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Finding aid for the American Family Association Collection

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Finding Aid for the American Family Association Collection

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The American Family Association Collection is open for research.

Finding Aid for the American Family Association Collection

Descriptive Summary

PURL: http://purl.oclc.org/umarchives/MUM00008/
Title: American Family Association Collection
Dates: 1990-2005
Collector: American Family Association
Physical Extent: 2 boxes
Repository: University of Mississippi. Department of Archives and Special Collections. University, MS 38677, USA
Identification: MUM00008
Location: D-15
Language of Material: English
Abstract: Collection of publications and circular letters from the American Family Association, a lobbying organization concerned with
homosexuality, conservative family values, the media, liberal ideology, abortion and other conservative religious interests.

Administrative Information

Processing Information

Collection processed by S.E. Sarthou, 2000, and revised by Audrey Uffner, July 2009. Finding aid encoded by Jason Kovari,
July 2009.


This collection receives periodic additions.

Subject Terms

American Family Association
Politics, Practical — 20th century
Conservatives — United States
Christianity and politics
Conservative literature
Christian conservatism
Religious right


circulars (fliers)
printed ephemera

Historical Note

The American Family Association Journal is published irregularly, although generally monthly; January is often omitted and November/December is published as one
issue. It is published by the American Family Association of Tupelo, Mississippi. Donald Wildmon is the founder and Executive
Editor. The American Family Association is a lobbying organization devoted to a conservative christian political and social
ideology. The Department’s subscription began in September 1990.

Scope and Content Note

Collection consists of American Family Association publications concerning homosexuality, conservative family values, the
media, liberals, Bill Clinton, abortion, and other conservative religious interests from 1990-2005.

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Prefered Citation

American Family Association Collection, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The
University of Mississippi

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The American Family Association Collection is open for research.

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making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under
certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized
to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions
is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be “used for any purpose other
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that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

Container List

Folder 1.1

Miscellaneous Mailings
Folder 1.2

V.14, No.9 – September – Kmart boycott. Separation of church and state.
V.14, No.11 – November/December – National Council of Churches. NEA. Education.
Folder 1.3

V.15, No.2 – February – Holiday Inn boycott. Secular humanism.
V.15, No.3 – March – Anti-christian bigotry. Bible ban. Excerpt from Christianity and Humanism. Steve Hallman.
V.15, No.4 – April – Norman Lear. Kmart. NEA.
V.15, No.6 – June – Norman Lear. Pfizer. “60 Minutes.” NC-17 Movie Rating. Abortion. NEA.
V.15, No.7 – July – NEA. AT&T. CBS. Education.
V.15, No.8 – August – Saturday Night Live. NEA. Pfizer.
V.15, No.9 – September – NEA. Serial killers. PBS. Violence and the Media. Abortion.
V.15, No.10 – October – NEA. Penthouse. Christianity Today on Donald Wildmon. Abortion.
V.15, No.11 – November/December – NEA, NBC. Alcohol abuse.
Folder 1.4

V.16, No.2 – February – Kmart. Playboy. NOW. NEA. Religion and Media.
V.16, No.3 – March – NEA. Kmart. Political correctness.
V.16, No.5 – May – Kmart. Education. Religion and Media.
V.16, No.6 – June – Kmart. PBS, Health care.
V.16, No.7 – July – Kmart. NEA. Boy Scouts. AIDS.
V.16, No.8 – August – Boycotts.
V.16, No.9 – September – PBS. kmart. Media bias. Education. Term limits.
V.16, No.10 – October – Kmart.
V.16, No.11 – November/December – Newspaper ban of AFA ad. Serial killers and pornography. Media bias.
Folder 1.5

V.17, No.1 – January – Kmart. Media.
V.17, No.2 – February – Gay rights. Media. Political action.
V.17, No.3 – March – Kmart. Anti-Bill Clinton. Media.
V.17, No.4 – April – Donahue. Abortion.
V.17, No.6 – June – Gay rights. Media and Violence.
V.17, No.7 – July – Kmart and Southern Baptist boycott. NYPD Blue. Violence in media. Media bias.
V.17, No.8 – August – NYPD Blue. Kmart. Gay rights. Violence in Media.
V.17, No.9 – September – ABC/NYPD Blue. Kmart. Pornography addiction.
V.17, No.10 – October – NYPD Blue. NEA. Abortion. Liberals.
V.17, No.11 – November/December – MacDonalds and Wayne’s World.
Folder 1.6

V.18, No.1 – January – Prayer in schools. Abortion. Anti-liberal.
V.18, No.2 – February – Kmart. Feminism. Outcome based education.
V.18, No.3 – March – Welfare for single mothers. Violence in media.
V.18, No.4 – April – Homosexuality. Sex in media. National Health Care. Political correctness, PBS.
V.18, No.6 – June – Homosexuality. Abortion. Boycotts. Education. Disney.
V.18, No.7 – July – Abortion. PBS and homosexuality. Calvin Klein.
V.18, No.8 – August – PBS bias. AT&T. Christian advocacy. “Christian bashing.”
V.18, No.9 – September – Gay rights. NPR and “anti-Christian bigotry.”
V.18, No.10 – October – AT&T. Same sex marriage. Homosexuality.
V.18, No.11 – November/December – kmart. Boycotts. AT&T. People for the American Way. Prayer in schools. Media.
Folder 1.7

V.19, No.1 – January – AT&T. Media. Prayer in schools.
V.19, No.3 – March – MTV. Kmart.
V.19, No.5 – May – Disney. Unilever. History Standards for U.S. History
V.19, No.6 – June – Unilever. Anti-homosexuality. Media bias. School prayer.
V.19, No.7 – July – Religious bigotry. Rap. Disney. Human Rights and China.
V.19, No.8 – August. Disney – Pocahontas. Congressman Dornan. Kmart. Unilever.
V.19, No.9 – September – Red Cross “Agenda.” Church & State. Media. Disney and pornography. Christ Temple church. Meridian,
MS. Media. Pornography as an insanity defense.
V.19, No.10 – October – Feminists. Calvin Klein Ads. Humanism.
V.19, No.11 – November/December – NEA. CBS. Abortion.
Folder 1.8

V.20, No.2 – February – Kmart boycott.
V.20, No.3 – March – Clinton administration. Anti media.
V.20, No.4 – April – Election. Homosexual conversion. Internet pornography.
V.20, No.6 – June – Anti-media. Euthanasia
V.20, No.7 – July
V.20, No.9 – September- “Disney’s moral plunge continues.” Same sex marriage. Phone sex.
V.20, No.10 – October – Disney boycott. Media. Drug use – Clinton NEA. Education and Liberal bias. Pornography – “The Virus
that threatens a nation”.
V.20, No. 11 – November/December – As above. Anti-AARP.
Folder 1.9

V.21, No.2 – February – Sex on TV. Homosexuality. Government intrusion.
V.21, No.3 – March – Computer porn. Radical feminism. “Burned churches.”
V.21, No.4 – April – IRS attack on conservatives. Creation.. Disney.
V.21, No.5 – May – Environmental movement. Disney and homosexuality. (2)
V.21, No.6 – June – Disney, boycott. Ellen. Homosexuality. Abortion.
V.21, No.7 – July – Political correctness. Homosexuality. Disney. Media.
V.21, No.8 – August – DISNEY. American Airlines support of homosexuality. Dennis Rodman.
V.21, No.9 – September – Disney boycott and others. NEA demise.Gay rights. Anti Clinton, anti-“LLE” (left-liberal-elite).
V.21, No.10 – October – Pro-corporal punishment. pornography, Internet dangers.
V.21, No.11 – November/December
Folder 2.1

V.22, No.1 – January. Clinton. Eisner. Cyber-smut. NEA. Anti-liberal. Miscellaneous Mailings from the American Family Association.
Disney boycott package. Includes a partial printout from the AFA Online, http://www.gocin.com/afa/home.htm.
V.22, No. 2 – February 1998
V.22, No. 3 – March 1998
V.22, No. 4 – April 1998
V.22, No. 5 – May 1998
V.22, No. 6 – June 1998
V.22, No. 7 – July 1998
V.22, No. 8 – August 1998
V.22, No. 9 – September 1998
Folder 2.2

Issue of “The Mississippi Progressive”/ American Family Association. Gambling & Mississippi Politics.
V.23, No.1 – January – Pro-family legislation. Marilyn Manson. Disney. Levi’s & gay lifestyle. American holocaust. Special
supplement – homosexuality: current thinking & Biblical guidelines.
V.23, No.2 – February – American Airlines. ‘Silver Sewer’ award. China. The gay agenda. TV networks. Pornography in the mainstream.
Disney boycott. Christians & peacemaking.
V.23, No.3 – March – Catholic bishops & abortion. Targeting children. Porn profs’ plans for kids. WB profile.
V.23, No.4 – April – Relativism. Prosperity & depravity. Gay activists use public schools.
V.23, No.5 – May – NCC service diminishes Jesus Christ. Entertainment not ethics. Harvard told to reject PC. “Victims of Porn
V.23, No.6 – June – Reflections on Columbine. McDonald’s. Homosexuality and child molestation. Teen drinking swells. Violence
in your town.
V.23, No.7 – July – Hate crime hoax? NBC’s Noah. Flynt pleads guilty to obscenity. Porn in public libraries.
V.23, No.8 – August – Homosexual promo video. Howard Stern. Journalism. Gambling. Family survival. Homosexual orientation.

V.23, No.9 – September – Library Association and child pornography. Disney “gay day.” Cyberspace sinks marriage. Marriage
as covenant. Violence & Hollywood.
The Mississippi Progressive [1999] Gambling Seeks Takeover of State Politics
Folder 2.3

V.24, No.1- January- Duncan Toy Company, Disney Boycott, anti-homosexual, child pornography, and abortion.
V. 24, No.2, February- American Library Association and public access, anti-homosexual, education, Disney boycott, Howard
Stern, and television ratings.
V. 24, No.3, March-AT&T, anti-homosexual, FCC educational television restrictions, Howard Stern and priceline.com, pornography,
Internet, and public libraries.
V. 24, No.5, May – Christian bigotry, Disney boycott, anti-homosexual, pornography, Internet, and public libraries.
V.24, No.7, August- Pornography, Hilton Hotel, AT&T, Christians in politics, Homosexuality, and Supreme Court issues.
V.24, No. 8, September
V.24, No. 9, October
V.24, No. 10, Nov-Dec
Folder 2.4

American Family Radio brochure
V. 25, No. 1, January
V. 25, No. 2, February
V. 25, No. 3, March
V.25, No. 4, April
V.25, No. 5, May
V.25, No. 6, June
V.25, No. 7, July
V.25, No. 8, August
Folder 2.5

Folder 2.6

Folder 2.7



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