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Private Study Carrels

The John Davis Williams Library located in the heart of the University of Mississippi campus offers students many different types of study areas including three group study rooms, seating areas on each floor and private individual faculty and graduate student study carrels. These individual study carrels are available to current faculty and graduate students ONLY. Faculty carrels will no longer be issued to emeritus faculty. The private carrels are located on the 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor and the Mezzanines. They are small, but are closed with a locking door. Each carrel has a desk, chair and bookshelf for storage.

If you are a faculty member looking to rent a private carrel, please email or stop by the Library Administrative Suite 312.

Private graduate study carrels are assigned with the intention of facilitating the research activities of University of Mississippi. The policies below apply to the graduate study carrels. The library reserves the right to modify these policies at any time.

Graduate students that have completed one year of graduate school at the University of Mississippi and who are currently enrolled in graduate school may download the application online or pick up an application in the Administrative Suite 312, 3rd floor of J.D. Williams Library. Applications can be submitted anytime during the year. A wait-list will be created if needed. Applicants must present their University ID card with the application for verification purposes.

Applications will be reviewed and carrels are assigned on a first come, first serve basis for one year. Library staff will notify qualified applicants by email when a carrel is available. If the carrel is not claimed within three business days of notification, the carrel will be assigned to the next graduate student on the waiting list. Once notified, applicants may come to the Administrative Suite 312, 3rd floor, and pay a $40.00 annual fee or pay online to receive a carrel key. Carrels are assigned for one academic year with the possibility of renewal. Carrels must be renewed each year in person in the Administrative Suite 312 or by paying the annual fee and updating the carrel application already on file. Students will receive a courtesy email notice to renew their carrel near the end of each academic year.


  1. The Library assumes no responsibility and will not be liable for personal property left in the carrel, including computers or other valuables.
  2. Carrels are available for access during the hours that J.D. Williams Library is open. Important: Carrel holders may not remain in their carrels when the building is closed or during facility alarms or emergencies. Failure to follow rules for building occupancy may result in carrel privileges being revoked.
  3. Carrels are to be used only by the individual assigned. Carrel occupants who allow unauthorized use of their carrels are subject to termination of their carrel privileges.
  4. Carrels are for quiet reading, writing and research only. Carrels may not be used for group studies, meeting or office hours.
  5. All library materials kept in the carrels must be properly checked out.
  6. Food preparation devices such as hot plates, coffee pots, or microwaves are not permitted. Heating and cooling devices such as space heaters are not permitted.
  7. Storing food in the carrels is not permitted. Please help us keep the library free of pests by removing food and beverages promptly and by cleaning up after yourself.
  8. Keys are not to be duplicated. Lost keys are to be immediately reported to Library Administration. There will be $40 rekey charge for lost keys.
  9. No library furniture or equipment should be moved from or placed into a carrel.
  10. Nothing is to be permanently posted or attached in any way to walls or furniture. The inside and outside of the carrel doors should not be blocked by posters, paper, furniture, etc.
  11. Carrel holders leaving the University for a semester or longer must release their carrels for reassignment during their absence, with the understanding that a carrel will be reassigned upon their return. If no carrels are available you will be placed on the wait-list.
  12. The carrel assignment will be revoked and UPD will be contacted if the staff discovers alcohol, firearms, explosives, or any other material deemed dangerous, illegal, or contrary to university policies.
  13. Library staff closely monitors and inspects carrels. The Library reserves the right to revoke carrel privileges of occupants who do not abide by the above carrel policies, abide by University policies or who do not use their assigned carrels for extended periods of time.

By accepting a carrel you have agreed to abide by this policy.

If you would like to apply for a study carrel, you may apply online oor pick up an application in the Administrative Suite, Room 312 in the J.D. Williams Library. Applications are kept on file in the order in which they are received.

Carrel Usage Fee

Carrel usage fees may be made anytime online.

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