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Finding-Aid for the Hodding Carter Periodicals (MUM00066)

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Descriptive Summary
Carter, Hodding
Hodding Carter Periodicals.
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Materials in:
Collection contains periodicals which contain articles written by or about Hodding Carter. These materials are dated 1948-1969.
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The University of Mississippi
J.D. Williams Library
Department of Archives and Special Collections
P.O. Box 1848, University, MS 38677-1848, USA
Phone: 662.915.7408
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E-Mail: archive@olemiss.edu
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Hodding Carter Periodicals (MUM00066). The Department of Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The University of Mississippi.

Scope and Contents Note
Collection contains periodicals which contain articles written by or about Hodding Carter. These materials are dated 1948-1969.

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Container List

American Magazine

Betty W. Carter. “First Story” (August 1948): 130.

The Atlantic
Hodding Carter. “Southern Towns and Northern Industry” (November 1949): 48+.

Delta Review
Hodding Carter. “From ‘The Ballad of Catfoot Grimes'” (Summer 1964): 32-33.

Ford Times
Hodding Carter. “Biloxi, Mississippie” (November 1952): 2+.

Hodding Carter. “Little Rivers of Mississippi” (November 1969): 38+.

Hodding Carter. “The Mississippi” (March 1949): 34+.

Ladies Home Journal
Hodding Carter. “A Street in Our Town” (December 1949): 51+.

The Lamp
Hodding Carter. “The South Is on Its Way” (November 1951): 20+.

Lifetime Living
Hodding Carter. “Mississippi’s Gulf Coast” (February 1954): 28+.

Hodding Carter. “A Southerner Tells: What’s Wrong with the South” (August 16, 1949): 21+.

Hodding Carter. “How Dangerous is the Ku Klux Klan?” (December 6, 1949): 23+.

Hodding Carter. “The Negro Problem Moves North” (April 8, 1952): 29+.

Hodding Carter. “A Wave of Terror Threatens the South” (March 22, 1955): 32+ [2 copies].

Hodding Carter. “The South and I” (June 28, 1955): 74+ [2 copies].

Reader’s Digest
Hodding Carter. “A Chip on Our Shoulder Down South” (January 1947): 123+.

Hodding Carter. “A Matter of Life or Death” (October 1950): 60+.

The Rotarian
Hodding Carter. “I Love My Town” (October 1966): 28+.

Saturday Evening Post
Hodding Carter. “He’s Doing Something About the Race Problem” (February 23, 1946): 30+ [2 copies].

Hodding Carter. “Chip on Our Shoulder Down South” (November 2, 1946): 18+.

Milton MacKaye. “The South’s Fighting Editor” (June 14, 1947): 28+.

Hodding Carter. “He is My Friend” (November 27, 1948): 28+

Hodding Carter. “The South’s Forgotten Man” (August 20, 1949): 25+.

Hodding Carter. “Racial Crisis in the Deep South” (December 17, 1955): 26+.

Hodding Carter. “We Hunted Lions Without Guns” (January 9, 1960): 30+.

Hodding Carter. “I’ll Never Leave My Town” (June 4, 1960): 19+.

Hodding Carter. “Let’s Keep the Filibuster” (June 16, 1962): 10+.

Saturday Review of Literature
Hodding Carter. “Cause Celebre and Cause CP” (June 10, 1950): 11+.

Walter Wray. “A Lincolnian in the Delta” (May 23, 1953): 13+.

Hodding Carter, Ralph McGill, Harry S. Ashmore, Omer Carmichael, and Edward D. Ball. “The Supreme Court Decision: Five Years Later” (May 23, 1959): 12+.

This Week Magazine
(Memphis, TN’s Commercial Appeal)

Hodding Carter. “The Awful Encounter” (May 17, 1953): 8+ [3 copies].

Hodding Carter. “A Glimpse of Peace” (October 18, 1953): 2 [2 copies].

“Delta Prizewinner” (May 20, 1946): 50.

Virginia Quarterly Review
Hodding Carter. “The Broadsword Virtues” (Autumn 1949): 489+.

Hodding Carter. “Our Town is Conservative” (Spring 1965): 202+.

What’s New
Hodding Carter. “A Bugle Call and Coffee and a Sapling Pine” (Christmas 1956): 28+.


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