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Finding aid for the John Preston Young Collection

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Finding Aid for the John Preston Young Collection

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The John Preston Young Collection is open for research.

Finding Aid for the John Preston Young Collection

Descriptive Summary

PURL: http://purl.oclc.org/umarchives/MUM01699/
Title: John Preston Young Collection
Dates: 1862-1930
Collector: Gwin, Laurie Powell
Physical Extent: 8 boxes
Repository: University of Mississippi. Department of Archives and Special Collections. University, MS 38677, USA
Identification: MUM01699
Location: GG-20
Language of Material: English
Abstract: Correspondence, clippings, personal notes and the diary of Confederate Army Soldier John Preston Young.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Gift of Laurie Powell Gwin,

Processing Information

Collection processed by Stephanie McKnight.

Finding aid encoded by Jason Kovari, 7 May 2009.


No further additions are expected to this collection.

Subject Terms

Confederate States of America. Army
Forrest, Nathan Bedford, 1821-1877
Judges — Tennessee — Memphis
Memphis (Tenn.) — History
United States — History — Civil War, 1861-1865
Young, John Preston, 1847-1934


clippings (information artifacts)
manuscripts (document genre)

Biographical Note

John Preston Young was born 18 April 1847 in Chulahoma, Mississippi and attended the University of Mississippi. He served
in the Confederate Army under General Nathan Bedford Forrest,
eventually writing The Seventh Tennessee Cavalry (Confederate) : a history.
After the war, Young became a prominent citizen and Judge in Memphis, Tennessee.
He wrote several works concerning the history Memphis, including Standard History of Memphis.
Young died 6 June 1934.

Scope and Content Note

The John Preston Young Collection includes the Civil War diary, correspondence, newspapers and personal notes of Young.
Particularly notable are the reports and correspondence pertaining to the Civil War and early-twentieth centuty Memphis,
Finally, the collection includes manuscripts of Young’s work.

User Information

Prefered Citation

John Preston Young Collection, 1862-1930, Archives and Special Collections, J.D. Williams Library, The
University of Mississippi

Access Restrictions

The John Preston Young Collection is open for research.

Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the
making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under
certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized
to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions
is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be “used for any purpose other
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that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

Separated Material

Six photographs were separated from this collection and stored in the cold room for preservation purposes.


This collection is arranged chronologically and by subject.

Container List

Box 1
Folder 1.1

Handwritten notes on Confederate Army, 24 May 1867
Folder 1.2

Number of forces in each army corp.
Folder 1.3

Fragment of “Our Boys Who Fell in Battle”
Folder 1.4

List of Confederate Generals
Folder 1.5

Address delivered at Robert E. Lee Birthday Celebration: 19 January 1907
Folder 1.6

Ribbon: Forrest Cavalry Corps: Memphis, May 1901
Folder 1.7

Ribbon: Forrest Reunion: Memphis, 1907
Folder 1.8

Ribbon: Forrest Reunion: Memphis, 1907
Folder 1.9

Southern War Songs
Folder 1.10

Weekly Report of the 2nd Brigade: 30 March 1862
Folder 1.11

Morning Report of the 33rd Reg. Tennessee: 19 April 1892
Folder 1.12

Army of the Mississippi: General Orders No. 30, Corinth, MS, 30 April 1862
Folder 1.13

Headquarters Forrest’s Cavalry Department: Tupelo, 14 May 1864
Folder 1.14

“Old Sorrel (Stonewall Jackson’s Mount)” by: F.E. Wright, Florence, South Carolina 1921 (poem)
Folder 1.15

Numbers of killed or wounded soldiers
Folder 1.16

Number of forces at Franklin
Folder 1.17

Photograph of A.H.D. Perkins, Color Bearer Seventh Tennessee Cavalry
Folder 1.18

Picture of Nathan Bedford Forrest
Folder 1.19

Picture of Confederate soldiers
Folder 1.20

Picture of Confederate soldiers
Folder 1.21

Picture of Gen. Joe E. Johnston
Folder 1.22

Picture of Jefferson Davis
Folder 1.23

Picture of Gen. P.T. Beauregard
Folder 1.24

Picture of Gen. W.H. Jackson
Folder 1.25

“The Confederate Flag: A Neglected American Asset?”By: Oy Ack, Spanish War veteran
Folder 1.26

Writings on Walter Malone
Folder 1.27

Notes on Tennessee Army
Folder 1.28

Notes on Gen. Chalners and Gen. Brown
Folder 1.29

Fragments of Comments on Gen. Forrest
Folder 1.30

Notes on the ordering of Army supplies
Folder 1.31

Chapter 3: coversheet
Folder 1.32

Writings on DeSoto’s arrival in Mississippi
Folder 1.33

Writings on DeSoto’s arrival in Mississippi
Folder 1.34

Writings on David Crockett
Folder 1.35

Notes on passages from the Christian Bible
Folder 1.36

Special Meeting of Board of Commissioners of the City of Memphis 9 December 1926
Folder 1.37

“Early Beginnings of Memphis” By: Judge J.P. Young
Folder 1.38

“What $2,500 of Memphis Money Did” Report of Boys’ Corn Club Committee
Folder 1.39

“Sage of Yazoo Mediates upon Trend of the Times”
Folder 1.40

Poster of National Park Seminary
Folder 1.41

Memphis Civic League
Folder 1.42

Writings on Memphis law
Folder 1.43

Memphis Commercial Appeal, Inc. : Notes on landscape
Folder 1.44

Officers and Members of the Civic Progress League of Memphis
Folder 1.45

Rules and Regulations Governing The Civic Progress League of Memphis 7 November 1908
Folder 1.46

Civic Progress League of Memphis
Folder 1.47

Council Chamber: City Hall, Memphis, TN, 21 November 1908
Folder 1.48

Fragment of Chapter 10
Folder 1.49

Story of Memphis
Folder 1.50

“The Point of Crossing”
Folder 1.51

Notes on the City Club of Memphis
Folder 1.52

Notes on Memphis, TN
Folder 1.53

Notes on Memphis, TN
Folder 1.54

Notes on Memphis, TN
Folder 1.55

Notes on Memphis, TN
Folder 1.56

Notes on Memphis, TN
Folder 1.57

Notes on Bureau membership
Folder 1.58

“Legends of Memphis and Vicinity”
Folder 1.59

“Legends of Memphis and Vicinity”
Folder 1.60

Notes on earthquakes
Folder 1.61

“Early Beginnings of Memphis”
Folder 1.62

“Early Beginnings of Memphis”
Folder 1.63

Contract for equestrian statue of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest
Folder 1.64

Chapter 5: coversheet
Folder 1.65

Notes on early Southern U.S. settlements: pages 31-53
Folder 1.66

Chapter 4: Incorporation of Memphis, etc.
Folder 1.67

Memphis Historical Society: List of Members
Folder 1.68

Bank of Commerce and Trust Company: Insurance Policy
Folder 1.69

American Building, Loan and Tontine Savings Association Certificate 21 February 1908
Folder 1.70

Article: The “Lost Cause”
Folder 1.71

Handwritten notes
Folder 1.72

Handwritten notes
Folder 1.73

Photocopies of notes in Folder 1.72
Folder 1.74

Handwritten notes
Box 2
Folder 2.1

Handwritten notes
Folder 2.2

Photocopies of notes in Folder 2.1

Folder 2.3

Typed notes
Folder 2.4

Handwritten notes
Folder 2.5

Photocopies of notes in Folder 2.4
Folder 2.6

Handwritten notes
Folder 2.7

Fragment of handwritten notes
Folder 2.8

Fragment of handwritten notes
Folder 2.9

Photocopy of notes in Folder 2.8
Folder 2.10

Handwritten notes
Folder 2.11

Photocopies of notes in Folder 2.10
Folder 2.12

Fragment of handwritten note
Folder 2.13

Photocopy of note in Folder 2.12
Folder 2.14

Handwritten notes
Folder 2.15

Handwritten notes
Folder 2.16

Photocopies of notes in Folder 2.15
Folder 2.17

Notes handwritten on A.R. Taylor Co. stationery
Folder 2.18

Handwritten notes
Folder 2.19

Handwritten notes
Folder 2.20

Photocopies on notes in Folder 2.19
Folder 2.21

Note cards with individual information on people of Memphis
Folder 2.22

Fragments of notes
Folder 2.23

Photocopy of notes in Folder 2.22
Folder 2.24

Fragments of notes
Folder 2.25

Photocopy of notes in Folder 2.24
Folder 2.26

Marian Young, etal vs. Alma W. Young, etal
Folder 2.27

The Neale Publishing Company Pamphlet
Folder 2.28

B.M. Stratton and Co. Dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries December 1879; Order sheet
Folder 2.29

Fragment of article with picture of Judge J.P. Young
Folder 2.30

Shipping information of Hon. J.P. Young
Folder 2.31

Story of the “Volunteer State” nickname
Folder 2.32

Address of Miss. E.L. Henry
Folder 2.33

Receipt from Seessel’s
Folder 2.34

Southern Express Company Label
Folder 2.35

Envelope addresses to Miss Lucy Barksdale Young
Folder 2.36

History 1301 Course Syllabus (Summer 1966) – Leslie Powel
Folder 2.37

“The Story of New Orleans”
Folder 2.38

Envelope with J.P. Young’s address
Folder 2.39

Memorial for Judge J.P. Young
Folder 2.40

Newspaper clipping: Minneapolis, Kansas –10 September 1882
Folder 2.41

The National Tribune: Washington, D.C. 6 February 1890
Folder 2.42

Springfield Daily Republican: Springfield, Missouri 29 September 1895
Folder 2.43

Newspaper clipping: Minneapolis, Kansas 1896
Folder 2.44

The Odd Fellows: Memphis, TN 1 January 1902
Folder 2.45

Commercial Appeal: 9 December 1909
Folder 2.46

Commercial Appeal: 10 December 1909
Folder 2.47

Commercial Appeal: “Founders of the WM. R. Moore College of Technology and Men Who are Making the Endowment Effective” 18 August 1912
Folder 2.48

Commercial Appeal: Memphis, TN 23 April 1933
Folder 2.49

Newspaper clipping about Nancy Davis
Folder 2.50

Newspaper clipping concerning voting results
Folder 2.51

Newspaper article: “Decision Reached After Long Hours of ‘Wire Pulling’”
Folder 2.52

Newspaper article about J.P. Young’s book on the Seventh Tennessee Cavalry
Folder 2.53

Newspaper article: “The Seventh Tennessee Cavalry”
Folder 2.54

Newspaper article: “The Old Seventh”
Folder 2.55

Newspaper article: “Veteran Survivors”
Folder 2.56

Newspaper article: “To the Hon. J.P. Young, Judge of the Circuit Court of Shelby County, Tenn., Division 1”
Folder 2.57

Newspaper article: “J.P. Young Gets Largest Vote”
Folder 2.58

Newspaper article: “Battle of Franklin”
Folder 2.59

The Daily Picayune: Confederate Column “The Battle of Franklin”
Folder 2.60

Newspaper clipping about Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest
Folder 2.61

Newspaper clipping: “News of the World”
Box 3
Folder 3.1

Partial Newspaper clipping

Folder 3.2

Partial Newspaper clipping

Folder 3.3

Partial Newspaper clipping

Folder 3.4

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “Plan and Movements at the Battle of Nashville, Dec. 15-16”

Folder 3.5

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “The Old Gin House Opposite Carter’s”

Folder 3.6

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “Gen. Emerson Opdycke”

Folder 3.7

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “Hood’s Flank Movement”

Folder 3.8

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “The Columbia Pike at Carter’s Place”

Folder 3.9

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “The Carter House from the Side Next to Town”

Folder 3.10

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “View on Nashville, Looking Southwest from the Capitol”

Folder 3.11

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “Hot Work on the Right”

Folder 3.12

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “Getting Hood Back from Richmond”, “The Bridge at Franklin over
the Harpeth River”

Folder 3.13

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “A View of Allatoona…”, “Gens. Hatch and Forrest…”

Folder 3.14

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “Burning of the Wagon Bridge at Franklin”
Map of Franklin

Folder 3.15

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “A Union Casement in the Fortifications at Nashville” ;
“Hood Watching the Union Forces Hurrying North on the Franklin Pike”

Folder 3.16

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “Bridge Over the Cumberland at Nashville” ; “Fort Negley at
Nashville” ; “On the Line of Works at Nashville”

Folder 3.17

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “Hood’s Forces Crossing Duck River” ; “Caring for the Wounded at

Folder 3.18

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture of Confederate soldiers in battle

Folder 3.19

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “A View of Franklin and the Battleground from the Hill Where the
Rebels Formed” ; “Watching the Magnificent Spectacle of Hood’s Advance”

Folder 3.20

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “View on the Franklin Pike at the Carter House” ; “The Bullet-Scarred
Smoke House at Carter’s”

Folder 3.21

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “Rebels Attacking a Railroad Train”, etc.

Folder 3.22

Newspaper clipping ;
Picture: “Forrest’s Cavalry Attacking the Wagon Train”, etc.

Folder 3.23

Newspaper clipping: fragment

Folder 3.24

Newspaper clipping: fragment

Folder 3.25

Newspaper clipping: fragment

Folder 3.26

Fragment of Newspaper clipping: Memphis, TN, 18 January 1935
Folder 3.27

Fragment of Newspaper clipping: Commercial Appeal, 10 January 1935
Folder 3.28

Fragment of Newspaper clipping: Commercial Appeal, “Civil War Sword
Combat”, 14 January 1917
Folder 3.29

Fragment of Newspaper clipping: Commercial Appeal, “A Good Fight Fairly

Folder 3.30

Fragment of The Lost Cause: A Confederate War Record , Vol. IV No. 10

Folder 3.31

Newspaper clipping: fragment

Folder 3.32

Fragment of The News Scimitar , 1 December 1909
Folder 3.33

Poem: “Capture of the Blockader” by J.P. Young, 17 September 1868
Folder 3.34

ALS. 2 April 1862. “Gen. [Williamson]” to “General”.

Scope: Discussion of orders and what the troops are fighting for.
Folder 3.35

ALS. 4 June 1862. “L. Polk” to “General”.
Scope: Writes of orders and supplies.
Folder 3.36

ALS. 3 August 1864. (Illegible) to “Dear Mother”.
Scope: News from war.
Folder 3.37

TL. 11 May 1865.M (Not Signed).

Scope: Letter stating Confederate Prisoners of War will not return to Confederate Army.
Folder 3.38

ALS. 5 August 1868. “R.R. Evand” to “I. John (Illegible)”.
Scope: Confirmation that Rev. A.W. Young is a minister.
Folder 3.39

ALS. 4 July 1891. “W.H. Jackson” to “Mr. J.P. Young”.
Scope: Comments on regiment.
Folder 3.40

ALS. 25 March 1892. “B.B. Walfred” to “Dear Mr. Woods”. (4pp.)
Scope: Recommends people that may be of help to him.
Folder 3.41

ALS. 29 March 1892. “[Neaudinell Suaads]” to “My Dear Brethren”. (2pp.)
Scope: Writes about a visit from a church member.
Folder 3.42

ALS. 1 March 1893. “M.D. (Illegible)” to “Dear Sir”.
Scope: Writes about completing work.
Folder 3.43

ALS. 4 March 1893. “M.D. (Illegible)” to “My Dear Sir”. (6pp.)
Scope: Writes about his files and sketches that may be of use.
Folder 3.44

ALS. 30 January 1895.”M.D. (Illegible)” to “J.P. Young Esq.”. (10pp.)
Scope: Knowledge on Brigades during Civil War.
Folder 3.45

ALS. 9 [April] 1895. “Daniel [Hamilton]” to “My Dear Sir”. (2pp.)
Scope: Information on Civil War.
Folder 3.46

TLS. 8 May 1895. “W.W. Finley” to “Dear Sir”.
Scope: Information regarding Confederate veterans.
Folder 3.47

ALS. 20 May [1895]. “M.D. (Illegible)” to “J.P. Young”. (6pp.)
Scope: Information on Civil War.
Folder 3.48

ALS. 12 August 1895. “W.R. Kendall” to “J.P. Young Esq.”
Scope: Kendall is unable to pay a debt.
Folder 3.49

ALS. 13 August [1895]. “Jessie Randall” to “Dr. Sr.”.
Scope: Ask to have his name recorded on the roll.
Folder 3.50

ALS. 11 February 1896. “J.R. Kearney” to “Ms. C.W. Frazer and Boo”.
Scope: Ask for time to pay back money.
Folder 3.51

ALS. 29 July 1896. “J.S. Gallaway” to “Miriam Young”. (3pp.)
Scope: Comments on dividing land and a settlement for a court case.
Folder 3.52

ALS. 12 April 1897. “R.F. Ward” to “J.P. Young”.
Scope: Paying dues.
Folder 3.53

TLS. 8 December 1902. “Stephen D. Lee” to “Dear Captain Dinkins”.

Scope: Informs Dinkins that he has failed to mention Johnson’s division in
a article.
Folder 3.54

TLS. 8 December 1902. “Stephen D. Lee” to “Dear Sir”.
Scope: Informs the editor of Picayune about an error in Dinkins’ article.
Folder 3.55

ALS. 15 December 1902. “James Dinkins” to “Dear General”.
Scope: Concerns about errors in article.
Folder 3.56

TLS. 5 November 1906. “Noah Morrison” to “Dear Sir”. (3pp.)
Scope: Asks for more copies of J.P. Young’s book, enclosed pamphlets.
Folder 3.57

ALS. 19 March 1907. “Francis J. Meeker” to “Dear Sir”.
Scope: Letter concerning J.P. Young’s book on the 7th Tennessee Cavalry ; Business card enclosed.
Folder 3.58

ALS. 17 March 1908. “Frank Armstrong” to “Judge J.P. Young”. (2pp.)
Scope: Recounts river crossing during the Civil War.
Folder 3.59

TL. 18 September 1919. Fragment of letter to Mr. Wilbur A. Nelson.
Scope: Fragment of 1 page
Folder 3.60

AL. October 1920. (Not Signed) to “Dear Sir” (Hon. A.M.J. Cochran). (2pp.)
Scope: Writes about family and connections to Civil War.
Folder 3.61

TLS. 13 December 1926. “Edward B. Klewer” to “Dear Judge Young”. (19pp.)
Scope: Enclosed copy of “Early Beginnings of Memphis”.
Folder 3.62

ALS. 6 July 1933.”W.C. Alexander” to “Dear Brother”. (3pp.)
Scope: Comments on Forrest monument, inscription on monument, and typed letter concerning church services.
Folder 3.63

AL. 15 January 1934. [J.P. Young] to “Dear Miss or Madame”. (2pp.)
Scope: Describes meeting Jefferson Davis.
Folder 3.64

TLS. 4 January 1964. “N.C. Hughes” to “Dear Miss Young”.
Scope: Asks to access Judge Young’s papers.
Folder 3.65

ALS. July. “J.P. Young” to “My Dear Sir”. (6pp.)
Scope: Writes about Generals in the Civil War.
Folder 3.66

ALS. Undated “Mr. Percy B. Russell” etc. (4pp.)
Scope: Establishing a training school in Shelby County.
Folder 3.67

ALS. Undated “J.P. Young” to “My Dear Sir”. (13pp.)
Scope: Civil War.
Folder 3.68

Photocopy of letter in Folder 3.67
Folder 3.69

ALS. Undated “W.P. Paul” to “Attention Memphis Light Dragoons”. (4pp.)
Scope: Order for members to assemble at the local armory.
Folder 3.70

ALS. Undated (Illegible) to “Hon. [Wep Brickinnds]”. (4pp.)
Scope: Gathering of Confederate Veterans of Memphis.
Folder 3.71

AL. Undated (Not Signed) to “Dear Sir”. (4pp.)
Scope: Civil War.
Folder 3.72

AL. Undated (Not Signed) to “Esq. J.P. Young”. (3pp.)
Scope: Comments on involvement in the Battle of Franklin.
Folder 3.73

TL. Undated “C.C. Hanson” to Unknown. (4pp.)
Scope: Fragment of letter.
Folder 3.74

TLS. Undated (Illegible) to Unknown. (2pp.)
Scope: Fragment of letter concerning Civil War.
Folder 3.75

AL. Undated (Not Signed) to Unknown.
Scope: Fragment of letter concerning list of members.
Folder 3.76

Photo Removal Sheet: Six photographs of Nathan Bedford Forrest and Confederate Soldiers removed from collection and placed
in cold storage for the purpose of preservation.
Box 4
Original newspaper clippings and fragments of newspaper clippings in poor condition.
Scope: Photocopies and descriptions can be found in boxes 2 and 3.
Box 5
A Boy’s Part in the Civil War by John Preston Young
Scope: J.P. Young’s typed personal copy with notes. The book recounts his experiences during the Civil War.
Box 6
The Seventh Tennessee Cavalry by John Preston Young
Box 7
Folder 7.1

“Nathan Bedford Forrest, The Wizard of the Saddle” by Virginia Frazer Boyle
Folder 7.2

Evening Scimitar 17 December 1892
Folder 7.3

Evening Scimitar 18 May 1895
Folder 7.4

Commercial Appeal 7 June 1908
Folder 7.5

Commercial Appeal 2 December 1909
Folder 7.6

Commercial Appeal 12 December 1909
Folder 7.7

Newspaper: Williamson County 30 November 1922
Folder 7.8

Commercial Appeal 1 July 1923
Folder 7.9

Commercial Appeal 9 December 1926
Folder 7.10

Commercial Appeal 22 October [Year?]
Box 8
Historical map of Memphis Dedicated to John Preston Young


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