edge author of Southern Belly: The Ultimate Food Lover’s Companion to the South
” (Hillstreet Press).

Hill Street (Spring/Summer 2000) with “Traveling with Southern Food Prophet John T. Edge” (pp.10-11).

John Faulkner:

Pamphlet. “John Faulkner, Artist-Author, Brooks Memorial Art Gallery, October 12-27, 1968” (Memphis, TN).

Catalogue. “Hill Street Press, New Releases for Fall & Winter 1999” which includes Beat Six (p. 15) and My Brother Bill (p. 17).

[see also Box 9 for galleys of Uncle Good’s Girls].

Lamar Fortenberry:

Publicity pamphlet for Fortenberry’s Mississippi School Guide.

Nancy Geyer:

TM. “Dust: A Play in Two Acts.” 81 pages. In folder.

Charles Ghigna:

Photocopy TM. “Returning to Earth.” 74 pages in folder. Signed by author on title page. (Control no. 79-38).

TM. [Charles Ghigna’s Vita]. 6 pages.

Promotional broadsheet folded for poetry reading (1981).

TLS. David J. Vagnoni of The Vagnoni Agency to “Dear Friends.” Re: Charles Ghigna.

Promotional broadsheet “America’s Favorite Poet.”

TM. “Charles Ghigna Bibliography.” Contains photocopies of reviews. 7 pages. (Control no. 93-75).

Promotional broadsheet for Plastic Tears
. (Control no. 93-75).

“The Writing Life” in Writer’s Digest (September 1976). Signed.

Alice Walworth Graham:

Bound, typed manuscript of Indigo Bend

A. Wigfall Green:

Pamphlet publicity for The Man Bilbo.

Broadsheet with information on The Man Bilbo

BOX 4: H-O

Carolyn Haines:

Publicity and photograph for release of Splintered Bones

William Baskerville Hamilton:

Broadsheet publicity for Anglo-American Law on the Frontier: Thomas Rodney and His Territorial Cases

Evelyn A. Hammett:

Typed manuscripts of poems (00-166): “A Ballad of a Total Ass” (2 pages; 2 copies — original signed by author); and “The Acts as Luke Never Wrote It” (11 pages; signed by author).

Charlaine Harris:

Annotated publication manuscript for Living Dead in Dallas
, 2002.

Ernest Herndon:

Dust Jacket from Island Quarry
by Ernest Herndon, n. d. (90-53).

Nollie Hickman:

Publicity pamphlet for Mississippi Harvest: Lumbering in the Longleaf Pine Belt 1840-1915

Jay Higginbotham:

Publicity for Alma

TM. “Biographical Sketch, Jay Higginbotham, 1994.” 2 pages.

Broadsheet publicity and clipping for Fort Maurepas: The Birth of Louisiana, 1699-1702

Copy of review of Fast Train Russia
in Mississippi Magazine (no date).

Valerie Boyd Howell:

Collection, including Day Dreams in Dixie by Emma Gene Webb (Mrs. George David Webb) [removed for cataloguing], photocopied correspondence from Malcolm Cowley and Cleanth Brooks, clippings and poems (93-95).

Prentiss Ingraham:

Pamphlet “R.E. French’s Montezuma” (play written by Ingraham. (c.1888). (2001-113).

Margaret Jackson:

TM. “Margaret Jackson — Water Valley.” (No date). 1 page.

Dean James:

Dust Jacket. [2003]. Faked to Death

Rosa Vertner Johnson:

TM. “Rosa Vertner Johnson” (seemingly copied from Women of the South by Mary Forrest published in 1865). 3 pages.

TM. “Hasheesh Visions” by Rosa Vertner Johnson. 5 pages.

TM. “The Night Has Come” by Rosa Vertner Johnson. 2 pages.

TM. “My Childhood’s Home” by Rosa Vertner Johnson. 2 pages.

Jack Kean:

Announcement. Undated. Announcement by Genesis Press (Columbus, MS) for the publication of Jack Kean’s work Deadly Sacrifice. 1p.

Belle Kearney:

TM. “Belle Kearney, Vernon, 1863.” 1 page.

Edward Kimbrough:

Bound, typed manuscript of From Hell to Breakfast

Harry Harrison Kroll:

Broadsheet urging purchase of WWII War Bonds “A War Message from Harry Harrison Kroll.”

Thomas L. McHaney:

Typed manuscript “The Other Two” (1979) in folder (98-59).

Edith Wyatt Moore:

Publicity pamphlet for Natchez Under-the-Hill.

Berry Morgan:

Bound, typed manuscript of Pursuit (1966).

Scott Morris:

Book Review and Feature Article on The Total View of Taftly
in The Clarion-Ledger (June 4, 2000) (control no. 2000-109).

BOX 5: P

Josephine Balfour Payne & Joan Balfour Payne:

TM. “Josephine Balfour Payne — Church Hill, Mississippi. Joan Balfour Payne — Church Hill, Mississippi.” (c.1954). 2 pages.

Walker Percy/(Robert Penn Warren):

Walker Percy and Robert Penn Warren letters to Judith Chayes Neiman (00-371):

ALS. January 7, 1985. Walker Percy to Ms. Neiman. Envelope.

TLS. February 13, 1985. Robert Penn Warren to Judith Chayes Neiman.

TLS. February 22, 1985. Robert Penn Warren to Ms. Neiman. Envelope.

TM. “Cleanth Brooks” by Robert Penn Warren on occasion of Cleanth Brooks’ selection as the Jefferson Lecturer by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Thomas Hal Phillips:

Typed [Carbon] comment sheet by re: Shardy by Thomas Hal Phillips with enevelope. (00-1093).

Correspondence and typed manuscripts by Thomas Hal Phillips (90-47):

ALS. 12 June 1945. [Thomas] Hall [Phillips] in the European Theatre to “Orval.” 2 sheets.


TM. “Return” by Hal Phillips

TM. “Mr. Elgin’s house and Uncle Willis’ scene.” 3 sheets.

Bound, typed manuscript of The Golden Lie (1950).

Bound, typed manuscript of Search for a Hero (1951).

BOX 6: R-

Clayton Rand:

Publicity pamphlet for Stars in Their Eyes

Pamphlet “Clayton Rand: Editor — Author — Speaker.”

Broadside publicity/order for Stars in Their Eyes. 2 copies.

Misbeth Reed:

Publicity/order form for Country Decorating Using Antiques: Within the Confines of the Quarter, Possum Town, Mississippi.

Irwin Russell:

Photocopy of Jane Nyholm master’s thesis “Irwin Russell: A Biographical and Critical Study” (George Washington University, 1934).

J. Irving E. Scott:

Publicity pamphlet/order form for Finding My Way.

Publicity pamphlet for Negro Students and Their Colleges.

Dorothy Shawhan:

Invitation from Square Books to book signing of Lizzie
, by Dorothy Shawhan, 1995 (95-102).

Julie Smith:

Interview and book signing schedule of Julie Smith, published electronically in “Murder on the Internet,” 1995 (95-99).

Interview and Synopsis of The Kindness of Strangers, House of Blues published in “Murder of the Internet”. June 1996, excerpt only.

“Investigator of Mean Rooms: A Profile of Julie Smith”/ Frederick Isaac. Clues: A Journal of Detection. Vol. 15, No. 1, 1994 Spring-Summer. 2 copies.

“What They Want: A Survey of the Campus Lib Movement” by Julie Smith in California Monthly (June-July 1970): 39-43.

Emilie Blackmore Stapp:

Broadsheet publicity for Happyland’s Fairy Grotto Plays

Broadsheet publicity for Isabella Queen of Gooseland.

Broadsheet publicity for Isabella the Bride.

Broadsheet publicity for Isabella’s Big Secret

Pamphlet publicity for Isabella’s New Friend

TM [Carbon] of Isabella’s New Friend
(00-88) with copy TLS. 10 May 1956 from Stapp to Louise K. Thompson at the University of Mississippi.

TM “Emilie Blackmore Stapp — Wiggins” (public relations release concerning donation of her first editions to UM library). 3 copies.

James Street:

TM. “William A. Wellman’s ‘Good-bye, My Lady’, Screenplay by A.S. Fleischman from the novel of the same name by James Street.”(1955) Boxed.

Cid Ricketts Sumner:

TM. “Final Screenplay, Tammy and the Bachelor, March 20, 1956, Property of Universal-International Pictures.” Boxed.

Clifton Taulbert:

Promotional pamphlet for “8 Habits of the Heart.”

Spiral bound TM. “Quilted Together: The Poet and the Writer Come Home to Mississippi.” 19 pages.

S.G. Thigpen:

Pamphlet “Announcing a New Book by S.G. Thigpen A Boy in Rural Mississippi And Other Old Time Stories” (1966).

Pamphlet “Catalog of S.G. Thigpen’s Books.”

Mildred Spurrier Topp:

TM. “Mildred Spurrier Topp — Greenwood.” (no date). 1 page.

BOX 7: U-Z

Alice Walker:

TLS July 2000 from Random House publicists to “Dear Book Reviewer” with publicity photo of author [The Way Forward Is with a Broken Heart].

Wayne Laverne Walker:

TM. Form for “Mississippi Author Bibliography” completed by Wayne Laverne Walker. 2 copies.

Evans Wall:

“The Lake of Sang Pour Sang” in Tradition 4 (May 1961).

“The Yellow Cat” in Mr. 2 (November 1957).

TLS. October 6, 1979. Mary B. Wall to Mr. Walker. Re: her husband’s work and his papers.

Ben Wasson:

TLS to David Cohn, 18 June 1948 (93-33).

TLS. April 1, 1964. Ben Wasson in Greenville, MS to Lucy Sommerville Howorth in Cleveland, MS. Envelope.

TLS. August 25, 1965. Ben Wasson in Greenville, MS to Lucy Sommervile Howorth at Monteagle, TN. Envelope.

Brad Watson:

Promotional broadside for Last Days of the Dog Men

Bell Irvin Wiley:

Folded pamphlet for The Life of Johnny Reb: The Common Soldier of the Confederacy

Ben Ames Williams:

ALS to Mrs. Joseph Cerny, 7 January 1949 (00-142).

TM. “All the Brothers Were Valiant” Loew’s Incorporated shooting script for film (1953) based on Williams’ book by the same name. Boxed. [Photo still removed to:].

Blanche Colton Williams:

Carbon TM. No date. No title. Biographical information concerning Blance Colton Williams.

Ben Wynne:

Engraved invitation and bookmark promoting a Lemuria booksigning of A Hard Trip: A History of the 15th Mississippi Infantry CSA


LeRoy Barry Allen:

T. M. [Photocopy] “Autobiography of Leroy Barry Allen” (93-100).

Richard W. Pitts:

Photocopy of article “Life and Works of Richard W. Pitts”, by Miss Mardes Lee Wilson.


Jonathan Daniels:

Bound, galley proofs of The Devil’s Backbone

John Faulkner:

Galley proofs of Uncle Good’s Girls
. Inscribed by John Faulkner and dated 7 April 1952.

William Furr [Columbus, MS. Poet]:

Two Laminated Newspaper Articles Featuring William Furr from Columbus’s The Commercial Dispatch, 1989 and 2006.

-Hazard, George. “Poem Gets President’s Attention.” The Commercial Dispatch. Columbus, MS. June 13, 1989.

-Newman, Vicky. “The Years and Beyond: Columbus Man Publishes Book of Poetry written in ‘Old Masters’ Style.” The Commerical Dispatch. Columbus, MS. April 16, 2006.

Charlaine Harris:

Promotional stand up advertisement for Club Dead


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